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An Appendix ; or, fecond Part to the PARR GRESWELL, Curate of Den

complete. Treatise on Perspective; ton in Lancashire. Small 8vo. 58. containing a brief History of Per-, (See p. 30.) Manchester printed; fpeétive, from the earliest and most. Cadell and Davies, London. authentic Accounts of it down to General Biography; or, Lives of the the eighteenth Century, when it first molt eminent Persons of all Ages, began to flourish in England; in Countries, Conditiolis, and Profet. which the Methods of Practice used fons, arranged according to alphaby the Ancients are exemplified and betical Order. Compoiud by J. compared with those now in Use. AIKIN, M. D. Mr. NICHOLSON, Military Perspective, Bird's Eye and others. Vol. II. 4to. Il 118.6d. Views, &c. The Appearances of Johnfor, Wright. ascending and descending on an up- Memoirs of the Life and Administraright Plane: fuch Deceptions in Vi tion of Sir R.Walpole, Earl of Orford. fion accounted for and illuftrated by By W. Coxe, M.A. F.R.S. F.A.S. Atriking Representations : with use Rector of Bemerton. A new Edition. ful and critical Remarks on round 3

vols. 8vo. Il. 48. Cadell and Subjects in general. The Applica Davies. tions of Perspective to Scenery; also A short Memoir of the Life and dying to a Ship, and in Landscape; Projec Experience of the Right Honourable tion on curved Surfaces: with other Jane Countess of Burford, who de. Distortions, or Anamorphoses; in parted this Life July 18, 1800. 8vo. verfe Perspective; also the Doctrine 6d. Birmingham printed; Rivingof Reflections on plane Mirrours.

tons, London. Lastly, it contains a Parallel and Juvenile Biography-Lives of celebraCriticisin on all the English Authors ted Children, inculcating Virtue by who have written Treatises on Per eminent Examples from real Life. spective; and the Principles of Dr. Imitated from the French, with the Brook Taylor's Perspective compar Addition of inoral Reflections: ad. ed with Gyidus Ubaldus and S'lgra drefled to the Youth of both Sexes. vesande. The whole delivered in By Mr. Josse. Translated by Mrs. nine Sections, and illustrated by ten CUMMING. 12 vols. 12mo. 6S. Plates. Second Edition, with Ad Dulau and Go. ditions and Improvements, By Tho... Classical Biography: exhibiting alphaMAS MALTON, fen. folio. Il. 19. betically the proper Names, with a Carpenter and Co. Taylor, and y. Thort Account of the several Dei. Malton, No.17, Norton Street, Port- ' ties, Heroes, and other Persons land Place.

mentioned in the ancient classic AuThe Prices of Cabinet Work, with thors; and a more particular De

Tables and Designs illustrating the scription of the most distinguished various Articles of Manufacture. Characters among the Romans: the Revised and corrected by a Com whole being interipersed with occamittee of Master Cabinet Makers. fional Explanations of Words and

With 17 Plates. 4to. Il. 18. Taylor. Phrases. Derignel chiefly 'to conTransactions of the Society, instituted tribute to the Illustration of the La

in London, for the Encouragement tin Classics. By ALEXANDER ADAM, of Arts, Manufactures, and Com L.L.D. Rector of the High School, merce. Vol. XVIII. 8vo. 6s. Sold Edinburgh. 8vo. 68. Greech, Edinat the House of the Society.

burgh; Cadell and Davies, London.



DICTIONARIES-GRAMMARMemoirs of Angelus Politianus, Ace

tíus Sincerus Sannazarius, Petrus An Explanation of the elementary Bembus, Hieronymus Fracastorius, Characters of the Chinese, with al Marcus Antonius Flaminius, and the Analysis of their ancient Symbols Amalthei: Translations from their and Hieroglyphics; and a Comparipoetical Works; and Notes and Ob fon of the Chinese, Egyptian, and fervations concerning other literary Mexican Hieroglyphics. By JOSEPH Characters of the fifteenth and fix HAGER, D. D. Folio.

21. 28.teenth Centuries. By the Rev. W. . Phillips.

