Reports of Cases in the Supreme Court of Appeals of Virginia, Volume 78

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D. Bottom, Superintendent of Public Print., 1884 - Law reports, digests, etc
Some vols. also contain reports of cases in the General Court of Virginia.

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Page 492 - That, in all capital or criminal prosecutions, a man hath a right to demand the cause and nature of his accusation...
Page 285 - Taxation shall be equal and uniform throughout the State, and all property, both real and personal, shall be taxed in proportion to its value, to be ascertained as directed by law. No one species of property, from which a tax may be collected, shall be taxed higher than any other species of property of equal value...
Page 43 - If granted before conviction, it prevents any of the penalties and disabilities consequent upon conviction from attaching; if granted after conviction, it removes the penalties and disabilities, and restores him to all his civil rights; it makes him, as it were, a new man, and gives him a new credit and capacity.
Page 715 - It appears to us that the proper question for the jury in this case, and indeed in all others of the like kind, is, whether the damage was occasioned entirely by the negligence or improper conduct of the defendant, or whether the plaintiff himself so far contributed to the misfortune by his own negligence or want of ordinary and common care and caution, that, but for such negligence or want of ordinary care and caution on his part, the misfortune would not have happened.
Page 382 - ... an infringement or privation of the civil rights which belong to individuals, considered merely as individuals; public wrongs, or crimes and misdemeanors, are a breach and violation of the public rights and duties due to the whole community, considered as a community, in its social aggregate capacity.
Page 556 - It shall not have jurisdiction in civil cases where the matter in controversy, exclusive of costs, is less in value or amount than five hundred dollars, except in controversies concerning . the title or boundaries of land, the probate of a will, the appointment or qualification of a personal representative, guardian, committee or curator ; or concerning a mill, roadway, ferry or landing ; or the right of a corporation or of a county to levy tolls or taxes...
Page 678 - Upon the point of the refusal of the court to set aside the verdict, on the ground that the damages were excessive...
Page 698 - ... need not set forth the pleadings, record, or proceedings with which the oath is connected, nor the commission or authority of the court or person before whom the perjury was committed.
Page 372 - It is a principle universally declared and admitted that municipal corporations can levy no taxes, general or special, upon the inhabitants or their property, unless the power be plainly and unmistakably conferred.
Page 716 - Mere negligence or want of ordinary care or caution would not, however, disentitle him to recover, unless it were such that, but for that negligence or want of ordinary care and caution, the misfortune could not have happened, nor if the defendant might, by the exercise of care on his part, have avoided the consequences of the neglect or carelessness of the plaintiff.

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