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Like an ill-judging beauty, his colours Here Hickey + reclines, a moft blunt, he spread,

[better red. pleasant creature, (nature: And beplaister’d, with rouge, his own And Nander itself, must allow him goodOn the stage he was natural, simple, He cherish'd his friend, and he relish'd affecting, [was a&ting : a bumper ;

[a thumper: 'Twas only that, when he was off, he Yet one fault he had, and that one was With no reason on earth to go out of Perhaps you may ask if that man was a [a day; miser ?

(wiser; He turn'd and he varied full ten times I answer, no, no, for he always was Tho'secure of our hearts, yet confound- Too courteous, perhaps, or obligingly edly fick, [and trick,

(that, If they were not his own by cunning His very worst foe can't accuse him of He cast off his friends, as a huntsman Perhaps he confided in men as they go, his pack;

And so was too foolishly honeft ; ah For he knew when he pleased he could no! whistle them back.

Then what was his failing? come tell Of praise, a mere glutton, he swallow..

it, and burn ye,

(torney. ed what came, (for fame; He was, could he help it? a special atAnd the puff of a dunce, he mistook it Here Reynolds I is laid, and to tell ”Till his relish grown callous, almost to you my mind,

(hind; disease,

He has not left a better, or wiser beWho pepper'd the highest, was surest to His pencil was striking, resifless and please.


[bland, But let us be candid, and speak out our His manners were gentle, complying and mind,

Still born to improve us in every part, If dunces applauded, he paid them in His pencil our faces, his manners our kind.

heart: Ye Kenricks, ye Kellys, and Glovers To coxcombs averse, yet most civilly so grave,


[ftill hard of hearing : What a commerce was yours, while you When they judg’d without skill he was got and you gave ? When they talk'd of their Raphaels

, How did Grub-treet re-echo the shouts Corregios and stuff,

snuff. that you rais'd,

He shifted his trumpet, and only took While he was berofcius'd, and you were

beprais’d: But peace to his fpirit, wherever he flies, To act as an angel, and mix with the + This character seems rather out of skies :

the line, and on account of the miseraThose poets, who owe their best fame ble couplet which concludes it, we hearto his skill,

tily wish it out of the poem. Shall still be his flatterers, go where he I Whether the Doctor was afraid of will.

Sir Joshua's superior skill as a portrait Old Shakespeare, receive him, with painter we know not, but it is certain praise and with love,

he has given a very feeble outline of his And Beaumonts and Bens be his Kellys character, although it brings the origiabove.

nal immediately to our recollection.
N. B. The History of the present Sesions of the Irish Parliament~The critical Ex-

amination of Mr. Lee's Performance of the LyarThe Prologue and Epilogue to
the Heroine of the Cave-Hebraicus-and some other Favours, are obliged to be
poftponed to next Month, for want of room.

than the following order, signed by his
Conftantinople, March 3. own hand, which has been transmitted

OTHING ferves shew to all the chief commanders of his sewith respect to the carrying on war, By the decease of the emperor sul

N difpofitios for the

grand fignior, veral amies :

tan Mustapha, my predecessor and bro- Arips of the line, and a frigate of 32 ther, who by Divine providence, is paf- guns were fitting out, and in the latter ed to a state of eternal bliss, the empire one ship of the line, and one frigate of and supreme command came to me by 32 guns. This squadron, whose diftinaright of heritage and succession; my tion is not yet known, will be commandfirst business was, to enter the apartment ed by lieutenant general Reggio. where is kept the precious deposit of Venice; March 14. An action has Skhirchai-Scheriff