I 2


Vocabulario Poetico, &c. or Poetical With fome Observations on the Rea

Dictionary; in which are explained spect due to the Authority of the
Words and Phrases peculiar to Italian Judges, and to the Verdict of a Jury.
Poetry. By VINCENT PERETTI. By a Country MAGISTRATE. 8vo.

12mo. 38. Elmley and Bremner, De 16. 6d. Hatchard, Bickerstaffe.

The Proceedings at Large in the Court The Teacher's Asistant in English of King's Bench, in the Cause of the Composition; or, plain Rules for King against Henry Hunt, Esq. for writing Themes, and composing Ex challenging the Right Honourable ercises on Subjects proper for the Charles Brudnell Bruce, commonly Improvement of Youth of both Sexes called Lord Bruce : addressed to the at School. By John WALKER. Officers and Gentlemen of the Wilt8vo. 35. 6d. Robinfons, Cadell and shire Yeoman Cavalry. 8vo. 25. Crosby Davies.

and Letterman.
An Arabic Grammar. By John Rich. An Effay towards the further Elucidaa

ARDSON. 4to. 788. New Edition. tion of the Law of, Descents. The
Harding, St. James's Street.

second Edition, corrected and ena Juvenile Seasons; or, instructive, mo larged : with an Appendix on the

ral, and amusing Dialogues, for the Dittribution of the personal Estates Use of young people and Schools. of Inteftates. By CHARLES WAT, Bythe COUNTE$S DE FOUCHECOUR, KINS, Esq. of the Middle Temple, 12mo. 28. 6d. Dulau and Co.

Author of a " Treatise on Copye
holds.” 8vo. 8s. boards. gs. bound,

Pheney, Inner Temple Lane,
The History of Bath. By the Rev.
RICHARD WARNER. 4to. 21. 25.

Cruttwell, Bath; Robinsons, London. Various Thoughts on Politics, Mo.
A chronological Abridgment of Uni rality, and Literature. By W.

versal History. To which is added, BURDON, A. M. formerly Fellow of
an abridged Chronology of the most Emanuel College, Cambridge. 8vo,
remarkable Discoveries relative to 36. 6d. (See p. 33.) Newcastle upon
the Arts and Sciences. Translated Tyne printed ; Wef and Hughes,
from the French of the seventh Edi Clarke, New Bond Street, London.
tion, by Lucy PEACOCK.

An Address, delivered to the Royal 38,6d. bound. Peacock, Law.

Westminster Volunteers, on the Con. Historical, genealogical, chronological, secration of the Colours directed to

and geographical Atlas. By M. LE be used by his Majesty's Forces, in SAGE. Polio. Coloured 31. 1os. consequence of the Union between (See M. Epitome, Vol. II. p. 110.) Great Britain and Ireland, on the ift Le Sage.

of January 1801. By the Rev. Jos, History of the Campaign in Holland, JEFFERSON, A.M. F. A. S. Chaplain

in 1999. With Maps and Plans. to the Corps. 8vo. 18. Robson, Lee. 8vo. 155. Gardiner.

The Union Magazine, and Imperial

Register. No. I. 8vo. Is. 6d. (To be

continued monthly.) Walker, PaterLAW.

nofter Row. A practical Treatise on the Law of Lady and Gentleman's polite Jefter for

Annuities: wherein the different Se. 1801; being an elegant Selection of curities for Annuities and the Reme. such Jests, Bon Mots, Anecdotes, dies for the Recovery thereof are &c. &c. as are calculated to enliven fully explained. Together with the the Company of both Sexes, includ. Determinations of the Courts on ing several never before published. the Construction of the Annuity Act. To which is prefixed, the Art of By ROBERT WITHY, of Craven Story-telling, 12mo. 15. Neil, Hurst, Street, Solicitor, and Member of The Western Mail: being a Selection the Honourable Society of the Inner of Letters, made from the Bag taken

Temple. 8vo. 108. 6d.' Butterworth. from the Western Mail, when it was Thoughts on the Repeal of the Statute, robbed by George

made in the fifth and sixth Years of now first published. pama. AS.the Reign of King Edward the Sixth.


