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BONE is just a bitter and twisted woman. Everything in this book is absolutely true.

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This book is full of bullshit liars. Iam a Bird for many years we could not know our grandfather Norman Bird's fathers name, oh but the renoufs knew what bullshit..My grandfather did not live with neridas mother at all..he had an affair with neridas mother. And it was bought to our attention that Nerida belongs to another man named BOND. And they had strong family values bullshit they did, why did they let angela renouf live with my cousin Michael bird for many years and had children together...if they had strong family values they would never of let them do this. Ian Bird and Nerida renouf would be brother and yes this book is full of liars. Till this day they act like their white and 3 of the girls have black partners and they were not the first black children to attend murgon schools it was the Purcell children. My name is Colleen Bone(Bird) i have notice these children do not look like any of our family members neither did Nerida she doesnt even look like her brothers or sisters she tries to claim. I was very disappointed to read this book it broke my heart for my grandmother Norma bird (hegarty). I dont think my family have read this book my goodness there is goin to be hell when they do.. You John Harm should of got your facts right oh but you didnt because what steve renouf stands for what aload of shit.

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