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Thall prove that they have so done, such as are imported. A premium of sl. to the satisfaction of the Society. per cent. will be given on the value of To be adjudged the 19th of Octob. 1775. Tuch goods, or of any one of the said Super fine Broad Cloths, bought in the forts, provided the value of what shall Woollen Ware-bouse.

have been fo made and fold by all the To the person or persons who shall claimants together, shall not exceed the buy superfine broad cloths by wholesale sum of 4000l, and if it Thould, then the in the Irish woollen ware-house, esta- !um of 200l. will be divided among the blished for the encouragement of manu. claimants proportionably to the value factured woollen goods for home con- of such goods by them respectively masumption, from the ist day of June 1774, nufa Stured

200l. to the ift of June 1775, a sum not ex- To be adjudged the 26th of Octob. 1775. ceeding 2501. „will be given in propor

Importing Bark. tion to the quantity of such broad cloths so fold, at a rate not exceeding 31. per

will be given to the person or percent. And if it should appear that such sons who Thall import into this kingdom goods so sold, shall amount to more than good and merchantable oak bark fit for the sum of 83331. 65. 8d. then the sum tanning, from the east and northern of 250l. fhall be divided in proportion countries, Spain, Holland, or America, to the value of the goods respectively between the itt day of November, 1774, so sold to each person.

2501, and the itt of November, 1775, providTo be adjudged the sth of Octob. 1775. ed that the said premiums shall not exCountry Yarn.

ceed the sum of 3001. and if it should, For warp yarn fit for broad cloths, then the said sum of 3001, to be dividwhich shall be scribbled and spun, at the ed proportionably to the importers, ac distance of at least 10 miles from the cording to the quantity of such bark by city of Dublin, from the ift of June each of them respectively imported. 1774, inclusive, to the ist of June 1775 ; To be adjudged the 9th of Novem. 1775. a premium will be given of one penny

MANUFACTURE OF MIXED per skain, provided the number of skains

GOODS. of such yarn ihall not exceed 25000,

Grapes, and if it should, then the sum of 1041. I OR the manufacturing of crapes, 35. 4d. shall be divided among the commonly called Norwich crapes, claimants proportionably to the quantity of 1s. 4d. and upwards, per yard, from which each shall have scribbled and the 10th of March, 1774, inclusive, to fpun

1041. 35. 4d, the oth of March, 1775, 5l. per cent. To be adjudged the sth of Octob. 1975. shall be given on the value of such

Gigg Mill and Cottoning Engine. crapes, provided the same nall not exTo the person or persons who shall ceed 800l. and if it should, then the first erect a gigg-mill, and a cottoning sum of 401, Mall be divided proportionengine, in any part of this kingdom, å ably to the value of crapes manufacpremium of 1ol. per cent. will be given tured by each claimant

401. on the value of woollen goods, which To be adjudged the 16th of March 1775. shall be finished in such gigg-mill or

Bombazines. cottoning engine, from the 24th day of For the manufacturing of bombazines June, 1772, to the 24th day of June, of 2s, and upwards, per yard, from the 1774, provided that the whole amount 10th of March, 1774, inclusive, to the of the value of woollen goods so manu 10th of March, 1775, of the same kinds factured and finished, mall not exceed and qualities with those usually importthe sum of 3000l.

zool. ed, iol. per cent, will be given on the To be adjudged the 20th of Octob. 1774. value of such bombazines, provided the

Callimarcoes, Russels, and Broad Stuffs. same thall not exceed 2501. and if it For making and selling from the 24th should, then the sum of 251. shall be diof June,' 1774, to the 24th of June, vided proportionably to the value of 1775, at the distance of at least 30 miles bombazines manufactured by each claifrom the city of Dublin, and 20 miles mant

251. from the city of Cork, Callimancoes of To be adjudged the 16th of March 1775. single worsted, and full fifteen inches

Gauzes. wide, ruffels and broad Ituffs, all of For the manufacturing of gauzes, of single worsted, and equal in quality to




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September, 1774.



samples produced by Thomas Walsh, of surveyor of the port to which the Thall

A further sum of twenty-five pounds

will be given to each of the said vessels

filk mixt with linen, cotton, gold, or

Malt. Gilver thread, from the oth of March, To the person who shall between the 1774, inclusive, to the roth of March, It of October, 1774, and the iit of Oc1775, 10l. per cent. will be given on tober, 1775, bring to Dublin, and there the value of such gauzes, provided the sell of his own property, and made by same Mall not exceed 100l, and if it him within the time aforesaid, at the difshould, then the sum of rol. Mall be tance of upwards of thirty miles from the divided proportionably to the value of said city, the greatest quantity of malt, gauzes manufactured by each claimant. from corn of the growth of Ireland, and

sol. of the best Manufacture and quality, To be adjudged the 16th of March, 1775. not less than 800 barrels Lutherines.