A moral


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in 19,

A moral and religious Treatise against The Italian Romance. By Miss Gute

Foreftalling and Monopoly. By the TON, Author of “ Imelina, a GerRev. SAMUEL REVELY, Vicar of man Story.” 3 vols. 12mo. Nore Crosby Ravensworth, Westmor bury, Brentford; Wallis, Paternofter land. Published and fold by the Row, London. Autbør, for the Benefit of the Poor Memoirs of modern Philosophers. By of his Parish. Bell, Penrith.

ELIZABETH HAMILTON, Author of Remarks upon fome Observations, the “ Letters of a Hindoo Rajah." edited in the British Critic, relative 3 vols. Small 8vo. 155. Second to a Work lately published under Edition. Robinsons. the Title of “ Literary Antiquities The Monk of the Grotto; or, Eugenio of Greece.” Intended to obviate and Virginia: a Tale. 2 vols. 12mo. fome Objections proposed by the 78. Lane, Miller, Critic; and to illustrate ftill further Adonia: a defultory Story. 4 vols. the History of ancient Egypt, as well Izmo. 18s. Black and Parry. as that of the earliest Ages of the Adrian and Thecla; or, Friendihip in Flood. By PHILIP ALLWOOD, A.M. Adversity: pathetic Tales. 2 vols, 4to. 8. White.

samo. 6s. Ogilvy and Son, Dutton. The Beauties of OWEN FELLTHAM; Midsummer Eve; or, the Country

selected from his Refolves: a Com Wake: a Tale of the sixteenth Cen. pendium of philofophical, moral, and tury. 2 vols. 12mo. 68. Newcastle religious Instruction, particularly printed; Mawman, London. adapted to the Improvement of early The Musical Companion : being a SeYouth. With Frontispiece. 12mo. lection of the newest and most ap25. 6d. Symonds, Hatcbard.

proved Songs, fung at the Theatres, Cary's New Guide for ascertaining &c. for the Year 1801. 12mọ. 6d.

Hackney Coach Pares and Porterage Penrith printed, by Bell; Clarke, Rates: being an actual and minute New Bond Street, London. Adineasurement of every Street The History and Adventures of Don which is a Carriage Way throughout Quixote. With Plates. 4 vols. 8vo. the Metropolis : fhowing not only New Edition. 21. 25. Royal Paper the whole Length of each Street, but 31. 165. Proof Impreflions sl. 55.also the Distance between each Miller. Coach Turning leading out of the fame, and thereby affording the Means of ascertaining, with the

PHYSIC--ANIMAL ECONOMY. greatest Precifion, the Length of any A familiar Treatise on the physical Route, however indirect, throughout Education of Children, during the the Whole of the Survey; which, early Period of their Lives : a Comifor further Accommodation, is ex pendium addressed to all Mothers tended to Hampstead, Highgate, who are seriously concerned for the Ilington, Highbury, Hornsey House, Welfare of their Offspring. TransStoke Newington, Hoxton, Hackney, lated from the German of CHRISWalworth, Newington Butts, Lam TIAN AUGUSTUS STRUVE, M. D. beth, Vauxhall, Brompton, Kenfing &c. To which are prefixed, Three ton, Paddington, &c. &c. To which Introductory Lectures on the same are also added, Abstracts of the Subject. By A.F.M.WILLICH,M.D. Hackney Coach and Porterage Acts, Author of the Lectures on Diet and copious Index, and ruled Leaves for Regimen, &c. 8vo. 85. (See p.42.) minuting Distances. 8vo. 38. 6d. Murray and Highley, sewed. Carg.

Observations on the Bile and its Dir.

eases; with Remarks on the Struc

ture and Economy of the Liver: NOVELS AND ROMANCES,

read at the Galstonian Lecture for The Force of Blood : a Novel. Tranf 1799, at the Royal College of Phy

lated from the Spanish of Miguel de ficians. By RICHARD POWELL, Cervantes Saavedra, the celebrated M. D. Fellow of the College, &c. Author of Don Quixote. Embel 8vo. 58. Rivingtons. lithed with an elegant Engraving. Afthenology; or the Art of preserv13mo. 39, Elmsley, Bremner, Booley. ing feeble Life, and of supporting



the Constitution under the Influence By FREDERICK REYNOLDS, Efq. of incurable Diseases. Translated 8vo. 29. Longman and Rees. from the German of CHRISTIAN A Review of the musical Drama of AUGUSTUS STRUVE, M.D. By Drury Lane Theatre, for the Years WILLIAM JOHNSTON. New Edi * 1797, 98, 99, and 1800, which will tion. 8vo. 8s. Murray and Highley, tend to develope a System of private 7. Harding.

