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to Christmas 1791-2,

Year: 78 laft Christmas; and I am to be her Add two years in Antigua, for 1 partner, and dance with her next passage, &c.

Christmas. She has a garden, or proSuppose her to have had a child vision-ground, to herself, in which, at fourteen, and to have been sold with a great - grandchild, about fix the year after

15 years old, she works some hours every

day, and is thereby rich. She hath The least probable age of Gran been exempted from all labour, except

95 on her own account, for many years." and she is the heartiest old woman I P. 261. ever faw. She danced at a negro ball (To be concluded in our next.)

ny Sarah is



Directory, drawn from the whole,

Second Edition, with Corrections AGRICULTURE, ARTS AND SCIENCES.

and Additions. By CHARLES Hut,

TON, F. R. S. 8vo. 58. Robinsons, NATIONAL Irrigation (illustrated with seven Plates). -- Irrigation ;

Taylor. or, various Methods of watering Meadows, with the best Means of

BIOGRAPHY. promoting a general System of Im- The Life of David Garrick, Esq. By provement in Agriculture, by the ARTHUR MURPHY, Esq. 2 vols, Use of Water, and to increase the 8vo. 145. (See p. 89.) Wright. Wealth and Population of the King- The Life of Lorenzo de Medici, called dom. By WILLIAM TATHAM, Au the Magnificent. By WILLIAM thor of 16 the Political Economy of Roscoe. 3 vols. 8vo. New Edition, Inland Navigation.”

8vo. 75.

il. 7s. Cadell and Davies. Carpenter, Hurfi.

Some Remarks on the late splendid The three Books of M. Terentius Var Publication of Holbein's Portraits;

To, concerning Agriculture. Trans printed uniformly, with that Work; lated by the Rev. T. OWEN, M. A. including a Correction of Errors, of Queen's College, Oxford, and and two Schemes for the classical Rector of Upton Scudamore, Wilts. Arrangement of the Portraits and 8vo. 5s.6d. Cooke, Oxford; Ri Lives. By EDMUND LODGE, Lanvingtons, Egerton, London.

caster Herald, Author of the literary Introductory Lessons, with familiar Part of the Work. Folio.

Examples, in Landscape, for the Use of those who are desirous of gaining fome Knowledge of the pleasing Art

DICTIONARY. of Painting in Water Colours. To The British Mariner's Vocabulary; or, which are added, fome clear and universal Dictionary of technical fimple Rules, exemplified by suitable Terms and Sea Phrases, used in the Sketches and more finished Painting. Construction, Equipment, and miliTo which are added, Instructions for tary Operations of a Ship. By J. executing Transparencies, in a Style MOORE. With Plates. 12mo. 49.

6d. both novel and easy. By JAMES

Hursi, Sewell.
ROBERTS, Portrait Painter to his
Royal Highness the Duke of Clarence.
4to. 158. Nicol.

The Principles of Bridges; containing The Elements of Reading: being select

the mathematical Demonftrations of and easy Lessons, in Profe and Verse, the Properties of the Arches, the for young Readers of both Sexes, Thickness of the Piers, the Force of By the Rev. JOHN ADAMS, A. M. the Water against them, &c.: toge Third Edition, enlarged. 12mo. ther with practical Observations, and 38. 6d. bound. Law, Mawman.



I 2mo.

Conversations and amusing Tales, of, The Afiatic Researches; which with
fered to the Public for the Youth of thofe by Sir William Jones, inferted in
Great Britain. With a Frontispiece his Works, make the complete Work,
by Bartolozzi, twelve Drawings, and as printed at Calcutta in s Vols. 4to.
two Pages of Music. By Miss H. 2 vols. 4to. With 24 Plates. 31.38.
ENGLISH. 4to. 135. Hatchard. Robinsons.
The Prize for youthful Obedience. Asiatic Researches; or, Tranfactions
Timo. Is. Darton and Harvey. of the Society, instituted in Bengal,

for inquiring into the History and
Antiquities, the Arts, Sciences, and

Literature, of Afia. Vol. VI. 4to.
The Hitory, civil and commercial, of il. gs. 8vo. 125. 6d. (See p. 99.)-
the British Colonies in the West In Sewek, Debrett.
dies. By Bryan EDWARDS, Esq. Literary Miscellanies, including a Dif-
F. R. S. S. A. With Plates. Vol. III. fertation on Anecdotes. New Edi-
4o. 1l. 58. (See p. 120.) Stock tion, enlarged. By J. D'ISRAELI.

