Notitia Parliamentaria: Or, An History of the Counties, Cities, and Boroughs in England and Wales ...: The Whole Extracted from Mss. and Printed Evidences ...

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Robert Gosling, 1750 - Great Britain
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Page 283 - Close to his highness followed the members or lords of the other house, ie house of lords, in order, two and two. In like manner, in order, two and two, were the members of the parliament, as knights of the counties, citizens of the cities, and burgesses of the boroughs and towns, and barons of the cinque ports, of the commonwealth of England, Scotland, and Ireland ; of which first came those of England, the county of Middlesex, and the northern counties leading the way; as Yorkshire, Lancashire,...
Page 270 - Parliament in the year 1656, for the several counties and corporations within the commonwealth of England, Scotland, and Ireland, and the dominions thereunto belonging.
Page 116 - Speaker by as unanimous a concurrence of all the members in general, as any of them had been by their constituents in particular; and as he enjoyed this eminent station a longer time than any of his predecessors, so he executed this most important trust with equal, if not superior abilities, to any of those \vho have gone before him.
Page 3 - ... a small part of another .left standing. Here are also four dissenting meeting-houses, for the respective denominations of Methodists, Armenians, Baptists, and Quakers. This was a borough in the reign of Edward the Confessor, and has sent members to parliament from the 23d year of Edward the First. The right of election is in the Corporation, and inhabitants paying scot and lot, and not receiving alms. The number of voters is about 140. The rents of the manor, and the revenues arising from the...
Page 259 - Pebmarfti efq. Carew Mildmay efq. Dionyfius Wakering efq. Edw. Turner efq. Rich. Cutts efq. Oliver Raymond efq. Herbert Pelham efq. Joachim Matthews. Col. John Barkftead, lieutenant of the tower, John Maidftone efq. Geo. Berkley efq. Matthew Hale, one of the juftices of the common bench, John How efq. Chrift. Guife efq. Sylvanus Wood efq. Will. Lenthall efq. mafter of the rolls, Tho. Pury fen. efq. Sir Anthony Afhley Cooper bart. John Stone of Friday-ftreet, London, efq. John Scudamore efq. John...
Page 268 - Ruthergler, Rothfay, Renfrew, Ayre, Irwynn, and Dunbarton.— Mr. John Wilk of Bromhoufe. Boroughs of Dumfreize, Sanclare, Lochmaben, Annand, Wigton, Kirkudbright, Whithorn, and Galloway.— Major Jeremiah Tolhurft efq. burgefs of Dumfrieze. Boroughs of Peebles, Selkirk, Jedburgh, Lander, North-Berwick, Dunbar, and Haddington. — Mr. William Thompfon burgefs of Haddington. IRELAND. Counties of Meath and Lowth. — Col. John Fowk governor of Drogheda, major Will. Cadogan. Counties of Kildare and...
Page 269 - Will; Purefoy efq. County of Cork.— Roger Boyle lord baron of Broghill. Towns of Cork and Youghal. —Col. Will. Jephfon. Towns of Bandon and Kingfale — Vincent Gookin efq. Counties of Tipperary and Waterford. — John Reynolds commifia'ry-general efq. Hierom Sankey efq. Cities of Waterford and Clonmell. — Will. Halfey efq. Counties of SHgo, Rofcommon, and Letrim.
Page 267 - Sheriffdoms of Linlithgow, Sterling, and Clackmannan.— Col. Tho. Read, governor of Sterling. Sheriffdoms of Dunbarton, Argyll, and Bute.— Sir James Hamilton of Obifton. Sheriffdom of Lannerick. — Col. Will. Lockhart. Sheriffdom of Mid-Lothian. — Geo. Smith efq. one of the judges of Scotland. Sheriffdom of Meroe. — John Swinton of Swinton in the faid fheriffdom efq. Sheriffdoms of Selkirk and Peebles.
Page 263 - Alh efq. Charles Steynings efq. Rob. Long efq. Rich. Jones efq. Tho. Hippefley efq. Sam. Perry efq. Rob. Aldworth efq. Miles Jackfon efq. Col. Alexander Popham of Honiftreet. Liflebone Long efq. Tho. Gorges efq. John Gorges efq. Col. Robert Blake Lord Rich. Cromwell, Rich. Norton efq. Rich. Major efq. John St. Barbe efq. Rob. Wallop efq. Francis Rivet efq. Edw. Hooper efq, John Bulkley efq. John Hildefley efq. John Lifle, one of the lords commiffioners of the great feal, and recorder of the faid...
Page 56 - Bridge ward without, and Sir John Ayliff was its first alderman. It had long before enjoyed the privilege of sending members to pariiament, who are elected by the inhabitants paying scot and lot, and returned by the bailiff.

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