, of the Sacred Mo- just happened between two small squahamed-ab-Moustapha, in my seraglio, drons of the Russian and Turkish fleets, or imperial palace, comparable to Para- in which the former were overcome. dife; there imploring the intercession Advice was received by admiral Spiriand spiritual allistance of this glorious tow, at the rendezvous at Paros, that prophet, I raised my hands towards the captain Bafra had dispatched a squaheaven, and prayed the Supreme Being dron of three large ships, a frigate, and to ordain the deltruction and annihilati- four gallies, to surprise the garrisons at on of the enemies of truth; to pour Sciros, and retake that island. On redown on them some striking vengeance; ceipt of this intelligence, the admiral and to grant his grace to his true belie- dispatched four frigates, and a ship of vers, to recover from them, the coun so guns to oppose their design. This tries wrested from us, It was not till small squadron came up with the Turks after this solemn prayer, with the assent within half a league of the island, and of the magnificent vizirs and doctors of an engagement began, in which one of the laws and with the seraglio, that I the Russian frigates was burnt, one tatook possession of the augult Ottoman ken, and the 50 gun fhip run ashore ; throne. Renewing, therefore, the or the other frigate escaped with much difders given in the time of my predecessor, ficulty: I enjoin you, by the present fupreme Leghorn, March 17. The Russian command to make all military prepara- generals, prince Gallitzin and Czernitions and dispositions with all the celerity chew, have set out for Naples. Letters possible, and to render yourself without from the Archipelago inform us, that delay to my imperial camp, at the head the general rendevous of the Russian of a body of chosen troops, where, arm fleet is at Paros; the ships of war and ed with courage and zeal, you are to frigates were at anchor at Port Nausa, fpare neither danger nor trouble for the and in the canal between that island and service of the state and religion.” Naxia; the regular troops were can

Warsaw, March 8. By a courier who toned in the towns of Mamora and Zimthis morning arrived here with dispatches bido, and the Albanian light troops at to the Ruslian minister, we learn that Bachia. They are refitting all their that the main body of the rebels under tips, in order to commence hostilities Pugatscheff received a considerable de- as soon as the season will permit, and feai on the 3d inftant at Samara, by ge. expect to be joined by other ihips that neral Bibikow. The general had in are cruising between the island of Patvefted the city of Samara, which was mos and Tasso, The Græco-Russian garrisoned by a large party of the rebels, squadron wintered on the coasts of Syria, and was on the point of being carried and the commandant of Acre, has furby him, when Pugatscheff, with a body nished them with all necessaries they of men, came from Cafan to its relief. stood in need of. The Russians were advantageously post Co; enbagen, March 23. An extraored, and had a fine train of artillery dinary treaty of alliance, we hear, is which did much execution. Pugatscheff just in agitation between our court and was routed, and obliged to relurn to that of Berlin. Casan, with the loss of near scoo men The day before yesterday an Engkilled or taken prisoners,

lislı frigate of war of 30 guns, and two Madrid, March 12. We learn from transport Tips passed the Sound for the Cadiz, that a ship of the line is arming Baltic; and yellerday another frigate there with all expedition. Advices of 34 guns, of that nation, passed the from Ferrol and Carthagena mention, Sound to join them in that sea; and it that in the former of those places two is said, that some more English veffe'

May, 1774


nish ports.


are expected to join them, and to cruize Cadiz, April s. The greatest naval
in the Baltic ; but to what purpose is preparations are now making in the Spa-
yet unknown.
This day our squadron began to be Paris, April 8.

The following is
fitted out, and it is still reported, that the list of the men of war lannched, or
it will join the Russian fleet against the which will be ready to launch before the

end of the present year, in the several
Petersburgh, March 22. We have royal docks in France, since the con-
just received from the Siberian Mines vention with Spain in the beginning of
1200 poden of silver (39,600lb, avoir- the year 1771: one of 84, four of 80,
dupoife] and about go poden of gold nine of 74, and four of 60 guns, be
(about 1600lb same weight} which is fides in frigates from 32 to 16 guns
ordered to be coined into gold and filver each; making in all eighteen men of
money. The troubles at Orenbourg war of the line, and eleven frigates.
had caused some fears for the safety of Amfierdam April, 19. Letters from
the above treasure; but general Irman, St. Eufiatia arrived here yesterday,
chief director at the above mines, had dated the 21st of Feb, mention that the
the precaution to send it a long way vessel carrying this packet having been
about northerly, to prevent its falling detained by contrary winds ever since
into the rebels hands.

the 15th of February, affords an op-
Hugue, March 28. In a full assembly portunity of acquainting you that about
of the states the 22d instant, it was re ihree weeks ago Admiral Perry, with
folved to augment the garrison of all fix men of war, failed within light of
the barrier towns on the Tide of the Auf- this island, and it was then understood
trian dominions, and to send fix regi- that this fileet was bound to Jamaica,
ments under the command of colonel but authentic advices arrived yesterday
Schneider, to be encamped in Dutch (Feb. 12) both from fay Porto Rico and

