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Medicine, it is requisite for the Phy- A View of a Course of Ledures, to be fician to know respecting the Symp commenced the first Mor:day after toms, Causes, and Cure of those Christmas 1801, on the State of SoDiseases. By A. PHILIPS WILSON, ciety at the Opening of the nineM. D. F.R.S. Edin. Vol. III. 8vo. teenth Century: containing Inquiries 95. (Vols. I. and II. gs. each.) - into the Constitutions, Laws, and Crosby and Letterman, Cadell and Manners, of the principal States in Davies.

Europe. By HENRY REDHEAD Gottfried Christian Reich on Fever and YORKE, of the Inner Temple, Stu

its Treatment in general: published dent at Law. 8vo. Is. (See po 303.) by Command of the King of Prussia, Clement. by the Higher College of Medicine and Health, of Berlin, 1800. Translated from the German, by CHARLES

THEOLOGÝ. HENRY PARRY. 8vo. 38. 60.- The Koran ; commonly called the Al. Cadell and Davies.

coran of Mohammed. Translated from the original Arabic. With en

planatory Notes,taken from the most "The poetical Works of John MILTON: approved Commentators. To which

with the principal Notes of various is prefixed, a preliminary Discourle. Commentators. To which are add By Grorge Sale, Gent. A Dew ed, Illustrations, with some Account Edition. 2 vols. 8vo. 160. Fobryos, of the Life of Milton. By the Rev. Gardner. HENRY JOHN Todd, M. A. 6 vols. The Power of Religion on the Mind, Svo. Portrait. 21. 145. Large Paper in Retirement, Affidion, and atte

41. 168. Johnson, Cadell and Davies. Approach of Death ; exemplified in Poetry of the Anti-Jacobin. Fourth the Testimonies and Experience of

Edition. 4to. Il. is. Wright. Persons distinguished by their GreatThe Botanic Garden : a Poem, in two ness, Learning, or Virtue. By LIND

Parts. Part I. containing the Eco LEY MURRAY. 12mo. Bound nomy of Vegetation. Part II. The York printed; Longman and Rees, Loves of the Plants. With philofo London. phical Notes. With Plates. A new A new Verfion of the Psalms of David. Edition, vols. 8vo. Il. 16s. Fine By JOSEPH COTTLE. Small 8vo. 45. Paper 21. 123. 6. john fon.

Fine Paper 5s. Longman and Rees. The Free-School: a Poem. Second Addrefles to the Right Reverend the

Edition. To which is added, an Archbishops and Bishops of England Elegy on the Death of Edmund Jen and Ireland. By PHILIP HOWARD, ney, Elig. of Bredfield; and of Philip Elg. 8vo. 25. 6d. Faulder. Bowes Brcke, F19. of Nacton; the Letters, addrefled to the Rev. John former of whom died after a fevere Graham, in Answer to his Defence Illness, on the 22d of August 1801; of Scripture Doctrines, as underand the latter suddenly, on the Day stood by the Church of England, following. By the Rev. John BLACK, and in Vindication of a Narrative of 8vo. Is. Ipswich printed; Robinjons, the Proceedings of a Society of London.

Baptists in York, in relinquishing the Tales of Wonder. Written by M. G. popular Systems of Religion, &c.

Lewis, Esq. M. P. Second Edition. By David EATON. 8vo. 35. Jobrilor, 8vo. 75. Bell.

Pastoral Hints on the Importance of The Mechanic: a Poem. By THOMAS religious Education. With an OutMORLEY, 8vo. 15. 6d. Jordan. line of a familiar Plan of Instruction:

designed for the Asistance of FamiPOLITICAL ECONOMY.

lies. By EDWARD BORN, M. A. Democracy the Cause of the preferit 8vo. 6d. Rivingtons.

Dearth and Sufferings of the Poor.

