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Kaminiec, Dec. 14. The town of Silif-
FOREIGN INTELLIGENCE. Iria is entirely blocked up by the Russians,

who are preparing to beliege it in form. Ge. From the Banks of the Vistula, Dec. 14. neral Soltikow commands at the siege.

Warsaw, Dec. 15. The grand vizit's ГЕ

defeat is confirmed on all fides ; and as he ed a detail of the victory gained by has not been found among those who esthe Raffians over the grand vizir, who is caped, it is imagined he was killed on the retired to Adrianople : It is said that the mie pot. litary cheft, containing 2,500,000 piasters, GERMANY. all their baggage, and 150 pieces of canbon, have fal en into the hands of the Rur Hamburgh, Dec. 13.

Advices are re-
fians. Since this victory the Ruffians have ceived here, that the Cossacks of Don, and
fpread themselves twenty miles on the other the Tartars of Calan, have taken arms,
side the Danube.-The Pruflians have de and that the commandant of Orenburgh has
manded the liberty to exercise jurisdi&tion been killed by the rebels. That General
as far as Bi hopsberg, within the territory Brandt had been worsted in a smart skir-
of Dantzic, but the magistracy have re mish; and that General Kaw was in full
fused the demand, as well as the free entry march, with several regiments, to put a
of some sogar brought in a ship from Stetin, stop to the rebellion.
and the tree liberty of sending that commo-
dity to places occupied by the Prussians.


Utrecht, Dec. 31. The court of Lon.

don fent dispatches, the 2 ist init. to M. de Petersburgh, Dec. 16. The officers and St. Paul, Charge des Affaires at Paris, and failors are every day improving in their to Lord Grantham, at Madrid. These mi. knowledge of naval affairs in general, under nisters are occupied in settling some differ. the auspices of Sir Charles Knowles, who encer, but they are of too light a nature to takes uncommon pains to establish the Eng. alter the good harmony substting between lifh exercise throughout the navy. He has the three courts. France demands the in person, during the autumn, visited all reftitution of some ships seized in the Westtbe ships at Cronstadt, Revel, and Riga, Indies, acd at Newfoundland last summer, and made a thorough inspection into their as smugglers, which is said to be under concondition, and gave such orders in general fideration of the English admiralty. On as bave given the bigbell facisfaction to the the other hand, fimilar complaints have Empress and the whole court.

been made to the court of Spain, on ac

count of its subjects seizing fome Englifh P O LA N D.'

ships in the West-Indies, which the king of

Spain has promised, alter enquiry, to settle Wasfaw, Dec. 10. It is almost impof. in the molt equitable manner. able to describe the joy of the Polanders in having their long expe&ation at last fulfill BRITISH INTELLIGENCE. ed, by seeing the evacuation of the Prusfan iroops, which are about to depart. E NGL A N D. Coont Pooinki, geoeral of the Confederacy, bas published circular letters to the in Norwich, Jan. 1: We hear from Lon. habitants in general, in which he congratu- don, that notwithstanding there are many lates them on seeing the happy period at last thousand bags of hops more in the kingdom arrive, when their liberty is returo'd to its now than there were last year at this time, prillige flate, and Navery departed from be- and hops then fold for 4l. jos. per hundred, fore them, but cautions them not to abuse get hops of the same quality, now sell for gl. that liberty by illegal proceedings.

or thereabouts ; and not withitaading the January, 1773.



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great crops of barley last summer, and well doubt, to the wisdom of Majesty in looking got in, yet both barley and mait are now out for the most deserving. higher ; fo that it is hoped the parliament A correlpondent who is very accurate in will direct some proper enquiry into the his oblervations assures us, that if, for the cause, and give leave that, when hops ex lalt ten years, we had kept up no greater ceed 31. 1os. an hundred, shere may be li land armies than were necessary, nor paid berty, by ad of parliament, given to im- any unnecessary reasons, instead of enport hops into this kiogdom, by which the croaching on the sinking' fund, we might saifing of porter will be now prevented, and have added upwards of 500,000l. to it yearthe poor labouring man relieved.

ly, without laying any new taxes on the

publick. LONDON.

