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Purpofès God willing, to hold a Vification at

OTLEY of the AINSTY and CRAVEN Deanrys on Tuesday the Seventh of Fune next. The Chancellor and I have been consulting about a Preacher for that Occasion. We have run over the List of all the Ministers in that Deanry. The result is I had much rather be obliged by you (and so I believe would the whole Company) than by any Body else. But he tells me you have already done Service in that kind at the Arch-Deacons Visitation. I own that Confideration would have filenced me, but for a Question put to him, Viz. Whether at that Visitation you Preached the fame Sermon that you did once at a: Synod at Y OR * since my coming hither. He tells me you

So that knowing you have a Sermon ready for the Purpose, A Sermon likewise which I liked so well at the hearing of it, that I extreamly desire20. bear it again ; I hope I shall put you to no great Trouble if I make it my Request to you to Preach that Sermon at OTLE X at the Visitation; Nay tho


did not

it should prove the Chancellor was mistaken in his Apswer, and that you did Preach thar Sermon at the Visitation of the Arch-Deacon. But I will not tye you up fo ftri&ly to this Şermon ( thoas I said, I fould. be glad to hear it a second Time) but that you may Preach any other Sermon, which comes in your Way, and that you like better how little or nothing soever these be in it relating to Vifitation or to the Clergy. I leave you to the choice of the Argument, but Preach you must if you be in Health, and I can prevail with you. ! And you

must likewise forgive this Trouble, which is willingly, unwillingly put upon you, by


Your affe&ionate Brother and Friend.

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Bishops Thorp: May

14th, 98.

I Pray let me know your Receit of this by the

firit Post.


For the Reverend




The Faithful Steward.



Preach'd at a
Synod at TORK,

And afterwards at a VISITATION at OTLET, June 7. 1698, at the Request of His

Grace Dr. JOHN SHARP, late
Lord Arch-Bishop of TORK.

1 COR. CHAP. iv. VER. 2. Moreover, it is required in Stewards, that a

Man be found faithful. HE Nature of a Trust, of what kind soever that be, implies, two Things,

viz, a Delegation of Power and Authority; and a Confidence in the Difcretion, and Integrity of him to whom it is committed ; and these reciprocally induce an Obligation to Care and Faithfulness. B



Now amongst all the Trusts of this World, there is none more Sacred and Honourable,

than that of the Ministerial Function, in which we are engaged; whether we consider the Author from whom we receive it, or the Nature of the Charge it self. For we derive our Commission from Heaven; we are Ambassadors for God; we are the Ministers of Reconciliation. Our Charge is to superintend and feed the Flock of Christ, the immortal Souls of Men, which he purchased with his own Blood. And is it possible for Men to be brought under more sacred, more conscientious Obligations than these?

This was the Argument the Apostle was handling in this Chapter. For having in the Ho foregoing Verse, asserted the Honourableness of the Evangelical Priesthood and Ministry :

In Let a Man So account of us as of the Ministers of Christ, and Stewards of the Mysteries

j he immediately subjoins, what ina > deed is inseparable from it, the Pastoral Charge

of God

and Duty.

Moreover, it is required in Stewards, that a

Man be found Faithful.

In the Words there is nothing obscure or difficult, so without any further Comment, their full Sence and Force may, I think, be drawn out in speaking to these two plain Heads of Discourse

1. Tlte


1, The Nature and Honourableness of the

Christian Priesthood and Ministry ; ex-
press’d in their being Stewards.

II. The Instances of their Duty: Or the

Qualifications required of them by Ver-
tue of their Office and Trust. It is re-
quired that a Man be found faithful

I. I begin with the Nature and Honourableness of the Christian Priesthood and Ministry, express'd in their being Stewards. It would be a needless and vain piece of Ostentation, to go about to inform this Audience, in what Honour thie Priests and Minifters of God have always been had : Not only amongst the Knowing and Civiliz'd, but even amongst the more ignorant and barbarous Nations. To tell you from the Scriptures of the Old Testament, of Melchisedeck's being both Priest and King; of Jethro, a Priest in Midian, and Father In Law to the Illudrious Moses; of Aaron, Brother to him that was King in Felburun : Or from prophane History, to tell you of the Hietopbante among the Egyptians; the Magi among the Persians; the Flamens amongst the

and to name no more, the Druids amongst the Gauls and Brittains ; whose Reputation

and Authority with the People, influenced the Councils, and directed all the Affairs of a publick Nature. I shall therefore keep clofe to the Subject I am upon, and endeavour



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