Ritual, Caste, and Religion in Colonial South India

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Michael Bergunder, Heiko Frese
Primus Books, 2011 - India - 386 pages
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The Europeans were helping the enemies of the Nadars ever since their arrival. When the Europeans came to India in 1498 they immediately allied with a Nepalese clan which was ruling over Kerala. When the Europeans came the language of Kerala had been Tamil. But after the nearly 450 years of rule Kerala did not have many Tamils.
European colonial rule destroyed the Dravidian culture thoroughly. Nairs a subgroup of Bunts were migrants from Ahichatra. Samantha rulers had been installed in Kerala after 1310 when the Delhi Sulthanate.
Villavar Kingdoms had been removed from power after the Delhis attack. Kerala and Tamil Nadu had been occupied by Nagas. Naickers in Tamil Nadu and Nairs in Kerala both were not indigenous. Europeans supplied Samantha Kings of Kerala with spice money and arms. Portuguese and Syrian mixture created a Mestizo group whom the Eureopean scholors would like to calll Nambuthris.
On the other hand Parangis bitterly deny that Nadars are not Kshatriyas, Nadalvar, Nadavar and Nadar never existed,
Though Dravidians never knew about Christianity in ancient or middle ages. Europeans would like us to believe that Christianity existed from the very ancient times at the time of Tamil Sangham era.
Villava Nadans and Mara Nadans and Nadalvar who once ruled Dravidian country never existed according to the European scholors.(Now American funded)
Without proper knowledge or understanding of Dravidian culture they write books.
Why cant they stay in their own countries.


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