48. 6d. Murray and Co.
Las Guerras civiles; or, the civil Wars Remarks on the Theory of Morals :
of Grenada, and the History of the in which is contained an Examina-
Factions of the Zeegries and Aben tion of the theoretical Part of Dr.
Cerrages, two noble Families of that Paley's “ Principles of moral and
City, to the final Conquest by Ferdi political Philofophy.” By Edward
nand and Isabella. Translated from PEARSON, B.D. Rector of Remp-
the Arabic of Abenhamina, a Native ftone, Nottinghamshire. 8vo. 58.
of Grenada, by Gines PEREZ DE Rivingtons.
Hita, and from the Spanish by Another Elence of Shakspeare; or,
Thomas Rodd. 8vo. 78. 6d. Beauties of Shakspeare: first Divi-
Vernor and Hood.

fion. 8vo. 35. 6d. Becket.
The Beauties of Sentiment; or, select

Extracts from the best Authors, an

cient and modern, on a great VaThe Trial at large of Samuel Ferrand riety of Subjects, divine, moral, Waddington, Esq. before the Right literary, and entertaining ; on a Plan Honourable Sir Simon Le Blanc, one entirely new,

with fynonymous of the Justices of his Majesty's Court Words, and a Definition to most of of King's Bench, and a special Jury, the Articles. Also, a List of the best at the Affizes for the City of Wor Books on the principal Subjects. cefter

, on the 29th Day of July 2 vols. 12m0. gs. bound. Symonds, 1800; and also the Judgment of the T. Gardiner. Court

, pronounced against him on A Treatise on Rice and Potatoes, as the 28th of January 1801. 8vo. 3s. far as relates to the Use of them in

Paftry; with Directions for prepar-
ing each, as practised by Jupp and
Perry of Oxford Street. By JOHN

GEORGE PERRY. 8vo. 6d. Bell.
Ckanings in England ; descriptive of
the Countenance, Mind, and Cha-
facer of the Country. By Mr.
Pastt. 8vo. Vol. II. 95. Long- The Beggar Boy: a Novel. By the

late Mr. THOMAS BELLAMY. To á Father's Inftructions; adapted to which are prefixed, biographical different Periods of Life, from Youth Particulars of his Life. By Mrs. to Maturity; and designed to pro

Gooch. With a Portrait.


vols. mote the Love of Virtue, a Taste

Earle and Hemet. for Knowledge, and attentive Ob- Bakhtyar Nameh; or, Story of Prince kervation of the Works of Nature. Bakhtyar and the ten Viziers: a By THOMAS PERCIVAL, M. D. Series of Persian Tales. From a Ninth Edition, with large Additions. Manuscript in the Collection of Sir 8vo. 6s. bound The Additions William Oureley. Royal 8vo. 148, separate 2s. 6d. Johnfor.







mas and Rees.


I 2mo.

I 2S.

I 2mo.


My Uncle Thomas: a Romance. Ancient Ballads, from the civil Wars

From the French of PIGAULT LE of Grenada, and the twelve Peers of

BRUN. 4 vols. 12mo. 168. Lane. France. By THOMAS RODD. 12mo. The Romance of Smyrna; or the Pre 48. Vernor and Hopd. · di&tion fulfilled. By Mrs. R. P. M. Zuma: a Tragedy. From the French YORKE, Author of " the Valley of of M. LE FEVRE, by Thos. Rood. Collares,” &c. &c. 4 vols.

