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into the Light again, after so many Nights of Darkness and Solitude, when the Fear of Judgment is over ; when our Bodies are cal. cin'd, and purified from their Corruption; our Souls as rapid and swift in their Motions as the Holy Angels; and vie with the Sera. phims of Light and Zeal in attending upon their Creator.

When we seriously think of these Things, do not our Hearts burn and glow within us? Can we chuse but with, and figh, and groan for that Day, which will deliver us from our present Bondage ? when we shall be set at liberty from Corruption and Vanity; from Fear and Danger ; from Disappointment and Misery

? When we shall for ever folemnize the Nuptials of the Lamb, and behold God Face to Face, and be changed into his glorious Likeness: In a Word, when we shall be admitted to that Blessed Company of Spirits, which encompass, and fly round about the Throne of God, and sing with incessant Voices and Hallelujahs. Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God of Hofts. Oh! Chriftians! Be much in the Study and Meditation of these Things. Think frequently of your Country, your proper Country, where you must 'live and be happy for ever! Believe it, for it is a true Report; and this will carry you safe through all Temptations : This will reconcile you to all the Difficulties of Providence in this World ; This will secure you against the Fear of a Judgment to come, against all the Affaults of A


theists, and the Insinuations of Scoffers, who walk after their own Lusts, faying, Where is the Promise of bis Coming ? Since the Fathers fell asleep, all Things continue as they were from the Beginning of the Creation. Now to he King Eternal, &c.





The Privativeänd PositiveTorments of the Damn'din Hell, with the Eternity and Extremity of those Torments,

St. LUKE xvi. 237
And in Hell, he lift up þis Eyes, being

in Torments, and seeth Abrabam a far
off, and Lazarus in his Bosom.


HESE Words are part of a Parable,

spoke by our Saviour Christ to the fews; the general Design of which is to prove the Immortality of the Soul; and the Certainty of its Existence in a State of Separation from the Body. And that this Doctrine might mare effe&ually move their Affections, and touch

their Consciences, we have the different Conditions of Bad and Good Men in the other World, very elegantly, and pathetically represented unto us, under the Characters of a Rich vor luptuous Glutton, and a poor, starved Laza

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The first

" is presented to our View, under all the Circumstances of Afluence and SenV. 19. suality, Clothed in firie Linnen, and faring

sumptuously every Day; glutting his Appetites wallowing in his Intemperance ; and furfeited

with Eafe and Luxury. The Second, under v: 20. all the Disgraces of Want and Misery, Lying

at bis Gate, naked, and full of Sores: ftarved with Cold, and pinched with Hunger; defiring only to be fed with the Crumbs and refufe which fell from the Rich-Man's Table. In this miserable and forlorn Condition; neglected and despised by the Hard-Hearted Epicure, he receives a kind Refreshment from his

Dogs; the more Hospitable Creatures of the v. 21. two. Moreover the Dogs.came and licked bis


Presently a new Scene opene, and behold! A most surprising and dreadful Change succeeds. The Beggar dies, and is carried by a Guard of Angels into Abrabar's Bofom, i. e.

into Heaven. The Rich Man also dies, and is V. 23. buried, i.e. is thrown into Hell. Where be lifts

up bis Eyes, being in Torments, and feetb Abraham a far off, and Lazarus in bis BoSom.

v. 22.


C My Design from these Words, is to dis

course unto you concerning the State of wicked Men upon their immediate Departure out of this Life. Where (industriously waving Matters of Speculation, and Controversy) i shall endeavour to make the Discourse as plain, and practical, and useful as I can.

It is observable, concerning these two Persons, that the Manner of their going out of the World, is expressed with some Difference. Of Lazarus it is said, that he was carried by the Angels into Abrabam's Bofom ; but there is no mention made of the Rich Man, into what Hands he fell, or who conveyed him into the Regions of Misery. But if we may judge by the Reason, and Analogy of the Parable ; and the general Doctrine of the Scriptures ; as the one was put into the Custody and Protection of the good Angels, so the other fell into the Hands of wicked Spirits, and was by them dragged to the Place of Torments. For the Devil is the Prince of the Power of the Air; the malicious Seducer of Sinners, whilft they live; and their unmerciful Tormentor when they die. And they, who at their departure hence, are delivered over to the Malice of him, and his accursed Crew, need no other Punishment till the Day of Judgment, when they shall be caft

cast together into Mat. 27 outer Darkness, where shall be weeping and "3. wailing, and gnasbing. of Teeth for evermore. We know what Tyranny the Devil exercised over the Pagan World, before the coming of

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