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ng breasts Alas, for us too soon! Tho' rais'd above sritid Seeks thy fair form, thy lovely-beaming eyes,

“ The deepening dale, or inmoft fylvan glade;

" A privilege bestow'd by us, alone, el

“ On contemplation, or the hallow'd ear
“ Of poet, swelling to seraphic strain.”

And art thou, *Stanley, of that facred band
The reach of human pain, above the light
Of human joy; yet, with a mingled ray
Of sadly-pleas’d remembrance, must thou feel 565
A mother's love, a mother's tender woe:
Who seeks thee ftill, in many a former scene;
Thy pleasing converse, by gay lively sense
Inspir’d: where moral wisdom mildly thone, 570
Without the toil of art; and virtue glow'd,

In all her smiles, without forbidding pride. 1, 11

But, O thou best of parents! wipe thy tears ;

Or rather to Parental Nature pay this

The tears of grateful joy, who for a while 575
Lent thee this younger self, this opening bloom

Of thy enlighten'd mind and gentle worth. 5

Believe the Muse: the wintry blast of death
Kills not the buds of virtue; no, they spread,
Beneath the heavenly beam of brighter suns,

580 Thro' endless ages, into higher powers.

Thus up the niount, in airy vision rapt,
I ftray, regardless whither; till the found
Of a near fall of water every sense [back,

from the charm of thought : swift-shrinking I check my Ateps, and view the broken scene. 586

Smooth to the thelving brink'a copious food ile

, si Rolls fair, and placid; where collected all,
in In one impetuous torrent, down the Neep

It thundering shoots, and fhakes the country round.
At first, an azure sheet, it rulhes broad;

595 Does Then whitening by degrees, as prone it falls, $ And from the loud resounding rocks below

Dath'd in a cloud of foam, it sends aloft & A boary mist, and forms a ceaseless shower.

$95 * A young lady, well known to the autbor,, who died er the age of eigbteen, in the year 1738, с



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Uan And

R, Norcan the tortur'd wave here find repare But, raging till, amid the Shaggy rocks,

AC Now Peathes o'er the scatter'd fragments, now Allant the hollowed channel rapid darts ;

AC And falling faft from gradual Nope to Nope, 600 Ber Wirn wild infracted course, and lefsen'd roar, Row It gains a safer bed, and steals, at last, Along the mazes of the quiet vale.

lovired from the cliff, to whose dark brow MF He clings, the steep-ascending eagle foars, βος | ktis Wirn upward piniors, thro' the Hood of day ; And, giving full his bosom to the blaze,

A be Gains on the fun; while all the tuneful rące, Smit by atfl: ctive poon, disorder'd droop,

The Deep in the chicket; or, from bower to bower 610 PoE Responfive, force an interrupted ftrain. The finck.dove only thro' the forest coos,

Mer Mourafuily hoarse; oft ceasing from his plaint, Sbort interval of weary woe! again The sad idea of his murder'd mate,

615 And Struck from his fide by favage fowler's guile,

Rede Across his fancy comes; and then resounds

AFE A louder fong of sorrow thro thie grove..

Be Beride the dewry border let me fit, All in the freshness of the humid air ;

620 With
There in that hollow'd rock, grotesque and wild,
An ample chair moss-lin'd, and over head
By towering umbrage shaded; where the hec
Strays diligent, and with the extracted balm
Of fragrant wood- bine 1 ads his little thigh.

Now, while I taste the sweetness of the Thade,
While Nature lies around deep-lull'd in Noon,
Now cone, bold Fancy, spread a daring Might,
And view the wonders of the torrid zone:
Climes unrelenting with whofe rage compar'd, 639
Yon blaze his reeble, and yon skies are pol,

Sce, how at, once the bright cffulgent sun,
Rising direct, swift chases from the Iky
The short-liv'd twilight; and with ardent blaze
Looks gayły fierce o'er all the dazzling air; 635

+1 He mounts his throne; but kind before him sends, 14 Mining from out the portals of the morn,


Thcia Benes

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The * general breeze, to mitigate his fire,
And breathe refreshment on a fainting world. 639
Great are the scenes, with dreadful beauty crown's

And barbarous wealth, that see, each circling year, fy Returning suns and double fiafons pass :

Rocks rich in gems, and mountains big with mines,
That on the high equator ridgy rise,
Whence many a burfting stream auriferous plays:

Majestic woods, of every vigorous green, 646 he Stage above stage, high-waving o'er che hills; si

Or to the far horizon wide diffus'd,

A boundless deep immensity of shade. Fly

Here lofty trees, to ancient fong unknown, 650

The noble fons of potent heat and floods ever b# Prone-rushing from the clouds, rear high to heaven

Their thorny Items, and broad around them throw

Meridian gloom. Here, in eternal prime, --
Wait, Vanumber'd fruits, of keen delicious taste 655

And vital spirit, drink amid che cliffs,
And burning sands that bank the Ihrubby vales,
Redoubled day, yet in their sugged coats
A friendly juice to cool its rage contain:

Bear me, Pomona! to thy citron groves ; 660
To where the lemon and the piercing lime,

With the deep orange, glowing thro' the green, will Their lighter glories blend. Lay me reclin'd.

