Transactions of the Royal Geological Society of Cornwall, Volume 6

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Royal Geological Society of Cornwall, 1841 - Geology

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Page 28 - Address delivered at the Anniversary Meeting of the Geological Society of London by William John Hamilton, Esq., President of the Society : — " The Geological Map of India by Mr.
Page 3 - By JOHN KIDD, MD, FRS, Regius Professor of Medicine in the University of Oxford. III. Astronomy and General Physics, considered with reference to Natural Theology.
Page 125 - ... of the Quantocks, where their exposed summits, barely showing through the ridges of the new red sandstone in long low undulations, indicate them to be rolling away towards the Mendips, the mineral axis of which is old red sandstone, as has been shown long since by Dr. Buckland and Mr. Conybeare f . This view of the true position of the 'Devonian system, viz. that it occupies an enormous interval between the old red sandstone and the mountain limestone, was first suggested to me about two years...
Page 113 - Gibelin, t. 1, p. 296306, et Ludrini, p. 304-314. 534. Edmonds (Rich. Jr.). An Account of an extraordinary movement of the Sea in Cornwall, in July 1843, with notices of similar movements in previous years , and also of Earthquakes which are occurred in Cornwall. — Trans.
Page 126 - At the close of a paper published in the London and Edinburgh Philosophical Magazine for July 1842, but dated May 17th, and communicated to the editors before Mr. Hopkins's Memoir was read at the Geological Society, I indirectly adverted to the views I entertained of the position of the Devon and Cornwall beds; and in an announcement of them at the meeting of the British Association, held at Manchester in the same month, I was constrained to invoke an elevation and submergence of the old red sandstone...
Page 44 - Gwiuear, and having been offered for sale at the " Angarrack Smelting House, the Goth of a refiner put it at once into a ladle
Page 28 - He exposed crystals of hemi-prismatic vitriol-salt, the ordinary hydrous protosulphate of iron, immersed in alcohol, to a degree of temperature equal to the boiling point of that liquid. Decomposition ensued, though the external shape of the crystals remained unchanged. On being taken out of the liquid, and broken, each of them was found hollow, and presented a geode of bright crystals, deposited on the planes of the original ones. The crystals had the form of low eight-sided prisms, belonging to...
Page 82 - Couch, went into Scilly Cove chang " (probably a misprint for " drang," a provincialism signifying " a narrow passage or cul de sac") " on the east side of the harbour, where, to my great delight, lay exposed before me a magnificent fish-bone bed, which extends from this spot to beyond Talland sand eastward, and from thence to the entrance of Fowey harbour westward" — a distance of seven miles in a straight line.
Page 82 - England ; for whatever be the inclination of the beds, the cleavage planes are generally inclined at a greater angle*. As the same prevailing northern dip is continued to the mouth of the Fowey river, it is obvious that the beds above described are inferior to the fossiliferous group.
Page 32 - Some Account of the Porcelain Earth found in the kingdom of Saxony and the principality of Passau, and of the circumstances under which it occurs : collected from German publications.* BY THE LATE JOHN HAWKINS, ESQ., FR8., &c.

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