For the next quantity, not less For the manufacturing of Lutherines, than 700 barrels from the ift of August, 1773, inclusive, For the next quantity, not less to the ift of Augult, 1774, 10l. per cent. than 600 barrels

3ol. will be given on the value of such Lu For the next quantity, not less therines, provided the same shall not ex than soo barrels

201, ceed 1501, and if it should, then the sum For the next quantity, not less of 151. will be divided proportionably to than soo barrels

2012 the value of Lutherines manufactur For the next quantity, not less ed by each claimant 151. than 500 barrels

201. To be adjudged the 6th of Octob. 1774. For the next quantity, not less And for alcertaining the quantity and than soo barrels

201. value of each of these articles of mixed For the next quantity, not less goods, the inspector for the time being than 500 barrels

201. of the goods sent into the Irish filk ware For the next quantity not less house, Thall examine the same, and cer than 400 barrels

15l. tify to the Society the quantity and good For the next quantity, ness of each article, with the name of than 400 barrels the manufacturer; for which he shall To be adjudged the 26th of October be allowed two-pence, per piece, out of 1775. the premiums, for the goods he shall fo

Fisheries. examine,

A bounty of thirty five pounds will Bone-Lace, by the Foundling Children, be given to each of the two whole deck'd

For the encouragement of making vessels of thirty tons burthen or bone-lace, from the ift of July, 1974, (which shall be built or bought for the to the ift of July, 1975, by the found- purpose of fishing upon the north west ling children in the work-house, of the coasts of this kingdom, from Maulin city of Dublin, 30 guineas will be given head to Minnan Inand, and not above to the moft deserving, in such proportions four years old from stocks) that ihall and in such manner as the right honour- be first entered with the Port Surveyor able lady Arabella Denny, thall judge or principal officer, then present, of any will most conduce to the increase and pore between the said limits, from the improvement of that manufacture, in the It of June 1974, to the ait of June work-house.

341. 25. 6d. 1775, her age, condition, and tonnage To be adjudged the 2d of Novemb. 1975. to be certified by a master builder of the Wicker Ware.

port she shall belong to provided such ves; A premium of 251. per cent. will be fel shall be folely employed in the said given to the person or persons who hail filery all the year through ; upon which make and fell wicker

ware equal to the condition only (to be certified by the provided that the value of goods so made bounty';

proof to be also made that every and fold Thall not exceed the sum of 100l. such veffel Thall have appeared in some in each year; and provided also, that port of the said north well coast, at least such claimant or claimants Mall produce once in every month in the said year, certificates that he or they respectively To be adjudged the ift of June 1975: have taught the said art to any two charity schools in this metropolis. 76.

not less



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June 1975, to the ift of June 1976, tity of falt, not less than twenty tons, and twenty pounds for the third year, and use the same in curing of fith for from the ift of June 1776, to the ift of home consumption or exportation ; or June 1777, upon the conditions before- who shall fell it to fishermen for that mentioned

purpose only. The fith exported to be A sum of twenty-five pounds will be ascertained by the certificate of the disgiven to each of the two first whole charging officer of the port; and the deck'd vessels of twenty five tons each, consumption in curing of fish, by the affor the first year, from the ift of June fidavit of the consumer, in which shall 1774, to the ift of June 1775, twenty be specified the quantity or number, and pounds for the second year, from the is kind of fish so cured, and the place of June 1975, to the 1st of June 1776, where they were cured. Provided aland fifteen pounds for the third year, ways that the said bounty shall not be from the ift of June 1776, to the ift of payable for more than three hundred June 1777, folely upon the conditions tons, nor the price upon the sale of the before-mentioned.

said falt more than two pounds a ton ; A further sum of twenty pounds will but if claims for a greater number of be given to each of the two first whole tons shall be made, and entitled to the deck'd vessels of twenty toas each, for bounty, that the sum of three hundred the first year from the It of June 1774, pounds shall be rateably divided among to the ift of June 1775, fifteen pounds the claimants. for the second, from the ift of June To be adjudged the ift of June, 1775. 1775, to the ift of June 1776, and ten A bounty of one filling a barrel, pounds for the third year, from the ift containing thirty two gallons, will be of June 1776, to the 'ift of June 1777, given to every person or company, for solely on the conditions before-mentio- every barrel of herrings caught on the ned.

