Statuta Universitatis Oxoniensis

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Page 239 - ... or on the security of the bonds, mortgages, or debentures, or in the purchase of the debenture stock, of any railway company in Great Britain or Ireland incorporated by special Act of Parliament, and having for ten years next before the date of investment paid a dividend on its ordinary stock or shares, with power to vary the investment into or for any other such securities...
Page 161 - Ireland, as therein set forth, to be agreeable to the Word of God ; and in public prayer and administration of the sacraments, I will use the form in the said book prescribed, and none other, except so far as shall be ordered by lawful authority.
Page 287 - State shall be final ; and in case of an Equality of Votes at any Meeting of the Council, the...
Page 362 - The author is required to conceal his name, and to distinguish his composition by what motto he pleases ; sending, at the same time, his name and the date of his matriculation, sealed up under another cover, with the motto inscribed upon it.
Page 146 - No person shall be received as a candidate without the consent of the Head of his College or Hall, or the consent of the Vicegerent in the absence of the said Head; and such consent, as well as the standing of the candidate...
Page 331 - ... such other interval as the University by statute may appoint, and if accepted by Congregation shall be, after an interval of fourteen days, or such other interval as the University by statute may appoint, submitted to Convocation for final adoption or rejection as a statute of the University.
Page 239 - Agriculture, by the trustees, in one, or partly in one and partly in another or others, of the following modes...
Page 334 - College funds in connexion with any special educational work done out of the University under the control of the University, and for remunerating any secretary or officer resident in the University and employed there in the management of any such special educational work : (17.) For altering or repealing any statute, ordinance, or regulation of the University, and substituting or adding any statute for or to the same.
Page 331 - Council, every person entitled to vote in such election shall have the power of giving votes in each class as follows : for one vacancy, one vote ; for two or three vacancies, two votes ; for four vacancies, three votes ; for five or six vacancies, four votes : provided always, that no elector shall give more than one vote for any one candidate.
Page 336 - University and other persons, especially to learned naturalists and other scientific persons of foreign countries ; subject however to such regulations as the curators for the time being shall think fit ; and it being hereby declared to be the wish and desire of the said Frederick William Hope, that, so far as may be found practicable and convenient, the said collection shall be opened daily, between the hours of ten in the morning and three in the afternoon in winter, and ten in the morning and...

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