8vo. 28. Hurji. 1456 Earle and Hemet.

The Veteran Tar: a comic Opera, in Ancient Records; or, the Abbey of two Acts, as performed at the Thea

Saint Ofwythe: a Romance. By T.. tre Royal, Drury Lane. By S. J. J. HORSLEY CURTIES. 4 vols. 12mo. ARNOLD, jun. 8vo. 1S. Barker.

18s. Lane.
Broomholme Priory; or, the Loves of

Albert and Agnes : # Poem, in four
Books. With a View of the Priory.


A Discourse on the Conduct of the Belmour: a Novel. 3 vols. I2mo. Government of Great Britain, in sos. 6d. Johnjon.

respect to neutral Nations. Written in the Year 1758, by CHARLES JENKINSON, Esq. now Earl of Liver

pool. New Edition, with Correc. Elements of Therapeutics; or, a Guide tions. 8vo. Cadell and Davics.

to Health: being Cautions and Direc- Observations on the Publication of tions in the Treatment of Diseases. Walter Boyd, Esq. M. P. By Sir Designed chiefly for the Use of Stu." FRANCIS BARING, Bart. 8vo. 15. dents. By the Rev. Jos. TOWNSEND, Sewell, Debrett. M. A. 8vo. 98. Mawman.

Upon the Visitation of neutral Vessels A concise Treatise on Female Com under Convoy; or, an impartial

plaints. By E. SENATE, M.D. Examination of a Judgment pro12mo. 1S. Sold by the Author.

nounced by the English Court of Admiralty, the ith of June 1799,

in the Case of the Swedish Convoy, POETRY AND THE DRAMA.

with some Additions and Correc-' Ocean: a Poem, in two parts. By tions. By M. J. F. W. SCHLEGAL,

MASON CHAMBERLIN, Author of Doctor and Professor of Law in the “ Equanimity, a Poein.” Small 8vo. University of Copenhagen, Extraor

Is. 6d. Clarke, New Bond Street. dinary Assessor of the High Court of Poems, chiefly Sonnets, by the Au. Justice, and Member of leveral learn

THOR of “ Tranllations from the ed Societies. Translated from the Italian of Petrarch, Metaftafio, and Danish, under the Inspection of the Zappi. Small 8vo. 38. Cooke, Ox Author, by M. DE JUGE, French

ford; Rivingtons, Egerton, London. Inspector at the Academy of Cadets Saint Anne's Hill: a Poem. With a of Marine at Copenhagen; and thence

View of Saint Anne's Hill. 4to. 58. into English. 8vo. 45. Debrett. Debrett.

The History of the Politics of Great More Wonders! an heroic Epistle to Britain and France, vindicated from

M. G. Lewis, Esq. M. P. Editor of alate Attack of Mr. William Bellham. “ Tales of Wonder,” Author of With a Poftscript, containing an ad“ the Monk,” « Castle Spectre,” ditional and very decisive Docu. &c. &c. With a Prescript extraor ment on the Question of original dinary, and an Ode on the Union. Aggression. By HERBERT MARSH, By MAURITIUS MOONSHINE. 28. B. D. F.R.S. Fellow of St. John's 7. Barker.

College, Cambridge. 8vo. 38 . Deaf and Dunb; or, the Orphan : an Stockdale.

hiftorical Drama, in five Acts; now A twelvepenny Answer to a three and performing at the Imperial Theatre, fixpenny Pamphlet, intitled, A Letand at Paris. Translated from the ter on the Influence of the Stopping German of AUGUSTUS Von Kot of Ifiues in Specie at the Bank of ZEBUE, by BENJAMIN THOMPSON, England, on the Prices of Provisions Esq. Small 8vo, Is. 6d. Vernor and and other Commodities. 8vo. IS. Hood, Wright.


