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thony Merry, esq. to execute the of the 92d foot, vice Alger, resigned. office of his majesty's secretary at - To be barrack-masters of the Ba. the said congress.

hamas: Robert B. Carre, esq. bar. Nov 14. Staff. Lieutenant-colo-rack-master and commissary on the nel John Hamilton, of the 81st foot, late expedition at Helvoetsluys. to be deputy quarter-master gene Dec. 5. George Keith (baron ral lo the forces serving at the Cape Keith of that part of the united of Good Hope, vice major-general kingdom called Ireland), K. B. and Fraser, placed on the staff in India. admiral of the blue, created a ba

18. Charles Bragge, esq. tret ron of the united kingdom of Great surer of his majesty's navy, sworn Britain and Ireland, by the title of of his majesty's most honourable pri- baron Keith of Stonehaven-Marise vy council.-Sylvester lord Glen- chal, county of Kincardine-Lieubervie, to be president of the come tenant general sir John Hely Hutchmittee appoinied for the considera- inson, K. B. to be lord Huichinson, tion of all matters relating to trade baron of Alexandria, and of Knock. and foreign plantations, in the ab- lofty, county of Tipperary.- John sence of the earl of Liverpool. Halkett, esq. appointed captain

21. Brevet Colonel John Blake, general and governor in chief of of the 24th foot, to be brigadier- the Bahama islands. general in Egypt only.

7. William D'Ariey, esq. cap 23. Sir Andrew Snape Ham- tain in his majesty's marine forces, mond, bart. Henry Duncan, esq. permitted to accept the rank of sir John Henslow, and sir William knight of the royal and military orRule, knights, William Palmer, der of Constantine, conferred ou esq. sir William. Bellingham, bart. him by Ferdinand IV. king of the Harry Harmood, Samuel Gambier, Two Sicilies; and to bear, in his Francis John Hartwell, Benjamin own country, the ensigns of the Tucker, Charles Hope, Isaac Cofhn, said order. and Robert Fanshaw, esqrs. sir 16. Richard Ford, esq.

chief ma Charles Saxton, bart. Nicholson gistrate of the police, knighted, Inglefield, esq. and sir Alexander

17. Sir Francis Milman, bart. John Ball, appointed principal offi- physician extraordinary to the king, cers and commisioners of his ma- appointed (by the queen) one of jesty's navy

her. majesty's physicians in ordi. 24. Prince Augustus Frederick, nary. created baron of Arklow, earl of 29. Staff. Major James Fitzge. Inverness, and duke of Sussex. rald, of the 3d foot-guards, to be dePrince Adolphus Frederick, baron puty adjutaul-general to the forces of Culloden, earl of Tipperary, and serving in the Mediterranean, with duke of Cambridge.

the rank of lieutenant-colonel in the Staff. English Sandiford, army. Brigade major Wm. Hely, gent. to be assistant commissary of lo be fort-major in the garrison of stores, provisions, and forage, to the St. John's in the island of Newforces serving in the West Indies.- foundland.-Hospital staff

. Francis To be barrack-masters in Great Knight, esq. surgeon to the ColdBritain : Lewis Tobias Jones, esq. stream regiment of foot-guards, to late captain in the 14th foot, vice be inspector general of army-hos. Gibbons, dec. Charles Cornet Ba- pitals, vice Rush, deceased. con, gent. from half-pay as captain


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of Polton, esq.

of Binheld, esq.

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field, esq.

SHERIFFS appointed by His Ma Somersetshire, John Band, of jesty in Council for the Year 180). Wookey, esq.

Staffordshire, Thomas Bainbridge, Bedfordshire, Stephen Raymond, of Woodseat, esq.

Southampton, William Garrett,
Berks, Onesiphorus Elliot Elliott, of Leigh-house, esq. Havant.

Suffolk, Charles Streynsham Col.
Bucks, Edward Bury, of Iver, esq. linson, of Sproughton, esq.
Cambridge and Huntingdonshire,

Surry, Bryan Barrett, of Slock,
Richard Eaton, of Stretchworth, well, esq.

Sussex, William Borrer, of HurstCheshire, William Rigby, of Old- Perpoint, esq:

Warwickshire, John Stanton, of
Cumberland, postponed.

Kenelworth, esq.
Derbyshire, Richard Arkwright,

Wilts, Thomas Bush, of Bradford, of Cromford, esq.

esq. Devonshire, Peter Bluet, of Hal Worcestershire, Thomas Philips, combe Rogus, esa.

of Broadway, esq.
Dorsetshire, Thomas Rose Drewe, Yorkshire, Richard Thompson, of
of Woollon Fitzpaine, esq.

Wetherly Grange, esq.
Essex, J. Archer Houblon, of
Hallingford place, esq.

