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I 2mo.

Children of the Pocr. By DAVID Munimenta Antiqua ; or, Observations MORRICE, Author of the “ Art of on ancient Castles; including the Teaching,” &c. 8vo. Is. Riving whole Progress of Architecture, ectons, Hatchard.

clefiaftical as well as military, in The Manuscripts of Virtuollo, pub Great Britain; and on the correliited for the Amusement and Im (ponding Changes in Manners, Laws, provement of young Perfons. To and Cuftoms. Tending both to il which are subjoined, Thoughts on luftrate modern History, and to eluEducation; addressed to Parcuts. cidate many interesting Pallages in By ELIZA, ANDREWS.. Izmo. 35. various claffic Authors. By EDWARD Hatchard.

KING, Esq. F.R.S. and A.S. Vol. II. The Dog of Knowledge; or, Me Folio. With Plates. 31. 135. 6d.

moirs of Bob, the spotted Terrier. Nicol, White. By the AUTHOR of “ Dick, the Aa History of the original Parit of

Little Poney." 12mo. zs. 6d. Harris. Whalley and Honor of Clitheroe, in A new practical French Grammar; in the Counties of Lancaster and York.

which all the Rules, Observations, By THOMAS DUNHAM WHITAKER, &c. are explained in an entirely new LL.D. Fellow of the Society of Manner. By M. L'Abbé CREULLY. Antiquarians. 4to. With Plates.

38. 6d. bound. Lackington, 3 L 34. (See p. 659) Hemingway, Allen, and Com

and Crook, Blackburn; Hatchard, Conjugata Latina; or, a Collection of London.

the purest and moft usual Latin An universal History, ancient and moWords, diftinguished into Clailes dern, comprehending a general View according to the Times of their of the Tranfa&ions of every Nation, Occurrence, and arranged according Kingdom, and Empire on the Globe, to their Derivations; with their Sig from the earliest Accounts of Time nifications and syllabic Quantities: to the general Peace of 1801. 'By comprising three thoutand Words, WILLIAM MAVOR, LL.D. Vicar chicily selected from Terence, Catar, of Hurley, in Berkshire, and ChapVirgil, Horace, and Ovid. To which lain to the Earl of Dumfries. Vol. l. is fubjoined, an alphabetical Index 12mo. 35. 6d. (To be comprised in of all the Words in the Conjugata. 25 Vols.) Pbillips. By Thomas HAIGH, Master of the The Field of Mars: being an alphaGranmar School,Tottenham. 12mno. betical Digestion of the principal 3s. Symonds, l'ernor and Hood. naval and military Engageinents in

Europe, Asia, Africa, and America, HISTORY--ANTIQUITIES.

particularly of Great Britain and her

Allies, from the ninth Century to The ancient and modern State of the the Peace of 1801. With Portraits

Parish of Cramond.. To which are and Maps. 2 vols. 4to. 3ł. 35 added, biographical and genealogical Robinsoas. Collections respecting fome of the molt corfiderable Families and Individuals connected with that District : comprehending a Sketch of the Life Elements of the Science of Convey. and Projects of the celebrated John ancing: comprising, 1. the Nature Law, of Lauriston, of the several Species of real Proneral of the Finances of France. perty; 2. the Estates, &c. which

4to. With Engravings. 155. Wbite. may be had in such Property; The Arcbaiology of Wales, for pre 3. the Injuries of which it is lufcep

ferving the Contents of ancient MSS. tible, with the Means of redrelling Vol. I. is a Collection of the Poetry them; 4. the Nature and Operation of the British Bards, from the snost of the different Species of Affurances remote Times to the Beginning of used in transferring it from one the fourteenth Century; Vol. II. Perion to another; 5. the Mode in contains various hiftorical Docu which it will descend, &c. on the ments and Chronicles, to the End of Decease of the Owner. To which the same period. Vols. I.-II. Royal are prefixed, curtory Remarks on 8vo. 21. 23. Longman and Ress, the Study and Practice of Convera Williams.