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Proofs of the Wisdom and Capacity of Shields; and on the Navy of Great

his Majesty's Ministers, selected from Britain. By HERVEY GREY MACtheir Opinions respecting the French NAB, M.D. 4to. 1os.6d. Griffiths. Revolution, the War, &c. delivered Reflections upon the evil Efects of an in both Houses of Parliament from increasing Population; upon the 1790 to 1801. Chronologically ar 'prefent high Price of Provisions, parranged, with Extracts from the ticularly Corn; upon the Bounty Speeches of the Opposition. Com- : Act, and upon the Propriety of géa piled by JAMES BANNANTINE. 8vo. neral Enclosures: in which is sug45. Ridgway.

gefted, a Mode of relieving the Poor Obfervations on the high Price of Pro upon the Principles of Equity. To

vifions. By a KENTISH CLERGY which are added, fome Remarks upMAN. 8vo. 15. 6d. Clement.

on Tithes, and Animadversions upon An historical Memoir; or, Summary fume late Publications on the present

of Facts relative to the Northern Scarcity. By EDWARD GARDINEK. Confederacy of 1780 and 1781, and 8vo. 25. Cadell and Davies.

its origin. 8vo. 18. Pitkeathley. State of the French Republic at the

End of the Year 8. Translated from the French of Citizen HAUTERIVE, A Sermon, preached in a Society of Chef des Relations Exterieures, by

Diflenters in York, immediately after Lewis GOLDSMITH, Author of the “ Crimes of Cabinets.” 8vo. 55.

the Interment of the Rev. New

combe Cappe. With an Appendix, Jordan. The Crimes of Cabinets; or, a View of

containing brief Memoirs of his Life. the Plans and Aggressions of the coa

By W. Wood. 8vo. Is. 6d. Yohnson. lesced Powers of Europe, for the An

A practical Improvement of the Divine nihilation of the Liberties of France,

Counsel and Conduct; attempted in

a Sermon, occasioned by the Deceale and the Dismemberment of her Territory; with illustrative Anecdotes,

of William Cowper, Esq. prcached military and political. By Lewis

at Olney, May 18, 1800. By Sa

MUEL GREATI EED. 8vo. GOLDSMITH. 8vo. 6s. Sold by the

Williamsi' futbor, Thavies Inn. A calm Investigation of the Circum. The Clofe of the eighteenth Century stances that have led to the present

improved: a Sermon, preached at Scarcity of Grain in England; fug

Princes Street Chapel, Finsbury getting the Means of alleviating that

Square, December 28, 1800; in

which the most remarkable religious Evil, and of preventing the Recur

Events of the last hundred Years are rence of such a Calamity in future.

considered. By CHARLES BUCK. By JAMES ANDERSON, L.L.D.F.R.S. F.S.A. &c. 8vo. 2s. 6d. Cumming.

8vo. Is. Chapman, Matthews. Remarks on the Situation of the Poor

in the Metropolis, as contributing to the Progress of contagious Diseases; with a Plan for the Institution of A Collation of the Hebrew and Greek Houses of Recovery for Persons in Texts of the Psalms; with a prefa. fected by Fever. 8vo. IS. Hatchard, tory Epiftle to the Right Honourable Rivingtons.

William Pitt. By JOHN REEVES, Observations on the probable Confe Erg. 8vo. 85. Payne, Wright. quences of even attempting, by le. A faithful Narrative of the furprising gislative Authority, to obtain a Work of God, in the Conversion of large Supply of Coal from Staf. many hundred Souls, in Northampfordshire to the Metropolis ; on ton, &c. in the neighbouring Towns the Iron Trade in Staffordshire and Villages of New Hampthire, in and Shropshire, in the large Way; New England: in a Letter to the on the Iron and Copper Trades at Rev. Dr. Colman, of Boston. Writ. Birmingham, in the small Way; on ten by the Rev. Mr. EDWARDS, Mithe Price of Coal to the Inhabitants nister of Northampton, on Nov. 6, of London and Westminster; on the 17:7, and 110w published with a Collieries in the North; on the Car large Preface, by Dr. Watts and rying Trade of Sunderland and Dr. CUISE. 8vo. Button.






