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persons mentioned be ordered to attend the es was, if they ever heard him even speak
House this day.' A violent debate ealued before the present time; to which the
upon the propriety of trying a person, and witness answered in the negative.
not finding the evidence aiready produced Mr. Horne was ordered to withdraw.
sufficient to convict him, putting off the Mr. Herbert then apologised for the
trial to a farther day, in order to learch for trouble he had given the House, and added
witnefles to condemn him.' The question that, as the evidences had tot proved Mr.
was ac length put, whether thofe thrée Horne-the author of the Libel, ro evince
perloos should be ordered to attend ?" Ayes his impartiality, he should move, .ihat
140, Noe's 44.

Mr. Horne be now discharged from the
On Friday, Feb. 18, the Serjeant accustody of the Serjeant at Arms.'-- Mr.
Armis was delired to bring the Rev. Mr. Sawbridge moved this anyendment, 'with-
Horne to the bar, Woodfall's three cos. out paying his fees.' -Mr. Phippš second-
politors were then fucceffively ordered in ed the motion thus amended, upon a prin-
and examined. The tefti.nony of the first ciple that he ought not to pay for the ne-
witness wént pó further than that he coñglect of his accófers, in not having witneft-
posed the letter alluded to from the origi es to prove the charge on the firlt day;
nal copy; that he did not know the hand and that, if such a procedure was once ei-
writing of Mr. Horne, aor ever saw him tablished as á precedent, it would be in the
write, and that there were five other per power of a malicious person to ruin any
lons employed in the fame branch of 6 man, by producing fresh witnesses every
Dess. Another said that he had a transient day, and thus keeping him a prisoner dur-
view of the copy, but knew not whose ing the whole feftions.
hand-writing it was: And the last disclaim Mr. De Grey opposed the discharge of
ed the left knowledge of the matter in Mr. Horne - Mr. Herbert's first motion
aay stage of it. After the examination was then put, that Mr. Horne bė dit-
of the frit witness the Speaker dehred Mr. charged from the cultody of the Serjeant
Horce to pùt any question to him "he at Arms,' It passed,

Mr. Sawbridge's thougbt propers on which Mr. Horne re amendmeột was over-ruled, so that he is -plied, that the only thing he should defite discharged, paying his fees.' to kaow from him or the other two witnell

[To be continued.]

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The THEATRICAL BRUTES. The furry and the feather'd race,

The purlieús of the palace trace,

And creatures of amphibious breed,
As candidates to court proceed,

All willing to exert their parts,
Wou'd draw diversion from the stage; And glitter in dramatic aris.
He heard the stage among mankind

A ftage with prudence to erect,
Could banishi vapours from the mind, A beaver is made architet;
Elate the heart with joyous glee,

A monkey next the globe + careens,
Or humanizé such brutes as -he:

And undertakes to paint the scenes.
The stage, he thought, would pains elude A fox, the animal molt fit, -
of chronic ills, or humours crude; Allow'd to be posless'd of wit,
The present social joys improve,

To write the farce is much inclin'd,
And non-existing fears * remove.

And paint the follies of mankind;
Each man says he, without dispute, The king deputes him to compose
Takes pains to imitatc a brute ;

Whatever shou'd relate to prore;
Then let each brute, in fiction's plan, But where the subject might require
Attempt to imitate a man.

To light the lines with rhimes of fire,
The rates conven'd together, meet, The eagle, ll of a roaring mind,
The lion gives a plenteous treat ;

In meatur's feet must raptures bind ;
And then, thetorically proud,

Sublimely make ideas how,
Growls out the business to the croud ; And with meridian splendor glow;
The croud with furious joy applauds, For surely he can dramas grace,
And hills resound the roaring lauds ; Who Itares Apollo in the face;

* Or fears existing only in whim.
Aftage is fometimes a globe: the oncients having always built them circular,
| The cagle is supposed to fly ncorer to the fun sbax

ony viber bird.

Y 2

SCAPD fting power

The critic-crab, of aspect four,

“ For had the bare appear'd a llave, Does each excrescency devour,

"The tiger growlid a captain brave ; Strikes out the faults, and mends the flaws, “ The wolf a limb of law portray'd, Then squares it by dramatic laws.

