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Four View's of Churches in Berkshire, ever is curious in Nature or art,

viz. St. Mary's, Reading ; Balildon; The Materials, derived from origiWhitchurch; Pangbourne. Engraved pal Productions, and from Works of

by JUKES. 128. in Colours. Yuées. the first Authority, are arranged • Two Views: Shakípeare Cliff, Fort upon a Plan of Peripicuity and Con

Amherst, &c. from the Pier at Dover; cifeness, methodized to as to be ac. Dover Castle, &cfrom the Beach. cessible to every Capacity, and illus. Engraved in Aquatinta by JUKES. trated by circular Maps, trem accus 21. 28. in Colours. Jukes.

rate Drawings made expressiy for Four Views in Holland. HUTCHINSON this Work. By JOHN COOKE, En,

del. JUKES sc. 31. in Colours. graver. Part I. 4to. Ics. 6d. Huift; Jukes.

Clarke, New Bond Street. Four Views on the Lake of Killarney.

Engraved by JUKES. Il. 10s.

Colours. Jukes.
The Pyramid of Caius Cestus; Porto

PUBLICATIONS ANNOUNCED. Giovani. Engraved by JUKES. Modern Geography: a Description of

21. 25. the Pair, in Colours. Jukes. the Empires, &c. in all parts of the The circular Atlas, and compendious World, including the most recent

Syftem of Geography; being a com Discoveries and political Alterations. prehensive and particular Delinea 2 vols. 4to. With numerous Maps. tion of the known World; whether By John PINKERTON. relative to the Situation, Extent, Also an Abridgment of the above and Boundaries of Empires, King Work. doms, Republics, &c. or to the Dr. Johnson's Edition of the English Description of Countries, Inands, Poets; with additional Lives by Dr. Cities, Towns, Harbours, Rivers, Aikin, and embellishments by Heath, Mountains, &c.: comprifing what Each Author to be fold separately.

A List of French Books, lately imported, will be given in our next,





N. B. For the Title of the Books, Pamphlets, &c. fee the Index prefixed to the



Batalha, monastery of, 360

Baths of Loiche, 134
ABBOT, Archbishop, 366

Abercromby, Sir Ralph, death of, 566 Battle, trial of, form of, 335
Abergavenny, iron works at, 208

Bayeux tapestry, description of the, 163
Aeroftatic inftitution, 500

Becket's shrine, 140
school at Meudon, 23

Bedouins, account of the, 618
Africa, 'filver mine in, 69

Ben Lomond, ascent of, 3.00
-, natural productions in, 313 Berkeley Caftle, 275
Agas, government of, in Crete, 652

-S, monuments of the, ibid.
Agricultural industry, burdens on, 53 Bermudas, inlands of, their climate, &c.
Akenfide, 34

Albemarle, Duke of, 77

Bernard, Great St. convent of, 132
Alexandrian column, inquiries concerning

-, Hospital of, 131
the, 321

Birds of Africa, remarkable, 257
Alexandrian library, 323

Bishop, the boy, 644
Ancrum House and Moor, 431

Bishop and his Clerks, rocks so called, 503
Angolans, manners and customs of, 9 Black Book, account of the, 368
Anglo-Saxon monarchs, their magnificence,

-, curious extracts from, 369

Blair, Dr. life of, 341
Anglo-Saxons, their propensity to gaming, Blandy, Miss, 205

Blarney Caftle, 264
Animals, imitation of, 590

Bonaparte's passage of the Alps, 27
tutored by jugglers, 589

Border customs and manners, 430
Appleby Castle, account of, 327

Bosjelmans, their country and mannersa
Archers, extraordinary performances of,


Boreler family, 325
Archery and the cross bow, 477

Boy of Bilfton, a strange impoftor, 356
Architecture, origin of, 250

Boyd's letter to Mr Pist, 115
domestic, origin and progress Brenned moth, tha, a ballade, 218
of, 660

Brathwayt, Richard, 308
Articulation, provincial dialect, &c. 382 Bread, curious distribution of, 337
Ashburnham, account of, 144

Bribery, fordid, instances of, 83
Auguftins, convent of, sculpture in, 25 Brifforining, 501

