Official Descriptive and Illustrated Catalogue, Volume 4

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Spicer brothers, 1851
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Page 928 - as convenient as ours; their architecture is, at least, as elegant. Nor is it true, that in the mechanic arts they are inferior to the general run of European nations. Where they fall short of us (which is chiefly in agricultural implements and the mechanics of common life), they are not, so
Page 972 - banana plants. A cluster of bananas, produced on a single plant, often contains from 160 to 180 fruits, and weighs from 70 to 80 Ibs. But reckoning the weight of a cluster only at 40 Ibs., such a plantation would produce more than 4,000 Ibs. of nutritive substance. Humboldt
Page 928 - There is a curious passage on the legal interest of money, and the limited rate of it in different cases, with an exception in regard to adventures at sea, an exception which the sense of mankind approves, and which commerce absolutely requires,
Page 1240 - weight of a cubic centimetre of distilled water, at the maximum density, was called the gramme, and made the unit of all measures of weight. This unit was found by careful experiments to be equivalent to 15'434 grains of English Troy weight ; hence the kilogramme, the usual unit for commercial purposes in France, weighs a
Page 875 - A sort of edible sea-weed, which grows on the rocks that are covered by the tide. It is much used for making a kind of jelly, which is highly esteemed both by Europeans and natives for the delicacy of its flavour. From
Page 988 - of the colony, in groups, or singly ; sometimes in the forests, and not unfrequently in bare, unsightly groves ; of dead, dry, and bleached stems, with a few large limbs attached, at the height of from 3,000 to 4,000 feet above the level of the sea.]
Page 944 - An apron of crochet-work, remarkable for the beauty of the pattern and execution, and showing that what has but recently appeared in England as an accomplishment, has been for ages the common needlework of the Ionian peasant-girls. The border is of deep Dresden-work of magnificent effect, with emblematical designs of lions, Cupids, flowers, &c.
Page 928 - To say that the Hindoos or Mussulmans are deficient in any essential feature of a civilized people, is an assertion which I can scarcely suppose to be made by any who have lived with them. Their manners are, at least, as pleasing and courteous as those of the corresponding stations of life among ourselves ; their houses are larger, and, according to their wants and climate, to the
Page 972 - of potatoes require the same space as that in which 4,000 Ibs. of bananas are grown, the produce of bananas is consequently to that of wheat as 133 to 1, and
Page 1007 - years all kinds of guns with flint-locks have been abandoned, and the percussion system has likewise been extended to muskets for the army. The percussion caps exhibited are stated to be remarkable for accuracy and equality of bore, for the malleability of the copper, and superior quality of the powder. The

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