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lighted with their savage glare the butcheries measures for the safety of his family. He was and plundering of those Europeans who lived at home with them on that Sunday evening near the native lines and were defenceless, while when the mutiny broke out. The fires that a strong European force was within hearing and blazed through the darkness around, and made sight of this calamity in their ordinary canton. it light as day, first informed him and them ments.

of the revolt. They were unable to escape, for When the 11th Native Infantry collected to fire was circling them round and round. The join their comrades in the mutiny, they were mob of the mutineers attempted to force an addressed by their chief, Colonel Finnis—a entrance to their place, but they were saved brother of the late Lord Mayor of London—who by the address and tact of their ayah, the chilhad served many years in the Indian army, and dren's native nurse. supposed that he could exercise sufficient in- The delay in marching the European soldiers fluence over his own men to restrain them from to the native lines occurred partly from their revolt; but he was shot dead while talking distance and partly from the danger to which with them, by the men of the 20th Native their own lines were exposed. At last, detachregiment. He was the only officer of the 11th ments of the 60th Rifles, the Carabineers, and who was killed at Meerut. Two officers of the the Horse Artillery arrived on the ground near 20th Native Infantry and three officers of the the burned bungalows ; but the sepoys had 3rd Native Cavalry were also killed in the done their work. A few shots were exchanged mutiny; but the officers suffered less, in pro- | between them and the sepoys ; the latter retired portion to their numbers, than the civilians--the cavalry pursued them for a short dis

a and especially than the females and children. tance, but the night was dark, and the fugiFamilies found their bungalows blazing around tives marched on to Delhi without much molesthem as the first intimation of danger. Ser- tation. A loss of 150 to 200 men may have geant Law lived in a house beyond the canton- been sustained in the early part of their flight; ments, with his wife and six children. He was but with that the vengeance of the Europeans brutally murdered, with three of his children. in Meerut was appeased, and they returned. His wife and three children were found alive, The feeble efforts to destroy the mutineers on but frightfully mangled—the first of those who the first night of the mutiny originated partly suffered in this cruel war of men against babes in the hour of darkness fitly selected for their and infancy. The ladies found in their homes dark deeds, partly from the sudden appearance without any protection were pitilessly slain. of this outburst, but chiefly because the solOne lady was savagely mutilated in her garden, diers were required to check the rabble of by which she had endeavoured to escape. The Meerut. In mutinies subsequently the officers clothes of another were kindled before her expected the crime, and had adopted some plan murder was completed. The prisoners who of operation. In Meerut the trial came, in the

. had been released, and the mob of the city, words of the late Sir Charles Napier, like a flash committed those excesses which were so absoa of lightning. If General Hewitt had ordered the lutely free from cause or from excuse. The eighty-five mutineers to be shot, he might have entire property of the Europeans near the native brought the revolt forward by a day, yet he lines perished in flames or in plunder; and could not have prevented it, for the plot was although nights of greater horrors were destined carefully prepared, and the mutineers never to occur in other stations of India, yet none doubted the reception that they would meet had equalled that of Meerut for fifty years. from the native regiments in Delhi.

Even there, however, some redeeming points If the position of Meerut was bad, that of in the native character appeared. The ayahs, Delhi was inexcusable. No person endowed or native nurses, protected and saved nearly with the average share of intellect necessary to all the young children. The native servants conduct the common affairs of life, would have were generally faithful to their employers, and considered the largest magazine of military endeavoured to aid them in saving both their stores in the north western provinces of India lives and their property. The men of a native safe in a city with 140,000 inhabitants, among cavalry regiment protected the bungalow and whom hostile feelings to British rule had always family of one of their officers, whom they seem prevailed, without a European guard. If Delhi to have respected : and escorted his wife into be unhealthy for Europeans, it should not have the European lines.

been employed as a military arsenal : it should A pleasing instance of native fidelity oc- not have been carefully fortified; and the vast

; curred to the late Mr. Greathead and his parks of artillery, the almost inexhaustible family. That gentleman was Commissioner of barrels of gunpowder, the shells and shot inMeerut. He was well acquainted with the dis- numerable, should might have been stored at trict, and yet he had, respecting the safety of Meerut. the Europeans, felt no misgivings; or they were The mutinous regiments reached Delhi on not of a character that led him to take unusual | Monday, the 11th May. Information had