A great law officer is much chagrined at

the censure thrown on him by a great as Great Britain collects a neat annual re sembly in a neighbouring kingdom, for prevenue of ten millions and a half, Ireland of suming to make alterations in a bill which near one million, which, taken together, they had framed for railing a certain fum og exceeds any publick revenue in Europe, or life annuities, and sent over here tor ia. perhaps in the known world, of a itated spection.

We are confidently assured, that a reconExtract of a letter from a gentleman in ciliation between the Mother Country and

Philadelphia, to his correspundent in the Colonies is the grand point the minilBoston, OA.25.,

try wish to carry the ensuing leffion of par“ Our people are alarmed at the scheme liament. of Thirping ţea in the colonies by the East

Sir Ceorge Saville, it is said, has planIndia Company ; I have no! known so fud ned a scheme for the regulating the rent den and to universal an appeara..ce of dit of houses and land, in England, Ireland, content. We are to have a general meet and Scotland, which will prove of great ing this week to concest measures to defeat utility to these kingdoms if approved of the icheme, and in all probability it will by the parliament, as it is intended to be be impoffible to land it here, without throwo laid before that allembly the ensuing seling us into the most violent convullions, fion. should there be any force to aid the laoding Madam Maro, from Pruffia, is engaged of it: The commissioners appointed to tell by the proprietors of the Pantheon at hixty it, have not yet expressed their sentiments'; guincas a night for singing-She is now'upbut hould they not gratify their fellow-citia on her journey, having received four hun. zens, by declaring they will not receive the dred guineas for quitting the Pruffian motea, in a few days you may expect to hear narch, and three hundred more to bear her

of the most refolute measues: Nothing expences. Can any nation bear thele expenwillcheck our spirivunless we find ourleives ces ?-Whilit choulands are emigrating for a serted by our neighbours. As to New. want, a finger, and a foreigner, comes, and York, we are all'ured that all is in motion receives the inheritance of a thousand. there, as well as here.

Lewis the XIVth upon his death-bed earnu The agents appointed by the Ean-In- nestly recommended it to his great grandion, dia Company for the sale of their teas here, now Lewis the XVih, not like him to give are determined to have nothing to do with into the rage for building, nor ever to go to lo pernicious a bulinels.”

war, but at the last extremity ; for, added A few days ago a duel was fought be he, buildings and war, ' if they are una Iween two brothers, both men of fortune, necessarily undertaken, are enough to ruia in a field near Ilington, wherein the eldest any nation. It is thought that this wise was run through the right lide, and now les lesion makes now more imprefion than ever without hopes of recovery. The quarrel upon the French king, and that he will not happened on account of a law.luit.

deviate from it, especially with regard to By the last mysler roll delivered into the

war, but upon a cate of downright emere council of war at Vienna, in August lalt, it

gency. appears that the number of effective men in The last letters from the Hague advise, the imperial and royal armies amounted to that they have received very melancholy ac235,000 men.

counts from Surinam, where the revolted There never was an instance, perhaps, negroes and the natives of the country conof three blue ribbands being fo long with tinue to break into the plantations in that held from being bestowed before, as thofe colony, and destroy every tning in the most that are al releat vacant, «winstdo cruel minder wherever they come ; that


above balf the troops which were sent there their antient prejudices against inoculation, last year, are already destroyed by the arms and cuusequently prevent numbers from proof thole negroes and by fickness; and that fiting of its happy efiets. co! Fourgeood, who commands the Dutch The Hare of the royal navy is made up troops there, has wrote to the lates general, to Christmas last, preparatory to its being that without a very considerable reinforce- laid before the parliament the entuing lela meat he should not be able to preserve that lun. Lettlement.

