Life Lived Remotely: Being and Work in the Digital Age

Front Cover, Limited, Mar 2, 2018 - Business & Economics - 386 pages
Positioning statement: If work is hell, what is working from home? Has the internet turned the private realm into a giant office? Sales points: More of us than ever before are working from home, with numbers soaring to an all time high of over 4 million homeworkers, or 14% of the UK workforce. A Life Lived Remotely is the first book to analyse what this is actually doing to people and society. Is home working providing increased freedom and flexibility, making work easier for whom travelling to an office daily is difficult? Or is it a symbol of rampant capitalism, a means for companies to extract maximum value from their workers while not having to provide even basic infrastructure? A timely exploration of the issues raised by home working, providing self-help and therapy for those working from home or thinking of doing so alongside a historical account of how the nature and meaning of work has changed over the past hundred years. Will be relevant to anyone concerned about the spread and uses of technology Marketing plans - we predict a lot of interest in this one due to being the only book on the subject. Will be pitching to Woman's Hour, Today, Start the Week and other high profile news shows, plus a major broadsheet feature. Synopsis: If work is hell, what is working from home? Part memoir, part theory, A Life Lived Remotely tells the story of the transition to the digital age through our relationship to work. Following the author's journey as she left her 9-to-5 for the world of freelancing and working remotely, it outlines and reflects on what it means to work from home, how it affects our daily lives and our relationships, and how it is tied in to the development of the internet and our increasingly digitised world. Tackling larger questions like What happens when we take our lives online?; How are we being changed by immersion in the internet?; and How do we know the difference between work and life when one seems to blend into the other?, A Life Lived Remotely provides a moment's pause in a world of fast-paced communication, offering critical reflection on what it means to come of age along with the internet.

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