Britain, mercorological observations relative

to, 399
Bacon, Sir Nicholas, life of, 334

British Channel, 492
-, Friar, genius of, 84

names, remains of, 328
Barrows on Salisbury Plain, account of, prisoners in West Indies, Hugues's

cruelty to, 151
Bafaltic columns, 387

Broek, village of, 189


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Buait, account of, 495

Cuftoms with regard to lying-in womea,
Buffalo and lion defcribed, 140

Bull and bear baiting, 591

Cyprus wine, 553
Bul-fights at Lisbon, 359
bu'l-runnin), 591

Burmas, on the medicine, literature, &c. Dacre, Lord, anecduce of, 147
of the, 103

Dancing and tumbing, 539
Byggé, Thos. account of, 14

Danes, bones of, 1.44
David, St. offerings at the shrine of, 502

Dead, burning of the, 281
Cacongo, kingdom of, it

-, burying of, in churches, laws againft,
Caithness, the eastern coast of, 491

Calder Castle, its antiquities, &c. 391

Deaf and dumb, mode of inftruâion of,
Canals, remarks on, 625

Candia, behaviour of the pacha of, 650

how made to underftand
Cape of Good Hope, sheep of described, 137

what it is to hear, 570

-, of inftruétors who have
-, society and manners published on the fubjeét, 567
of, 69

Derby creft, origin of the, 327
Cards, playing, origin of, 641

--'s, Countets of, gallant defence of
Care's cure, orafg for care, 309

Latham Houte, 326
Carisbrook, usage of attornies at, 182 Dervises, howling, ceremonies of, 581

Caftle, Princess Elizabeth con Desmond, rebellion of the last Earl of, 282
fined in, 192

Domnestic comfort, 623
Carmagnole, a patriotic dance, 501 Domingo, St. state of, 121
Carns, or heaps of stones, 494

-, agriculture of, ibid.
Carraccis, the, 303

-, pillaged by Drake, ibid.
Cartlane Craigs, 299

Downton, account of, 265
Carty, M', family of, 284

Downing, the seat of Mr. Pennant, 498
Caffinithe aftror.omer, 19

Drake, Sir Francis, anecdotes of, 377
Castles 2:1 churches, ancient, 175

—'s, Sir Francis, pilage of St. Domin.
Catherine I. anecdotes cf, 533
Caucasus Mount, colotal statues on, 105

Drowned persons, refufcitation of, 451
Caves of the French observatory, 19

---, curious fact relative to the
Century, the fourth, 3

recovery of, 452
Cervantes, life of, 108

Drummond the poet, anecdotes of, 298
death of, 113

Durer, Albert, 303
Chantilly, 15

Dutch, avertion of the, to the sea air, 186
Charles XII. of Sweden, 202

- colonists, mode of life of, 70
Charlemagne, reign of, 4

- invafion, 1667, 77
Cheats, stories of at Peterburg, 466
Chriftinas, King of, 644

Cimolcan earth, 605

Echoes, account of remarkable, 570
Clackmannan, the old lady of, anecdote of, --, remarkable, 283

how produced, 509
Clafes, middle, on the education of, 381 Edinburgh, its manners, festivals, &c. 428
Clouds, on the formation of, 395

Education, on the best mode of, 376
Coal-works at Whitehaven, 149

first impressions, 286
Cock-fighting, 593

ftrictures on the modern fyftem
Cocks, throwing at, 594

of, 513
Coimbra, country round, 382

Edward ll. murder of, 275
university, 361

Ecls, Dr. Piot's obiervation on, 356
Coined money, origin of, 38

Egg Dance, 5+?
Compofing draughts, 44

Eypi, landing of the British troops, 564
Conftantinople, ires ai, 584

Emyption Monuments, 23
its inhabitants, revenues, El-Arish, encampment at, 617
&c. 680

Electing under trees, northern cuftom of,
Conftitution Book, curious extracts from, 445

