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Still paints th' illufive form ; the kindling grace ; Th’inticing (mile ; the modeft-seeming eye,

986 Beneath whose beauteous beams, belying heaven, Lurk searchless cunning, cruelty, and death : and itill, falle warbling in his cheated ear, Her fyren voice, enchanting, draws him on 990 To guileful thores, and meads of fatal joy.

Even prelent, in the very lap of love Inglorious laid ; while music flows around, Perfumes, and oils, and wine, and wanton hours ; Amid the roles fierce repentance rears

995 Her snaky crelt: a quick returning pang Shoots thro' the conscious heart; where honour fill, And great delign, against the oppreflive load Of luxury, by fits, impatient heave,

But absent, what fantastic woes, arous'd, Rage in each thought, by refless muling fed,

Chill the warm cheek, and blast the bloom of life? 6

Neglected fortune flics; and Riding wift,
Prone into ruin, fall his scorn'd affairs.
*Tis nought but gloom around : the darken'd sun
Loses his light. The rosy-bofom'd Spring 1906
To weeping fancy pines; and yon bright arch,
Contracted, bends into a dusky vault.
All Nature fades extinct; and th: alone
Heard, felt, and seen, poffeffes every thought, 1016
Fills every sense, and pants in every vein.
Books are but formal Dulness, tedious friends ;'
Avd fad amid the social bani he fits,
Lonely and unattentive. From the tongue
The unfinish'd period falls ; while borne away, 1015
On swelling thought, his wafied spirit Aies
To the vain bofom-of his diftant fair;
And leaves the semblance of a lover, fix'd

In melancholy site, with head declin'd, į Ari love-dejected eyes. Sudien he farts, 1010

Shook from his tender trance, and refless runs

To glimmering ihades, and sympathetic glooms; 2. Where the dun umbrage oʻer the falling Atream,

Romantic, hangs; there thro' the.pensive dulk
Strays, in heart-thrilling meditation loft, 1025
Indulging all to love: or on the bank


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Thrown, amid drooping lillies, swells the breeze
With fighs unceafing, and the brook with tears.
Thus in soft anguish he consumes the day,
Nor quits his deep retirement, till the moon 1030
Peeps thro' the chambers of the fleecy eaft,
Eplighten'd by degrees, and in her train
Leads on the gentle hours; then forth he walks,
Beneath the trembling languish of her beam,
With foften’d soul, and woos the bird of eve To35
To mingle woes with his : or while the world
And all the sons of care.lie hush'd in Neep,
Associates with the midnight shadows drear;
And, fighing to the lonely taper, pours
His idly-tortur'd heart into the page, 1040
Meant for the moving messenger of love ;
Where rapture burns on rapture, every line
With riling frenzy fir'd. But if on bed
Delirious Rung, feep from his pillow flies.
All night be toffes, nor the balmy power

In any posture finds; till the grey morn
Lifts her pale luftre on the paler wretch,
Exanimate by love: and then, perhaps
Exhausted Nature finks a while to rest,
Still interrupted by distracted dreams, 1030
That o'er the fick imagination rise,
And in black colours paint the mimic scene.
Oft with th' enchantress of his soul he talks ;
Sometimes in crouds diftress’d; or if retir'd
To secret-winding flower-enwoven bowers, 1055
Far from the dull inipertinence of man,
Just as he, credulous, his endless cares
Begins to lose in blind oblivious love,
Snatch'd from her yielded hand, he knows not how,
Thro'foretts huge, and long untravel'd hea:hs 1060
With desolation brown, he wanders watte,
In night and mpeft wrapt; or thrinks aghaft,
Back, from the bending precipice; or wades
The turbid stream below, and strives to reach
The farther shore ; where succourless and fad, 1065
She with extended arms his aid implores;
But Atrives in vain : borne by th' outrageous flood
To distance down, he rides the ridgy wave,

Or 1095



Or whelm'd beneath the boiling eddy filiks.
These are the charming agonies of love, 1070
Whose misery delights. But throʻthe he it
Should jealousy its venom once diffuse,
'Tis then delightful mifery no moje,
But agony unmix'd, incefiant çall,
Corroding every thought, and blafting all

