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to pursue it to the laft, let the conse- liable to be milled by false reports into quences be what they will? False no- unjuft fufpicions of their neighbours; tions of honour are brought in to jufti- he can pass over many things without fy their passions. Pride will not allow disturbance or emotion, which, in more them to yield, or to make the least con- combustible tempers, would kindle a cellion, when the true point of honour Aame. In all public matters in which would have led to generous acknow. he is engaged, he will not be pertinaledgments and condescenfion. They ciously adhesive to every measure never make the first advances to return- which he has once proposed, as if his ing reconciliation and peace. They honour were necessarily engaged to are haughty in their claims, and require carry it through. If he fee the paflions great fubmiffion before they can be ap- of men beginning to rise and swell, he peased. The lover of peace, on the will endeavour to allay the growing other hand, looks upon men and man- form. He will give up his favourite ners in a milder and softer light. He schemes, he will yield to an opponent, views them with a philosophic, or ra- rather than become the cause of violent ther a Christian eye. Conscious that embroilments; and, next to religion he himself has been often in the wrong; and a good conscience, the cause of fenfible that offence is frequently peace and union will be to him mot thought to be given, where no injury sacred and dear.” P. 317. was intended; knowing that all men are

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An Inquiry into the ancient Greek

Game, supposed to have been inASTRONOMY-AGRICULTURE-ARTS vented by Palamedes, antecedent to AND SCIENCES-ANATOMY.

the Siege of Troy; with Reasons for THE planispheric Orrery; exhibiting, believing the same to have been

by simple Movement, the various known from remote Antiquity in Positions of the Planets of the solar China, and progressively improved System, as they relate to the Sun, into the Chinese, Indian, Persian, to each other, and to the principal and European Chess. Also two Diffixed Stars in the Vicinity of the sertations, 1. On the Athenian SkiroEcliptic. With a particular Eluci phoria; 2. On the mystical Meaning dation of the joint Revolution of the of the Bough and Umbrella in the Earth and Moon, in their respective Skiran Rites. With Plates, 4to. Orbits round the Sun; pointing out

145. Becket. the Causes of the various Phases of An Introduction to the Theory and our lunar Satellite, as well as her Practice of plane and spherical TriInfluence upon our Earth. With a gonometry, and the orthographic Companion, containing a Diagraph and Aterographic Projections of the or Representation of the Universe, Sphere, including the Theory of bisected in the Plane of the folítitial Navigation : illiustrated by a variety Colure; affording a View of the of practical Examples; to determinPosition of the System in the Uni ing the Latitude by two Altitudes verse, with the Inclinations of the of the Sun, the Longitude by the Orbits, and Axes of its conftituent lunar Observations, and to other Planets; accompanied with a Va. important Problems on the Splete, riety of useful and interesting Tables:. and in nautical Aftronomy. By the whole forming a simple and . THOMAS KEITH, private 'Teacher scientific Introduction to the Ele. of Mathematics and Geography ments of Astronomy. In a Frame, 8vo. 10$. 6d. Longman and Rees, 158. Clarke, New Bond Street; Vernor and Hood. Wallis

, Ludgate Street; Jenkins and A Treatise on the Culture of Potatoes; Wa:fon, Maiden Lane, Covent Gar. showing the best Means of obtaining den,

productive Crops, a Matter of na

tional Importance. By a Practi more particularly during her Voyage CAL FARMER. 8vo. 1S. Launces. to the Eaft Indies, in the New De.

ton printed; Richardson, London. vonshire Indiaman, in the Year 1769; Letters from his Excellency General and in traversing that Country in

Washington to Arthur Young, Esq. Company with the Army, at the F.R.S. containing an Account of his Sieges of Pondicherry, Velore, NeHusbandry, with a Map of his Farm; gapatam, &c. &c. Together with his Opinions on various Questions some extraordinary Accounts of tủe in Agriculture, and many Particulars Ferocity of Tigers, Jackals, Piah of the rural Economy of the United Dogs, Vultures, &c. Taken down States. 8vo. 38.--Richardson, by Tome Gentlemen, and published Hatcbard.

for her Benefit. 8vo. 28. Hatchard. A Differtation on the Construction and

Properties of Arches. With seven
Plates. By G. ATWOOD, Esq. F.R.S.