ancing; including a Course of Reada


ing, and List of Books for the Use Materials for Thinking. By W. Burof Students and Practitioners; and DON, A.M. No. I. 8vo. 15. To a Syllabus of the Remainder of the be continued Monthly.) Hurst, LonWork. By CHARLES BARTON, of don; Mitchell, Newcastle -uponthe Inner Temple, Esq. Parts I. Tyne. and II. Royal 8vo. ss.each. Clarke Claims of Literature: the Origin, Moand Son.

tives, Objects, and Transactions, of A Supplement to Viner's Abridgment; the Society for the Establishment of

containing an Abridgment of the a literary Fund. 8vo. 78. 6d.; modern Determinations in Law and royal 8vo. 108. 6d. Miller. Equity, distributed in the Order of Works of the late Dr. BENJAMIN that valuable Work, and including FRANKLIN; consisting of his Life, the Titles of Ejectment to funeral written by Himself: together with Charges inclusive. Vol. IV. Royal Erays, humorous, moral, and lite8vo. 139. Robinsons, Pame.

rary, chiefly in the Manner of the A Compendium of the Law of Evi. Spectator. With a Portrait. 2 vols.

dence. By THOMAS PEARF., Esq. Small 8vo. 8s. Yones. of Lincoln's Inn, Barrister at Law. Letters on the Irill Nation : written 8vo. 68. Brooke and Rider.

during a Visit to that Kingdom, in A Collection of Rules and ftanding the Autumn of the Year 1799. By

Orders of the House of Commons, re GEORGE COOPER, Esq. of the Holative to private Bills, &c.; with the nourable Society of Lincoln's Inn. additional Orders respecting Ireland. Second Edition, with great Addi

4to. 35. Payne, Brooke and Rider. tions. 8vo. 8s. White. Addenda to the fourth Edition of the The Detector of Quackery; or, Ana

Bankrupt Laws; containing the De lyfer of medical, philosophical, poterminations to the End of the Year litical, dramatic, and literary Im1800. By WILLIAM Cooke, of pofture. By JOHN CORRY, Author Lincoln's Inn, Esq. 8vo. $s. Brooke of a “Satirical View of London," and Rider.

&c. 12mo. 48. Hurst, Cbapple. Miss Sharpe's Letter to the Congrega.

tion-ineeting at White Row, SpitalMINERALOGY.

fields. 8vo. 6d. Badcock, Jordar. Experiments and Observations on the Letters of the Dead; or, Epiftles from

mineral Waters of Hampstead and the Statesmen of former Days to Kilburn. By JOHN Bliss. 8vo. those of the present Hour. 8vo. 28. Phillips.

JS. Stockdale.
A new Oriental Regifter and East India

Directory, for 1802; containing com-

plete Lists of the Company's SerThe Works of the Rev. Jonathan Swift, vants, civil, military, and marine, at

D.D. Dean of St. Patrick's, Dublin. the different Precedencies in the Eaft Arranged by THOMAS SHERIDAN, Indies, &c. &c. By JOHN MATHIA. M. With Notes historical and son and ALEXANDER WAYMASON, critical. A new Edition. In 19 vols. of the Secretary's Office, India House. 8vo. Corrected and revised by JOHN 12mo. 48. Black and Parry. NICHOLS, F.S.A. Edinburgh and An Inquiry concerning the Influence Perth. 91. 125. ; royal Paper 11l. 8s. of Tithes upon Agriculture, wheJohnfon, Sewell, &c.

ther in the Hands of the Clergy The Works of James Harris, Esq.; or the Laity; together with some

with an Account of his Life and Thoughts respecting their commu. Character. By his Son, the EARL tation. To which are added, ReOF MALMESBURY. 2 vols. Royal marks upon the Animadversions of 4to. With Plates. 31. 139. 6d. Win Mr. A. Young and his Correipond. grave:

ents relative to the Subject of Titbes, The miscellaneous Works of Oliver as well as those of the courty agri

Goldsmith, M. B. A new Edition. cultural Surveyors, employed under To which is prefixed, some Account the Direction of the Board of Agriof his Life and Writings. 4 vols. culture. By the Rev. John How. 8vo. With Portrait, il. 165. John LETT, Vicar of Great Dunmor', for, er

Eflex. 8vo. 38. Richardson,



2 vols.

I 2mo.


4 vols.

