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That sway the CRowN IMPERIAL sought,
With high demand and haughty mien:

But equal claim a rival brought,
A rival called the MEADow's QUEEN.

“In climes of orient glory born,
“Where beauty first and empire grew;

“Where first unfolds the golden morn,
“Where richer falls the fragrant dew:

“In light's ethereal beauty drest,
“Behold,” he cried, “the favoured flower,

“Which Flor A's high commands invest
“With ensigns of imperial power!

“Where prostrate vales, and blushing meads,
“And bending mountains own his sway,
“While PERSIA’s lord his empire leads,
“And bids the trembling world obey;

“While blood bedevs the straining bow, “And conquest rends the scattered air, “'Tis mine to bind the victor's brow,

“And reign in envied glory there.

“Then lowly bow, ye British flowers!
“Confess your monarch's mighty sway,

“And own the only glory yours,
“When fear flies trembling to obey.”

He said, and sudden o'er the plain,
From flower to flower a murmur ran,

With modest air, and milder strain,
When thus the MEADow's Queen began.

“If vain of birth, of glory vain,

, “Or fond to bear a regal name,

“The pride of folly brings disdain,
“And bids me urge a tyrant's claim:

“If war my peaceful realms assail,
“And then, unmoved by pity's call,

“I smile to see the bleeding vale,
“Or feel one joy in nature's fall.

“Then may each justly vengeful flower
“Pursue her Queen with generous strife,

“Nor leave the hand of lawless power
“Such compass on the scale of life.

“One simple virtue all my pride!
“The wish that flies to misery's aid;

“The balm that stops the crimson tide",
“And heals the wounds that war has made.”

* The property of that flowes.

Their free consent by Zephyrs borne,
The flowers their MEADow's Queen obey;
And fairer blushes crowned the morn,

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“Why loves my flower, the sweetest flower
“That swells the golden breast of May,

“Thrown rudely o'er this ruined tower,
“To waste her solitary day?

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