DICTIONARY-GRAMMAR. 78. 6d. Egerton, Lunn.

An abridged Dictionary of the GovernPlans and Views in Perspective, with ment of French Verbs, Conjunctions,

Descriptions of Buildings erected in and Prepositions. By M. LORIOT, England and Scotland: and also an M. A. 12mo. 28. Smart and CowEssay, to elucidate the Grecian, Nade, Reading; Rivingtons, London. Roman, and Gothic Architecture; A compendious Grammar of the car. accompanied with Designs. By Ro-, rent corrupt Dialect of the Jargon of BERT MITCHELL, Architect. Im Hindoftan (commonly called Moors); perial Folio. (In English and French.) with a Vocabulary, English and With 18 Plates. 31. 38. Coloured Moors, Moors and English. To 41. 48., Taylor, White.

which are added, familiar Phrafes and Reflections on the Theory of the in Dialogues, &c. with Notes, defcrip.

finitesimal Calculus (the Method of tive of the various Customs and Fluxions). By C. CARNOT, Ex Manners of Bengal. By: GEORGE Director of the French Republic, HADLEY. Fifth Edition, corrected. Minister of War, and Member of 4to. Bound jos. 6d. Sewell, Mar. the National Institute. Translated ray and Highley. from the French, and illustrated with Notes, by WILLIAM DICKSON, L.L. D. 8vo. 2s. Richardson, Cu



respecting a Plan of naTables, useful in Aftronomy and Navi tional Education, with Conjectures

gation. By JOSEPH DE MENDOZA or the probable Consequences of Rois, Esq. F.R.S. 4to. Il.115.6d. nonde.cript Methodism and Sunday Faulder.

Schools; in a Letter, addressed to The Anatomy and Phyfiology of the his Grace, the Archbishop of Canter

Horse's Foot, concisely described ; bury. By the Rev. WILLIAM SHAW, with practical Observations on Shoe B. D. F.R.S. and Recor of Chelvy, ing. Together with the Symptoms Somerset. 8vo. 18. Cruttwell, Bath; of, and moft approved Remedies for, Robinsons, London, the Diseases of Horses. With 14 il Practical Education. By Maria luftrative Plates. By JAMES WHITE, EDGEWORTH: Second Edition. 3. Veterinary Surgeon to his Majesty's vols, 8vo. Il. 18." Johnson, First, or Royal Dragoons, 12mo. 45. Chapman.



The History of Guildford, the CounLives of Scottish Authors, viz. Fergu ty Town of Suny; containing its an-,

fon, Falconer, and Ruffel By DA: cient and present State, civil and VID IRVINO, A.M. Constable, Edin. ecclefiaftical. Collected from public burgh; Cuniming, London.

Records and other Authorities; with A Narrative of the Life of Sarah Shade, fome Account of the Country three

born at Stoke Edith, in the County Miles 'round. 15. 68. boards.of Hereford: containing many well

7. and S. Rufall, Guildford; Longauthenticated and curious Facts, man and Rees, Weslley, London.



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Ægyptiaca: or Observations on cer An Essay on Contraband: being a

tain Antiquities of Egypt. In two Continuation of the Treatise on the Parts. Part I. The History of Pom relative Rights and Duties of bellipey's Pillar elucidated. Part II. gerent and neutral Nations, in mari Abdollatif's Account of the Anti time Affairs. By ROBERT WARD, quities of Egypt; written in Arabic, Esq. Barrister at Law. 8vo. 35. A.D. 1203; translated into English, Wright, Butterworth. and illustrated with Notes, by J. A judicious Selection of the most inWHITE, D.D. Professor of Arabic teresting and celebrated Causes, &c. in the University of Oxford, &c. &c. which have occurred in Courts Part I. 4to. il. 15. (See p: 320.) of Judicature, &c. and particularly Oxford printed; Cadell and Davies, such as relate to Life, personal LiLondon.