north west coast, within the above liTo be adjudged the ift Thursday in mits, and exported to foreign parts; proJune in each year.

vided that the said bounty shall not exA premium not exceeding 250l. in the ceed 150l, and if claims for a greater whole, will be given at the rate of 251. number than three thousand barrels thall per Cent, to the person who shall first be made and entitled to the said bounty, compleat a stove, or ftoves, fore-houses, then the said sum of 1501, shall be rateware-houfes, and other offices, for the ably divided among the said claimants. curing of fisa on the said north west To be adjudged the ift of June, 1775. coast of this kingdom ; the said claimant A premium not exceeding sol. in the proving to the fatisfaction of the society, whole, will be given for such white fish that he has completely finished the same, as shall be dried or cured in ovens or so as to be in perfect order for the curing stoves on the north west coast, within and preserving of fish of all sorts caught the limits aforesaid, and sold or exported, upon the said north west coast : Provided after the rate of 251. for every rool. in that such Claimant thall give security by value, such fish thall be really and bona a mortgage thercof, that the premisses fide sold for. shall be made use of for the curing of To be adjudged the ift of June, 1775. fith only, for the term of seven years. The Dublin Society recommend the follow, from the time he shall obtain fuch


ing Method of making finglass, and A bounty of three pounds a ton will

hope the Gentlemen on the Sea Coasts of be given to any person, or company for

Ireland will cause Experiments to be every ton of oil, by him or them ex

made of this valuable Commodity. It is tracted from fish without fire, caught as


from the Discoveries made by above mentioned; provided the number

Humphrey Jackson, Ejq; F. R, S,

THE , not exceed twenty.

water filhin generalare preferTo be adjudged the pit of June, 1775. red for this purpose. llinglass is belt

A bounty of twenty shillings a ton made. in summer, as froft gives it a difwill be given to any person or company, agreeable colour, deprives it of weight, who shall bring into any port or creek and impairs its gelatinous principles; its on the north west coast, between Mau- fashionable forms are unnecessary, and Jin head, and Minoan Isapd, any quan, frequently injurious to its native quali


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il. 25.

ties, by confining in its folds an oily, the several manufactures 21. 55. 6d. putrid matter and the exuviæ of insects. For the next beft Il. 145, ih. The sounds of cod and ling are used . For the next best

gd. for this purpose. The Newfoundland For the next best ol. ris, 4h. and Iceland fishermen split open the fish To be adjudged the 6th of April, as soon as taken, and throw the back 1775 bones with the sounds annexed in a heap;

Architekt Drawing. but, previous to putrefaction, the sounds For the best drawing in architecture are cut out, washed from their flime and by a boy under the age of 18 years salted for use. In cutting out the sounds,

21. gs. 6d. the intercostal parts are left behind, For the next best il. 145. ib. which are much the belt; the Iceland For the nex: beft il. 25. od. fishermen are so sensible of this, that To be adjudged the uth of May they beat the bones on a block with a 1775 thick stick, till the pockets, as they term

Architecture, them, come out easily, and thus preserve To the four boys instructed in the fothe sound entire. Jf the sounds have ciety's school who shall best answer in an been cured with salt, they must be dif- examination in architecture, to a comfolved by steeping them in water, before mittee which shall be appointed by the they are prepared for Ilinglass; the fresh society, three guineas will be given in sound mult be then laid on a block of premiums according to their respeAire wood, the surface of which is a little e- merit

31. 8s. 3d. liptical, (somewhat round) to the end To be adjudged the 11th of May whereof a small hair brush is nailed, 1775. and with a law-knife the membranes on A boy or girl receiving a premium in each side of the found must be scraped the fine arts

, ihall not be permitted to be off. The knife is rubbed on the brush candidate for a premium of the same rank, occasionally, to cleanse its teeth ; the and in the same class, on the ensuing pockets are cut open with scissars, and year; and fuch as have received the perfe&tly cleansed of the mucuous matter highest premium, shall not be candidates with a coarse cloth; the sounds are af- in the same class at any time after. terwards washed a few minutes in lime

All matters for which the society water, in order to absorb their oily prin- offer premiums, must be begun after the ciple, and lastly, in clear water. They publication of such premiums, unless there are then laid upon nets, to dry in the be a particular exception in the publicaair; but, if intended to resemble foreign tion, isinglass, the sounds of cod will only ad The society reserve to themselves a mit of that called book, those of ling, power of giving in all cafes such part both hapes. The thicker the sounds only of any premium as the performance are, the better the isinglass, colour ex- fall be judged to deserve; or in case of cepted ; but that is immaterial to the want of merit, no part. brewer, who is the chief consumer. A candidate for a premium,

or a per FINE ART S.

