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Thro' fhades and plains, along the fnootheft troam
Of rural life: or foarch'd away by hope,
Thro' the dim spaces of futurity,
With carneft eye anticipate those scenes
Of happiness, and wonder; where the mind, bas
In endle's growth and infinite arccat,
Rises from itate to ftate, and world to world.
But when with these the serious thought is foil'd,
We, thifring for re ief, would play the thapes
Of frolic fancy; and inceffant form

Those rapid piftures, that affembled train
Of Aeet ideas, never join'd before,
Whence lively Wit excites to gay surprize ;
Or følly-painting Humour, grave himself,
Calls Laughter forth, deep.shaking every nerve, 615

Mean-time the village rouzes up the fire; While well attefied, and as well believ'd, Heard folcmn, goes the goblin-story round; Till superstitious horror creeps o'er all. Or, frequent in the sounding hall, they wake 620 The rural gambol. Rustic mirth goes round;

The simple joke that takes the shepherd's heart, Eafily pleased; the long loud laugh, sincere; The kiss, snatch'd hafty from the side-long maid, On purpose guardless, or pretending sleep : 625 The leap, the nap, the haul; and shook to notes Of native music, the respondent dance. Thus jocund Aeets with them the winter night.

The city swarms intense. The public haunt, Full of each theme, and warm with mixt discourse, Hums indiftinct. The fons of riot flow 631 Down the loose stream of false inchanted jay, To (wi't destruction. On the rankled soul The gaming fury falls; and in one gulph Of toral ruin, honour, virtue, peace, 635 Friends, families, and fortune, headlong link. Up-springs the dance along the lighted dome, Mix'd, and evolvd, a thousand sprightly ways. The glittering court effuses every pompi The circle deepens : beam'd'from gaudy robes, 640 Tapers, and sparkling gems, and radiant eyes, A luft effulgence o'er the palace waves :


While, a gay insea in kis summer-thine,
The fop, light-fluttering, spreads his mealy wings.

Dread o'er the scene, the ghoft of Hamlet stalls;
Othello rages; poor Monimia mourns; 646
And Belvidera pours her soul in love.
Terror alarms the breast; the comely tear
Steals o'er the cheek: or else the Comic Mure
Holds to the world a picture of itself,

And-raises Ny the fair impartial laugh.
Sometimes the lifts her ftrain, and paints the scenes
Of beauteous life ; whate'er can deck mankind,
Or charm the heart, in generous * Bevil shew'd.

0 Thou, whose wisdom, solid yet refin'd, 695
Whose patriot-virtues, and consummate skill
To touch the finer springs that move the world,
Join'd to whate'er the Graces can bestow,
And all Apollo's animating fire,
Give thee, with pleasing dignity, to shine 660
At once the guard an, omament, and joy,
Of polish'd life; permit the Rural Muse,

Chesterfield, to grace with thee her song !
Ere to the shades again the humbly flies,
Indulge her fond ambition, in thy train
(For every Muse has in thy train a place)
To mark thy various full-accomplith'd mind:
To mark that spirit, which, with British Scorn,
Rejects th' allurements of corrupted power ;
That elegant politeness, which excells,

Even in the judgment of prefumptuous France,
The boafted manners of her shining court ;
That wit, the vivid energy of sense,
The truth of Nature, which, with Atric point
And kind well-temper'd sat re, smoothly keen,
Steals thro! the soul, and without pain corrects.
Or, rising thence with yet a brighter flame,
O let me hail thee on some glorious day,
When to the listening senate, ardent, croud
Britannia's fons to hear her pleaded cause,
Then drest by thee, more amiably fair,

4 Charakter in the Conscious Lovers, written by
Şir Richard Steele.




680 685

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Truth the soft robe of mild persuafion wears :
Thou to affenting reason giv'it again
Her own enlightened thoughts; call’d from the heart,
Th'obedient passions on thy voice attend;
And even reluctant party feels a while
Thy gracious power : as thro' the varied maze
Of eloquence, now smooth, now quick, now strong,
Profound and clear, you roll the copious food.

To thy lov'd haunt return, my happy Muse: 690
For now, behold, the joyous winter days,
Frosty, succeed ; and thro' the blue ferene,
For fight too fine, th’ ethereal nitre fies;
Killing infectious damps, and the spenç air
Storing afresh with elemental life.

