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Bouzing, drinking

Chaffr.d, sold, or exchanged. Brace, compass.

Chamelot, the stuff called camlet. Brame, or Breme, severe or sharp.

Chamfred, wrinkled, or indented. Brand, sword.

Chaplit, a kind of garland like a crown. Bransles, brawls, a French dance.

Character, sometimes figure, image. Bras-paved, firm and durable as brass.

Charme, temper or tune. Brayned, the brains dashed out.

Charmes, literally carmina, songs.
Brayne-pan, the head.

Charming, tempting by enchantment.
Breach, what is made by the breaking in of the sea. Chaw, jaw.
Breeme, sharp and bitter.

Chayre, chair, or chariot.
Brethren, sometimes for relations in general. Chearen might, might be cheared.
Rrickle, full of, or fit for bricks.


or Shecklaton, a robe of state, or the cloth Bridale, the nuptial feast.

of gold of which it was made.
Brigandines, coats of mail, or a species of ship. Checkmale, a term in chess.
Brigants, the inhabitants of the northern parts of Cheere, countenance.

Cherry, for cherish.
Brim, the margin or bank of a stream.

Chevisaunce, bargain, gain, enterprise. Britomartis, anong the Cretans, a name for Diana, Childe, a youth, or young man. the goddess of chastity.

Chin, sometimes for the face. Briton moniments, the moniments or antiquities of Chylded, conceived, or sometimes brought forth. Britain.

Clame, call. Brize, a gad, or horse-fy.

Cleene, clean. Brond, the brandishing of a sword.

Clemence, clemency. Brooke, to bear, endure, or digest.

Clene, cleen, entirely. Brust, sometimes for burst.

Close, secretly. Brutenesse, sottishness, stupidity.

Closely, secretly, Bryzes, the breeze, or gad-fies.

Cloyd, a term used among farriers, when a horse is Bug, a monster, any frightful appearance.

pricked with a nail in shoeing. Bulles, bulls.

Colled, hung about the neck. Burden, sometimes for club.

Commen, commune. Burganet, a Spanish murrion, or steel head-piece. Comment, devise, or feign. Burgein, to spring forth, or bud.

Commonly, sometimes for lovingly and sociably. Bushy tead, bushy torch.

Compare, sometimes for procure. Busie payne, diligent labour.

Compast, round. Buskets, little bushes.

Complement, complete character. But, sometimes for except ; but for, because; Complements, every thing which serves to complete. but if, unless.

Complishing, accomplishing, fulfilling. Burome, yielding, or obedient.

Complor, plot, or combination. Burome aire, yielding air.

Complynes, even-song; the last service of the day. Bu some and bent, meek and obedient.

Concent, harmony. By and by, presently.

Concrew, grew together. By cyphers, astrological figures.

Cond, learnt. By hooke or by crooke, proverb, by right or wrong, by Condition, generally used for the inward qualities one means or other.

of the mind. Bynempt, bequeathed, dictated or named.

Confound, sometimes for confounded.
Congè, leave.

Congregate, assembled together.
Cabinets, cots, or little cabins.

Coniure, conspire.
Camus, a thin transparent dress.

Constant, resolute, persevering.
Can, sometimes for knows; he can, he began. Constraint, uneasiness.
Can tune, did tune, or knew how to tune.

Containe, hold together, keep within bounds. Cancred carle, ill-natured old man.

Conteck, contest, strife. Candle-light, used for reason, or the reasoning fa- Contraire, to cross or thwart. culty,

Contrive, sometimes to wear out. Canon, that part of a horse-bitt which is let into Controverse, debate or contention. the mouth.

Convent, summon to appear. Capitaine, captain.

Convince, sometimes to overthrow, or to conviet. Capuccio, a capuchin, the hood of the cloke. Copesmate, a companion, or friend. Carefull, sorrowful.

Coportion, equal share. Carefull cold, cold which acts like cold, cools, allays Corage, heart, or mind. Carke, care.

Corbe, crooked. Carle, churl.

Corbes, corbels, ornaments in architecture. Carven, cut.

Cordwayne, leather from Cordouan, Spanish leather, Cast, sometimes for considered.

so called from Corduba. Cau'd, made hollow.

Coronall, a garland. Causelesse, without any just cause.

Cor'sive, corrosive. Causen, account for, assign reasons.

Cosset, a lamb brought up without the dam. Caytive, base.

Cott, a little boat. Caytide courage, a base and abject mind,

Couetize, covetousness. Caytides, villains, wretches.