By J. W. 8vo. Is. 6d. Wright. Remarks on Mr. Morgan's Compara

TRAVELS-TOPOGRAPHY. tive View of the public Finances, The Picture of Petersburg. From the from the Beginning to the Close of German of HIENRY STORCK. With the late Adminitration. 8vo. 2s.6d. Plates. 8vo. 145. (See p. 465.7 Wright,

Longman and Recse

A Tour



A Tour through Germany : particu

PRINTS AND MAPS. larly along the banks of the Rhine, His Majesty reviewing the Voluntcer Mayne, &c. and that part of the Corps, aflembled in Hyde Park in Palatinate, Rhingaw, &c. usually Honour of the Birth-Day, June 4, teimid the Garden of Germany. 1799. SMIRKE, jun. del. EARLOM To which is added, a concise Voca fc. aquatinta. Size 36 by 26. in, bulary of familiar Phrafes, &c. in Il. 118. 6d. Coloured 41. 48. Boydell. German and English; for the Use of The Battle of Copenhagen. Pocock Travellers. By the Rev. Dr. Rene del. STADLER sc. il. 6s. Proof DER, Native of Germany. 2 vols. 21. 28. Coloured 21. 128. 6d. Acker8vo. 168. (See p. 470.) Longman and Rees.

The Milk Maid. PEARCE P. Tur. A general Account of all the Rivers of NER sc, 155. Coloured il. 168. 6d.

Note in Great Britain; with their Morgan. several Courses, their peculiar Cha- A Peatant Boy--A Girl returning from

racters, the Countries through which Milking. WESTALL P. GAUGAIN - they flow, and the entire Sea Coast fc. Il. Is. the Pair. 21. 25. in Co

of our Inand; concluding with a lours. Clay and Scriven. minute Description of the Thames, Portrait of Earl St. Vincent, K. B. and its various auxiliary Streams. First Lord of the Admiralty, and one By HENRY SKRINE, Eiq. L.L. B. of of his Majesty's Most Honourable Warley, in Somersethire, Author Privy Council, &c. &c. KEENAN of “ Three fucceffive Tours in the p. BARNARD (c. 108. 6d. plain. North of England and Scotland, in Il. 1s. coloured. Barnard. 1795," &c. With Maps.

8vo. Portrait of Lord Keith, DANLOUX D. 106. 6d. (See p. 488.) Elmly. REYNOLDS sc. mez, il. 18. Danloux. The Cambrian Itinerary; or, Welth Portrait of Warren Hastings, Efq.

Tourist: containing an historical and FULTON P. NUTTER IC. 55. Cribb. topographical Description of the Adoration. Sir W. BEECHEY P. Car. Antiquities and Beauties of Wales. WATSON sc. 58. In Colours Wherein are minutely and separately Ackermann. described, according to their geo Fox Hunting and Courling. Four graphical and modern Divisions, all Plates. MORLAND p. Bell fc, inez. the different Counties, Towns, Vila 31. 38. Bell. lages, Hamlets, Mountains, Vales, View of Hickman House. PICKETT Agriculture, Manufactures, Rivers, del, and fc. Ios. 6d. in Colours. Canals, mineral Waters, Foffils, An Pickett. tiquities, Caverns, Mines, Monaste Smith's New English Atlas; or, comries, Castles, Camps, Cromlechs, plete Set of County Maps. Size 1 f. Cistvaens, Carniddau, &c. &c. Also 8 in. by. i f. 6. Nos. I. II. III. IV. the principal Houses of Accommo containing the Counties of Hertford, dation, or Inns, in the Country: Buckingham, Chester, Middlesex, Likewife a colloquial Vocabulary, in Hereford, Monmouth, Ellex, LanEnglish and Welih; and an Appen caster, Westmoreland, Nottingham, dix, containing the Bardic or ancient Bedford, and Oxford. Coloured, Welsh Alphabet, indispensably ne each Number, 6s. 6d. or stained 86. cessary for every Tourist. The Smith, Strand; Clarke, New Bond Whole illustrated by a new and cor Street. rect Map of the Principality, in. A Plan of the Grand Junction Canal, clacing the Roads, Rivers, and with the Branch to Paddington, Mountains. By THOMAS Evans. Sheet. Coloured 28. Smith, Strand.