St. Thomas, that Admiral Perry difPetersburgh, March 29. A great embarked his people on shore oft Crabb number of military promotions took place Inand, and set about fortifying the place yesterday. Amongit those who obtain almost immediately on his arrival; this ed the rank of lieutenant-general was sudden event occasioned fuch a hurry the prince of Helle Darmstadt: that of and confusion at Porto Rico that the brigadier was conferred on the prince governor thought it necessary to put the of Anhalt. General Potemkin was made town in a proper state of defence, and lieutenant colonel of the first or Preo- instantly sent off two couriers, one after brazinky regiment of foot-guards, of the other to Madrid. The Englih which the empress is colonei.

dispatched one courier to London.
Dantzick, Afrili. The Prussians now

carry every thing with a very high hand, New-York, Feb 17. The business of
and seem resolved to convince the inha. Kaya-Ihota, the great Ohio chief, ac-
bitants of this city, that if they do not companied by several other principal
submit in quietness force will be used. Indians, with Sir William Johnson,
M. Richard, the agent here, desired Bart, was to deliver the substance of
the magiftrates, &c. might be assembled several conferences, held among the
on the 28th of last month, when he de- Indians at and near the Ohiv, whither
livered to them the ultimatum of his he is returned with several speeches,
master, the king of Prusha, which con- belts, &c. from Sir William, tending
tained in substance as follows: “ That to produce a change in the conduct of
his majesty having been, on due con- those, who have been lately disposed to
fideration, confirmed in the claim he create troubles in that quarter; and the
has to the sole foyereignty of the city Indians to the northward have, on their
of Dantzick, and being allowed therein parts, sent some spirited messages 10
by the two other powers, who have those unruly people.
taken Poland under their protection, bis Extract of a letter from Savanah, in
majesty requires due fubmission from

Georgia, Feb. 12.
the inhabitants as subjects, and that the " We have been greatly alarmed these
magiftrates, &c. do take the oath of al- three weeks past, with accounts from

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our back settlementy, of an Indian war Extract of a letter from Charles Town' likely to break out. The Indians have South Carolina, March 1. killed several white people on the new lands, and the rest of the people have “ The general assembly of this proall left their settlements on these lands, vince meets here this day. The Cheas also several others within the old rokee Indians have given the ftrongest lines. It is thought that all the Indians assurances of their peaceable disposition ; were not fully satisfied with giving up in consequence of which the alarmed these lands, therefore will not allow us inhabitants of our western frontiers are to settle there.

mostly returned to their settlements, and “ We have two or three scouting have erected 12 stockade forts for their parties looking out for these Indians; future security, should any disagreeand it is reported that they fell in with ment happen. There have been no a party of them, who fired first at our new alarms on the side of the Creeks ; people, and killed one; upon which the head men of that nation continue to ihey fired and killed two Indians, and disavow their having given any counscalped them.

tenance to the late outrages, and express « The militia throughout the pro- much concern thereat; they have declarvince hold themselves in readiness a ed that they do not want war, that gainst the first general alarm, to go they have war enough with the Chocagainst these savages. There is a party taw's, against whom a great part of their of 25 militia men, who keep guard e

nation are gone.

And that the party very night in town, by order of the go- of their nation are gone. And that the vernor. His excellency about ten days party of mad young men, who commitago sent a talk to the Creek nation, but ted the late murders, Tould be called has had no answer yet.




LONDON. April 1. The Bill for the pay and cloathing of TESTEKDAY his majesty, attend- the Milita,

ed by the duke of Ancester and the The Bill for the relief of prisoners earl of Oxford, went in state to the acquitted of crimes, but retained for their house of peers, and gave the royal af- fees. sent to 14 public and 25 private bills, The Bill to enable his majesty to grant among which were the following: to general Frazer the lands and eitatet

The Bill for the immediate removal of of the late lord Lovat. the officers of the customs from Boston, The Bill for appointing commissioners in Massachusetts bay:

to execute the land-tax act. The Bill for continuing an Ad for The Bill relative to the preservation establishing certain free ports in Jamaica. of turnpike roads.

