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Page lxxxix - ... scenery of the most costly and splendid kind was lavished on the masque, the most celebrated masters were employed on the songs and dances, and all that the kingdom afforded of vocal and instrumental excellence was employed to embellish the exhibition.
Page lxvii - I found many of them armed for the hunting. As for their attire, any man, of what degree soever, that comes amongst them, must not...
Page xxxiii - ... any cause why the marriage might not proceed. The words were spoken, the rings which were three, the middle a rich diamond, were put upon her finger ; they kneel together, and many prayers said over them...
Page cii - ... any reader whether such facts as these do not rather tend to her innocence ? Can we conceive any woman — much less a sovereign — pausing on the verge of an atrocious murder to secure some household furniture from damage, and incurring the risk of suspicion on that account? There is a precedent of King Frederick the Second — Thiebault, we think, tells the story— who, seeing his nephew and presumptive heir fall from his horse in battle, cried out, " There is the Prince of Prussia killed...
Page xxxvii - God that in me were counsel or judgment, that might comfort and relieve you. For albeit that to this hour it hath not chanced me to speak with your Lordship face to face, yet have I borne a good mind to your house, and have been sorry at my heart of the troubles I have heard you to be involved in.
Page xii - That he would bear no quarrel for that cause, but would forgive him and all others for God's sake ; and as to that ring, it had no more virtue than another, and was one little ring with a pointed diamond in it." " Remember ye not," said her Majesty, "that ye said it had a virtue to keep me from poisoning?
Page xlix - The Queen of the Bean was that day in a gown of cloth of silver; her head, her neck, her shoulders, the rest of her whole body, so beset with stones, that more in our whole jewel-house were not to be found.
Page xliv - God against theavis and against thair housses, and knowing thame selfis guyltic in suche thingis, as war openlie rebucked, and that thei never had remorse of conscience, neather yitt intended to restore any thingis of that, whiche long thei had stollen and reft. Thair was none within the realme more...
Page li - ... devices, yesterday, and this day, she did set such a curled hair upon the Queen, that was said to be a PEBEWYKE, that showed very delicately; and every other day, she hath a new device of head dressing, without any cost, and yet setteth forth a woman gaylie well.
Page xxxvii - My Lord, wold to God that in me war counsall or judgement that mycht conforte and releave you. For albeit that to this hour it hath nott chaunsed me to speik with your Lordship face to face, yit have I borne a good mynd to your house ; and have bene sorry at my heart of the trubles that I have heard you to be involved in. For, my Lord...

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