(See p. 494.) 8vo. 1os. 6d. Hursi. A Tour through the whole Iand of

Great Britain; divided into Jour. IMPORTED AND SOLD BY DE BOFFE, nies, interspersed with useful Obser. GERARD STREET, AND CLARKE, vations : particularly calculated for NEW BOND STREET. the Use of those who are defirous The 19th Livraison of the Voyage Pitof travelling over England and Scot. toresque de la Syrie, de la Phénicie, land. By the Rev. C. CRUTWELL, de la Palestine, et de la Baffe Egypte. Author of “ The Universal Gazet Folio. Il. 15s. Proof Plates 21.128.6d. teer.” With coloured Maps. q vols. Histoire naturelle des Colibres et Oi. &vo. 21.88 Robinsons.

feaux Mouches. Par AUDIBERT.

Folio. Co oured Päis, vith gilt No. IV.cí tte sá Year of the Bitlis. Letters. Live Ito , ai sl.15. thecue Française. B; C-Porses, each.

!! 1:22. Putet i motbis. The lane. 43. , Lirions. 136. T:c Editors are berebizit, Dein. C.

rai, Lat: jardiere, Lus, L2JC 1. The ish Lirzalon HiRoire naturelle Toñer Laan Laporit, Debril,

des Olitaux d'Argie. Par Vall Leblond, E.SILS. Ti0nz un, ValLAST. Foio. Covered and black

Tion: de Boris, Mois, literque, Pates il. 165.

Ixgouret, sil Jenters of the Ni The lane. No. 15. 415. 185.

tocainittute-Forla 3an, De The first and second Litraton Histoire lamalic, Paul Uftry, Chardos 12:

natureile d'un Partie des Oiicaux chette, Ph. Mson, Braila, Bant, nouveaux et rares de l'Amerique et ainé, &c.-Melanes, Beactors des Indes. Par VALEANT. Folio. d'Hourt Pull, Horitte Beurt Coloured and black Plates, Il. 16s. Viot, Loui. St. Leos, Helle tach.

Williams, La Sieme, The fame. 40. Colcured. 185. each. &c. &c. 1. iIjo 6d. per fcas. Histoire des Chencs d'Amerique Scp- Buffon, Histoire nature des Mines tentrionale. Par MICHAUI. Folio.

raux, par PATRIN. 5 ls. 18+ Vellum. Plaies. 41. 49.

With coloured Plates. There are The fame. Common Paper. 21. 25. various Papers: this belongs 102 Histoire naturelle des Plantes Oralles.

new Edition of Burton, by Par REDOUTE'. Livrailon i to 12. Castel, incly printed and coloured, Folio. Coloured Plates. Il. 16s. containing the Fishes, of which there each.

are now 41 rols. published. The same. 4to. 145. each.

Carte de France iuivant la nouvelle The 4th Livraison Description des Divison en 10; Departemens ci kua

Plantes nouvelles et peu connus du Prefectures. 35. 6d.
Jardin de celles. Par VENTENAT. Chevaliers des Sept Montagnes, ou

Folio. With fine Prints. Il. 165.. Aventures arrive dans le 33: Siecke, The fame. 4to. 158.

3 vols. 12 mo. 9 The 4th and 5th Livraison Plans DANDIX, Histoire naturelle des Qua:

coupes et Elívations des plus belles drupedes Osipares. Theift and ad Maisons et Hotels construits à Paris Livraison. 4to, Vellum Paper. Coet dans ses Environs, Folio. Plates. loured Plates. Ios. 6d. each. 103. each Livraison.

The same. Common Paper is. tu. Cabinet d'Histoire naturelle de Seba. each Livraison.