The Bill to enable the duke of Buc The Bill for improving and preservcleugh, the duke of Queensbury, &c. to ing certain fen lands in the isle of Ely, reduce certain annuities granted by the &c, company of the Bank of Ayr in Scot The Bill for paving, lighting, and land.

watching the parish of St. James's, The Bill to allow further tirne for the Clerkenwell. inrollment of deeds and wills made by And also to several road, inclosure, Papists, &c,

and private bills. The Bill to diffolve the marriage of It is said to be an undoubt fact that Richard Heatley, and to enable him to the Toulon squadron is almost ready to marry again.

fail. The intelligence comes from adThe Bill :o make perpetual the Acts miral Keppel at Nice, They are very for regulating the trials of controverted strict at the dock-yards in not admitelections,

ting strangers to inspect what is going

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on there. It has, liowever, transpired, forfeitures, or penalties whatsoever,
that the ships are in a very bad conditi. incurred or imposed."
on, their bottoms being much worm Orders are given from the war office
eaten. The French seem to be driven for making a return of all the married
to this armament by the interruption women and children in each regiment in
which the Russian Thịps have occasion- ' his majesty's service, in order to ascer-
ed to their Levant trade,, which has al- tain the fund for their support in case of
ready rụined the greatest part of the their husbands dying in the service.
merchants at Marseilles.

18.. Orders are given for shipping a.
7. The supplies this year are estima- quantity of artillery and ordnance at
ted at 4,200,0001, the Exchequer bills Woolwich, for the island of Fort St.
to be paid off, one million, amounting Lewis, near the mouth of the river Se-
in the whole to 5,200,000l. the land negal, which is to be strongly fortified
and malt to 2,200,000l, the sinking fund with some new works.
to 2,600,000l. which will leave a defi-.

Wednesday morning last part of the ciency of 400,0001 to be raised by a 43d regiment embarked at Portsmouth, loan on Exchequer bills, or a lottery. on board the transports for North Ame

A great quantity of tents and camp rica, the rest were to embark the next equipage are ordered to be embarked for day. Nort America

Three ships only of the line are orOn Thursday some dispatches dered to go with admiral Mann, to arrived in town from Sir Peter Denis, reinforce the squadron in the Meditercommander in chief of his majesty's fleet ranean. in the Mediterranean, said to contain A most terrible earthquake has hap, an account of the preparations for the pened at Naples, by which the greatest Sailing of the Toulon feet.

part of that city was ruined, and many We hear from Winchester, that the thousand people perished. commanding officer of the regiment The emperor of Germany was acquartered there, and which is shortly to tually at Paris, and observed the firictembark for America, is practiling the est incog under the name of Count Flanofficers and serjeants in a new kind of ders; and several asserted that he was exercise, viz. throwing the espontoon seen at supper with the king at Beland halbert after the minner of the ja- levue. velin; which our greatest connoilleurs Extract of a letter from Amsterdam, in the Art Militaire, think vastly supe

April 25 rior to the fuzee, and that it will give “ Last week a Portuguese Jew, with these troops a great advantage over the his wife

two daughters, a Christian Indians at buih fightings, being better maid, and bis son, lat down to dinner ; calulated for Surprisos, as doing execu after the five former had eaten hearty tion without giving any alarm. of a plate of fpinage, they were taken

It is computed that no less than ill, accompanied with a griping in the 200,000ftone or 2,800,000lb. of wool bowels and before asistance could be have been clandestinely transported from procured thev all died; suspicion that Ireland to the ports of Dunkirk, Havre, they were poisoned followed, when orRochelle, and Bourdeaux, on an ders were given by the magistrates to rage of the last ten years,

have them opened, and it was found is. Monday last a commission, du- not to proceed from the fpinage, but from ring pleasure, paffed the great seal, a poison named Arsenic. They fay the

granting unto Thomas Gage, Esq; fon, feigned to be fick, and took anlieutenant general of his majefty's forces. tidotes to evade fuspicion ; however, governor of the Massachuset's bay, full two days after he left the city in great power and authority, where he mall see halte, and it is supposed he is fled to cause, or shall judge any offender or of England for refuge, Search was made fenders to be fit objects of his majesty's after him, and his flight has caused a mercy, to pardon and remit all treasons, strong suspicion that this inhuman and petit treasons, murders, felonies, crimes, unnatural son has basely poisoned those contempts, and misdemeanors whatsoe- who gave him life.” ver done or conmitted; and all fines, By a gentleman just returned from



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