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25. See that

2. From the parties offended x: if immediately against God y, his attributes z, and worship a; against Christ, and his grace b; the Holy Spirit c, his witness d, and workings e; 2gainst superiors, men of eminency f, and such as we stand e

specially If thou, being a Jew, livest after the transgression and disobedience re: manner of Gentiles, and not as do ceived a just recompence of reward; the Jews, why compellest thou the 3. How shall we escape, if we neGentiles to live as do the Jews? glect so great salvation, -Heb, xiii * Mat. xxi. 38. But when the


refuse not him that husbandmen saw the son, they said speake:h: for if they escaped not among themselves, This is the heir, who refused him that spake on come let us kill him, and let us earth, much more shall not we efeize on his inheritance, v. 39. And scape, if we turn away from him they caught him, and cast him ouť that speaketh from heaven. of the vineyard, and flew him. c Heb. x. 29. Of how much forer

y i Sam. ii. 25. If one man sin a punishment, suppose ye, shall he be gainst another, the judge shall judge thought worthy, who hath trodden him; but if a man fin againit the under foot the Son of God,-Mat. Lord, who shall intreat for him? - xii.


Wherefore I say unto you, Acts v. 4.–Thou hast not lied un- All manner of fin and blasphemy to men, but unto God. Pfal, li. 4. shall be forgiven unto men; but the Against thee, thee only have I lin- blafphemy again!t the Holy Ghost ned, and done this evil in thy sight: fhall not be forgiven unto men. v. thąt thou mightest be justified when 32. And whosoever speaketh a word thou speakest, and be clear when against the Son of man, it shall be thou judgelt.

forgiven him: but whosoever fpeakz Roin. ij. 4. Or despisest thou eth against the Holy Ghost, it fall the riches of his goodness, and for not be forgiven him, neither in this bearance, and long-suffering, not world, neither in the world to knowing that the goodness of God leadeth thee to repentance?

d Eph. iv. 30. And grieve not e Mal. i. 8. And if ye offer the the Holy Spirit of God, whereby blind for sacrifice, is it not evil? ye are sealed unto the day of reand if ye offer the lame and fick, is demption. it not evil? offer it now unto thy c Heb. vi. 4. For it is impoflible governor, will he be pleased with for those who were once enlightenthee, or accept thy person? faith ed, and have tasted of the beavenly the Lord of hosts. v. 14. But curf- gift, and were made partakers of ed be the deceiver, which hath in the Holy Ghost, v. 5. and have tafthis flock a male, and voweth and ed the good word of God, and the sacrificeth unto the Lord a corrupt powers of the world to come; v. 6. thing: for I am a great King, faith if they shall fall away, to renew the Lord of hosts, and my name is them again unto repentance:dreadful

the heathen.

f Jude verse 8. Likewise also these b Heb. ii. 2. For if the word spok- filthy dreamers defile the flesh, deen by angels was stedfalt, and every spise dominion, and speak evil of


specially related and engaged unto g; against any of the saints h, particularly weak brethren i, the souls of them or any

other k, and the common good of all or many l.

3. From

dignities. Numb. xii. 8.-Where. me, it were better for him that a fore then were ye not afraid to ípeak militone were hanged about his against my lervant Moses? v. 9. neck, and that he were drowned in And the anger of the Lord was the depth of the sea, i Cor, vi. 8. kindled against them, and he de- Nay, you do wrong and defraud, parted. Ila, iii. 5.-The child shall and that your brethren. Rev. xvii. behave himself proudly against the 6. And I saw the woman drunken ancient, and the base against the with the blood of the faints, and honourable.

with the blood of the martyrs of & Prov. xxx. 17. The eye that Jesus: mocketh at his father, and despiseth i i Cor. viii. 11. And through to obey his mother, the ravens of thy knowledge shall the weak brothe valley fhall pick it out, and the ther perish, for whom Christ died? young eagles shall eat it. 2 Cor. v. 12. But when ye sin fo against xii. 15. And I will very gladly the brethren, and wound their weak fpend and be spent for you, though conscience, ye fin against Christ, the more abundantly I love you, Rom. xiv.