6. The hog a Nouch with filih bewray'd ; We must confeis so far, so good, “ The ox an alderman in town, Each well his business understood ;

“ The boar, or bear, a country clowa ; To cast the parts, alas ! remains,

" The goat a libertine the ass Which so much puzzles human brains. “ Could only for an ideot pass;

The elephant, for wisdom fam'd, “ Then each in character had shewn, Was chief on this occasion nam'd;

And praises from the audience won ; Nature had form'd bim cool and wise, “ But like mankind by pride miled, Through time experience was his prize, “ Now folly's cap must crown each heads He strives to serve no private ends, “ The fox alone, a cunning wight, Impartial even to his friends,

« Has chose his character aright; Difpasionate to all his foes,

* A rogue by nature makes of late, With no revenge bis borom glows,

" I find

a minilter of Itate.
He gives to merit, merit's due,
To realon and to justice true.
But vain, alas! are wisdom's cares,

Where self-sufficiency appears,
Despiling bis judicious voice,

AP'D from the noisy world's bewilchEach makes his own peculiar choice :

ing power, He knew, though never train'd in schools, Where endless Discord holds her chearless No argument convinces fools;

reign, From vanity contempt must spring, From Folly's triding train I steal an hour, So let their follies take full swing.

And dedicate to Night the youthful ftrain. The ass must needs appear a wit, Now balmy flumbers tooth che cares of toil, The rampant goat a hen-peck'd cit; Sweet neeps the peasant in his humble The bear assumes the courtly glance,

cot ; And thumps the stage in clumsy dance ; Now Flattery's Aippant congue lies still a The boar must needs a fribble trip,

while, And ev'ry grunting accent clip;

And all the labour of the day's forgot. The hog will play a lover's part,

Cynthia, emerging from the crimson'd east, And turn each brittle to a dart ;

Moves Nowly onward with her starry The ox, as harlequin, must hop,

train; And through the narrow trap-door pop; And sober Night, in dusky mantle drest, The wolf, in vanity of whim,

Resumes once more her awful Glent reiga. Enacts a preacher spruce and prim ; Save where the mastiff, on the village. The tiger acts a lover's pains,

green, And roaring bideously complains;

Barks wildly at the wan moon's glimm'. The tim'rous hare, to grace the farce,

ring ray; Must needs appear a son of Mars ;

Save where the drowsy owl, with dismul And while with pride his bosom glows,

mien, He ogles all the side-box does :

Hoots lonely on the dew-bespangled spray ; The only one in all the throng,

Save where the rill, whose maoy baoks Whose vanity was not tro strong, But like a most judicious brute,

With plaintive willows, waving o'er che His part did to his talents soit,

stream, Was reyoard, with his witty pate, Comes softly murm'ring thro' the peaceWho rose a minister of state.

ful glade, They play'd - but play'd in such a guise, And Glver 'd glitters in the quiv'ring That all who saw must needs despise ;

gleam; They find the parts which all deride, Save where the raven, from her airy nert, Fit not their talents, but their pride; 'Mid woods impervious to the midnight Convinc'd, perceive as real fad,

moon, They only fancy'd they could act; Lulls with her dreary longs her young to Alham'd, their former pride derell

rest, When thus the elephant addrest:

While weary Nature mourns her beau“ Brutes, you are sure to inftin&t blind, “ And near as filly as mankind,

When at this solemn hour the Qumb'ring “ To launch so much beyond your sphere, :

world " And chuse those parts you ought to fear ; Lies lowly proftrate on the downy couch; “ A part too high, or else too low, And Riot's lons, in mere copfolioo hurid, “ !s always a performer's foe į

Prolong the revels of the mad debauch ;


are clad

ties gone.

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Oft let me wander near the heath-clad hill, Joy is an import, joy is an exchange ;
O'er whose high top, beams sweet the Joy Aies monopolists: it calls for tava,
Star of eve :

Rich fruit, heav'n-planted, never pluck'd
Or tread beside the daisy margin'd rill,

by one.
And ev'ry scene of vice and folly leave;
And there hold converse with the sacred


Of all superfluous wealth's unnumber'd
With Night's seraphic bard, immortal ftings,

The harpest is the knowledge which it
In memory's fair page his strains peruse,

briogs :
How sweet he warbled, and how fad he Enjoyment purchas'd makes its object

Or feel the force of Thompson's deathless

And then,' alas! cach soft illusion's flown';

Love's promis'd sweet, ambition's lofty
Who copied Nature in each diff'rent hue ;

Who, fofi as Sappho, and as Pindar (trong, The painter's image, and the poet's theme.
Describ'd such scenes as Shakespeare ne-
ver drew,

There let me meditate on themes divine,

-pow'rful virtue !
Whose blissful influence high exalts the

How infinite thy joys, when ev'n thy griefs

Are pleasing! Thou, fuperior to the frowns
Or bend at Wisdom's ever glorious (arine,

Of fate, can't pour thy sunshine o'er the
And learn the throbbing passions to con-


And brighten woe to rapture.
There quick-eye'd Fancy's airy Alights

On the LETTERS on the Improvement of
That wake to ecstasy, and thoughts sub-

the Miod.
la heav'as bright concave with amaze ROFIT and pleasure would you find
ment view

In the same page, ye fair, com-
“ The God of nature, and the God of

bin'd; “ time."