Could, sometimes for knew. VOL. III.


Byte, bite.

Counsell sad, grave advice.

Delices, delights, dainties, pleasant fantasies. Counterfesaunce, counterfeiting, dissimulation. Demaye, demeanour, or appearance. Courd, protected, as a hen cours over her young Demeane, behaviour, demeanour; sometimes a verb, chickens.

to treat. Course, sometimes for the course, or ship's way, in Demisse, humble. navigation.

Dempt, deemed, judged. Couth, knew, from conne, to know.

Depart, separate, remove; sometimes for departure. Cowardree, cowardice.

Dernly, anxiously, earnestly. Cowheard, coward, old spelling.

Derring do, aforesaid. Crackt, sometimes for broken or subdued.

Derring doe, daring deeds. Crafty spyes, a periphrasis for eyes.

Derring doers, daring and bold doers. Cragge, neck.

Descrive, describe. Crass, necks.

Desining, designing. Crake, boast.

Despetto, despight. Cranck, lusty, courageous.

Detaine, sometimes for detention. Cranks, the sudden or frequent involations of the Devicefull sights, sights full of devices, as masques, planets.

triumphs, &c. Craven, base, or recreant.

Devoyre, duty. Creasted, tufted, plumed.

Deto, due, i. e. descent. Crime, sometimes for reproach.

Diaprel, diversified. Crooke, the gibbet.

Did pray, made a prey of. Croud, the fiddle.

Did shame, was ashamed. Cruell kynde, kind with cruelty.

Diffused, dispersed, or disordered. Cruell spies, for cruel eyes.

Dight, adorned. Crumenall, purse.

Dilate, enlarge upon, relate at large. Cuffing, for scuffling.

Dint, often for stroke. Culver, a dove.

Dinting, striking. Culverings, a piece of ordnance so called.

Dirke, dark. Cryer, for cry.

Dirks, darkens. Cunning hand, skilful hand.

Disaventurous deare, unfortunate hurt or trouble. Cunningly, like artists.

Discharge, to clear from the charge. Curat, for cuirass, a breast-plate. ?

Discided, cleft in two. Curelesce, difficult to be cured.

Disclosed, disengaged, untied. Cursed, sometimes for ill-fated.

Discourse, shifting ground, traversing to and fro.

Discust, shaken off.
Dadale hand, ingenious or cunning hand. Disease, want of ease, uneasiness.
Daintie, delicate.

Disentrayle, to draw, or drag forth.
Dainty, frequently for elegant or beautiful. Disent rayled, drawn along floatingly.
Damne, sometimes for condemn.

Disgraste, dissolute, debauched. Damned, condemned.

Dishabled, lessened. Damnifyde, injured.

Disleali, perfidious, treacherous. Danisk, Danish.

Disloignd, remote. Dapper, neat, pretty.


, unfaithful, perfidious.
Darrayne, to arrange, prepare, set in array. Dismayd, badly made, ill-shaped.
Darred, i. e. lark, a lark caught by a daring-glass. Dispacing, ranging about.
Dayes-man, arbitrator, or judge.

Disparage, soinetimes for disparagement, unequal Daynt, dainty, fine.

or improper union. Deadly made, made for death, Hell and destruction. Dispence, consumption, or expense. Deare, sometimes for dearly.

Dispiteous, unmerciful. Deare constraint, pleasing uneasiness.

Disple, discipline. Dearnly, mournfully.

Dissaventures, misfortunes. Death's mouth, the jaws of death.

Disseise, dispossess. Deaw-burning, burning bright with holy dew. Disseized, dispossessed. Debate, sometimes for fight.

Distraughted, distracted. Debonaire, gracious, kind.

Dill, ditty or song. Decesse, decease.

Diverse, i. e. dream, a dream that occasions diverDecrewed, decreased.

sity and distraction. Deeme, adjudge.

Diversi, turned aside. Deene, din, noise.

Divide, in music, to play divisions; sometimes to Default, sometimes for offend.

distribute. Defend, for to keep off, or to repell.

Divinde, made divine, deified. Deffly, finely and nimbly.

Doe well, cause to flow. Define, sometimes, to decide.

Don, do on, put on. Degendered, degenerated.

Done, caused, sometimes for do. Degendering, degenerating.

Donghill, dunghill, low, debased. Deheubarth, South Wales.

Donne, put on, or do. Deigne, vouchsafe.

Doole, complaint. Delay, sometimes to smooth or soften; to put Doolfull, dolefull. away; to temper, or mitigate.

