A Mummer's Wife

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Walter Scott, Limited, 1893 - Actors - 352 pages
The story of the seduction, elopement and fate of a seamstress from the Potteries.

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Page 92 - course we have to live ; but it depends how we live and what we live for—whether it be to indulge the desires of the flesh, the desire of the eye, or to regain the image of God, to have the design of God again planted in our souls. This is what
Page 2 - It would be difficult to praise too highly the strength, truth, delicacy, and pathos of the incident of Gwynnie Lloyd, and the admirable treatment of the great sacrifice she makes. The incident is depicted with skill and
Page 313 - And in Kate's worst paroxysms there were all the symptoms of madness, for while she poured out her torrents of abuse she often foamed at the mouth, and she approached him with compressed lips and a virulent frown. Then she drew back her lips, especially the corners of the upper lip, and showed her teeth, aiming a vicious blow at him.
Page 6 - Change the surroundings in which man lives, and, in two or three generations, you will have changed his physical constitution, his habits of life, and a goodly number of his ideas."—VICTOR DURUY,
Page 211 - The ways were filled with Sunday strollers—mothers leading a tired child moved steadily forward ; a drunken man staggered over a heap of stones ; sweethearts chased each other ; occasionally a girl, kissed from behind as she stretched to reach a honeysuckle, rent with a scream the sickly-coloured, airless evening.
Page 2 - The hideous comedy of the marriage-market has been a stock topic with novelists from Thackeray downwards ; but Mr. Moore goes deep into the yet more hideous tragedy which forms its afterpiece, the tragedy of enforced stagnant celibacy, with its double
Page 39 - Then he came back with a light heart to his first and only love, who had never ceased to think of him, and lived with her happily forever afterwards. The grotesque mixture of prose and poetry, both equally false, used to enchant Kate, and she always fancied
Page 39 - never to be forgotten were passed under the trees by the river, he pleading his cause, and she refusing to leave poor Arthur—he was too good a fellow. Heartbroken, at last the squire gave up the pursuit, and went to foreign parts, where he waited thirty years until he heard Arthur was dead.
Page 343 - the whole contour of her head. The thick hair that used to encircle her pale prominent temples like rich velvet looked now like a black silk band frayed and whitened at
Page 114 - There's Mr. Lennox at the door ; he can't get in ; he's kicking up an awful row. Do go down and open for him." " Why don't you go yourself ? " she answered, starting up into a sitting position. " How am I to go ? You don't want me to catch my death at

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