Read CHAPONE's Letters on the Mind.
Bleft folitude ! how sweet thy peaceful in them strong sentiments appear,

In language nervous, graceful, clear.
Where Contemplation's vot'ries love to By chem the young idea's taughc
Atray ;

How best to shoot; the tender thought
Where, in her sapient dress, Religion reigns Moft happily is rear'd: May they
And shines more splendid than the noon. Who female minds, when budding, sway,

Their utmost cult'ring care bestow,

To make them beautitully blow!)
Maxims and REFLECTIONS, By them, in ev'ry style of life,

The friead, the mother, and the wife,
Natore, in zeal for human amity,

Are taught, with dignity and ea se,
Denies or damps an uodivided joy. To shine, and while they shine, to please.

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tide ray.




Subje&s what imminent Danger they are

threatened with, has appointed General

Bibikow to march at the head of a large
Petersbargh, January 18. detachment of troops against the Rebels,
THE Revolt which has happened in who have been daring enough to attack a!!
in Part of this Empire, is now cer-

the troops they have met with, and mai-
tainly confirmed, as the Court has publish- sacred the Officers in a mult cruel manner,
ed. Manifesto agaiol Jemelman Pugert. Her Imperial Majelty further hopes that
cheff, the Chief of the Rebels, who has her faithful Subjects will not suffer them-
taken upon him the Name of the late Em-

selves to be seduced by evil-inclined Perperor Peter the Third, and in consequence fons, but, on the contrary, is perluased thereof is endeavouring to augment his Pare that they will remain subject to their lawo y. The Empress, to quell this Sedition at

ful Sovereign, and that they will do all in its farl Appearance, and 10 convince her their power to maintain the public tranqui


lity. This manifesto, which is dated Dec. number of Cafes and concluded, by hóp23, 1773. O.S. has been sent to all Go

ing their Lordships would reverse the Devernments, and Towns, throughout the The Lord Chancellor spoke next Empire.

for an hour; entering very largely epon the Feb. u. In the few Skirmishes which several Arguments, He said as to the AA the advanced Parties of General Bibikow's of Queen Anne, it gave them a limited Army have have had with the Rebels, the time and no longer. He concluded by lelatter have bitherto been always defeated. conding Lord Camåen's Motion. Lord The troops appear so animated again Lyttleton next fpoke for a short time: he them, that notwithstanding the tictelt declared that he thought the Authors had Order to give Quarter to those who are dripht to Perpetuity. The Bishop of Carwilling to surrender, it has hitherto been lille spoke next, and mentioned several impoffible to oblige them to do so.

points which be left for the determination P OLÁ N D.

of their Lordships. Lord Effingham next Warsaw, Feb. 23. Since the death of fpoke, and laid a great deal in favour of the Emperor Mustapha III the Confede the Liberty of the Press and hoped that rates, who were before Nowly approaching Right would never be taken away in this to Turkey, now advance in a more expe once free Country. - The question was ditious manner, which gives room to think put at half past Five, when the decree was that they are sure of the disposition of reversed; without costs ; so that the EngAchmet the IV. his successo: being in their lith Booklellers have no other security in fvour.

future for any Literary Purchale they máy TURKEY.

make, but the Statute of the 8th of Queen Conftantinople, Jan. 21.

At half an Anne, which secures to the Author's Arc hour after twelve the Grand Seignor expir. figns an exclusive property for fourteen ed; and at half an hour atter two the guns Years, to revert again to the author, and from the Seraglio announced his succeilor vest in him for fourteen Years forget. Abdul Hamed.

26. On Thursday last about halt an hour ITALY.

after lot in the Evening, the Queen was Florence, Jan. 29. The Restitution of happily delivered of a Princë. His Grace Avignon and Benevento to the See of Rome

the Archbishop of Canterbury, feveral has been notified in that City,

Lords of his Majesty's mol Honourable N E T H ERL AND S.

Privy Council, and the Ladies of her Ma· Hague, February, 18. On Tuesday the jesty's Bed-chamber, were present. 15th inft. about eleven at night her High The Governor and Council General, ness the Princess of Orange was happily with the Judges, are to embark on board delivered of a Prince.

the Ashburnham at Portfmouth, on the sth

of March, in order to proceed on their VoyBRITISH INTELLIGENCE. EN GLAND.'

MARCH, I. The House of Commons Brisol, Feb. 26. On Sunday last a Ne- went into a committed to confider of the gro, lately arrived from Guinea, preached present State of the linen Manufacture. in the Tabernacle at Chippenham to a Mell. Anderson and Goldy were čailed to crowded Audience.

the Bar; the sum of their teftimony más, Newcastle. March 8. A potatoe, weigh- that the linen manufacture of Scotland ing three ounces and a quarter the growth had decreafed between 2 and 3,000,000 of of the present year, was dug up in a gen yards in the course of the last year; that tleman's garden in this town. It was ve

the value of what was lamped during the ry firm, clean, and thin-skinned, and well same period was short of the preceding flavour'd. A number of others were pro- year, 226,000l. that the average price of duced, but smaller. The sets were put the cloth fold in the year 1769 was 12d. in the ground in December last.