Love's paradise. Ye fairy profpeets, tian, 33 Ye beds of roses, and ye bowers of joy,

Farewel! Ye gleamings of departed peace,
Shine out your last! the yellow-tinging plague
Internal vision taints, and in a night

Of livid gloom imaginaticn wraps.
of Ah then ! instead of love-enliven'd cheeks,

Of funny features, and of ardent eyes
With flowing rapture bright, dark looks succeed ;
Suffus'd, and glaring with untender fire ;

A clouded aspect, and a burning cheek,
4 Where the whole poifun'd foul, malignant, fits,

And frightens love away. Ten thousand fears
Invented wild, ten thousand frantic views
Of horrid riyals, hanging on the charms jogo

For which he melis in fondness, eat him up og With fervent anguish, and consuming rage.

In vain reproaches lend their idle aid,
Deceitful pride, and resolution frail,
Giving false peace a moment. Fancy pours, , 109;

Afresh, her beauties on his busy thought,
is Her firft endearments, twining round the foul,

With all the witchcraft of ensnaring love.
Strait the fierce storm involves his mind anew, 1099

Flames thro' the nerves, and boils along the ve ns ; 1. While anxious doubt diftracts the tortur'd heart : 6. For even the fud assurance of his fears

Were peace to what he feels. Thus the warm youth,
Whom love deludes into his thorny wilds,
Thro flowery-témpting paths, or leads a life 110g

Of fever'd rapture, or of cruel care;
16 His brightest aims extinguith'd all, and all
His lively moments running down to walte.

But happy they! the happiest of their kind !

Whom gentler fars unite, and in one fate TIT 0




Their hearts, their fortunes, and their beings blend.
'Tis not the coarser tie of human laws,
Unnatural oft, and foreign to the mind,
That binds their peace, but harmony itself,
Attuning all their passions into love; 1115
Where friendship full exerts her softest power,
Perfect esteem enliven'd by desire
Ineffable, and sympathy of foul;

Thought inèeting thought, and will preventing will,
With boundless confidence : for nougit but love
Can answer love, and render bliss fecure.
Let hiin, ungenerous, who, alone intent
To bless himself, from sordid parents buys
The loathing virgin, in eternal care,
Well-merited, consume his nights and dys : 1125
Let barbarrus nations, whose in human love
Is wild desire, fierce as the runs they feel;
Let eastern tyrants from the light of heaven
Seclude their bosom llaves, meanly posless'd
Of a meer, lifeless, violated form ;

1130 While those whom love cements in holy faith, And equal transport, free as Nature live, Difdaining fear. What is the world to them, Its pomp, its pleasure, and its nonsense all ! Who in each other clasp whatever fair 1135 High fancy forms, and lavuh hearts can with ; Something than beauty dearer, thould they look Or on the mind, or mind-illumin'd face ; Truth, goodness, honour, harmony, and love, The richest bounty of indulgent heav'n.

1140 Meantime a siniling offspring rises round, And mingles both their graces. By degrèes, The huinan blossom blows ; and every day, Soft as it rolls along, thews fome new charm, The father's lustre, and the mother's bloom. 1145 Then infant reason grows apuce, and calls For the kind hand of an afsiduous care. Delightful talk ! to rear the tender thought, To teach the young idea how to shoot, To pour the fresh instruction o'er the mind, 11go To breathe th’ enlivening fp rit, and to fix The generous purpuse in the glowisg breast,


Oh speak the joy ! ye, whom the sudden tear
Surprizes often, while you look around,
And nothing lirikes your eye but lights of bliss,
All various Nature preiling on the heart : 1156
An elegant fufficiency, content,
Retirement, rural quiet, friendlhip, books,
Ease and alternate labour, useful life,
Progrefiive virtue, and approving heaven. life
There are the matchleis joys of virtuous love ;
And thus their moments tly. The Seasons thus,
As ceaseless round a jarring world they roll,
Still find them happy; and consenting Spring
Sheds her own roty garland on their beads : 1165
"Till evening comes at lali, serene and mild ;
When after the long vernal day of life,
Enamour'd more, as more remembrance swells
With many a proof of recollected love,
Together down they fink in social sleep; 1170
Together freed, their gent'e spirits fly
To scenes where love and bliss immortal reign.

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