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That we believe him to be that eternal and inexhaustible Source of all that Wisdom, Justice, and Goodness, which we see diffused through the whole Creation. That he deliglıts himself in those continual Ads of Grace and Mercy, especially to the Sons of Men. Whilst we have these Impressions of his Pow. er, and Wisdom; and Justice, and Goodness, fixed in our Understandings, and Conscience, they will enkindle in us a mighty Love for his Name ; we shall be jealous of his Honour, with a holy Jealousy, and we shall study nothing more than to exalt his Glory and Praise in the World.' And therefore,

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1. They will inspire us with the highest Concern and Zeal for his great and glorious Name. This arifeth from the very Nature of Love ;, it is a vigilanit, solicitous, jealous Paflion. Upon whatever Object it is intensely placed, it will be very vigorous and indefatigable in pursuit of it. If the Thing we have thus fixed our Affections upon,

be of any considerable Moment and Value, we think no Time mifpent, no Pains loft, no Dangers formidable, no Difficulties insuperable, fo we attain what we lo paslionately love. If it be a Person we esteem and admire for Iris Civil, or Möral, or Religious Excellencies,we study by all possible Means to gain his Respect and Favour, to promote his Interest and Honour, and we are deeply concerned for what Injures him 'in his Eftate, or in his Reputation, or in his Family.

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- This is the Nature and Vigour of vertuous

Love, as to the Things or Persons of this

But as it is a Divine and Heavenly Passion, it hath a deeper Root in our Understandings, and a much stronger Hold in our Consciences. The Favour of God is infinitely more dear to all good Men who fincerly love him, than Riches or Honours, Profits or Pleasures, Friends or Relations, Father or Mother, or even than Life it self; because he alone is infinitely perfect in his Nature, unchangeable in his Promises, and able to reward us with more than a thousand Worlds, (such as this is) are worth.

Now, where this Love of God is eftablished in our Consciences, it will fill us at all times, and in all Places, with a moft ardent Zeal for the Glory of his Name. We shall be uncasie under the least Difrepect offer'd to the Purity of his Nature in filthy Discourse, and foolish Jeftings, which are not convenient ; we shall inwardly mourn to hear it taken into the Mouth of every ignorant and rustick Clown upon the most trifling Occasions, and made the ludicrous Talk of every empty and prating Buffoon. It will raise our Blood, and make our Hearts burn within us, when it is pro

phan'd, ridicul'd, out-raged in the most damūnable Execrations and Oaths, by those who 2 have no fear of God before their Eyes,

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Ah! Who that hath the Heart of a Chriftian, that hath the least spark of Divine Love in his Soul, can with Patience endure, that the Name of the great Creator, and constant Benefactor of the World shou'd be thus treated by Sinful Duft and Athes? That Name which is reverenc'd and adored by all the Angels and Saints in Heaven, at which, all the Devils and Apoftate Spirits in Hell tremble ! Tliat Name, which is above every Name, at which every Knee (hou'd bow, and every Tongue confess, that Jesus Christ is Lord to the Glory of God the Father. Finally, The Name of 2 that God who will one Day rend the Heavens, and come down with his mighty Angels, in

O 2 Tiell. s. fiaming Fire, taking Vengeance on them that

have not known him, nor obeyed the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ! Be still then, and know, that he is God; let him be your Love; let him be also your Fear, and your Dread.


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2. If the Love of God be the ruling Principle in our Consciences, it will engage us further to exalt his Glory, and shew forth his Praises, by the constant Worship of him in all the holy Ordinances of his Religion. It is certain, that there is nothing by which the Glory of God is more celebrated in the World, and that Love Men bear unto him, expressed in a more significant and exemplary Marner, than by that worship which is paid unto him in the Arlembly of his people.


Esod. 31.



For this very Purpose was the Sabbath instituted by God himself among the fews, to be religiously observed as a Day of Rest, from all their worldly Labours and Cares, of Devotion and Thanksgiving, to keep up the Remembrance of the Omnipotence, and Providence of him who created the Heavens, and the Earth, and the Sea, and all that in them is. And therefore God himself tells them, by his Servant Mofes, That the Sabbath is a Sign between him, and the Children of Israel for

i.e. To preserve them from Idolatry, and to distinguish them from all the Nations round about thein, as the Worshippers of the One, True, and living God.

At the Expiration of the Jewish Oeconomy (which was to give way when the Lord of the Sabbath was come) their Sabbath was translated into the Christian Lord's-Day, to be observed on the first Day of the Week, in Commemoration of our Saviour's Resurrection from the Dead. When all Christian People are, in most folemn manner, to meet together, to offer up their joint-Prayers, Supplications, Intercessions and Thanksgivings, to hear the Law and Word of God expounded and preach'd, to receive the sacred Symbols of their Redemption, the sure Pledges of their Resurrection to eternal Life. Thus is the Christian Sabbath to be Sanctified and kepe Holy, which is so far from abolishing that Publick Religious Worship, instituted among the Jews by their Sabbath, that it hath en


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larged and perfected it, by opening a New and Living Way, for all the Nations of the Earth to worship God in Spirit and Truth; to make him glorious in his House of Prayer, by unity of Heart and Voice, and the most enlarged Faculties and Affections of their Souls. And this leads ine to the 2d Particular, viz.

2. That we suffer nothing to rival, or stand in Competition with him, but that the Love of God govern, and have the Chief Place in our Wills and Affections.

The Love of God, as it bath hitherto been n. explained, and as it is fixed in our Understandings and Consciences, principally influenceth our Faith and Reverence, by keeping up in our Minds a just Esteem of the more awful Attributes of his Nature, his Majesty, oh Power, Wisdom, and Justice But as it is b seated in our Wills and Affectious, it is the on Spring and Instrument of our Devotion and Gratitude, by kindling in us a Fervent Flame of Love in the Contemplation of those Perfections of God which are the aptest to raise our Admiration, Delight, and Praise: Such are the unwearied Goodness of his Providence in the daily Care and Preservation of the present Assistances and Consolations of his Spirit, the future, and assured Hopes of eternal Life. These lay Charms upon our Wills, they warm our Affections, they possess our very Iinaginations with transporting Ideas of Love and Joy.



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