Gloucestershire, John Browne,
of Salperton, esq.

Brecon, Matthew Gwyn, of Aber-
Herefordshire, John Skip, of Led- crave, esq.

Caermarthen, sic John Stepney, Hertfordshire, Thomas Fitzher- of Llanelly, bart. bert, of Shenley, esq.

Cardigan, Robert Lloyd, of Aber.
Kent, Edward Austen, of God- maide, esq.

Glamorgan, Llewellin Traherne,
Leicestershire, Thomas March of St. Hilary's, esq.
Philips, of Garendon, esq.

Pembroke, Morgan Jones, of Kil-
Lincolnshire, Charles 'Mainwa- wendog, esq.
ring, of Goltho, esq.

Radnor, Thomas Hodges Fowler,
Monmouthshire, Thomas Wil- of Abbey Camhire, esq.
liams, of Chepstow, esq.

Norfolk, Robert Marsham, of
Stratton Strawless, esq.

Anglesea, John Price,of Wern,esq. Northamptonshire, Joseph Sibley, Caernarvon, William Harvey, of of Northampton, esq.

Bodvel, esq.

sir Charles Denbighi, Edward Lloyd Lloyd,
Miles Lambert Monck, of Belsay of Penylan, esq.
castle, bart.

Flint, David Pennant, of Down-
Nottinghamshire, William Elliott ing, esq.
Elliott, of Nottingham, esq.

Merioneth, Jonathan Passingham,
Oxfordshire, George Clarke, of of Hendwr, esq.

Montgomery, Jos. Lyon, of Vay-
Rutlandshire, William Kemp, of or Park, esq.
Shropshire, Thomas Clark, of County of Cornwall, Edward

Clins, of Truthan, esq.


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bury, esq.

mersham, esq:

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Chesterton, esq.

Belton, esq.

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Peplow, esq.

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By the King. A PROCLAMATION, kingdom: and whereas, by force
Declaring His Majesty's Pleasure and in pursuance of an act passed
for holding the first parliament of in the parliament of Ireland, and
the United Kingdom of Great Bria recited in and made part of the said
tain and Ireland, and appointing two acts for the union of Great Bri-
the Time and Place of Meeting tain and Ireland, and intituled, " An

act to regulate the mode by which

the lords spiritual and temporal, and GEORGE R.

tite commons, to serve in the parliaW

THEREAS, in pursuance of ment of the united kingdom on the

the fourth article of the ar- part of Ireland shall be summoned ticles of union between Great Bri- and returned to the said parliament;" tain and Ireland, as the same have and in consequence of our having, been ratified and confirmed by two by our said proclamation, under our acts of parliament, the one passed great seal of Great Britain, of the in the parliament of Great Bri- fifth day of November last, declared tain, and the other in the parlia- that it was expedient that the lords ment of Ireland, and both inti- and commons of the then parlia. tuled, “ An act for the union of ment of Great Britain should be the Great Britain and Ireland,” We members of the respective houses have thought fit to declare by our of the first parliament of the united royal proclamation issued under our kingdom on the part of Great Brigreat seal of Great Britain, on the tain, four lords spiritual, and twentyfifth day of November last, that it eight lords temporal, and one hunwas expedient that the lords and dred commoners, have been apcommons of the then parliament of pointed, chosen, and declared (acGreat Britain should be members of cording to the circumstances of the the respective houses of the first par- several cases) to be the members liament of the united kingdom of of the respective houses of the said Great Britain and Ireland on the first parliament of the said united part of Great Britain: and We did, kingdom on the part of Ireland: We by the same proclamation, notify do by this our royal proclamation, our intention to appoint Thursday under the great seal of the united the twenty-second day of January kingdom of Great Britain and Ireinstant for the assembling of such land, with the advice of our privy first parliament of the said united council, declare and publish our kingdom, by proclamation under will and pleasure to be, and do the great seal of our said united hereby appoint, that our first par


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llament of the said united kingdom to give their attendance accordingly.
shall meet and be holden at our city at Westminster, on the said twenty-
of Westminster, on the said twenty- second day of January instant.
second day of January, one thou Given at court at Saint
sand eight hundred and one; where James's, the first day of Ja-
of the lords spiritual and temporal, nuary, one thousand eight hun-
and the knights, citizens, and bur dred and one, in the forty-first
gesses, and the commissioners for

year of our reign.
shires and burghs of our said first
parliament of the said united king.
dom, and all others whom it may
concern, are hereby to take notice. At the Court at St. James's, the first
And We do hereby direct and com Day of Jan. 1801; present, the
mand, in pursuance of the said King's Most Excellent Majesty in
fourth article of the said articles of Council,
union, that the lords spiritual and
temporal, and commons, who are