Great Britain's Faft; or, three pious An Inquiry into the Stru&ure and

Exercises to affift the Devotion of the animal Economy of the Horse; comFast Day. 8vo. Is. 6d. Ridgsvag. prehending the Diseases to which his

Limbs and Feet are subject; with TOPOGRAPHY, TRAVELS.

proper Directions for shoeing. To Travels through the Lepontine Alps,

which are added, an Attempt to from Lyons to Turin, by the Way

explain the Laws of his Progellion

on mechanical and anatomical Prinof Pays de Vaud, the Vallais, Great St. Bernard, &c. By ALBANIS

ciples. The whole illustrated by 16 BEAUMONT, Author of the “ Rhe

Copper-plates. By RICHARD LAW. tian and Maritime Alps," &c. With

RENCE, Veterinary Surgeon, BirPlates in Aquatinta. Folio. 51. 55. The Life of the Rev. John Gaspar La

mingham. Robinsons. The Beauties of England and Wales;

vater, of Zurich, from authentie

Materials. With an Account of his or, Delineations topographical, historical, and descriptive. Svo. No. I.

Writings, and fome original Pieces.

By H. FUSELI, R. A. Jobnfon. containing three Plates.

25. 6.Proof Impreslions 45. (To be con

Dictionnaire des Proverbes François, tinued monthly.) Pernor and Hood.

avec leur Explication, leur Origine, et leur Rapprochement de ceux des autres Nations anciennes et mo

dernes. Par M. MOYSANT, Auteur PRINTS.

de la Bibliotheque Portative, &c. A Selection of twelve Heads from the 8vo.

Last Judgment of Michael Angelo, of the same Size as in the Fresco Picture; being Fac-Similes of Draw NEW FRENCH BOOKS, &c. ings made in Rome, 1797. Ву R. DUPPA, F.S. A. Author of the Voyage de l'Ambassade de la Com“ Account of the Subverfion of the

pagnie des Indes Orientales HollanPapal Government.” With Letter

daises, vers l'Empereur de la Chine, press. Imperial Folio. 41. 45. Proofs

dans les Années 1 794 et 1795: Où se .. 61. 6s. Printed for the Author. Ro

trouve la Defcription de plufieurs binsons, Evans.

Parties de la Chine inconnues aux Venus seeping on the Bed of Mars.

Européens, et que cette Ambasade David p. Bovisc. Il. IIs. 6d. Bovi.

a donné l'Occasion de traverser: le Portrait of the Marquis of Donegall.

tout tiré du Journal d'ANDRE Evg. Whole length. HOPPNER P. TUR


Publié en François par M. L. E. MOPortrait of the Right Honourable Lord

REAU DE SAINT MERY. Hawkesbury. LAWRENCE P. YOUNG Difcription des Pyramides, de la Ville

4to. 21. 25. Philadelphie. fc. 108. 6d. Proofs il. 18. Young.

du Kaire et fes Environs. Par J.


lerie, Membre de l'Institut de Bo.

logne. 4to. The second Part of the History of the De l'Art de procréer les Sexes à Vo

Anglo-Saxons, concluding the civil lonté. Par Citoyen Millot. Avec History. By SH. TURNER, F.A.S. Figures. 8vo. Paris. 2 vols. 8vo.

Collection de Menoirés interessans, A Tour through England and a con

concernant les Moyens d'economifiderable Part of Scotland: in a Se

fer les Subfittances. 8vo. 1S. 6d. ries of Letters. By Mr. Dibdin.

Didlau and Co. 2 vols. 4to.

With 40 Plates in Rime scelte de Francesco Petrarca. Aquatinta.

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2 tom.


I 2mo.

58. Becket,

ERRATUM, p. 60.
Warner's History of Bath, for 21. 25. read 21. 125.6d.

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