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been previously received of their approach by, where bloodshed was religion and guilt was Brigadier Graves, who held the command, worship. which did not include a single British soldier, But the Flagstaff Tower is shaken—a roll except the officers of three native regiments and I like thunder close above-a piercing light, like a few men employed at the magazine. He to a comet's brightness, catch every ear and paraded the regiments, and having addressed eye-sinner and sufferer for a moment cease them, he decided to meet the mutineers to sin and suffer. What is the power that, without the city. The garrison marched out just as hereafter the grand archangel who will of that Cashmere gate at which a gallant stand on earth and sea shall, by the words of exploit has been recently so successful. The that last oath arrest, even in the action, every sepoys evinced no feeling of disloyalty. As crime-arrests the murderer with his raised at other stations, they concealed the purpose dagger — the other murderer with his rankling in their hearts under a profession of hammer nailing a Christian to the symbol attachment to their colours, their officers, and his faith-the murderer as he stabs the babe, the service. They had passed only a short whom he cannot cut from the arms of her dead distance from the walls when they met the mother—the murderer as, with lighted torch he 3rd Cavalry in mutiny. The 54th Regiment strives to wring a groan from manhood's burning led. Their colonel ordered them to fire. They tongue – arrests the failing ear of the dying, fired, not at the cavalry, but at the rising moon who tries to catch the last sob of his slaughor the setting sun, and then divided to leave a tered boy-arrests the fading eye that sends its path for the false horsemen. The officers of the last gleam of sorrow downwards to the mangled 54th stood alone to bar the progress of the 3rd remains of the dead and the loved, now happily Cavalry, and they were rapidly cut down. gone from pain-arrests the fleeting soul of the Their colonel fell first, not before he had shot broken-hearted soldier as he sees a day, a day two of the mutinous cavalry ; but only a few of redder colouring still, some four months away, officers of the 54th and a greater proportion of when there, upon those very streets of shame, the 38th were able to escape from the massacre and sin, and desperate sorrow, the firm tread of of officers that followed the fraternisation of island men, the glimmer of their glancing the 3rd Cavalry with the 54th Infantry. This bayonets, the dreadful scowl on brows where closed the second movement in the great never before had cruelty set its mark, tell that mutiny. The successful actors had studied not the hour of restoration-oh, grievous is their parts previously, and they acted them out the sorrow to breaking hearts; so far, far away, better than treachery is generally performed. that it may never be—but the hour of justice ; The plans appeared to be perfectly successful. and vengeance is justice, and justice is vengeance; The assailants and the garrison marched into has come at last; what may the power be Delhi together. At nightfall the city was theirs that lights up minaret and mosque, and casts -the massacre had commenced : it was nearly upon the Jumna a redder light than a volcano's completed.

glow-that crush and glare, that seem to come Brigadier Graves had retired with one corps through the very throat of hell—till living of sepoys to the Flagstaff Tower. He sent beings appear for a moment but stones cut by a warning to all the European inhabitants of skilful sculptor, near as cold, nigh as pale? Delhi to meet him there. This request never They come of a devotion that Greece and Rome reached some of them ; others received it too have never seen excelled, and yet the names of late. Many obeyed with heavy hearts, leaving those who kept the magazine may pass away behind them in the bloody city homes that from our memory. Three officers, Sir Thomas had been the gatherings of years. Carriages Metcalfe, Lieutenant Willoughby, and Lieuwere provided, so far as possible, for the females tenant Forrest were in the magazine when the and children. The sepoys who had accom- mutineers marched into Delhi. Sir Thomas panied Brigadier Graves and their officers gra- Metcalfe went out to obtain assistance, but dually melted away, until a small band served he never returned. Lieutenant Willoughby both their regimental colours and the artillery, closed and blocked the gates. Four six-pounders planted for the defence of the fort. Major were trained against the gates, other guns were Graves was no longer a commander. His army trained in position to command other entrances. of the morning had passed away by night. Conductor Crow and Sergeant Stewart stood by Shots that rung out stories of blood-shouts the guns, and wrought them amid a shower hard and harsh—the horrible language of a from small arms. They were assisted by Conbrutal mob-came borne on the night air from ductors Buckley and Scully, and the officers. Gomorrha of the Jumna. The felons of Delhi, The guns were rapidly served with grape, and like those of Meerut, held high festival that the grape was rapidly sunk in knots of the night. Excesses of the most fearful nature, fierce traitors. A dismal slaughter-a dreadful which the pen writes not, and the tongue slaughter-occurred among these evil men— speaks not, were done in that city of guilt, pitiable slaughter - if there had been space