Doome, judgment. Delayd, removed, put away, tempered.

Dortours, places where the monks slept.

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Ethe, easy.

Doubt, sometimes for fear.

Entayled, carved. Doubled, sometimes for redoubted.

Entayle, carving, sculpture. Doubtful, fearful.

Enterdeale, mediation. Doucëpere, lez douze pairs, the twelve peers of Entertaine, sometimes to take. France.

Entertake, entertain, receive. Dout, fear.

Entertayne, entertainment. Downe way, weigh down.

Entire, not mangled or wounded, in a whole skin. Downe, sometimes for through.

Entrailed, or Entrayld, wrought between, twisted, Drapets, linen cloths.

as in knot-work. Draught, sometimes for resemblance.

Entyre, inward, inner. Dreadfull, full of the dread of danger.

Envy, sometimes to vie with. Dreare, horrour, sometimes for misfortune, and for Enure, to use, or practise. force, sorrow.

Enured, committed, used. Drent, drenched, or drowned.

Equipage, order. Drere, sorrow, sadness.

Esloyne, withdraw. Dieriment, darkness.

Essoyne, excuse, a law phrase.
Dresse, order, dispose.

Eternal night, death, or darkness of Hell.
Drecill, driveller, a fool.
Drive, sometimes for drove, or driven.

Ever among, ever and anon.
Droyle, to work sluggishly.

Evil heare, have an ill character, are ill spoken of. Dryrihed, dismalness, sorrow.

Eubaan, from Eubea, an island near Bæutia. Dumpish, mournfull.

Ewftes, evets, or efts, newts, &c. Dumps, lamentations.

Excheat, or Escheat, any lands or profits that fall Duresse, confinement.

to the lord of a manor by forfeiture, &c. Dwell, remain.

Expert, for to experience. Dyde, dyed, coloured.

Express, pressed out.

Erpyre, send forth, or bring forth. Farely, early.

Extasie, sudden surprise. Earst, at earst, at length.

Extirpe, extirpate. Edifide, or Edifyde, built.

Extort, for extorted. Eeke, increase, eeked, increased.

Extreate, extraction. Eft, afterwards, moreover, again.

Eyas, unfledged.
Element, the sky, or air.

Eye of Heaven, the Sun.
Eld, old age.
Els, else, other.

Fade, vanish.
Embase, to demean, or lessen, to debase.

Fain, or Faine, glad, desirous, or joy. Embassade, as embassadors.

Fained, desired. Embay, to bathe, to delight or cherish; embayd, Faitours, vagabonds. delighted

Falsed, broke, made false, feigned. Embayld, bound up.

Falsers, deceivers. Embosse, to enclose, sheath, or lodge, sometimes to Faste, faced, having faces. adorn.

Fastnesse, a strong hold. Embost, overwhelmed, hard pursued, sometimes Fatall end, destiny. ornamented, concealed, or enclosed.

Fatall error, wandering as the fates directed. Embowd, arched, bent like a bow.

Fay, faith, truth? Emboyled, full of wounds and sores.

Fayled, or Fayld, deceived, cheated.
Embrae, decorate.

Faynes, takes delight.
Embrewed, wet with blood, steeped, or moistened. Fayrely, softly.
Eme, uncle.

Faytor, or Faytour, a deceiver, vagabond, impostor. Empaire, grow worse, or to hurt or invade.

Feure, sometimes for the thing feared, or which Emparlaunce, parley.

raises fear; sometimes a companion, and spelt Empeach, to binder.

fere, or pheare. Emperill, endanger.

Feared, affrighted. Emprise, enterprise.

Fearefull, occasioning fear. Engunter, lest that.

Feature, sometimes for fashion, make. Enchafed, engraven.

Feedes, enjoys. Encheason, or Encheson, occasion, cause.

Fell, gall, anger, melancholy. Endew, endow, clothe, invest.

Felly, cruelly, or fiercely. Endosse, to engrave, carve, or write on the back. Felnesse, fierceness. Enfeloned, become fierce.

Feminitee, womanhood. Enforme, fashion.

Fere, a companion, sometimes used for husband. Enfouldered, thrown forth like thunder and light- Ferme, farm, in the sense of lodging-house. ning.

Feutred, made ready. Enfyred, kindled, set on fire.

Fiaunt, commission, or warrant. Engore, to pierce, to prick, to make bloody or gory. Field, sometimes used for battle. Engrained, dyed in grain.

