The Cambridge History of Judaism, Volume 3

Front Cover
William David Davies, Louis Finkelstein, William Horbury, John Sturdy, Cambridge University Press, Steven T. Katz, Mitchell Bryan Hart, Tony Michels, Jonathan Karp, Adam Sutcliffe, Robert Chazan
Cambridge University Press, 1984 - History - 1254 pages
". The archaeology of Palestine 63 BCE-CE 70 Magen Broshi; 2. The Herodian temple Dan Bahat; 3. Archaeology in Palestine in recent decades: achievements and goals Eric M. Meyers; 4. The contribution of inscriptions of the study of Judaism Margaret Williams; 5. The social, economic and political history of Palestine from 63 BCE-CE 70 Emilio Gabba; 6. The Diaspora in the Roman period before 70 CE E. Mary Smallwood; 7. The Gentiles in Judaism 125 BCE-CE 66 Morton Smith; 8. Gentiles as seen by Jews after CE 70 Raphael Loewe; 9. The synagogue Hanswulf Bloedhorn and F.G. Huttenmeister; 10. The temple and the synagogue Shaye J.D. Cohen; 11. The early liturgy of the synagogue Stefan C. Reif; 12. Women in the synagogue William Horbury; 13. The Pharisees Joachim L.W. Schaper; 14. The Sadducees Gunter Stemberger; 15. The Essenes Otto Betz; 16. The Baptist sects Kurt Rudolph; 17. The troublemakers Morton Smith; 18. The Samaritans and their sects Stanley Isser; 19. Galilean Judaism and Judean Judaism Martin Goodman; 20. Jesus from the Jewish point of view W.D. Davies and E.P. Sanders; 21. Paul from the Jewish point of view W.D. Davies; 22. Jewish Christianity J. Carleton-Paget; 23. Apocalyptic: the disclosure of heavenly knowledge Christopher C. Rowland; 24. The Qumran sectarian writings Jonathan Campbell; 25. The Dead Sea scrolls and pre-Tannaitic Judaism Norman Golb; 26. Prayer in the Qumran texts Daniel K. Falk; 27. Philo of Alexandria C. Mondésert; 28. Josephus (CE 37 -c. 100) L.H. Feldman; 29. The Rabbi in second century Jewish society Shaye J.D. Cohen; 30. The Roman diaspora 70 CE -235; the archaeological evidence L.I. Levine; 31. The legacy of Egypt in Judaism J. Gwyn Griffiths; 32. Jewish elements in gnosticism and magic c. 70 CE -c. 270 CE Philip S. Alexander.

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