berty, Character, &c. &c. divefted An historical and critical Account of of such legal Repetitions, and other

Winchester Cathedral. With an en Matter, as serve only to lengthen and graved yiew and ichnographical Plan confuse, without adding to Informaof that Fabric. Extracted from the tion. Vol. I. 12mo. 55. Wallis, Rev. Mr. Milner's History and Anti Dulau. quities of Winchester. To which The Proceedings in the Court of King's is added, a Review of its modern Bench, on a criminal Information Monuments. 8vo. 28. 6d. Robbins against Thomas Aris, Keeper of the Winchester.

said Prison, at the Suit of John The True Lover of his Country; or, a Herron, for cruel, illegal, and inhu

Treatise on Sovereignty, with re man Treatment; with the Speeches spect to its Origin, its Objects, its in full of Mr. Scott, Mr. Garrow, Functions, and its several Modifica Lord Kenyon, &c. 8vo. Is. Smith. tions: with a concise Description of Collectanea Maritima: being a Collecthe Revolutions of the Roman Re. tion of public Instruments, &c. tendpublic, of the Kingdom of England, ing to illustrate the History and Pracand more particularly that of France. tice of Prize Law. ByCH. ROBINSON, By M. CLEMENCE. 1?mo. 48. L.L.D. 8vo. 35. White, ButterDulau, Darton.



LAW, Reports of Cases argued and determing The Names and Descriptions of the

ed in the High Court of Chancery; Proprietors of unclaimed Dividends beginning with the Sittings after on Bank Stock, and on the public Hilary Term, and ending with the Funds, transferrable at the Bank of Sittings after Trinity Term, 40 England, which became due on and Geo. 3, 1800. Vol. V. Part II. before the sth of July 1797, and re

Folio. 1. Is. Brooke and Rider. mained unpaid on the ift of October A View of the principal Parts of the 1800; and also of such Proprietors of

most important Statutes relating to sl. per Cent. Annuities 1797, who Game. With explanatory Cases have not claimed the said Annuities and Observations. 8vo. 35. Lack transferred to them as Proprietors ington and Co.

of Bank Stock, or received the Irie Decisions in the High Court of Ad tereft due thereon. By ORDER OF

miralty, during the Time of Sir THE COURT OF DIRECTORS OF George Hay, and of Sir James Mar THE BANK OF ENGLAND. 8vo. riott, late Judges of that Court. 108. 6d. Bunney and Gold, Symonds. Vol. I, Michaelmas Term *1776 to Prose, on various Occasions, political Hilary Term 1779. 8vo, 98. and literary, collected from the Bicker?aff

Newspapers. 8vo. 35. 6d. boards. Inquiries into the Nature of Leasehold Hurjt.

Property; in which the relative A Letter to the Hon. Spencer Percival. Situations of Lellor and Lefsee, Second Edition, with a Poftscript, Landlord and Tenant, are fairly containing some Observations on the confidered. By a GENTLEMAN OF reported Debates of Taylor's and THE TEMPLE. Svo. Is. 6d. Bicker Addison's Divorce Bill. 8vo. 15.6d. fiaf.

(See p. 236, for April.) Rivingtons.



The Sportsman and Breeder's Vade Martyn of Fenrose; or, the Wizard of

Mecum ; containing an Account of the Sword : a Romance. By HENRY the Plates, Matches, and Sweep SUMMERSETT. 3 vols. 12m0.--ftakes run for in the Year 1800. An 135. 6d. Dutton, Miller. alphabetical Lift of the running The Haunted Palace; or, the Horrors Horses, and a complete Index, with

ot Ventoliene: a Romance. their Pedigrees. A List of Stallions Mrs. YORKE. 3 vols. 12mo. 135. 6d. for 1800. Also an Account of the Earle and Hemet. Sweepftakes and Matches to be run Ruthinglenne; or, the Critical Mofor at Newmarket, York, Epsom, ment:

a Novel. By ISABELLA Richmond, Newcastle, Stamford, KELLY. 3 vols. 12mo. 135. 60.Doncatter, Oxford, &c. By W. Lane. Pick, York. Bartholoman, York; The History of Raselas, Prince of Cbapple, London.