We are informed, that out of 1500 of Extract of a letter from the Hague, dated our brave veterans sent against the poor miJan 7.

ferable Caribbs at St. Vincent, there are “ The small-pox has made the greatest not now above ioo left alive. rayage imaginable in this province for leve

The deficiencies of the last year's reveral months palt, and fill continues to carry nues of the firking-fund amount to 10 1,000l. off great numbers; not withitanding which including the luin paid by the Eat-India the faculty of Leyden are not yet cured of Company.



had, rush into the jaws of death without COUNTRY NEWS.

fear. Trade is at a fand; the shops are

Mut up, manufac?ure has funk her head; Corke, Jan. 6. On Tuesday last, as the

and the inhabitants are all kings, lords, or right hon. the Earl of Shannon was driving commons." over Permoy bridge, in a poft chaise, on his

Extract of a letter from Enniskillen, dated return from parliament, a breach being

Jan. 8. made in the bridge by the late floods, the “ This morning a servant pafling through pasage was rendered very narrow, by this town with a loaded gun, laid it against which means Joe borse fell into the river, the wall of the inn, while he was aligheingi bat be harness providentially breaking by one Crawford rook it up, an: without any bis weight, prevented the chaise from be provocation, though warned of its being ing dragged in, by which means his lord- charged, cocked it, and presented it at Jatine thip's life was providentially prelerved. Scully, a fervant of the rev. Mr. Smyth,

Clonmell, Jan. 10. Last monday a num. and shot him dead upon the fpot. Crawber of men, in white uniforms, paraded this ford Aled, but was pursued and taken. The town from eight o'clock in the morning 'till coroner's inquest have brought in their verabree in the afternoon, raising contributi- dict wilful murder." cos on the inhabitants ; they were all arm A worthy citizen of the Roman Catholic ed with drawn swords, &c. and after colo religion, upon feeing the accommodation besting their booty, marched out of town and industry of the poor in the house lately Via great triumph.

opened in Channel-row, has generously

subscribed 251. annually to that most useful DUBLIN


On the 8th inst at night, a gentleman Extļa&t of a letter from Newry. coming from a tavern in Capel-Areet, was u Tbe eles un here is, perhaps, one of accosted by a well dressed min, who, under the greatett scenes of confusion ever known; pretence of asking charity, and telling a me. drunkenness has taken full posseffion of the lancholy story of his misfortunes, walled people, and they know not what they are with him a c nliderable way, till they turndoing. To ope corner of the town, a man ed into Crow-street near the wall of the lies to all appearance dead; in ancther, two theatre, when the villain suddenly clapped are boxing ; then the opposite parties in. a pillol to his breaft, and robbed him of terfere ; a battle enfaes, Nicks, swords, fixteen guineas and a pinchbeck mounted and bludgeons are wielded by the dexterous cane, with which he made his escape down hands of a set of idle, drunken boobies, Temple-lane. sbo, deprived of what little reason they



The roth inst. Mr. Thomas Richey, one

In this dread 'ul situation they, by the help of the mcfieogers of the boule of lords, of a pocket compass, made thift to iteer was found dead in a lane ab. ut two miles feuthward, intevdirg to get into Shetland beyond Finglass. He had let out the day or fome of the Orkneys, but milled them before from his father-in-law's in the coun all, and were reduced to the lowest ebb of ty of Meath, and from si me circumilances despair, when on the sixth day they discoit appears he was benighed, as there was vered Holy island on the coast of Northumno apparent mark of violence, nor any berland, and to their great joy landed at ining iaken from him. It is thoughi he pe. the yuay of Sunderland, where a collection rifhed by the inclemency of the night. was made for them to sublilt on, till they A ceriain patriotick commoner, who has

are enabled to return to their native counmore than once given instances of equal try. bravery and humanity, intends bringing in On the 16th inst. at night, in a hard gale heads of a bill, for the more effectual pre of wind, the Francis, capt. French, with vention of that gigan'ick crime, duelling, brandy from Bourdeaux, was druve alhore which, though firit in iuted in those ro between Bray-head and Dalkey, where she mantick ages, when barbarous dignity and a fuon went to pieces, and out of twelve false notion of the Heatherish and imagina- hands, including two tide officers, which she ry deity, called honour, fupplied the place took on board at Cove last Friday, fix only of every positive virlue, ieems rather in weie saved. cresfed, wien the additional bleflings of His grace the duke of Leinner, and the freedom, and an er:lightened understanding, right hon. the 'peaker of the house of comfhould totally quench che pei nicious fire mons, are elected vice-presidents of the Lybrand. This may appear it'ange at, in the room of the late view, but here lies the root of ihe evit.. duke of Leiniter, and John Putland, esq; That clars of moderns, known by the name deceased. of fine gentlemen, and who are all judges of horour, take pride in the more thewy and