Vol. IV. Large Folio. Coloured. Propofals to be had as above of all the (May be had separate from the three sumptuous Editions now printing by first Vols.)

Didet l'Ainé, viz. Racine, 3 vols. Atlas Topographique des Environs de Folio.-- Voyage dans la Haute et

Paris. ' In 1o Sheets Folio, with an Baile Egypte, pendant l'Expédition 8vo Boois. 21. 12s, Od.

du Général Bonaparté. 2 yols. Fvlio. The 7th Livraison Galerie Antique des To be published during the Courie

Chefs-d'Euvres d'Architecture, &c. of February next.-Cornçille, &c DUHAMEL, Traité des Arbres et Ar, Bulle du Pape Pie VII. aux Archeo

bustes. Avec les Figures peint. par vêques et Evêques de France, exiles REDOUTE'. La 3 Livraison. Large pour la Foi, en Latin et en François, Folio, Vellum. Coloured Plates, avec la Lettre dont Mr. Erikine 3 Il. 165.

accompagné l'Envoi de la Bulle. &d! The fame. Small Paper. l. is.

Duau and Co. The same. Common Paper. I 28. Lettre des Evêques députés à l'AŁ Moniteur, ou Gazette Nationale, for semblée Nationale, en Réponse au

the fix first Months of 1801. Sets Bref du Pape, en Date du 10 Mars

from the Beginning are to be had. 1791. Dulau and Co. Bailey's Dictionary, English and Ger- Exposition des Principes fur la Confli

A new Edition, greatly im tution civile du Clergé, par proved, just published. 2 vols. 8vo, Evêques députés à l'Afemblée Nas Fine Paper, boards, Il. 45.

tionale. Is. 6d, Dulax and Co

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ERRATUM, Page 418,
Strutt's Sports and Pastimes, for 21. 128, 6d. read 3!. 359

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XCIII. The Poetical Works of John

VOL. III. Milton; with the principal Notes The last fix Books of Paradise of various Commentators. To Loft-Plans of Paradise Lost as á which are added, Illustrations; with Tragedy. fome Account of the Life of Milton. By the Rev. Henry John TODD, M.A. 6 vols. 8vo. pp. Paradise Regained-Origin of Para

PRELIMINARY Observations on 2996. 21.

145. Large Paper 41,268. dife Regained-Milton's Defence of Johnson, Rivingtons, Sewell, &c.

Tragedy-Preliminary Observations

on Sampson Agonistes--Plans of LIST OF PLATES.

other Tragedies. 1. PORTRAIT of Milton, from the

Original by Faithorne, in the PRELIMINARY Notes on Lycidas Polefion of William Baker, Esq. --St. Michael's Mount--Lycidas, with engraved by 7. Baker.

various Readings, &c.—L'Allegros 2. Whole length Portrait of Christina, Il Penseroso-Preliminary Notes on

Queen of Sweden, from an original Arcades Arcades, with various

Readings-Preliminary Notes on
Comus-Some Account of Ludlow
Castle, &c.--Origin of Comus-
Comus, with various Readings-Pre-

liminary Observations on the Sonnets. SOME Account of the Life of -XXIII. Sonnets, with various ReadMilton-Detached Pieces of Criti- ings. cifm relating to the Poetical Works

VOL. VI. - Prolegomena-Addison's Criticism Odes-Miscellanies-- Translaon the Paradise Lost, with Notes by tions–Elegiarum Liber----Epigramthe Editor—Dr. Johnson's Remarks matum Liber--Silvarum Liber on Milton's Versification, with Re- Appendix, containing Baron's Imitamarks by the Editor - Inquiry into tions of Milton's early Poems-Laa: · the Origin of Paradise Lost.

der's Interpolations - Additions and

Corrections_Glosarial Index. Milton's Apology for the Verse

EXTRACTS FROM THE PREFACE. -The first fix Books of Paradise

“ SINCE the first publication of Loft.

the Poetical Works entire, with illusVOL. V.-No. LII.