for pity left by the traitor's guilt-was done by siege to match the explosion of the magazine by that stern fire; but what a few men may avail | another deed of signal daring. against many thousands has been done. One Weeks, and months of fighting had passed. officer is shot through the arm—one conductor is One General after another had been removed by shot through the leg-resistance is hopeful no death or sickness from that fatal command. Reinlonger-it never was but hopeless, except for a forcements had come in slowly and the insatiable stern vengeance - the sterner vengeance is to siege swallowed them up as they came. September

had drawn towards its centre. On fields at The train has been carefully placed by bome, the reapers celebrated with glad hearts their Lieutenant Willoughby. The match is in the harvest home. The night of the 13th had sped hands of Conductor Buckley. The King of Delhi away, and the morning of the 14th had come. has supplied the sepoys with scaling-ladders. From batteries, carefully masked, a storm of They swarm over the walls at every point. There shell was thrown over the city. Hour after hour is not a moment to lose, for those who would the hail of death and destruction fell upon its escape from an ordeal of fire, through which life towers and walls. Day dawned, but the thick can scarcely pass, and expect to live.

smoke from that hot artillery eclipsed the sun, One moment more : it brings a hundred men to and even through its darkness gleamed the fiers death, each moment more is worth five score of messengers to clear the way for the assault. At lives, but this is the last. Sampson like the little last the breaches were considered to be open, and band prefer to die in dealing death around them. the assailing columns were formed. That was the The match is applied, and but an instant, and over hour sought so long-come at last. None could all arose the crush and glare, and in the dust a doubt the desperate valour of the foemen behind thousand bodies were cast high in that great de- those walls. They fought with death, the known struction, and where they fell they perished. Our result of their defeat; and although weaker now history has not a braver deed to tell than the ex- in the power and range of their guns, they had plosion of the Delhi magazine. It reached not fought them until the masonry crumbled beneath most unfortunately to all the military stores of that their feet. wicked city. The fighting of four long and weary

The assault has commenced, but a gate is months had to be fed from them ; but it was the closed still. It is that Cashmere gate through first signal blow that the mutineers received ; and which the Delhi mutineers marched to join their although the number who perished has been stated allies from Meerut. Tne gate must be forced ; variously, yet it appears to have been little under but a swarm of native marksmen are above and the first statement of a thousand men.

behind it. They can pour their fire on any advanLicutenant Forrest survived the explosion, cing party with fatal precision. The most forlorn Lieutenant Willoughby lived, burned and mutilated of all forlorn hopes is formed, Two officers of the through days and nights of torture. He escaped Engineers, Lieutenant Home and Lieutenant Sal. from the city and wandered on the way to Um keld; two non commissioned officers, Serjeant ballah, where he died. “Their names will pass Burgess and Corporal Carmichael ; two men from from memory.”—Never, surely, while the country a Sikh contingent, and a bugler-carrying pow. has granite to bear their inscription, for no fitter der bags, dash at the gate. A desperate race it is, material could be found than the imperisbable if they can ever reach it—and not a hope remains granite to tell posterity the names of men who, that they will ere return. But the country needs drawn suddenly from their daily engagements, the Cashmere Gate, and they dash forward with exhibited a devotion to their land and their service their powder bags and matches, over ground that the bravest of the brave in all times would where every footstep sell upon a bullet. This have rejoiced to emulate.

was no race against time, but against a hunThe explosion of the magazine signalled the dred muskets, in tried and willing hands. The retreat of the ladies and their friends from the very daring of the men had unnerved for a moment Flagstaff Tower, and the renewal of those enormities the fire of the musketeers; but only for a moment that made Delhi a bye-wood among men.


—a shower of balls fell, and with them one of the civilians, the women, and the children from the gallant Sikhs; and now balls fell at every step, Flagstaff Tower went on their several ways--some and Carmichael is shot-more balls, and Lieutenant to Kurnaul, some to Meerut, in the conveyances Salkeld is bit; but he struggles on-more balls, that had been provided. They started all to great and through them all the survivors reach the gate. tribulation, the greater number through torture The sepoys knew their errand well. Maddened to their graves.