Abyssinia: a Tale. By SAMUEL Journals of the Royal Institution of JOHNSON, LL.D. New Edition.

Great Britain. Nos. II. and III. 8vo. With Plates. Small 8vo. 58Large IS. Cadell and Davies.

Paper 75. Rivingtons, Mawman. The Principles of Morality. By GEORGE

Exsor, Esq. 8vo. 6s. Jordan.
A Ditfertation on Duelling; first pub-

PHYSIC--ANIMAL ECONOMY. lished by Appointment, as having The Institutions of the Practice of gained a Prize (May 1784) in the Medicine; delivered in a Course of University of Cambridge: By Rich Lectures. By JOSEPH Baptist ARD HEY, L.L.D. (then Fellow of BURSERIUS DE KANIFELD. TransMagdalen College, Cambridge); re lated from the Latin, by WILLIAM published by William Smith of Dur CULLEN BROWN. Vol. II. 8vo. 8s. ham. 8vo. 28. 6d. Uphill.

(See M. Epitome, Vol. IV. p. 278.)

Cadell ard Daries.

Observations on the Utility of inocu. NATURAL HISTORY.

lating for the Variolæ Vaccinæ, or Elements of Natural History; being Cow-pox. By EDWARD GARDNER,

an Introduction to the Systema Na Author of “ Reflections on the high turæ of Linnæus, and comprising a Price of Provifions,” 8vo.

IS. 6d. Translation of the Characters of the Carpenter, Fohnson. whole Genera, and the most remark- Practical Observations on the Nature able Species, particularly of all that and Treatment of fome exasperated are Natives of Britain. With an Symptoms attending the Venereal Account of the principal Circum Disease. By EDWARD GEOGHEGAN, ftances in their Manners and History. Surgeon to the Dublin General Dir. Likewise an alphabetical Arrange penfary, &c. &c. 35. Hughes, Vernor ment, with Definitions of the tech and Hood. nical Terms used in the Science. Observations on Mr. Home's Treatise Pol. I. containing the four first of Strictures in the Urethra, with an Claffes, viz. Mammalia, Birds, Am, improved Method of treating certain phibia, and Fishes. With explana. Cases of those Diseases. By Thos, tory Copper-plates. 8vo. 98. Ca WHATELY, Member of the Royal dell and Davies.

College of Surgeons, London. 8vo. Observations on the Winds and Mon 25. 6d. Johnson, Callow.

loons, accompanied with Notes, A practical Exay on the Art of recogeographical and meteorological. By vering suspended Animation. ToJAMES CAPPER, formerly Colonel gether with a Review of the most and Comptroller General of the proper and effe&tual Means to be Army and Fortification Accounts on adopted in Cases of imminent Dan. Ilie Coast of Coromandel. With a ger. Translated from the German

Debrett, Leigh of C. A. STRUVE, M. D. and Sotheby.

35. 6d. Murray. Observations on the Increase and De.

crease of different Difcafes, and parNOVELS AND ROMANCES.

ticularly of the Plague. By WilBelinda. By MARIA EDGEWORTH.


jun. M. D. 165. 6d. Johnson. F.R.S. 4to. 58. Payne.


Chart. 4to. 136.

I 2mo.


3 vols. 12mo.