Let us not therefore the lefs I be loved. Pfa. lv. 12. For judge one another any more; but it was not an enemy that reproach- judge this rather, that no man put ed me, then I could have born it; a stumbling-block, or an occasion neither was it he that hated me,

to fall in his brothers way. v. 15. that did magnify himself againt But if thy brother be grieved with me, then I would have hid myself thy meat, now walkest thou not from him. v. 13. But it was thou, charitably. Destroy not him with a man, mine equal, my guide, and thy meat, for whom Christ died, my acquaintance. v. 14. We took v.21. It is good neither to eat fleth, sweet counsel together, and walked nor to drink wine, nor any thing unto the house of God in company, whereby thy brother stumbleth, or v. 15. Let death seize upon them, is offended, or is made weak. and let them go down quick into k Ezek. xii. 19. And will ye polhell:

lute me among my people for handb Zeph. ii. 8. I have heard the fuls of barley, and for pieces of reproach of Moab, and the revil- bread, to say the fouls that should ings of the children of Ammon, not die, and to save the souls alive whereby they have reproached my that should not live, by your lying people, — v. 10. This shall they to my people that hear your lies? have for their pride, because they i Cor. viii. 12. But when ye sin so have reproached and magnified against the brethren, and wound themselves against the people of the their weak conscience, ye sin against Lord of hosts. v. vi The Lord Christ. Rev. xviii. 13. (The merwill be terrible unto them :-Mat. chandise of gold) and cinnamon, xviii. 6. But whoso fhall offend one and odours, and ointments, and of these little ones who believe in frankincense, and wine, and oil,


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3: From the nature and quality of the offence m. If it be against the express letter of the law n, break many commandments, contain in it many sins o: if not only conceived in the


and fine flour, and wheat, and ple,v. 12. Now therefore give beasts, and sheep, and horses, and not your daughters unto their fons, chariots, and llaves, and souls of nor - Kings zi. 9. And the Lord men. Mat. xxiii, 15. Wo unto you, was angry with Solomon, because fcribes and pharisees, hypocrites; his heart was turned from the Lord for ye compais sea and land to make God of Israel, who had appeared one profelyte, and when lie is made, unto him twice, vi 1o. and had ye make him twofold more the child commanded him concerning this of hell than yourselves.

thing, that he should not go after ! 1 Thess. ii. 15. Who both kil. other gods: but he kept not that Jed the Lord Jesus, and their own which the Lord commanded. prophets, and have persecuted'us; o Col. iii. 5. Mortify therefore and they please pot God, and are your members which are upon the contrary to all men: v. 16. For- earth; fornication, uncleanness, in bidding us to speak to the Gentiles, ordinate affection, evil concupifthat they might be saved,---Joth. cence, and covetousvels, which is xxii. 20. Did not Achan the fon of idolatry. 1 Tim. vi. 10. For the Zerah commit a trespass in the ac love of money is the root of all evil: cursed thing, and wrath fell on all which while some coveted after, i he congregation of Israel and they have erred from the faith, and that man perished not alone in his pierced themselves through with iniquity.

many sorrows. Prov, v. 8, Remove in Prov. vị. 30. Men do not de- thy way far from her, and come foile a thief, if he seal to satisfy his not nigh the door of her house: Joul when he is hungry: v. 31. But v.9. Lelt thou give thine honour if he be found, he ihall restore fe unto others, and thy years unto the ven-fold, -v. 32. But whoło com cruel. v. 10. Lelt strangers be filInitteth adultery with a woman, led with thy wealth, V.11. And 1.2cketh understanding: he that doth thou mourn at the last, when thy it, destroyeth his own soul. v. 331 feth and thy body are consumed, A wound and dishonour shall he v. 12. And say, How have I hated get, and his reproach fhall not be instruction, and my heart despised wiped away, And so on to the end reproof! Prov. vi. 32. But whoso of the chapter."