Infuence, injurious to musical EmuThe Phyficians' portable Library; or lation and public Entertainment, and

Compendium of the modern Prac to elucidate several interefting Points tice of Physic: in which the Caules, of Matter in Mrs. Plowden's late Symptoms, and Treatment of all the distinguished Publication, addressed Diseases incident to the human Body to the Proprietors of the Theatre, are clearly and fully delivered ; to by R. Houlton, M. B. 8vo. 25. gether with the Virtues, Dotes, and Weftly, Symonds. proper Exhibition of all the medi- Lyrical Ballads; with other Poems. cinal Simples and Compositions di By W. WORDSWORTH. Vol. II. rected in the last London and Edin 12mo. 58. (See p. 48.) Longman burgh Pharmacopæias. To which and Rees. are added, Tables of the new Names adopted by cach College, and of their Reference to those formerly in use. By BRABAZON SMITH, M.D. The different Effects of Peace and 12mo. 55. Mathews.

War on the Price of Bread Corn Practical Observations on the Inocu considered ; in an Examination of

lation of the Cow-pox; to which is Principles attempted to be eftaprefixed a compendious History of blished from the yearly Rates of the that Disease, and of its Introduction Market, by J. Brand, cl. &c. By as a Preventive of the Small-pox. JOHN DUTHY. 8vo. Iš. 6d. Rob. By John ADDINGTON, Surgeon, bins, Winchester ; Wallis, London. 8vo. 18. 6d. Johnson.

Humane Suggestions to Members of

the first Imperial Parliament; or ur

gent Reafons for new Laws respecto POETRY AND THE DRAMA.

ing Paper Credit. 8vo. Scott. The Pleasures of Retirement; in three Thoughts on the best Modes of carry,

Cantos : with other Poems. Ву ing into effect his Majesty's ProclaJOHN JEFFERYS. Small 8vo. zs. 6d. mation on the Subject of the preBristol printed; Longman and Rees, fent Scarcity. 8vo. Is. 6d. Wright. London.

Pandora's Box, and the Evils of Bri. Richard the First; a Poem in eighteen tain; with effectual, just, and prac

Books. By Sir JAMES BLAND BUR ticable Means for their Annihilation; GES, Bart. 2 vols. royal 8vo. 185. and for the Preservation of the Peace, Egerton.

Happiness, and Prosperity of the The Pursuits of Literature, a satirical Country. By John BROADLEY, Mer

Poem; with the Citations translated. chant. 8vo. 18. 60: Vernor and
Eleventh Edition. 8vo. 125. 6d. Hood, Debrett.

Observations on the Income-tax; with Eighteen Hundred! a Poem on the Regulations fuggefted for the Secu

Close of the Century: to which are rity of the Revenue, and preventing added, Verses to Youth on the Im the Wafte of public Money : toprovement of their Time. By D. gether with a proposed Plan of an

GRIFFITH. 4to. (d. Barber, White. Auxiliary to the finking Fund. By Idyls, in two Parts. By EDWARD AT JOSEPH BURCHALL, Eiq. one of the

KYNS BRAY. Small 8vo. 45. 6d. joint Clerks to the Commissioners of Rivington, Hatchård.

Taxes for Holborn Division. 8vo. 11 Lutuofo ed il Gaudioso, il Giocoso 18. Fordan.

ed il Diliguente: Poems on Music, The dark Cloud in the political Hethe new Century, Sport, and Care. misphere broken, and a bright Beam 28. 6d. Wright, Symonds.

of Confolation issuing therefrom, in Life, a Comedy in five Ads; as per favour of his Majesty's Ministers and

formed with universal Applause at depressed-Stockholders; with a few the Theatre Royal, Covent Garden. Words of Advice to Growlers, and



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IS. Scott.