File, defile, or sometimes for style. Engrave, sometimes to put into the grave, to bury. Filed, defiled, sometimes smooth, polished. Enhaunced, raised, lifted up.

Fine, taper, thin. Enraced, inrooted, implanted.

Fire-mouthed, a mouth emitting flames. Enseames, furnishes with seed, fattens, or nonrishes. Fit, or Fitt, a strain, or air,

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Flamed, infamed.

Georgos, a husbandman. Fleet, sometimes for float.

German, brother. Flourets, young blossoms.

Gerne, or Girn, for grin; to yawn. Folke-mote, assembly of people.

Gest, action, or adventure. Fon, fool.

Ghesse, to think. Fond, foolish, but sometimes used for found. Giambeur, boots. Fone, often used for foes.

Gibe, to jest. Food, sometimes for feud.

Gin, engine, or plot. For, sometimes for because, instead of notwith Girlonds, guardians. standing.

Giusts, justs, or tournaments. Forthy, or For-thy, therefore.

Glade, gladden, or make glad. Forbeare, ill bear.

Glaives, swords, or sometimes clubs. Foreby, by, or near to.

Glib, the mustachio, or hair upon the upper lip. For-hent, taken before being able to escape. Glitterand, glittering. Forelent, given before hand.

Glode, for glowed, or glided. Foretaught, before taught.

Glosing, deceiving by a false glass, Aattering, lying Forewent, gone before.

Gnarre, snarl. Forhaile, distress.

Good houre, good fortune. Forlent, left forlorn.

Goodman, master of the house.' Forlorne, left forsaken.

Gorge, the throat. Formally, sometimes according to form or method. Gossibs, friends. Formerlie, first, or before band.

Gownd, wearing a gown. Formerly, sometimes first of all.

Grace, favour. Forray, foraging, or pillaging.

Graile, particles of gravel. Forslacked, delayed.

Gramercy, great thanks. Forswath, sunburnt.

Grange, sometimes for a dwelling. Forswonck, over laboured.

Grantorto, great injury and wrong, a tyrant's name: Forth do well, pour forth.

Graste, graced, favoured. Forth to hold, to march forth.

Gratious, handsome. Forthink, think before-hand of.

Grayle, gravel. Forward, bold.

Great hunt, executing of laws and justice. Forwearied, over fatigued.

Great name, great celebrity. Foster, a forrester.

Greade, a groove, or grove. Fouldring, thundering.

Gree, degree, sometimes liking or satisfaction, fa. Foundring, tripping and falling, Foy, the tribute duè from subjects.

[file. Greet, mourning, or sorrow. Foyle, trample upon, or overthrow, sometimes de- Greete, weep. Frame, to order right.

Gride, pierced Francker franion, a merrier companion.

Griesie, greasy. Francklin, a person of note, classed with the ranks Grin, sometimes for grind. of miles and armager.“

Griple, griping, tenacious. Franion, a companion.

Groynd, grunted. Free, genteel, of easy carriage.

Gryde, pierced. Frend, befriend.

Gryesy, dirty, moist, or foggy. Frenne, a stranger, or foreigner.

Grylle, Gryllus, one of the companions of Ulysses, Fresh, to refresh.

transformed into a hog by Circe. Friends, befriends.

Grysie, filthy, or squalid. Frorne, frozen.

Giant, the river Gvant, or Cam.
Frounce, to plait, or fold.

Guarish, to heal.
Froward, forward, in opposition to towards. Guerdon, reward.
Frowie, or Frowy, musty or mossy, frouzy. Gyeld, hall, a guild-hall.
Fulgent, king of the Picts.

Gyre, circle.
Fulmined, shot, like lightning.
Furniment, furnishing, furniture.'

Haberieons, sleeves, and gorget of mail.
Fylde, feeled, felt.

Hable might, proper strength. Fyled, kept and filed up.

Hacqueton, the stuffed jacket worn under armour. Fyne, thin, taper.

Hagard hauke, a wild hawk. Fyrie-footed, fiery-footed.

Hale, whole, sometimes welfare.

Halfendeale, balf. Galage, a wooden sboe.

Hall, sometimes used for chamber. Gang, go.

Hallidome, holy judgment. Garre, to cause, occasion, oblige.

Han, have. Gates, goats.

Hendes, sometimes for persons. Gay, glaring.

Harbrough, or Herbrough, an inn, a lodging, Gay be seene, of a gay appearance.

Hard essay, dangerous enterprise. Geare, old spelling for jeer.

Harnesse, suit of armour. Geason, rare, uncommon.

