The Life of Lorenzo De' Medici: Called the Magnificent, Volume 1

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Page 9 - that I have lived the time prescribed me. I die content ; leaving you, my sons, in affluence and in health, and in such a station, that whilst you follow my example, you may live in your native place honoured and respected. Nothing affords me more pleasure than the reflection that my conduct has not given offence to any one ; but that, on the contrary, I have endeavoured to serve all persons to the best of my abilities. I advise you to do the same. With respect to the honours of the...
Page 130 - Chi vuoi esser lieto, sia: Di doman non c'č certezza. Ciascun apra ben gli orecchi: Di doman nessun si paschi; Oggi siam, giovani e vecchi. Lieti ognun, femmine e maschi Ogni tristo pensier caschi; Facciam festa tuttavia. Chi vuoi esser lieto, sia: Di doman non c'č certezza.
Page 131 - 1 gonfalon selvaggio! Ben venga primavera Che vuol l'uom s'innamori; E voi, donzelle, a schiera Con li vostri amadori, Che di rose e di fiori Vi fate belle il maggio, Venite alla frescura Delli verdi arbuscelli.
Page 289 - Adoration. 1 LET one loud song of praise arise To God, whose goodness ceaseless flows ; Who dwells enthroned above the skies, And life and breath on all bestows. 2 Let all of good this bosom fires, To him, sole good, give praises due ; Let all the truth himself inspires, Unite to sing him only true. 3 In ardent adoration joined, Obedient to thy holy will, Let all our faculties combined, Thy just commands, O God ! fulfil.
Page i - Western nations at the close of the fifteenth and the beginning of the sixteenth century.
Page 204 - O FRIEND, whose woes this bosom shares, Why ceaseless mourn our mutual cares ? Ah ! why thy days to grief resign, With thy regrets recalling mine ? Eternal o'er the atrocious deed, Tis true our kindred hearts may bleed, When he, twin glory of our...
Page 187 - ... that the building was falling in ; but no sooner was it understood that Lorenzo was in danger, than several of the youth of Florence formed themselves into a body, and receiving him into the midst of them, conducted him to his house, making a circuitous turn from the church, lest he should meet with the dead body of his brother.
Page 239 - Aeneas in view, but in the rest of his poem there is little resemblance to any antecedent production. Compared with the Aeneid, adds Mr. Roscoe, " it is a piece of grand Gothic architecture at the side of a beautiful Roman temple...
Page 288 - Who spoke, — from ocean's stores sweet waters came, And burst resplendent forth the heaven-aspiring flame. One general song of praise arise To him whose goodness ceaseless flows ; Who dwells enthroned beyond the skies, And life and breath on all bestows ! Great Source of intellect, his ear Benign receives our vows sincere : Rise, then, my active powers, your task fulfil, And give to him your praise, responsive to my will! Partaker...
Page 177 - A transaction in which a pope, a cardinal, an archbishop, and several other ecclesiastics, associated themselves with a band of ruffians, to destroy two men who were an honour to their age and country ; and purposed to perpetrate their crime at a season of hospitality, in the sanctuary of a Christian Church, and at the very moment of the elevation of the host, when the audience bowed down before it, and the assassins were presumed to be in the immediate presence of their God.

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