Specimens of literary Refemblance in

PHYSIC-SURGERY. thi Works of Pope, Gray, and A familiar Treatise on the Nature, other celebrated Writers; with cri Causes, and Cure of Consumptions, tical Observations. In a Series of Afthma, and Dropfy; with ObserLetters. By the Rev. SAMUEL vations on the foreign Reputation of BERDMORE, D.D. late Mater of the Iceland Liverwort, as a Specific the Charter House School. 8vo. 48.

in those Affections. By JEREMIAH Wilkie.

P. CRAMOR, M.D. and F.R.C.S. Arithmetical Questions, on a new Plan; 8vo.

25. Jcboult, Tutt. irtended to answer the double Pur- Practical Observations on the Conor. pole of arithmetical Instruction and rhæa Virulenta; and a new Mode of miscellaneous Inforination. Designed treating that Disease recommended. chi-; for the Use of young Ladies. By ROBERT BARKER. 8vo. 25. 6d. By William BUTLER, Teacher of Hanwell and Parker, Oxford; RiWriting, &c. Third Edition, en vingtons, Hatchard, London larged. 870. gs. 6d. bound. Maw- Historical Surgery; or, the Progress of man, Harris.

the Science of Medicine: on Inflammation, Mortification, and gun-shot Wounds. By JOHN HUNT. 4to. Il. is. Loughborough printed; Rj

vingtons, London. Jealousy; or, the dreadful Mittake: New Inventions and Directions for

a Novel. By a CLERGYMAN'S ruptured Persons; teaching them DAUGHTER.

the Art of effectually keeping up Lanė.

inguinal and scrotal Ruptures. By St. Margaret's Cave; or, the Nun's W. H. T. Esq. To which is pre

Story: a Romance. By Mrs. Eli fixed, a recommendatory Letter, by ZABETH HELME.

I 2mo. WILLIAM BLAIR, A. M. F.M.S. il. IS. Earle and Hemet.

Member of the Royal College of . Mysterious Friendship: a Tale. 2 vols. Surgeons in London, &c. 25. Hurst.

8s. Earle and Homet. A Treatise on the new-discovered Zelomir: a Romance. Translated from Dropsy of the Membranes of the

the French of MORE DE VINDE; Brain and watery Head of Children; divided into twelve Books, with ori proving that it may be frequently ginal Sonnets prefixed to each Book. cured, if early discovered: with By Thomas NOBLE, Author of the Obiections to Vomits, &c. &c. To “ Dawn of Peace," " Amphion,” which are added, Observations on &c. 48. Ginger.

Errors in Nursing; on the Diseases The Peasant of Ardenne Forest. By of Children; their Treatment, &c.:

Mrs. PARSONS. 4 vols. 12mo. il. proper for the Contemplation of Hurst, Hatchard.

Parents. By WM. Rowley, M.D. The Fatal Secret; or, Unknown War &c. &c. 8vo.

Murray and rior: a Romance of the twelfth Cen Highley. tury; with legendary Poems. By A Treatise on the primary Symptoms SOPHIA King, Author of " Wal of the Lues Venerea; with a critical dorf,” &c.

45. Barnard, and chronological Account of all the Symonds.

English Writers on this Subject, from 1735 (being the Period at which

Dr. Aftruc finithed his chronological PHILOSOPHY.

Account) to 1985. To which are Philosophical Tranfactions of the Royal added, an Analysis of a Course of

Society of London, for the Year Lectures on the Venercal Disease, 3801. Part II. 4to. With Plates. Strictures on the Urethra, and other

173. 6d. (Seo p.656.) Elmsly. Affections of the urinary Organs; Letters of Euler, on diferent Subjects delivered by the Author at his House,

in Physics and Philofoplay. Addrested No. 2, Soho Square. By G. REES, to a German Princess. Translated M. D. formerly House-surgeon to by HENRY HUNTER. Second Edie the Lock Hospital, and late Phyfi. tion. 2 vols. 8vo. 183. Murray cian to the Leicester Street Difpenand ligh!;.

fary. 8vo. 65. Allen. VOL.V.--No. LIV.



I 2ino.

I 2mo.


I 2mo.