The histories of their journeys with rage they lean over the parapets—they fire are sorrowful memorials of endurance, and suffering through the port-holes, within a few yards of these from guilt and treason. A day came when the adventurers. Lieutenant Salkeld is shot again, red vengeance that seemed to delay so long fell and falls into the ditch, near the bugler. The at last. Day by day it had been falling. Delbi powder bags are hung to the gate by Sergeant had become a slaughter-house to the mutineers. Burgess, Lieutenant Home, and

their comIts soil had been raised by the bodies of their dead; panion, the Sikh soldier. A regiment, but for a time we pass over the flight and the panting for the charge, look on and ask

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why are they not riddled by a hundred balls ; | death like that ran by Lieutenant Home to the but rage

is a bad quality in a sharpshooter. The Cashmere Gate. If we want many copyists of enraged sepoys miss, and the adveuturers are now these deeds, we should make the relatives of those in the ditch. An anxious moment seemed an hour, non-commissioned officers memorials of their bravery. “ That match has not caught Sir;" and Serjeant How deeply might any man in Eogland or Scot. Burgess sprung up to apply another. This time land blush to know that child or wife, that sister the aim was better. He fell, but dying heard that or mother, of their's suffered want of their's his match had not missed. The powder bags had who laid dowu their lives thus nobly for their carried away the Cashmere Gate. One moment of country. patience had saved a valuable life; but it was lost. The Fakirs are fanatics. They are charged The bugler sounded the advance, and never bugle with the origin of the Hindoo rebellion; and Mr. notes were more welcome than those that lured a Greathead told, when he lived, a beautiful anecdote hundred men onward, to their death. That moment of one Fakir. He found a European baby on the again how long it seems. They are bounding over banks of the Jumna. He listed it up and carried it the ground before the gate. But sound the ad- to Meerut. The way was long, and the Fakir bad vance-and the bugle-notes pealed forth loud and to seek assistance as he moved on with the bated clearly over the musquetry's rattle, until the Feringhee child. The Sowars wanted to kill and columns cleared the ditch, and the bright bayonets the Fakir to save the child. Holy man as he were dim behind the Cashmere Gate at Delhi.

was, they struck at the poor infant in And men may listen to many an heroic story of his arms, and they were sore and swollen battles yet to be fought; and men may search | in protecting it. At last he reached the through poetry and history like romance for the station, and gave the infant to its own people. traditions of the brave who perished in the past ; They offered him money. The Fakir gently rebut neither past nor future will give brighter deeds fused their gift. They pressed him much. Water of self-sacrifice or life-yielding valour than the is the grand necessity of the tropics. Make a magazine and the Cashmere Gate of Delhi. Not well, said the Fakir, and call it by my name. The James Stuart, bleeding and wounded amid his well spring of a good heart forced their way spearmen, but struggling till the darkness fell on through the layers of prejudice, and the strata of Flodden, was a more chivalrous man than Sergeant superstition, in the Fakir's mind, and they were Stuart serving his guns in the magazine ; and very beautiful, clear as crystal, and greatly to be never a hard riding border Home had race with | admired.



the new year.

resolution be carried, then the Company will be The meeting of Parliainent on next Thursday, discharged; but arrangements involving the becomes more interesting as the date draws complicated negociations necessary for that purnearer; and the necessity for the session grows pose cannot be completed in the haste of an stronger. Each day makes an impression in both extraordinary session Something is required respects. Some journals continue the delusion before the close of December. That something that money will not be required for Indian outlay. is, we presume, a guarantee for money. A pronise If they be correct, it still would be better to be to reconsider the entire East India Company's disappointed in one way than another. We fear existence may be racked to the guarantee ; but that they are incorrect, and the disappointment can only be fulfilled after the commencement of will all be on their side.

India must have a large quantity of silver The Act of Indemnity for the breach of the hidden or hoarded, here and there, for which the Banking law of 1844 is required, but it would owners would be wise to accept a good and lively pass in three or four days. As the law itself has interest, while that may be obtained; but they been suspended, no difficulty exists in suspending may be deaf to persuasion. We cannot afford to the standing orders of both Houses, and passing raise compulsory or forced loans. Financing of pardon to the ministry in two days. The session that description is out of our way.