3 X

trations, nearly half a century has Ancients, said to be written by a getto elapsed. Of those critics and anno- tleman of North Britain, whose name, tators, whofe obfervations were then it is believed, has not been divulged ; selected by Dr. Newton, as well as of the Letters concerning poetical transthose, with whose subsequent remarks lation, ascribed to Auditor Benson, the pages are enriched; some and the Critical Observations on Shak. account may be thought necessary. speare, in which are interspersed reThe first annotator on the poet was marks upon Milton, by Mr. Upton, Patrick Hume, a Scotchman. He pub- were the next publications, from which lished, in 1695, a copious commentary Dr. Newton profeffes to have derived on the Paradise Loft; “to which some affistance. But, besides the flower of

of his fucceffors in the same pro- those which had been already publifh• vince,' says Mr. Warton, appre- ed, he added many new obfervations • hending nó danger of detection from both of others and his own. He was • a work rarely inspected, and too pe- indebted, for several ingenious illuftra• dantic and cumbersome to attract tions of Paradise Lost, to his relation,

many readers, have been often amply Dr. Greenwood. He was also obliged • indebted, without even the most dif- by the use of Dr. Heylyn's manuscript étant hint of acknowledgment.' His remarks on the fame poem, which had illustrations in these volumes will be been before communicated to Bentley, rarely found uninteresting. To him and of which the greater part had been succeeded the elegant Addison, by disingenuously adopted by that critic whose blandishments of gentleness without acknowledgment. By the ma• and facility, Milton has been made nufcript communications of Richard.

an universal favourite, with whom son, Jortin, and Warburton; and more . readers of every class think it necef- particularly by those of the modest • sary to be acquainted.' His essays and liberal Mr. Thyer, his commen. on the Paradise Loft are printed in this tary on Paradise Loft was considerably edition, as a Preliminary Differtation; enlarged.” P. I. the remarks on each particular book In the year after the publication not being detached from the general of Dr. Newton's edition of Paradise obfervations on the Poem, because Mr. Loft, there was published at Glasgow Addison himself was desirous that the the first book of that poem, with a reader should not neglect to view the large and very learned commentary, whole extent of his criticism. By the from which fome notes are selected in fame critic Comus and L’Allegro had this

edition. They, who are acquainted been before commended. In 1732, Dr. with this commentary, will concur Bentley published a splendid edition of with the present editor in wishing that the Paradise Loft, by which he acquired the annotator had continued his inge

: no honour. His specious pretences of nious and elaborate criticisms on the an interpolated text, and his arbitrary whole poem.”. P. 4. method of emendation, were received “ In 1785 the public was presented with derifion and disgust. Yet there with Lycidas, L'Allegro, Il Penserofo

, are fome notes, in the edition, which Arcades, Comus, Odes, Sonnets, &c. bespeak the unvitiated taste of this accompanied with Mr. Warton's criti

. eminent scholar, and to which the claf- cal and explanatory notes; of which a fical reader will always thankfully fub- fecond edition, with many alterations scribe. Immediately after the public and large additions, was published in cation of this edition, the admirers of 1991, soon after his lamented death : In Milton were gratified by Dr. Pearce's whom poetry and antiquity loft one of masterly and candid refutation of the their most zealous votariés, criticism editor's chimerical corrections: and the one of its ableft affertors, fociety one Review of the Text of Paradise Loft of its moft agreeable members, and furnished abundant annotations, atonce the university of Oxford one of her inftructive and delightful. In 1734, most valuable and most respected fons

. the two Richardsons published their Mr. Warton appears to have also plazo Explanatory Notes on the Paradise ned an edition of Paradise Regained Loft. Soon afterwards, Dr. Warbur. and Sampson Agonistes, by having ton communicated to the world fome omitted in the latter edition such notes remarks upon the same poem. An as more immediately related to those Etay upon Milton's Imitations of the poems, and which had appeared, in


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