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ANECDOTES & MIS. ESSAYS, &C. Luke X. 27.-Remarks on,

CELLANEOUS. Aflicted and destitute re. 464
African Institution, 140.

commended to genera

Pastor of a church, Address
American Captain, noble sympathy, 10

to, on his Ordination,
conduct of, 20.

Answer to Query vol. 1. p. 207, 248
Bible Associations, benefit 379, 93

Paul, Remarks on the con.
of, 179.

ChangedCountenance, The, version of, 15
Children, Religious meet. a Solemn Scene, 298 Romans ix. 6.-24, Remarks
ings of, 97.
Christian, The, his gain at

on, 382, 457
Conversation between an death, 343

Sabbatical Institutions, Pa.
Inspector of a Hibernian Conversation, On the utili, ley's view of, examined,
School in Ireland and a ty of a well ordered, 293 169

young man, 177. Corinthians, (1st,) ix, 18, Scripture Texts, Notes on,
Harland, E. W. who was 23, Remarks on, 217 53

executed for forgery, David, on the fall of, 166; Solomon's Song, Observa-

Brief account of, 394 On his recovery, 252 ; tions on the nature and
Hervey, Anecdotes of the On the sincerity of his design of, 174
late Rev. Mr. 96, 180 repentance, 351

Synagogues, Answer to a
Paterson, Mr. Extract from Deuteronomy xxxiii. 1-5, Query respecting the an-

a letter to Mr. Ewing, Illustration of, 210 tiquity of, 301

Divine Appearances during Time, Fulness of the ; Re.
Romans xii. 21, Practical the Old Testament dis- marks on the Phrase,
illustration of, 394
pensation, 87, 124

Superstition, 465

- Revelation, Public man-
Tracts, Good effectsof some ner of its communication JUVENILE DEPART-
given to Carpenters em- to man, 47,135,212,412

ployed in launching a Ecclesiastes vi. 12, Re. Brown, Ebenezer, Short
merchant vessel in the flections on, 12, 128 Account of, 54
neighbourhood of Hull, Fletcher's Sermoni, Re. Cyril, a Child, Anecdote

marks on a passage in, of, in the 3d Century,

51. Note from in' an. 142
BIOGRAPHY. swer to the foregoing, 255 Dublin, Society formed in,
English, Rev. Thomas, 201, Gregory's Essays on Chris- for supplying the Poor
243, 287

tian Religion, Extract with Bibles, 305
Fitzgerald, Lady Mary, from, 46

Short, Mary, Account of

Horsley's (Bishop) Hosea, the last illness of, 257
Fuller, Mr. Andrew, 238, Extract from, 95 Sunday Scholar, Account
280, 327.

Ignorance, The times of,un. of, 20
Robertson, Mr. John, 121, der Divine limitation,417 Wisdom of God, 98, 181,

Jesus of Nazareth, the God 354, 398, 422,
Simpson, Rev. David,M.A. of Israel, 211
1, 41, 81

Jews, Answer to Query LITERARY INTELLI.
Sutcliff, Rev. John, Olney, how they spent the Sab-


bath, 346, 451

Notices of Publications and
Wilson, Capt. James, of L-

-, Reflections sug-

List of Works Jately
Missionary ship Duff, gested by a visit to the Published, 40, 120.
405, 445

church-yard of, 6


ty, 197

OBITUARIES. Hamburgh, Visit to by Mess. London Society for promote
Buchanın, Rev. Claudius, Aikman and Dick, 472 ing Christianity among
D.D. 114

Highlands, Good News the Jews, 80, 149
Fulier, Mr. Andrew, 200 from, 431

Moravian Mission, 374
Itinerancy in the North, 112 Owyhean Youths Account

Irish New Testament, Let. of, 420, 439
How the Ancient Jews ter from a reader of the Petersburgh Bible Society,
spent the Sabbath; and, 431

Whether there were any Ministers, Proposals for a Protestants in France, Per.
Synagogues in Judea Library for the use of secution of, 433, 483
previous to the Baby.


Siberia, Letter from a noble
lonish Captivity ? 218 North Berwick Bible So. exile in requesting a bible,
ciety, 111

RELIGIOUS INTELLI. Ordination, Mr. Anderson
at Aberdeen, 218

Public Annual Meetings Brown's History of the Pro.
Anderston Charity School, : in London, 219, 238, pagation of Christian ty

among the Heathen, 23,
Baptist Missionary Society, Visit of Mess, Campbell, 57

Twenty Third Annual Fletcher, &c. to Scot- Buck's Practical Expositor,
Meeting of, 413
land, 242

Dritish and Foreign Bible West Lothian Bible Socie. Campbell's Travels in South
Society, Extract from the

Africa, 105, 142
11 Report of, 362

Chalmers's Evidence and
Carnwath Brachead Bible


Authority of the Chris-
Society, 397

Àfrica, Letter from Rev. tian Revelation, 99
Deaf and Dumb Institu. G. Nylander, 438

Address to his late
tion, Meeting of, 113 America, Extracts from Parishioners, 466

Examination of, 398 Bible Society, Reports of Family Visitor, An Address
Edinburgh Auxiliary Miso Philadelphia & Lousiana; in favour of Bible Associa-
sionary Society, 110 438

tions, 360
Gratis Sabbath School Baptist Mission, 77, 117, Fuller on the Apocalypse,
Society, 188. Extract 156. 190, 279, 403

from the 18th Annual British and Foreign Bible "Gospel, Genuine Charactet
Report of 320

Society, 39, 189, 219, of, illustrated, 356
Glasgow, Calton and Bridge. 441, 480

Hymns for Sunday Schools,
ton Association for Ceylon, Conversion of a
- Heligious Purposes, Mahometan, 437

Kinniburgh's Life of Jesus

China, Letter from Mr.' Christ, 109
Letter from a Gentleman Morrison, 437

Pollock's Inquiry into the
North in, 112 Church of England Mis. Expediency of Sabbath
North East District Bible sionary Society, 28, 117;" Schools in Scotland, 183
Association, Extract 153, 412

Scot's Independent and Ing-
from 1st Annual Re- Edinburgh Missionary So. hamite Churches, Rise,
ciety, 37, 196

&c. of, 401
Sabbath Evening Schools Iceland, Letter of thanks Scriptures, Historical Sketch



port of, 319

connected with Nile for the Scriptures furnish- of the Translation and
and Albion Street ed them, 435

circulation of the, from
Churches, Extractfrom , India, Letter from Secre- the earliest period to the
Comunittee's Sixth An- tary to Corresponding present time, by the Rev.

nual Report, 316 Committee, Bengal, 436 Mess. Thomson & Orme,
Theological Academy,re. Java, Letter from Rev. Mr. Perth, 269
solutions of Churches Supper, 437

Socinian Controversy Works,
in Edinburgh to sup. f.ondon Missionary Society, - on, 260, 307

33, 12, 115, 151, 191, Wardlaw on Socioian Con.
Youth's Bible Associa- 225, 276, 321, 369, 398, troversy, 64

tion, Report of, 319 475
Youth's Missionary S:-

cjely, Regulationsof3?0

port, 368

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