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* Indicates that some change has been made in the original text.

) Indicates that the hymn has not been compared with the author's text.

Congregations proposing to use this Book are requested to communicate with the Editor. Cheaper editions will be issued should it be desired.


THIS Collection of Hymns is intended for the use of Congregational Churches, both Baptist and Pædobaptist.

I have called it "THE ENGLISH HYMN BOOK," because I have endeavoured, as far as possible, to insert only those hymns which seem to me to be in harmony with the characteristic type of English piety. The religious life of this country, in its healthiest forms, is distinguished by a certain manly simplicity very alien from the sensuous sentimentalism which has been encouraged by some recent hymn-writers ; even the pathetic hymns of the Middle Ages, and the noble songs of German Protestantism, do not express very naturally the religious thought and emotion of ordinary Englishmen. Our religious life would, indeed, be greatly impoverished if we rejected the aids to devotion supplied by saints of other countries and other times; but, for myself, I am anxious to preserve the national type both of faith and feeling; and, therefore, while gratefully availing myself of translations of Greek and Latin and German hymns, when they appeared likely to enrich the worship of English Christians without transforming its character, I have avoided whatever seemed foreign and unfriendly to our traditions and habits.

The incessant engagements and distractions incident to the pastorate of a large church, in a large town, leave me none of those protracted periods of uninterrupted quiet which are neceesary to ensure the accuracy of a book like this. When the brain and the eye are weary, or when one public duty is only just over and another just approaching, it is certain that "prooss" will be sent to the printers with many undetected. Nor have I always had access, just at the time I wanted it, to the original texts of the hymns which I wished to insert. I should never have undertaken the task of compiling a Hymn Book had any existing collection of Hymns contained what I wanted for use in my own congregation.


The task, however, has been a very pleasant one. Its pleasantness has been greatly increased by the extreme courtesy and kindness which I have received from authors, to whom I have had occasion to apply for permission to use their compositions-kindness and courtesy, which have often been most generous and cordial, on the part of those whose theological faith and ecclesiastical position are most remote from my own.

My grateful acknowledgements are due to Mrs. ALEXANDER (1), Rev. Dr. ALLON (2), Rev. Sir HENRY BAKER (3), Rev. R. A. BERTRAM, Rev. Dr. BONAR and Messrs. Nisbet (4), Rev. Canon BRIGHT (5), Rev. BALDWIN BROWN, Rev. Dr. CASWALL (6), Rev. J. CHANDLER (7), Mrs. CHARLES (8), Rev. G. W. CONDER, Rev.THOMAS DAVIS (9), Rev. H. DOWNTON(10), Rev. E. W. EDDIS, Rev. H. W. Eddis, Rev. JOHN ELLERTON, J. H. GILL, Esq. (11), Rev. S. BARING-GOULD, J.T. HAYES, Esq.. (for permission to use the Hymns of the late Dr. NEALE) (12), Rev. NEWMAN HALL (13), Rev. W. WALSHAM How, Messrs. ISBISTER & Co. (for permission to use the Hymns of Miss A. L. WARING) (14), Rev. W. TIDD MATSON (15), Rev. J. E. MILLARD, Rev. Dr. MONSELL (16), C. E. MUDIE, Esq. (17), Rev. Dr.

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(6) Masque of Mary, and other Poems: Burns and Lambert.
(7) Hymns of the Primitive Church: Parker.
(8) Women of the Gospel, &c. : J. Nelson.

(9) Devotional Verses for a Month: Hamilton, Adams, and Co. Hymns Old and New: Longmans.

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(11) The Golden Chain of Praise : William Hunt.
(12) Mediæval Hymns: Hymns of the Eastern Church: J.T. Hayes.
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(16) The Inner Life: Eliot Stock and Co.
(16) Hymns of Love and Praiso: Bell and Daldy. Spiritual

Songs: Parker.
;) Stray Leaves, by C. E. Mudie : Macmillan,

NEWSLAN(181, Rev. Puipps ONSLOW, Rev E. H. PLUMPTRE (19), GEORGE RAWSON, Est., Rev. A. T. ROSSELL, F. SMITH, Esq.. Mr. C. H. SPURGEON (23), Rev. GODFREY TURING (21), Mrs. TOKE, Dr. TRENCH (Archbishop of Dablin) (22), Rev. EDWARD WHITE, Rer. S. WOLCOTT, Rev. Dr. WordswORTH (Bishop of Lincoln) (23), the Translators of Hymns from the Land op Luther (21), and the Editors of The People's llymnal (23).

To the late Dean ALFORD (25), and the late Sir JOIN BOWRING (27), I am also indebted for permission to use their compositions, permission which was granted in both cases with characteristic kindness,

To Dr. BONAR and liis publishers, Messrs. Visbet, and to Mr. T. H. GILL, my speciil thanks are due. No less than 58 Hymns in the Collection are selected from Dr. BONAR'S well-knowa Hymns of Faith and Hope: and 39 Hymns are selected from Mr. GILL'S Golden Chain of Prise. It is only justice to Jr. GILL, whose remarkable volume is comparatively unknown, to say that I hare left unused a large number of his hymns which, though perhaps less suitable for public worship, are not less bezutiful thin those which I have taken.

From Me srs. LONGMAN & Co., and from Messrs. BELL & DILDY, I have received permission to use the translations of Miss WINKWORTH, and the Hymns of Miss ADELAIDE PROCTOR, on the usual terms.

I have to ask the kindly forgiveness of any author, whose hymns I have used without their permission. In one or two c.1:es I have written for permission, and have received no answer; in other cases I have not known where to write.


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