Elizabeth, Empress, acceffion of, 600
Conversation, remarks on, 620

Queen, highly esteemed by
Corn Market, &c. 627
Cuttages, smoky, 300

Embankments, observations on, 225
Crakenhorpe, its derivation, 328

England and Wales, cultivation of, 6:5
Crete, government of, 652

English, private life of, in the reign of
Crows and the wrons, a tale, 219

Henry VI. 245
Cumberland beggar, a tale, 49

Epic poetry, 38


80, 121

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Ivan II, 417


Epigram on his Majesty's recovery in 1789 Guildford, hospital at, 366

Friary, antiquities at, 367
a consolation of avarice, ibid. Gunpowder known to the ancients, 41
Eton College, ceremonies of election at,

magazines at Purfleet, 76
plot confpirators, 357



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Fabius Urfinus, 32

Hag's bed, a heap of itones, 284
Falconer, lite of, 374

Havulla, King of, 97
Farley Castle, defcription of, 271

------, description of city of, ibid.
Fayette, La, Maubourg, &c. circumstances Harlech, a remarkable exhalation at, 498.

· attending their detention in Pruffia, 277 Harmonica, a mutical inftrument, 511
Ferguson, Robert, life of, 372

Hawking, &c. 474
Feversham, royal entertainments, 78 Hawthornden, deicription of, 298
Fingal, cave of, 387

Heatley, William, account of, 659
Fire-eater, account of a, 543

Helipolis, battle of, 619
Fish of the brooke, to a, a ballade, 218 Henley, orator, 205
Fisherman's return, 209

Henry, first Marq. of Worcefter, anecdote
Flodden, battle of, 429

of, 199
Fools, the festival of, 644

Henry II. penance of, at Becket's tomb,
Foreigners, preference of, 84

Foreftalling, observations on laws against, VIII anecdote of, 476

-- Prince, anecdote of, 534
Foyers, remarkable fall of, 389

· IV. of France, 166
Franckfort, abolition of funeral pomp at, Herland copper-mine, discovery of filver in,

Frederic the Great, 213

Highland superftitions, 388
William II. his accession and cha.

chieftain, hospitality of an, ibid.
racter, 214

Hock, old, 471
-, portraits of the mini- Homer, the school of, 647
fters of, 215

Hopes and disappointments, 343
death of, 276

Horse racing, 476
Friendship, a poem on, 456

Hottentot, cruel treatment of a, 31%
French dancers opposed by the public, 92

farmers, 137

remarkable escape of, from a

lion, 311
Gam, Captain, the Fluelin of Shakespeare, Hotientots, character of the, 194

language of the, 195
Game, the solitary, 641

their custom of greasing the
Garrick's performance of Lear, 91

body, 195
last appearance on the stage, 93

cruelties exercised upon the, 193
-, character of, as an actor, 94 Howard, Lord William, anecdotes of, 329
Ganies detrimental to health, 46

Earl of Northampton, anecdotes
Geoffry of Monmouth, 259
Gcography, plan for the study of, 384 Hugues, Victor, inhuman barbarity of, 150
George II. anecdote of, 92

-'s, Victor, cruelty to British pri-
German honesty, signal inftance of, 586 soners, 151
Germans, characteristic features of, 585 Humane Society, when inftituted, 450
Germany, lines written in, 49

Hume's History, a continuation of, pro-
Giant's Causeway, 230

posed by Dr. Robertson, 637
Gibbon, a letter from to Dr. Robertson, 637 leiters to Dr. Robertson, 636, 639,
Gibbon's opinions criticised, 323

Godwin, Earl, anecdote of, 190

Hume, Mr. his flattering reception at Paris,
lands, 143

Goitres, a malady in the Lower Vallais, 130 Hunting, privileges for, under the Norman
Gout, remedy for, 563

kings, 423
Grasshoppers or locufts, 552

followed by the clergy and ladies,
Grammar, English, neglected in schools,


Hungerfords, monuments of the, 27
Greece, invitations to entertainments, 613 Hurftmonccaux Castle, 144
Greci cuftoms at entertaininents, 615 Hythe church, description of, ibid.
Greeks, unhappy situation of, 554
Greek military funerals, and treatment of

1. J.
the Nain, 612

James T. anecdote of, 424
Guildford, its situation, quarry hole, &c. James II. historical m moirs of, 641