Whereas by the act of unifor-
to serve in the said parliament on mity which established the Liturgy,
the part of Ireland, be returned in and enacts, That no form or order
such manner as by the said act pass- of common prayer be openly used,
ed in the parliament of Ireland to other than what is prescribed and
regulate the mode by which the appointed to be used in and by the
fords spiritual and temporal

, and the said book; it is, notwithstanding,
commons, to serve in the parlia- provided, that in all those prayers,
ment of the united kingdom on the litanies, and collects, which do any-
part of Ireland, shall be summoned wise relate to the king, queen, or
and returned to the said parliament royal progeny, the names be altered
m-such lords spiritual and temporal, and changed from time to time, and
and commons, are directed io bé fitted to the present occasion, ac-
returned according to the circum- cording to the direction of lawful
stances of each particular case of authority : it is thereupon, this day,
the several lords spiritual and ten- ordered by his majesty, with the
poral, and commons, so appointed, advice of his privy council, that
chosen, and declared to be the mem- the following alterations be made,
bers of the respective houses of the viz.
said united kingdom on the part of

In the book of Common Prayer,
Ireland. And we do hereby fur- title-page-instead of " the church
ther (with the advice aforesaid) de- of England," put " of the united
clare our royal will and pleasure, church of England and Ireland.”
that our said parliament of our said Prayer for the high court of par-
united kingdom sli!!, on the said liament, instead of " our sovereign
twenty-second day of January, one and his kingdoms," read, “ and his
thousand eight hundred and one, be dominions."
holden and sit for the dispatch of

The first prayer to be used at sca,
divers weighty and important af- instead of " his kingdoms," read
fairs; and the said lords spiritual

« his dominions."
and temporal, and the said knights, In the form and manner of mak-
citizens, and burgesses, and the said ing, ordaining, and consecrating of
commissioners for shires and burghs, bishops, priests and deacons, in-
are hereby required and commanded stead of the order " of the church

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of England,” read “ of the united Britain and Ireland, and its Dee church of England and Ireland.” pendencies, and also the Ensigns Ar

In the preface of the said form, in morial, Flags, and Banners thereof. two places, instead of “ church of England,” read “ in the united

GEORGE R. church of England and Ireland.”

In the first question in the ordi Whereas by the first article of nation of priests, instead of “church the articles of union of Great Briof England," read “ of this united tain and Ireland, ratified and conchurch of England and Ireland.” firmed by two acts of parliament,

In the occasional offices, 25th the one passed in the parliament of October, the king's accession, in- Great Britain, and the other in the stead of “ these realms,” read “ this parliament of Ireland, and respecrealm.”

tively intituled, " An act for the In the collect, before the epistle, union of Great Britain and Ireland,” instead of “these kingdoms," read it was declared, That the said king“this united kingdom.”

doms of Great Britain and Ireland For the preachers, instead of should upon this day, being the 1st “ king of Great Britain, France day of January, in the year of our and Ireland,” say king of the Lord 1801, for ever after be united united kingdom of Great Britain and into one kingdom, by the name of Ireland.”

“ The united kingdom of Great And it is further ordered, That Britain and Ireland;" and that the no edition of the book of Common royal style and titles appertaining to Prayer be from henceforth printed the inperial crown of the said but with the aforesaid amendments ; united Kingdom and its dependen. and that in the mean time, until co- cies, and also the ensigns armorial, pies of such edition may be had, all flags, and banners thereof, should parsons, vicars, and curates, do (for be such as We, by our royal proclathe preventing of mistakes), with the mation, under the great seal of the pen, correct and amend all such said united kingdom, should ap: prayers in their church books, ac- point: We have thought fit by and cording to the foregoing directions; with the advice of our privy counand, for the better notice hereof, cil, to appoint and declare that our that this order be forthwith printed royal style and titles shall henceforth and published, and sent to the se. be accepted, taken, and used, as the veral parishes; and that the right same are set forth in manner and reverend the bishops take care that form following ; that is to say, the obedience be paid to the same ac same shall be expressed in the cordingly, within their respective Latin tongue by these words :dioceses,

GEORGIUS TERTIUS, Dei STEPH. COTTRELL, Gratia, Britanniarum Rer, Fidei

Defensor: and in the English tongue

by these words:-"GEORGE the By the King. A PROCLAM'ATION, THIRD, by the grace of God, of

the united kingdom of Great BriDeclaring His Majesty's Pleasure con- tain and Ireland, King, Defender

cerning the Royal Style and Titles of the Faith.” And that the arms uppertuining to the Imperial Crown or ensigns armorial of the said of the linited Kingdom of Great united Kingdom shall be quarterly,

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