The Character of the King: a Sermon the Rev. Jonas DENIS, L.L. B. of gd, or per Dozen. Whittle,

Exeter College, Oxford, &c. 8vo. A Sermon preached at Hendon, in the

the diffatisfied of every Description; County of Middlesex, on Sundays, also a Method prescribed, founded the 14th and 21st of December 1800, on Reason and Experience, for re after his Majesty's Proclamat on removing their Discontent, and ren commending Economy and Frugadering their Minds easy under the lity in the Use of every Species of present State of public Affairs. Re. Grain had been read. By CHARLES spectfully addressed to the Right . BARTON, B. D. Fellow of Corpus Honourable William Pitt, &c. &c., Chrifti College, Oxford, and Curate

By an Old NAVAL OFFICER. 8vo. of Hendon. 8vo. Rivingtons. Domestic Union; or, London as it

thould be ! containing Observations Critical Remarks on the Hebrew Scripon the present State of the Munici. tures, Vol. I. containing Remarks pality of London, with Hints for its on the Pentateuch, correfponding Extenhon and Improvement: toge with a new Translation of the Bible. ther with Remarks on the West India By tlie Rev. ALEXANDEP. GEDDES, Docks in the Ine of Dogs; the L.L.D. 4to. il. 113. 6d. Sold by Wapping Docks; the Projects for the Author. improving London Bridge, and for A Form of Prayer to be used in all making a new Iron Bridge across Churches and Chapels throughout the Thames; the Canal on the South England and Ireland upon Friday, Side of the River; and the several February 13th, being the Day apD<w Streets under present Contem pointed for a general Far.

4to. plation. By the AUTHOR of the 6d. 8vo. 3d. Eyre and Straban. "Portentous Globe." 8vo. 28. 6d. A Call to all the World, Nations, and Welter, Sewell.

People, commanded by the Lord A Letter to the Right Honourable God, and wrote by GEORGE TUR

William Pitt, on the Influence of NER, Leeds. 12mo. Leeds printed. the Stoppage of Illues in Specie at The Churchman's Magazine, for Jathe Bank of England, on the Prices nuary 1801: humbly dedicated to of Provisions and other Commo the King, as supreme Governor of dities. By WALTER Boyd, Esq. the Church of England. By a som M.P. 8vo. 38. 6d. Wright.

CIETY OF CLERGYMEN. 8vo. 3d. Practical Economy; or, a Proposal for (To be continued Monthly.) Whitila enabling the poor to provide for Rivingtons. themselves; with Remarks on the A congratulatory Epiftle from a true Eftablishment of Soup-houses, and Churchman to the Rev. and learned an Investigation of the real Cause of John Martin; occafioned by his the present extravagant Consump Letters on Nonconformnity. 8vo. tion of fine wheaten Bread by the 6d. Whittingham. People of this country. By a PHYSICIAN, 8vo. 25. Callow, Wallis. Causes of Scarcity investigated; allo A Journey from London to the Isle of ab Account of the most itriking Va

Wight. By THOMAS PENNANT, riations in the Weather, from Octo Esq. 2. vols. 4to. Wi:h Plates. ber 1798, to September 1800. To 31. 38. E. Harding, Heft and Hugles." which is prefixed, the Price of Wheat An Account of Travels into the ineevery Year, from 1600 to the pre · rior of southern Africa, in the Years fent Æra. By SAMUEL HOPKINSON,

1797 and 1798: including curfory Observations on the Geology and

Geography of the southern Part of SERMONS.

that Continent; the natural History

of such Objects as occurzed in the preached in the Cathedral Church animal, vegetable, and mineral Kingof St. Peter, Exeter, on Sunday,

doms; and Sketches of the physical the zoth of November 1800. By

and moral Characters of the various Tribes of Inhabitants surrounding the Settlement of the Cape of Good Hope. To which is annexed, a Description of the present State, Poista lation, and Produce of that extenfive



B.D. 8vo. 2s. Newbery.



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