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Wilkins, Carter, 1849 - English language

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Page 191 - Cubit, a measure of length equal to the distance from the elbow to the end of the middle finger.
Page 411 - In architecture, that part of a pillar in vaults and arches, on which the weight of the building rests...
Page 245 - The flexible member of the hand by which men catch and hold ; a small measure of extension ; the hand, the instrument of work.
Page 335 - For rope. Qas. For closets, rooms, etc. Tsats. For handfuls of herbs or hair. Tsinab. For what is measured by gemes, ie, the space from the end of the thumb to the end of the forefinger extended.
Page 328 - SHEET ; a rope fastened to one or both the lower corners of a sail, to extend and retain it in a particular situation. SHEFFIELD...
Page 296 - Electre or amber, which having the quality, when warmed by friction, of attracting bodies, gave to one species of attraction the name of electricity.
Page 357 - The edge of a garment doubled and sewed to keep the threads from spreading ; the noise uttered by a sudden and violent expiration of the breath ; int<~rj.
Page 481 - A strong vessel in which materials are broken by being pounded with a pestle ; a short wide cannon, out of which bombs are thrown. MORTAR, mAr'tlr.
Page 61 - A point in the heavens, in which the sun or a planet is at the greatest distance possible from the earth in its whole revolution.
Page 2 - ET, will be found in trip combination EPT. 8th. Those that may not be found in the combination TRAS, will be found in the combination TRANS 9th. Those that may not be found with the suppression of the syllable HA, HE, in the middle of words, for the sake of euphony, as in azdr, for azahdr ; comprender, for comprehender, &c.