POETRY AND THE DRAMA. Shakspeare's Plays, from the Text of "Bread; or, the Poor: a Poem. With Johnson and Steevens. 4to. No. I.

Notes and Illustrations. By M. With two Plates, engraved by Heath. PRATT, Author of “Sympathy," il. 18. (To be comprised in 36 Nos.) “ Gleanings,” &c. 4to. 75. Long Heath, Robinsons. man and Rees.

Alfonzo King of Caftile : a Tragedy, Peace: a Poem. Inscribed to the in five AAs. By M.G. LEWIS, Esq.

Right Hon. Henry Addington. By Author of the “Castle Spectre,” &c. THOMAS DENNODDY. 4to. 18. 6d.


28. 6d. Bell. Hatcbard.

The Female Volunteer; or, the DawnA poetical, Introduction to the Study ing of Peace; a Drama, in three

of Botany. By FRANCES ARABELLA Acts. By PHILO NAUTICUS. 8vo. ROWDEN. Royal 8vo. IOS. 6d.; 35. Haichard, Egerton. large Paper il. is. White. The School for Satire; or, a Collection of modern satirical Poems, written

POLITICS-POLITICAL ECONOMY, during the prefent Reign. 8vo. 108. 6d. Jaques and Co.

The Speech of the Right Honourable The Maid of Lochlin: a lyrical Drama. William Windham, delivered in the

With legendary Odes, and other House of Cominons Wednesday, 4th Poems. By WILLIAM RICHARDSON, November 1801, on the Report of A. M. Professor of Humanity in the an Address, approving of the PreliUniversity of Glasgow. Small 8vo. minaries of Peace with the Republic 35. Vernor and Hood.

of France. 8vo. 25. 6d. Cobbeti The Valley of Llanberne, and other and Morgan.

Pieces in Verse. To which is pre- Profusion of Paper Money, not Defifixed, a View of the Valley. By ciency of Harveft; Taxation, not John FISHER, A. B. 8vo. 38. 6d. Speculation, the real Causes of the Hatchard.

Sufferings of the People. To which Fables by John Gay, with the Life of is added, an Appendix, containing

the Author. Embellished with 70 Remarks upon the Report of the Engravings. In one vol. Sm. 8vo. Committee of the House of Com. 98. Robinson, Cadell and Davies.

mons, appointed to inquire into the The Song Smith; or, Riginarole Re Cause of the high Price of Provi.

pository. Written by C. DIBDIX, fons; and an important Inference jun.; containing the most popular from Mr. H. Thornton's Speech in Songs of the Author, many never Parliament, March 26th. By a before published, and several written BANKER. 8vo. IS. Jordan. for the Work: every Song introduced through the Medium of appropriate Observations, Humour, Anecdote, &c. forming a connected Series of Whimsicality.

25. Specimens of Preaching (eight Ser. Symonds, Vernor and Hood.

mons). By R. HAWKER, D.D. Vicar The Billington; or, New pocket Har of Charles, Plymouth. 8vo. 58.

monist, for 1802 : containing all the Philip, Plymouth Dock; H'illiams, most popular and esteemed modern Stationers' Court. Songs, &c. in the English Language, The mutual Duties of Husbands and including the celebrated Bravura Wives: a Sermon, occafioned by Song, Airs, &c. now singing by that the Marriage of R-S-E9. unrivalled vocal Performer, Mrs. of M ; preached in Argyle Billington, at the Theatres Drury Chapel, Bath, August 16, 1801. By Lane and Covent Garden. To which WILLIAM Jay. 8vo. 1S. 6d. Wilis prefixed, a Sketch of her Life. liams, Stationers' Court; Matiews. With 2 Portrait. I8mo. Is. 6d. Sermons on various Subjccts. By the Hursi.