Beneath the spreading tamarind that thakes,
Fan'd by the breeze, its fever-cooling fruit.
Deep in the night the massy locut sheds,

Quench my hot limbs; or lead me thre? che maze, h. thadon

Embowering endless, of the Indian fig;

Or thrown ar gayer ease, on some fair brow, 008 ighly Let me behold, by breezy murmurs coold, 670

Which blows conftantly between the Trapics from

cast eaf : caused by tbe pressure of the rarified air co that

before it, according to the diurnal motion of the fun from baze coff zo wef.

* † In all places between the Tropics, the sun, as be in falles and repasses in bis annual motion, is szuice a year

perpendicular, wbieb produces this effe. 1



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675 Who

Broad o'er my head the verdant cedar wave, "And high palmetos lift their graceful Ahade.

And O ftretch'd amid these orchards of the sun,

here Give me to drain the cocoa's milky bowl, And from the palm to draw its freshing wine! 665 did More bounteous far than all the frantic juice Orm Which Bacchus pours. Nos, on its slender twigs Low-bending, be the full pomegranate fcorn'd;

Trans Nor, creeping thro' the woods, the gelid race

Otru Of berries. Oft in humble station dwells 670 The Unboastful worth, above fastidious pomp. Witness, thou 'best Anâna, thou the pride,

Ande Of vegetable life, beyond whate'er The poets imag'd in the golden age :

Projes Quick, let me ftrip thee of thy tufry coat, Spread thy ambrosial stores, and feast with Jove!

From these the prospect varies. Plains immense The Lie ftretched below, interminable meads, 680/ And And vast favannahs, where che wandering eye,

Alton Unfix'd, is in a verdant ocean lott.

Wie Another Flora there, of bolder hues, And richer sweets, beyond our garden's pride, Plays o'er the fields, and showers with sudden hand TagExuberant spring: for oft chefe vallies thift Their green-embroider'd robe to fiery brown, And swift to green again, as scorching suns, Or itreaming dews and torrent rains, prevail. Along these lonely regions, where retir’d,

690 dise From little scenes of art, great Nature dwells In awful solitude, and nought is seen But the wild herds that own no master's stall, Prodigious rivers roll their fatning feas: On whole luxuriant herbage, half conceal'd, 695) The i Like a fallen cedar, far diffus'd his train, Cas'a in green scales, the crocodilè extends. The food difparts : behold! in plaitet mail, Behemoth* rears his head. Glanc'd from bis fide, Store The darted steel in idle Thivers flies:

700 The He fearless walks the plain, or teeks the hills; Where, as he crops his vary'd fare, the herds,

The Hippopotamus, or river -borfe.


686 The E

Prolu Arras Vair




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In widening circle round, forger their food,
And at the harmless firanger wondering gaze. :

Peaceful, beneath primeval trees, that calt 705

Their ample thade o'er Niger's yellow (tream, ! And where the Ganges rolls his facred wave;

Or m d the central depth of blackning woods, Wigs High-rais'd in solemn theatre around, a'd; Leans the huge elephant; wiseft of brutes ! 710

O truly wise ! with gentle might endow'd,
by Tho' powerful, not destructive! Here he sees

Revolving ages sweep the changeful carth,
And empires rise and fall; regardless he
Of what the never-refting race of men

715 Projet : chrice happy ! could he 'scape their guile, ☆ Who mine, from cruel avarice, his steps ; you! Or with his towery grandeur swell their state, Sumene The pride of kings ! or else his strength pervert, 4. And bid him rage amid the mortal fray, 720 Astonish'd at the madness of mankind.

Wide o'er the winding umbrage of the floods,

Like vivid blossoms glowing from afar, Ede,

Thick-fwarm the brighter birds. For Nature's hand, en by That with a sportive vanity has deck'd

725 in The plumy nations, there her gayest hues Profusely pours,

But, if the bids them shine,
Array'd in all the beauteous beams of day,

Yet frugal ft.ll, the humbles them in fong. 4 Nor envy we the gaudy robes they lent 730

Proud Montezuma's realın, whose legions caft
A boundless radiance waving on the sun,
While Philomel is ours; while in our thades,

Thro' the soft silence of the listening night, dy! The fober-suited fongttress trills her lay: 735

But come, my Muse, the desart barrier burst,
A wild expanse of lifeless sand and sky:

And, swifter than the toiling caravan,
bis hin Shoot o'er the vale of Sennar; ardent climb

The Nubian mountains, and the secret bounds 740 hills; erd's

* In all the regions of the torrid zone, the birds, ebo" more beautiful in tbeir plumagé, are observed to be less melodious iban qurs.


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