The lenders was entirely unnecessary for that purpose; but must be allowed to satisfy themselves with the the Government will at once propose ; according security; and if they will not be satisfied there to another common rumour, the expansion of the can be no loan.

currency of the Bank of England, based on The Government, according to common and national securities, from fourteen to twenty milcurrent reports, intend to take the direct manage- | lions. This alteration of the figures would change ment of India into their own keeping. If that completely the operation of the Bank Charter

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Act. A bolder step is mooted in some quarters. / value of produce will also affect all interests in the The additional issue of six millions would be Union. The cotton-holders of the Southern States absorbed more easily, it is supposed, if they con- will find themselves much poorer than they antisisted of one pound notes, which would be readily cipated; while the dealers in corn and flour in paid for wages, and would at once release that the north and west will be obliged to reduce the number of sovereigns. To that change greater estimate of their property, by a large sum. opposition would be made, but nothing effectual The demand for European manufactures in the could be done against the Ministerial majority, Union will be limited for a considerable time. The especially when the bullionist theory has altogether bonded warehouses of New York alone contain fallen through, and become entirely inoperative. goods valued at seven millions sterling. The

Custom-bouses of other ports must have goods to

the value of three millions more, making in all The intelligence from the United States in this ten millions in suspense. This stock must by country is down to the 19th November. The

some means come ultimately on the market; and crisis is said to be over there--pretty much, we for the next six months form an adequate believe, as a bonfire is over, when the fuel is supply. turned into ashes, and little more can be done. It is a remarkable fact, that a body of burglars had robbed one country bank of 22,000 dollars, The disciples of this new and sensual creed, which for they must have been bold burglars who ex. intimately resembles Mohamedanism in immoral pected to find dollars in one of these institutions. tendencies, have mustered nearly one hundred A more serious matter had occurred in the Bank thousand persons in the State of Utah. That of Philadelphia, where a sum of £370,000 is residence of the saints, as they delight to be deficient, without any explanation. The Bank of termed, who are not ascetic or self-denying in Philadelphia is only an example, on a contracted their creed, is difficult of access. It is west from scale, of the conduct of the entire Union. It the springs of the great American rivers which has a large deficiency in its accounts with the enter the Atlantic, and at the head waters of those world, for which nobody can give a good reason; which flow into the Pacific. A ring of mountains and least of all the world can any of these persons surround the vallies of Utah, The government of afford a good reason for the lamentable occurrence the region is in the possession of the Mormon from whom it should be required.

elders. These gentlemen are Oriental in their The numerous operatives in the large American views, and maintain harems of scandalous extent. cities out of employment, produce a comparatively Polygamy appears to be the law and rule of the novel excitement in them. Meetings in New place, although, all those who have observed the York occurred daily, and resolutions, cast in a difficulty of bringing the sexes to an equality in rough mould, were passed. A military guard had new colonies, must be surprised at the existence been placed at dangerous points, but they had not of polygamy in out of the way Utah. The fact found any action necessary. Plundering, to the s, however, undoubted, whatever wonder those date named, had been confined to two bakers' who hear of its existence may feel at the possibility baskets, of which their boys had been robbed. New of that vice and wretchedness which it secures, York is a city dangerous from its common wicked. The Government of the United States had deterness; and, at present, want increases its tenden- mined to enforce their laws among the Mormons, cies to wretchedness. It ever has a large popula- and a large force had been forwarded from the tion prone to evil. Poverty now increases that towns of the west to support this resolution. Inpopulation. The inhabitants of the other towns formation has been received that the leaders of are as deeply tried as those of New York, but they this army could not advance in time to accomplish are more patient.

their object. By this date, and indeed long before General Walker contrived another expedition this time, the mountains which have to be trainto Central America, to destroy life, pass time, versed would be impassable from snow, and the and seize a kingdom. He had been arrested at general state of the weather. No doubt exists New Orleans, but admitted to bail. The arrest that this civil war of the far west must be susmust be merely a compromise, or a convenience, pended until the spring time of 1858; but a more since he has been bailed; for he is backed by difficult matter exists in the absence of regular money to pay the expense of hostilities, and has The Government of the States could blockforfeited his security.

ade the Mormons in all directions, and prevent We do not find in the papers or private reports them from receiving supplies of material or of any reason to suppose that the Union will bave a As, however, their conduct is only susrapid revival of prosperity. The severity of the picious, and absolute resistance has not been given shock precludes this hope, and the reversion from 1 to the orders of the general government, the latter this country, and Europe in general, may even be can scarcely prevent the ordinary flow of comfatally felt by the houses that have kept their merce and peaceful travellers. Happily, the same ground in the hope of help or time from this side reasons that prevent the advance of the army, in of the Atlantic. The great reduction in the a great measure retard all other travellers ; and



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