Close crouds the thining atmosphere,; and binds
Oui itrengthened bodies in its cold embrace,
Constringent ; feeds, and animates our blood :
Refines our spirits, thro' the new Strung nerves,
In swifter fallies darting to the brain;

Where fits the foul, intente, collected, cool,
Bright as the skies, and as the season keen,
All Nature feels the renovating force
Of Winter, only to the thoughtless eye
In ruin seen. The froit-concocted glebe
Draws in abundant vegetable loul,
And gathers vigour for the coming year.
A stronger glow fits on the lively cheek
Pfruddy fires ; and luculent along
The purer rivers flow; their fullen deeps,

Transparent, open to the shepherd's gaze,
And murmur hoai ser at the fixing frost.

What art thou, froit? and whence are thykeen stores
Deriv'd, thou secret all-invading power,
hom even th’illusive fluid cannot ty? 795

nor thy potent energy, unfeen,
Myriads of little falts, or hook’d, or shapd
Like double wedges, and diffusid immense
Thru' water, earth, and ether? Hence at eve,
Steam'd eager from the red horizon round,
With the fierce rage of Winter deep fufFus'd,
An icy gale, oft shifting, o'er the pool
Breathes a blue filin, and in its mid career




Arrests eke bickering stream. The loosened ice, Let down the flood, and half dissolv'd by' day, 925 Ruffles no more ; but to the sedgy bank Fast grows, or gathers round the pointed stone, A cryftal pavement, by the breath of heaven Cemented firm ; till seiz'd from shore to thore, The whole imprison'd river growls below. 730 Loud rings the frozen earth, and hard reflects A double noife; while, at his evening watch, The village dog deters the night!y thief; The heifer lows; the distant water-fall Swells in the breeze ; and, with the hafty tread 735 Of traveller, the hollow-founding plain Shakes from afar. The full ethereal round, Infinite worlds disclosing to the view, Shines out intensely keen; and, all one cope Of starry glitter, glows from pole to pole.

740 From pole to pole the rigid influence falls, Thro' the still night, incessant, heavy, strong, And seizes Nature faft. It freezes on ; Till morn, lace-rising o'er the droeping world, Lifts her pale eye unjoyous. Then appears 745 The various labour of the filent night : Prone from the dripping eave, and dumb cascade, Whose idle torrents only seem to roar, The pendant icicle; the frost-work fair, Where transient hues, ard fancy'd figures tise; 730 Wide-spouted o'er the hill, the frozen brook, A livid tract, cold-gleaming on the morn; The forest bent beneath the plumy wave; And by the frost refin'd the whiter snow, Incrusted hard, and founding to the tread

755 Of early shepherd, as he penfive seeks His pining flock, or from the mountain top, Pleas’d with the Dippery surface, fwift descends.

On blith some frolicks bent, the youthful swains, While every work of Man is laid at reft, 760 Fond o'er the river croud, in various sport And revelry diffoly’d; where mixing glad, Happiest of all the train the raptur'd boy Laihes the whirling top. Or, where the Rhine Branch'd out in mapy a long canal extends, 765 E6


From every prov'nce (warming, void of eare,
Batavia rushes forth; and as they sweep,
On founding ikates, a thousand different ways,
In circling poise, swift as the winds, along,
The iben gay land is maddened all to joy.

Nor less the northern courts, wide oer the snow,
Pour a new pomp. Eager, on rapid Neds,
Their vigorous youth in bold contention wheel
The long refounding course. Mear-time, to raise.
The manly ftrife, with highly blooming charms, 775
Flush'd by the season, Scand navia's dames,
Or Russia's boxom daughters glow around.

*Pure, quick, and sportful; is the whole fome day; But soon elaps'd. The horizontal (un, Broad o'er the fouth, hangs at his utmost noon; 780 And, ineffectual; Atrikes the geld cliff: His azure glofs the mountain fill maintains, Nor feels the fсeble touch. Perhaps the vale Pelengs a while to the reflected ray; Or from the forest falls.che cluster'd {now,

78$ Myriads of gems, that in the waving gleam Gayćivinkle as they {catter. Thick around Thunders the sport of those, who with the gun, And dog impatient bounding at the shot, Worie than the season, delolate the fields

; And, adding to the ruins of the year, Difress the footed or the featheid game.

But what is this? Our infant Winter finks,
D.vefted of his grandeur, thould out eye,
Aftonith'd shoot into the Frigid Zone":

793 Where, for relentless months, continoal night Holds o'er the glitrering waste her starry reign.

There, thro' the prison of unbounded wilds,
Barr'd by the hand of Nature from elcape,
Wild-roams the Ruffian exile. Nought around sog
Strikes his sad eye, but delasts lost in snow
And heavy loaded groves; and solid foods,
That ftretch, athwart the solitary vast,
Their icy horrors to the frozen main;
And chéarless towns far-diftant, never bless'd, 805
Save when its annual course the caravan



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