Harrowd, conquered. Gelt, for gelding.

Harty, zealous, empassioned, encouraging. Gent, courteous or free, noble.

Haubergh, a coat of mail without sleeves, made of Gentle thewes, genteel accomplishments.

plate, or of chain metal.


Haught, high.

In gentle thewes, in genteel accomplishments. Haulst, embraced.

In place, used for here, and sometimes for there ; Hazardy, rashness, or playing at hazard.

in existence. Heard, a keeper of cattle, a herdsman.

In round lists, lists encompassed all round. Heardgrooms, keepers of cattle.

Inclination, bending downwards. Heben wood, ebony.

Incline, bend down. Hell them quite, perhaps cover, or devour them Inclyning, bowing. quite.

Incontinent, incontinently, instantly. Hent, seized, spatched, or took, caught. Indew, to put on, to be clothed with. Here by there, here and there.

Indewd, swallowed and digested, relished. Herie, worship, honour,

Indifferent, impartial. Herried, honoured.

Indigne, unworthy. Hersall, rehearsal, relation.

Indignifyde, treated disdainfully. Herse, rehearsal.

Infamy, slander. Hest, behest, command,

Infant, the prince.
Hero, for hewing.

Inferd, brought upon.
Heydeguyes, a country dance, or round. Informed, half-formed, imperfect.
Hidder and shidder, male and female, he and she. Ingate, entrance.
Hight, entrusted, committed, called.

Inholders, inhabitants.
Hild, held.

Inly, inwardly, entirely. Hippodames, sea-horses.

Inne, habitation, seat, or recess. Hoare, hoary.

Inquest, quest, or adventure. Hole, sound, entire.

Inspyre, breathe, or blow. Holy grayle, the real blood of our Saviour, pre- Instantly, earnestly.

tendedly brought by Joseph of Arimathea. Intended, stretched out. Hood, a term denoting a state, as manhood, &c. Intendiment, intendment, understanding, attention, Hooke and crooke, see By hooke.

or thought. Hooved, hovered.

Interesse, interest, or right and title to. Hore, sordid.

Intimate, to partake of mutually. Hospitage, hospitality.

Intuse, contusion. Hospitale, ipn.

Invade, go into. Hostlesse, inhospitable.

Invent, find. Hostry, lodging.

Invented, met with, found. Hot, named, called.

Invest, to put on as part of a dress. Hoved, hovered.

Jolly, handsome. Housling fire, fire used in the sacrament of mar- Jollyhead, a state of jollity. riage.

Jovial, cheerful, joyous. Hopres, stated prayers at certain hours of devotion. Jouissaunce, joy. Hugger-mugger, secretly.

Journall, daily. Humblesse, humility.

Jouysaunce, mirth. Hurtle, or Hurdlen, to rush forth, push forward. Irrenowned, the negation of renown, disgrace. Husbands toyle, labour of the husbandman. Hilding, base, contemptible.

Keepe, a charge, or flock. Hynde, a kind of servant, a hind,

Keight, caught.

Ken, know. Jane, a coin, money.

Kene, sharp Jasp, jasper, stone.

Kerne, a churl, or farmer. Javels, wandering or dirty fellows,

Kest, cast. Idole, image.

Kidst, kņowest. Jesses, the leathers that fasten on the hawk's bells. Kind, nature, or sex. IU affected, affected with bad impressions.

Kirke, church. Il apayd, dissatisfied.

Kirtle, a petticoat, or a mantle, or surtont. iu bested, in bad plight.

Knife, dagger, or poniard, or sword. Image of thy day, emblem of thy life.

Knightless, unknightly. Impe, a child.

Kydst, knowest.
Impeach, sometimes to hinder.

Kynd, or Kynde, nature.
Impes, children.
Implie, wrap up

Lad, led.
Implore, sometimes used as a substantive, Lady gent, an accomplished or handsome lady.
Iraply, wrap up.

Lady thrall, captive lady. Implyes, envelops, hides,

Laire, or Lare, a sheltered place where cattle rest Importable, not to be borne. Importune, sometimes for cruel, salvage.

Lamping, shining Impugne, oppose or resist.

Lare, see Laire, In, inn.

Last, sometimes for greatest, or best. In, often used for on.

Latched, caught. In derring-doe, in manhood and chivalry,

Late ygoe, lately. In field, in open battle.

Launce, balance. Incompared, incomparable.

Lay, a lay or lea of land. Infuse, infusion.

Lay-stall, a place to lay dung or rubbish in,

or feed.

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