The Progressed Horoscope: A Sequel to How to Judge a Nativity, Wherein the Progression of the Horoscope is Exhaustively Considered, to which is Added "The Art and Practice of Directing," a Complete Treatise on Primary Directions

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L.N. Fowler & Company, 1906 - Astrology - 312 pages

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Page 217 - The SINE of an arc is a straight line drawn from one end of the arc, perpendicular to a diameter which passes through the other end.
Page 217 - FH is the sine of the arc GF, which is the supplement of AF, and OH is its cosine ; hence, the sine of an arc is equal to the. sine of its supplement ; and...
Page 136 - I held it truth, with him who sings To one clear harp in divers tones, That men may rise on stepping stones Of their dead selves to higher things.
Page 221 - The intersection of the plane of the Earth's Equator with the celestial sphere defines the celestial equator.
Page 249 - THEOREM. Every section of a sphere, made by a plane, is a circle.
Page 221 - The oblique ascension is an arc of the equator intercepted between the first point of aries and that point of the equator which rises with anybody, measured according to the order of the signs.
Page 221 - LATITUDE of a star is simply its distance north or south of the ecliptic measured on the star's circle of latitude.
Page 260 - ... prorogator. There is but one rule to be observed by such as would calculate agreeable to nature — viz., to ascertain in what number the equatorial degrees, the succeeding place (whether it be the body or aspect of a planet), will arrive at the preceding place in a geniture ; and, as those equatorial degrees pass the horizon, as well as the meridian, all distances must be calculated according to the various positions of the places in question with respect to those angles, and every equatorial...
Page 208 - An aspect is an angle formed on the earth by the luminous rays of two planets, efficacious in stimulating sublunary nature.
Page 300 - We fully realize that no hard and fast rule can be laid down as to the location of fare limits.

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