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Penmaen-Mawr, 499

Rhymer's, an inveterate, farewell to the
Persia, sketch of the literature of, 806 muses, 623
Peter the Great, a patron of the arts, 484 Richborough, 78

-, interesting anecdotes of, Richmond, Margaret Countess of, 326

Roberts, Captain, anecdotes of, 356
-'s extraordinary activity, 488 Robertion, Dr. sketch of his character, 638
Petersburg, domestic su plies of, 465

-'s; Dr, account of his early life,
inundations in, and precautions

against, 467

, publication of his History
its works of art, 468

of Scotland, 634
hearths in the streets of, ibid.
Curious piece of mechanism at,

of Charles V, 635

Robin Hood, account of, 84
, Imperial palace at, 481

Rope, wonderful performances on the, 547
; gallery of oriental figures at, 546 Rotterdam, description of, 185

-, models, &c, in the museum of, Rural architecture, 51

Russia, history of a princess of, 156
-, promenades and Nedge parties, -, metropolitan of, deposed, 483

alterations of dress in, 487
foreigners at, 585

imp.ovement of fociciy in, ibid.
Petersburghers, their generosity, &c. 588 Russian empire, hittorical sketch of, 410
11.7%91%, Scythian, origin of the, 443

the patriarchate abolished by i'eter,
Philip III. anectote of, 113

Pieture, a fingular, 325

academy, 544
Picturesque, dialogue on the, 232

-, library of, 545
Pilgrimages to Becket's shrine, 141

Ruyter, De, 77
Pifé buildings, mode of pieparation, 224
Plague, remedy for the, 561

Plants, curious, 3U

Saddler's Wells, origin of, 596
Poetry, remarks on, 242

Saffron fold by the weighi of eggs, 606
ftate of, in the reign of Edward VI. Savage, phyfical character n*, 43

Saxons, their sports and puftimes, 420
Elizabeth, 306 Scheveling, village of, 186
James I. 308

Scio, women of, 608
Poetical expression, remarks on, 438

churches of, 646
Poggy !flands, defcription of the inhabitants, Scotch men, anecdotes of, 427

Scortish words, derived from the French;
Politian's literary labours, 30

Polytechnic school, 17

Sea-cow river described, 257
Portugal, on the literature of, 432

Sea kings of the north, 160
Portugueze justice, 363

and land breezes, caules of, 394
military, 317

Self-importance, symptoms of, 622
--- and Spanish languages, com. Selkirk, its appearance, manners, &c. 429
parative view of, 436

Selley Inc, 190
Potemkin's grand entertainment at Peterse Senses, violent impressions on, 45
burg, 548

Seftina, from Petrarch, 441
Powell, Mr. and Proger, anecdote of, 260 Sextus V. Pope, anecdotes of, 165
Prayer, a ballade of, 218

Ship's crew, distress of, 79
Proger, Mr. anecdote of, 200

Sheriff, anecdote of, 94
Provisions, dearners of, 626

Shopkeepers, frauds of, Petersburg, 466
Psalmanazar, account of, 205

Shoreditch, Duke of, origin of the title, 479
Pfeffer's, Gen. model of the forest cantons, Siberia, discovery of, 415

Silk, manufa&ture of, 41
Pulpit, on the eloquence of, 330

Simplicity, ancient, 219

Slavery, pernicious effects of, 68

Smoking, prevalent in Holland, 187
Quintain, the, 535

Snakes, 309

Society and government, progress of, 503

remarks on, 287
Raleigh, Dr. anecdotes of, 265

Solitude, happy, by Mad. Guion, 456
Ramlay Inand, refort of migrating fea-birds, Sung, a drinking, 306

Sonnet, remarks on the, 439
Ranelagh, origin of, 595

Southwell church, architecture of, 251
Ralp-house, a place of confinement, 188 Spallanzani, fketch of the life of, 571
Reculver Monastery, 78

Spanish and Portugueze languages, compa-
Retirement, or the golden mean, 3.39

rative view of, 436




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Sphachiots, a brave people, 654

Villiers D. of Buckingham, anecdotes of, 108
Spring-bok, or'leaping antelope, 136 Ulva, found of, 385
Staffa, island of, 386

Umbrella, or the bough, feaft of the, 444
Stonehenge, description of, 273

Universities, the, remarks on, 35
Stork, the, held in great veneration, 186 Voice, false, on a, 512
Storm, great, of 1703, 143

Volcanic appearances in Ireland, 283
Storm, description of a, 210

Volcanoes, intrepidity of certain obfervers
Strength, extraordinary trials of, 591 of, 228
Summer morning and a winter night con-