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Observations on the medical and do- Beauties of modern Poetry; selected

meftic Management of the Con from the most popular Authors. - fumptive; on the Powers of Digita 12mo. 38. 6d. Fine Paper 48. Scott,

lis Purpurea; and on the Cure of Carlisle.
Scrophula.. By THOMAS BEDDOES, Barker's Continuation of Egerton's
M.D. 8vo. 78. Longman and Rees. Theatrical Remembrancer, Baker's

Biographia Dramatica, &c. contain

ing a complete List of all the dramaPOETRY AND THE DRAMA.

tic Performances, their feveral EdiThalaba the Destroyer. By ROBERT tions, Dates, and Sizes; together

SOUTHEY, 2 vols. Small 8vo. 148. with those which are unpublished,
Longman and Reessa

and the Theatres where they were Juvenilia ; or, a Colle&tion of Poems : originally performed, 1987 to 1801;

written between the Ages of Twelve including several Omisfions, Addiand Sixteen. By J. H. L. HUNT, tions, and Corrections: also a Conlate of the Grammar School of tinuation of the Notitia Dramatica, Christ's Hospital. Second Edition, with considerable Improvements. With a Frontispiece by Bartolozzi. To which is added, a complete List Small 8vo. 55. (See p. 339.) Printed of Plays, the earliest Date, Size, and by Whiting

Author's Name (where known) frots Nautical Odes; or, poetical Sketches, the Commencement to 1801. The

designed to commemorate the Whole arranged, &c. by WALLEY Achievements of the British Navy. CHAMBERLAIN OULTON. 12mo. Interspersed with occasional Notes, 58. Barker and Son. intended to celebrate and elucidate Tales of Terror, with an introductory some of the moft glorious naval Dialogue; containing seventy Tales. Events of the present and preceding With Engravings. 8vo. 75. 6d. Beli. Wars. 4to. 125. Williams Symonds. Selim and Žaida: with other Poems. The Sorrows of Switzerland: a Poem. Small 8vo. With Plates. 65. Longe

By the Rev. WILLIAM LISLE man and Rees.
Bowles. 470 3sa Cedell and Dam Claffical English Poetry, for the Ufe
vies, Meaumano

of Schools and young Persons ; leA satirical Epiftle, in Verse, addressed lected from the best Authors: with

to the Poet Laureate, on his Carmen Some original Pieces. Compiled and Seculare ; containing fome Stri&ures written by Dr. MAVOR and Mr. on modern Times and Characters, PRATT. 12mo. 45. 6d. Pbillips. 8vo. 38. Ginger.

A poetical Epistle to Sir George BeauThe Millennium: a Poem, in three mont, Bart. on the Encouragement

Cantos. 8vo. 73. 6d. Kearsley. of the British School of Painting. Britannia : an Epic Poem, in twenty By WILLIAM SOTHEBY, Esq.F.R.S. Books. To which is prefixed, a

and A.S.S. 8vo. 18. 6d. Wright. critical Dissertation on Epic Machinery. By JOHN OGILVIE, D.D. POLITICS, POLITICAL ECONOMY. F.R.S. Edinburgh. 4to. il. 1S. Subftance of Earl Temple's Speech, Rivingtons, Wright.

delivered in the House of Commons The poetical Works of the late Thos. on Monday, May 4, 1801, on the

LITTLE, Efq. Small 8vo. 78. Car Subject of Mr. John Horne Tooke's penter.

Eligibility to a Seat in Parliament. Alonzo and Cora, with other original 8vo. 28. Wright:

Poems, principally elegiac. By Elk A Maximum; or, the Rise and ProZABETH Scott, a Native of Edin gress of Famine. Addressed to the burgh. To which are added, Let British People by the AUTHOR of ters in Verse, by BLACKLOCK and “ A Residence in France, during BÚRNS. 8vo. 10$. 6d. Bunney and the Years 1792, 1793, 1794, 1995, Gol?, Egerton.

&c. &c. 8vo. 18. 6d. Wright. The Sea Side Story: an operatic Dra. The fifteenth Report of the Society

ma, in two Acts; as now performing for bettering the Condition, and inat the Theatre Royal, Covent Gar creafing the Comforts of the Poor. den. By Mr. DIMOND, jun. Au 8vo. IS. Hatchard, Rivington). thor of “ Petrarchal Sonnets,” &c. General Opinions on the Conduct of 8vo. Is. 6d. Barker and Sun.

Minifters with respect to the part


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