MARRIED. glittering passages of life, which reflcct but a falle luttre, whilst the intrinsick jewels In Merrion-Square, Mr. Edward Collier, of virtue and moral sentiment, founded on to Miss Delia Stokes.--Ac Kilken y, Dr. a religious education, are esteemed i eliques Baker, to Miss Barker of Kilculien, --The of unfashionable antiquity, and exploded rev, Ralph Ward, to Miss Elinor Wilson, of with the ruff and band of the fourteenth cen Purdysburn.--Mr. Lee, of Abbey-street, tury.

ironmonger, to Mils Featherstono, daughThe matter of a Portugueze brig, arrived ter of Mr. John Featherstone of Dardistown at Waterford from Fayal, one of the Canary co. Wettıneath. -Mr. Kidmore of Port St. islands, was brought to by a Moorish crui- Mary, Spain, to the amiable Miss Jane zer of Larache, very near the chops of the Whire of Archbold's court, Cook-freet English channel, who informed him that At Galway, Nicholas Bodkin, Elq; to they were in Ihe utmost citress for necef. Miss Ann Browne, second daughter of Mr. fariés, having been detained seventy-obe Ch:istopher Browne of that town. days in an unknown latitude, through contrary winds and the lots of their compass;

DIE D. and after taking some barrels of beef, bisa cuir, a dozen cheeses, and a spare compale, At Waterford, the wife of Mr. David withed the captain a good voyage, and Power of Barronstrand-Street; on the Newboré away to the southward. The civil be quay, the wife of Mr. Dominick Donovan. haviour of these pirates is attributed to the At New-abbey, Mrs. Sarah Goodwin, weak condition of their crew, and the Por. one of the people called Quakers.-In Ale tugueze being loaded with wines, which boy.street, aged 77, Miss Lucretia Couke, their religion forbids them to taste.

filler to the late Sir Samuel Conke, bart. By a gentleman from Newcalle, we in Chamber-freet, Mr. Robert Beally, learn, that about a fortnight ago, a Nor- clothier. At Ballyporeen, in the co. Tipway yawl, with fix men and a boy; came perary, John Ryan, Esq-Ai Weltham, into ihe bay of Sunderland, near that place, in Kent, (England) Mrs. Alice Richards, being driven out to lca, when fishing on aged 97 ; Me had a daughter 72, a grandtheir own coast, by a violent storm at daughter 47, and a great grand-daughter N. N. W. without any provision except 28, all of whom followed her to the grave. a few biscuits and what fill they bad caughi.

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Illustrated with a fine Engraving of RICHARD CLARE, Earl



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Solution of the interesting Question, Arguments for and against reducing the

• Whether a rich Country can fand a Colonies to obedience by Arms.
Competition with a poor Country in On the Rise and Uiility of News-Pa-
railing Provisions and Cheapness of pers.

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63 Notes of Dr. Samuel Johnson's Tour to Quadrille without Pooling: the Bath Scotland and the Western Ines. 104 Method.

68 Plan of the Stamp Office in London. 106 The Self-Disappointer. A Spanish No- Protest of the Lords against the Stamp vel. 69 Act.

ibid, Political History of Europe. 77 Parliamentary Proceedings of Great Remarkable instance of Fidelity in a Britain.

108 Servant.

Amazing Toftances of Intrepidity in a

Body of Irish.

86 | Ode for the New Year.
Humanity and Clemency Ornaments of A Fall of Snow.

ibid. Human Nature.

88 The Choice of a Wife by Cheese. Reflections on the Station of a King. 89 Verses altered from the French and ja: The invincible Beauty. 91 scribed to Signora D

ibid. Anecdote of the King of Prussia and General Lentullus,

ibid. HISTORICAL CHRONICLE. Cure for the Gout.

ibid. Foreign Affairs. Account of the lovasion of Ireland by British Intelligence.

113 Strongbow, and its Submission to Hea- Domestic News,

92 | Promotions,
Summary of the Advices relative to the Births, and Marriages.

Tea Ships sent to America.
98 | Deaths.




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