, of the crater, ibid.
trafted, 209

islands rendered uninhabitable
Sun, on the nature of, 656

by, 229
-, appearance and disappearance of spots Ulk, river, wooden bridge over the, 197
in the, 657
-, its variable emiffion of light and heat,


Walking, exercise of, 45
Susan, poor, 48

- machines, 44
Sweden, retrospection of, 202

Wallace's cove, 299
Sword dance, 540

Walpole's, Hor. letter to Dr. Robertson,

on the publication of his History of Scot-

land, 634
Taliefin's bed, a sepulchre in Wales, 497 Wealth and power, remarks on, 287
Tangutan and Mangolian MSS. 545 Wednesbury, subterraneous fire in the coa!
Tandour, use of the, Constantinople, 583 pits at, 354
Taffo, its wines and fertility, 609

Welch language, 175
Tay, river, its course, &c. 490

Westphalian secret tribunals, 472
Tees and the Weare, account of the, 489 Whalley Abbey, fingular grant to, 327
Thomas the Rhymer, 432

Wheat and four, quantities expoited, &c.
Tichborne of Tichborne, Hampshire, 337 from 1697, +55
Time, ode to, 440

-, prices of, at various periods, 659
Tobacco, oil of, an active poison, 309 Whirlwinds, 397
Tournaments, a final end put to, 168 Whitehaven, coal works at, 149
Townley, John, account of 660

Williams, Mrs. singular escape of, 197
Treckschuyt, a covered barge, 187 Wilton, description of, 265
Tredegar House, 196

its carpet manufactory, ibid.
Truch, ode to, 340

, monastery of, ibid.
Tumuli opened, 281

Wolverhampton, proceffions at,
Turkish army, insubordination of, 617 Wrestling, much practised formerly, 486

Wynter, a ballade of, 218
Vaillant, remarks on, 310

Valenciennes, 15

Yaganese, 12
Valour, an ode, 340

Yordas Cave, description of, 546
Vauxhall, origin of, 595

Young's, Sir W. eitra&t of Tour in Bar-
Villages, French, 15

badoes and St. Vincent, 122



S. GOSNELL, Printer, Little Queen Street, Holborn.

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An Account is given of every Book where the first Word of the Title is

printed in Capitals.

An. denotes Publications announced.

N. B. For the remarkable Passages, see the Index at the End of the Volume

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Anderson's, Dr. Lives of Poets, an. 408

J. on Scarcity, 127
A Bercromby, Sir R. Lines on the Death
of, 461

Andrews's Manusc:ipts of Virtuollo, 663
Adamina, a Novel, 574

An cdotes Chrétiennes, 408
Adam's, Alex Classical Biography, 59 Angus's Select Views of Seats, No. XIV.
J. Elements of Reading, 124

Adams, Jas. on Pronunciation, 178 Anne's, St Hill, a Poem, 126

J. on the cancerou, Breaft, 517 ANNESLEY's Strictures on Scarcity, 59
Addington on the Cuw-pox, 460

Annual Register, 1999, 290
Adelmorn, or the Outlaw, 293

1800, 574
Adonia, a defultory Story, 61

New, 1800, 574
Adoration, a Print, 519

Anti-Jacobin, Poetry of, 518
Adrian and Thecla, 61

Aphorisms for Youth, 405
Agnes, a Novel, 292

Archaiology of Wales, 663
de Lilien, 517

Ariosto new edition), 408
Agriculture, Gleanings from Books on, Aris, T. Proceedings against, 348

Ariftophanis Nubes, 464
Aikin, J. and Nicholson's General Biogra- Arnold's Veteran Tar, 126
phy, Vol. II 59

Artaxerxes, Opera of, 575
's, J. Poetical Works of Milton, 239 Arts, Manufactures, &c Transactions of

Miss, Poetry for Children, 575 Society of, Vol. XVIII. 59
Ainslie's Views in Turkey, 294

Ashley on Painting on Glass, 234
Views in Egypt, No. I. 464 Alia, Map of, 184
Allardyce to the Proprietors of Bank Stock, Afiatic Annual Register, 1800, 235

ASIATIC Researches, Vol. VI. 99
Allen's Translation of Cuvier's Animal Affociations reviewed by his Majesty, 464
Economy, 575

Aftley's Equestrian Education, 403
Alves's Banks of Erk, 237

Atala, a Novel, 405
Alwood's Remarks on British Critic, 61 Atkinson's Rodolpho, 461
Amiable Tutoress, 290

Atlas, des Environs de Paris, 296


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