son applying for a bounty, being detect

ed in any dilingenuous methods to impose Figure Drawing.

upon the society, shall forfeit all such POR the best drawing of human heads premium or bounty, and be incapable of

and figures by a boy under the age obtaining any for the future ; and if any of 18 years, two full figures and two person shall be detected in offering any heads to be produced 21. 5s. 6d. forged instrument in evidence to the foci

For the next best il. 145. rh. ety, or in committing wilful For the next best

11. 25. 2d. proof of any claim, a prosecution will To be adjudged the 18th of May, be carried on against such offender with 1975:

the utmost rigour of the law. Pattern Drawing

The fociety being desirous of avoiding For the beft invention in pattern as much as possible the multiplication of drawing, either in foliages or flowers, by oaths in the disposal of their premiums, a boy or girl under the age of 18 years, request that the nobility, magistrates each claimant to produce 6 full patterns gentry, and clergy, in their several disproper for paper hangings, carpets, da- triets, will give their attention when api malks, or some other article in one of plied to for certificates of the merit of



any candidate for a premium, to examine useful dicoveries as may be commu.. the pretensions of such person, that the nicated, as well as those which are local. society may not be under the necessity of ly known and practised, request the aftendering an affidavit to him; which they listance and communication of the ingeapprehend has sometimes occafioned the nious and experienced.. misapplication of their fund, and the guilt of perjury.

As nothing can be more interesting than a No person will be admitted a candi

clear View of the Affairs of America, date for any premium offered by the so

we shall bere begin a regular Journal ciety, who has obtained a patent for the

of the Proceedings of the American Coexclusive right of making or performing

lonilts, fince the Palling of the Boston

Port-Bills. any thing for which such premium is of fered, or for which premium there might Charles-Town, South Carolina, May 20. not have been a fair competition.

Any manufacturers detected in enter four years, his Excellency the ing into any illegal combination of rais- Lieutenant-governor has issued a proclaing the prices of their goods or labour, mation, requiring the sheriffs to levy the are for ever excluded from receiving any poll-tax and duties on wine and spiritupremium or bounty from the society. ous liquors, notwithstanding the orders

No person who shall be seized of an of the late Commons House of Aflemeftate or inheritance, or for life, with bly for discontinuing the same, which orremainder to his first and every other son, der occasioned their dissolution. His of the clear yearly value of sool. or Excellency has also issued a proclamaupwards; or who shall be seized or pos- tion, requiring all settlers on the Chesessed of a real or personal estate, or of rokee lands, forth with to retire from the both together, of the clear value of Indian territories, on pain of forfeiting 10,000l. or upwards; Mall ever receive all protection from his Majesty's governany pecuniary premium or reward what- ment. soever from the society; but every such Philadelphia, May 20. The heads of perfon Mall be put upon the same foot- the several societies of this city met (the ing with the members, and shall be inti- Quakers only excepted), and agreed to tled to receive a gold medal, in lieu of fufpend all business on the first of June, a premium of 101.

or more; and a silver thereby to express our fympathy for our medal, in lieu of any premium under 10l. brethren at Boston, and, by such a pause, and if any doubt thould arise, touching to give an opportunity of reflecting on the value of such real or personal pro- the precarious situation of American perty, the same mall be ascertained by rights. the affidavit of the person claiming to be Philadelphia, May 24. At a townintitled to such pecuniary premium, or meeting, resolved, That the act of the other reward. This bye-law not to British parliament for snutting up the extend to any claim of premiums for ma- port of Boston, is oppressive to the innufactures, or of any premium, establish- habitants of that town, and dangerous ed hy act of parliament.

to the liberties of the British colonies All claimants of premiums are to send in America ; and that a general congress in their claims at least fourteen days be- of deputies from the respective provinces fore such premiums are to be adjudged, is the most probable means of procuring directed to the Rev. Mr. Thomas Lyf- relief, securing the rights and liberties ter, at the society's house in Grafton- of the colonies, and re-eltablishing peace street.

and harmony with Great Britain.-At All premiums offered by the Dublin the same time a subscription was set on Society are designed for Ireland only, foot for the support of such poor inha. unless in any article mention be made to bitants of the town of Boston as should

be deprived of the means of subsistence The Dublin Society being desirous by the operation of the above act. of promoting such enquiries as may tend Annapolis, Maryland, May 25. At a to the information and service of the meeting of the inhabitants of this city, public, and also of diffusing as general. it was unanimously resolved, that the late ly as poflible, the knowledge of such act of parliament for blocking up the


the contrary,

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