3-12ths the yard, and in the year 1773 LONDON.

but gd. 5-2 Aihs ; that four whole counFeb. 16. The Governors of Minorca ties, Glasgow and Pailey included, out and Gibraltar, and all the Officers belong of 6000 looms, had 2500 unemployed ; ing to the Regiments on duty, have receiv- that the proportion of those that were in ed Orders to repair to their respective ports general idle was at least a third ; that out by April next.

of a certaio diftriét in the county of San 23. Yesterday, at half past two o'Clock, therland, 600 out of 1800 {pinners had came on in the House of Lords the final emigrated, and so in proportion in several Arguments on Literary Property, when other places therein specified ; that some Lord Camden got up and spoke for an hour of the linens of 1771 were ftill on hand and a half against Perpetuity, quoting a uplold; and, on the whole, that there were


age to India.

not, in the beginning of the present year, in 1772, the exports decreased full mach more than half the weavers employé 5,000,000: that in the last year it had sufed througboot the kingdom of Scotland fered a further. decrease of more than and North of Eog land.

2,000,000 of yards; that the gross amount Extract of a letter from Edinburgh, dated of the linen and yarn, exported in the year March, 2.

1771, had fallen from 1,900 oool. toa“ This day the cause depending be- bout 1,400,000 l. or full half a million ; tween the Countess of Rothes and her that when the accounts were made up to Vocle, Andrew Lefie, Esq; was deter the 25th of the present month, the demined in favour of the Countess. By crease would be found conliderably greater which decifion the estate of that noble fa than either of the two preceding years in mily, which has always descended with proportion; that for thetwo years, ending the Titie, continues still united to it in the the It of May, 1773, 16,000,000 of yards Person of her Ladyship."

of Irish lineo were imported into London 2. Yesterday se’onight the further con- only, but that the produce of the last marfaderation and agreement on the Writ of Er- kei was for the most part arrived, and for from the court of Exchèquer in Ireland, by the most moderate computation, would between Jobo Commons, Lessee of Lord fall short of eleven millions of yards; that Netterville, and John Marshal, Esq. came 30,000 emigrants, in the different branchon before the Upper Assembly. After the es of the inanufacture, had left the proCouncil were fully beard, a fhort question vince of Ulster, within the laft two years ; was put to the judges then prefent: They and, chat on an average, more than one conferred together for a few minutes, and third of the looms throughout the kingdom Mr. juttice Gould, (opon their being una were now idle. nimous) gave an opinion, with their rea Saturday a woman at Compton, near fons; a mnotion was then immediately made Axbridge, in Somersetshire, hanged here to affirm the judgment of the court of Ex self, but was soon after cut down, and cbequer, tod agreed to.

married the same morning. 7. The House of Commons went into 10. Yesterday, about twelve o'clock, a committee, to enguire into the prefent Mr. Miller was taken in execution, at ftate of the linea manufa&ure in Great the suit of Lord Sandwich, for the whole Britain and Ireland, when four persons damages given him by a late verdict, were examined in respect to its present and immediately carried to the Poultry flate in keland. Besides à general decrease compter. in fales a glut in the London market, and An express was on Thursday sent from a great fall in the Prices, their evidence the Admiralty office to Portsmouth, with weet chiefly in proof of the following im- orders for fitting for sea immediately seveportant fads. That the export in linen in ral- frigates, whieh are intended to go with 1771, was upwards of 25,000,000 yards, of the men of war, already appointed for the the average value of 18. 3d. per yard; that American station.


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12, Charles Fanning was executed near

St. Stephen's-green, pursuant to his senT the Commission of Oy- teace, for bighway robbery. On his way

er and Terminer, Joha to the place of execution, he pointed to a Reily for the Murder of one Mullin some man whom he told the Nieriff was an actime ago, was tried and found guilty; complice of his in many robberies : he anu Robert Power, for the murder of John was accordingly taken and lodged in NewGilmore, on the rit of May, 1770, was gate, slio tried and found guilty.


A duel was fought in the county MAR, 10. The Fullerton of Saltcoats, of Tipperary, between Francis Mathew, coming over the Bar, ran foul of the wreck Esq. of Thomaltown, and Wray Palliler, of the London (which was lost there lait Elg. of Derryluskin, high sheriff of faid year) by which she received so much da. County, the former received a wound in mage that, as soon as she got into Poolbeg, the thigh, but it is thought it will got be Ibe lank ; part of the crew twam to the atteoded with any dangerous conlequences. piles, aod the remainder were taken up Council for and against the quarterage by a pilot boas.

bill were heard before the right hoo, the


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