The carpenter's new guide

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J. Taylor, 1808 - 76 pages

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Page 2 - A Right angle is that which is made by one line perpendicular to another. Or when the angles on each side are equal to one another, they are right angles.
Page 3 - An equilateral triangle is also a regular figure of three sides, and a square is one of four — the former being called a trigon, and the latter a tetragon.
Page 4 - A. 44. A diameter of a circle is a right line drawn through the centre, terminating on both sides of the circumference, as с d, at B.
Page 3 - Hexagon, of six sides; a Heptagon, seven; an Octagon, eight; a Nonagon, nine ; a Decagon, ten ; an Undecagon, eleven ; and a Dodecagon, twelve sides.

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