Iceland, the hot iprings ui, 229


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of, 75

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Jermin, Sir Thomas, anecdote of in 1707, Merrils, the game of, 443

Merthyr Tydfi, Wales, 495
Indian cure for the bite of venomous rep Methuen fanily, origin of the, 269
tiles, 40

- Sir Paul, anecdotes of, ibid.
- Indicator, or honey bird, 309

Middlesex, population vi, 624
Incz de Castro, ftory of, 362

Miitord Haven, 496
Infants, new-born, treatment of in the Milo, description of, 649
Archipelago, 606

fituation of the ancient town ing
Inftitutions, humabe, observations on, 401 64.9
Institute, meetings of the, 22

catacombs in, itid.
Invercauld, its fir plantations, 426

Miltoni, sketch of the lite of, 523
Inverness, description of, 390

bis great icarning and political
John of Kent, account of, 261

principles, &c. 529
Johnson and Parr, Drs. 36

--'s Pardise Loft, first published, 527
Jones, Audrew, a tałe, 48

Paradise Lost, origin of, 595
Idland, new, sudden appearance of, 555

Regained, origin of, 598
ivan I. fubdues the Tartars, and unites the Les Samson Agoniftes, 598
principalities, 412

Minstrels, Character of, 242
II. surnanici the Terrible, 414
dethroned, 600

Mifrule, the lord of, 6+3

Mistletoe, ceremunies of, 444

Monuments in convent of Augustins, :3
Kaffers, ignorant of the use of fith, 253 Morris, Valentine, of Piercefield, anecdotes
-, disposal of their dead, ibid.

of, 26
Kildare, Earl, anecdote of, 282

dancing, 169
Koranas, 1 predatory tribe, 312

Morco, sketch of, 603
Kouli Khan, fplendid embally from, 600 Mountebanks, 543

Munsey, Dr. anecdote of, 93

Mucruls Lake, 283
Lake, salt water, a remarkable, 138 Musgrave, Captain Thos. anecdote of, 335
Land and sea breezes, caule vf, 394

Music houles of the 17th century, 595
Language, remarks on, 242

Mutical instruments, Scotch, 427
Learning, restoration of, in 13th century, Mutulman's account of Alexander's crossing

the Indus, 107
Lewis IX. 86
Library, national, at Paris, 2:

Lightning, effects of, 453

Naishkin's villa, 547
Lion and butilo described, 140

National muscun, French, 18
Lifbon, aquedu&t of, 317

Navy, state of, in the 16th century, 199
its foil, ibid.

Naworth Castle, 329
police of, and ntanners of the inha- Nerves, on the irritability of, 445
bitants, 318

Nile and the Ganges, 393
Lismore Castle, 285

Novels, on the reading of, 514
Llewelyn, death of, 495

Nurses, experiments of, on infants, 44
Locusts, their numbers and devastation,

Lover, petition of the, 277

Olympus, Mount, excursion to, 610
Lunatic, account of a, 281

Organic reproductions, on, 572

Orientals, customs of che, 502

Ollian, remarks on the poetry of, 301
Macallame, Anne, portrait of, 327

Oftriches and their eggs, 10
Madrid, its manners and inhabitants, 315 Oxen, draught, obfentations on, 223
Maid's Money, a ingakar bequest, 367
Malemba, kingdom of, il

Walkin Tower, rondezvous of witches, 327 Pageants, mows, &c. 535
Marguerite de Valois, 166

lakington, Sir John, anecdotes of, 335
Marocco, defcription of, y3

Pail-Niall, a fashionabis game, 535
-, Einparor oi, ibid.

Paradise Loft, origin of, 596
Marcial imitátel, 6:4

Regainer!, origin of, 598
Mary Q. of Scots, incercating papers relative Parkhhurit, Sir Robert, 367
to, 639

Pirr and Johnson conipared, 36
Maraman, kingdom of, 8

Patrick, St. account of, 502
Mauritius, manners of the inhabitants of, Pavements, titolated, 273

Peaceable disposition, 344
account of the black,cl, 155 Pearce, Dicky, anecdote of, 275
Mentchikol, anecdotes of, 531

Pembroke, Earl oi, funnet by the, 308


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