Rev. T. BASELY, A. M. Chaplain to La Bagatella; or, Delineations of home the Lord Bishop of Lincoln, and

Scenery: a defcriptive Poem, in two Proprietor of Grosvenor Chapel. Parts. With Notes critical and hif 8vo. 6s. Cadell and Davies, Ladley. torical. By WILLIAM Fux, jun. Sermons by the Rev. GEORGE PAT. 8vo. 75. 64. Conder, Rivingtons. TRICK, LL.B. late Vicar of Eve



I 2mo.

ley, Eflex; joint Lecturer of St. that Country. Illusrated with Maps. Leonard's, Shoreditch; Sunday Even By ALEXANDER MACKENZIE, Esq. ing Lecturer of St. Bride's, Fleet 4to. Il. IIS. Od. Cadell and DaStreet; and Chaplain to the Right svies. Hon. Lady Dacre, of Lee. To which Travels in Switzerland, and in the are prefixed, Memoirs of the Life of Country of the Grifons: in a Series the Author. With a Portrait, 8vo. of Letters to William Melmoth, Elq. 9s. Williams, Stationers' Court. from WILLIAM COXE, M.A. F.R.S.

F.A.S. Rector of Bemerton. Fourth

Edition. With an historical Sketch, THEOLOGY.

and Notes on the late Revolution.

3 vols. 8v0. 11. 78.; large Paper, Reflections on the Works of God, in with 20 Views by Smith, 21. 25.

Nature and Providence, for every Cadell and Davies.
Day in the Year. By C. C.STURM. Travels through Germany, Switzer,
Translated from the French, and land, Italy, and Sicily. Translated
collated with the German.. By the from the German of FREDERIC
Rev. ADAM CLARKE. 4 vols. izmo. LEOPOLD, Count Stolberg. By
With Plates 163.; fine Paper il. THOMAS HOLCROFT. 4 vols. 8vo.

Il. 128. With Piates. Robinsons. The Works of the late William Mason,

revised and corrected by the Rev. Henry Cox MASON, A.M. Morning Preacher and Lecturer of St.

PRINTS AND MAPS. Mary Magdalen, Bermondsey; and Portraits of distinguished Etonians. Chaplain to the Right Hon. the Earl Plates I. and II. zs. each. Gardner, of Onslow. No. I. 8vo. Is. (To be Strand; Clarke, New Bond Street. comprised in about 40 Numbers). A Print of Edward the Sixth. Engraved Fones.

by T. G. WALKER, from an original An Effay on the Unreasonableness of Painting by Hans HOLBEIN, in the

Scepticism. By the Rev. J. HARE, Court Room of Christ's Hospital; A.M. Rector of Coln St. Deny's, and by Permission dedicated to the Gloucestershire; and Vicar of Stat Treasurer, and the Amicable Society ton, St. Margaret, Wilts. 8vo. 68. of Blues. 1os. 6d.; Proofs il. Is. Riving tons, E. Williams.

Wilkinson. Introduction to the New Testament. A Portrait of Mr. William Cobbett.

By John David MICHAELIS, late SMITH del. BARTOLOzzi sc. 7s.6d. Professor in the University of Got in Colours 155. tingen, &c. Translated from the Portrait of Samuel Whitbread, Efq. fourth Edition of the German, and M.P. HOPPNER P. REYNOLDS sc. confiderably augmented, with Notes,

Il. is. Colnaghi and Co. Boydell. and a Dissertation on the Origin and Portrait of the Right Hon. Thomas Composition of the three first Gof Wallace, M. P.

W. CLARKE p. pels. By HERBERT MARSH, B.D. C. TURNIR fc. 6s. Gribb. F.R.S. Fellow of St. John's College, The grand Attack on Valenciennes by Cambridge. Part II. (which com the combined Armies, under the pletes the Work). 3 vols. 8vo. Command of his Royal Highness the il. 13. Cambridge printed; Riving Duke of York, July 25, 1793. Love tons, London.


Proofs 71. 78. Grei.

A Drawing-book, containing four Views VOYAGES AND TRAVELS.

from Nature. Designed and en

graved by JUKES, late Pupil to Voyages from Montreal, on the River Alken. 2s. Chamberlin, Great Russell

St. Laurence, through the Continent Street. of North America, to the Frozen Four Views on the Lakes, viz. Ulll. and Pacific Oceans, in the Years water, Buttermerc, Upper Fall at 1789 and 1793 ; with a preliminary Rydal, Bowness and Part of WinAccount on the Rife, Progress, and dermere. Engraved by JUKES. present State of the Fur Trade of il. ios. in Colours. Jukis.

2 Q4


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