committeth adultery with a wo: » Ezra ix. 10. And now, o our man, lacketh understanding: he God, what shall we lay after this? that doth it, destroyeth his own for we have forsaken thy command- soul. v. 33. A wound and dishoments, v. 11, which thou hast com nour shall he get; Josh. vii. 21. manded by thy servant's the pro- When I'faw among the spoils a phets, saying, The land unto which goodly Babylonish garment, and ye go to possess it, is an unclean two hundred Thekels

of silver, and and with the filthiness of the peo a 'wedge of gold of fifty shekels


heart, but breaks forth in words and actions p, scandalizé others q, and admit of no reparation r: if against meanss, mer, ciest, judgments v, light of naturew, conviction of consci


weight, then I coveted them, and man that lay with her, shall give to took them.

the damsels father fifty shekels of p Jam, i. 14. But every man is silver, and she shall be his wife, betempted when he is drawn away of cause he hath humbled her; he may his own lusts, and enticed, v. 15. not put her away all his days. Prov. Then, when luft hath conceived, it vi. 32. But whoso committeth abringeth forth sin; and fin, when it dultery with a woman, lacketh unis finished, bringeth forth death. derstanding: he that doth it, deMat. v. 22. But I say unto you, stroyeth his own soul. v. 33. A that whosoever is angry with his wound and dishonour shall he get, brother without a caule, shall be in and his reproach shall not be wiped danger of the judgment: and who- away. v. 34. For jealousy is the foever shall say to his brother, Ra- rage of a man: therefore he will ca, shall be in danger of the coun not spare in the day of vengeance. cil: but whosoever Ihall say, Thou v. 35. He will not regard any ranfool,' shall be in danger of hell-fire. fom: neither will he relt content, Mic. ii. 1. Wo unto them that de- though thou givelt many gifts. vise iniquity, and work evil upon Mat.xi. 21. Wounto thee Chotheir beds; when the morning is razin, wo unto thee Bethsaida: for light, they practise it, because it is if the mighty works which were in the power of their hand. done in you, had been done in Tyre

9 Mat. xviii. 7. Wo to the world and Sidon, they would have repentbecause of offences; for it must ed long ago in sackcloth and ashes. needs be that offences come; but v. 22. But I say unto you, It shall wo to that man by whom the of- be more tolerable for Tyre and Sifence cometh. Rom. ii. 23. Thou don at the day of judgment than that makest thy boast of the law, for you, v. 23. And thou Caperthrough breaking the law, dilho naum, which art exalted unto hea. nourelt thou God? v. 24. For the ven, lhalt be brought down to hell: name of God is blasphemed among for if the mighty works which have the Gentiles through you, as it is been done in thee, had been done in written.

Sodom, it would have remained unDeut.xxii. 22. If a man be found til this day. v. 24. But I say unto lying with a woman married to an you, that it shall be more tolerable husband, then they shall both of for the land of Sodom, -John xv. them die, both the man that Jay 22. If I had not come, and spoken with the woman, and the woman: unto them, they had not had sin: fo shalt thou put away evil from If- but now they have no cloke for their rael. Compared with v. 28. If a sin. man find a damsel that is a virgin i Isa. i. 3. The ox knoweth his which is not betrothed, and lay owner, and the ass his masters crib: hold on her, and ly with her; and but Israel doth not know, my peothey be found: v. 29. Then the ple doth not consider. Deut. xxxii.

was meet.

encex, publick or private admonitiony,cenfures of thechurch z, civil punishments a; and our prayers, purposes, promises b,

VOWS, 6. Do ye thus requite the Lord, O men working that which is unseemfoolish people and unwise? is not hely, and receiving in themselves that thy father that hath bought thee? recompence of their error which hath he not made thee, and establithed thee?

* Rom. i. 32. Who knowing the v Amos iv. 8. So two or three ci- judgment of God, (that they who ties wandered unto on: city, to commit such things are worthy of drink water; but they were not fa- .death) not only do the same, but tisfied :

: yet have ye not returned have pleasure in them that do them. unto me, faith the Lord. v. 9. I Dan. v. 22. And thou his son, O have smitten

you with blasting, and Belshazzar, haft not humbled thine mildew: when your gardens and heart, though thou knewest all this. vineyards, and your fig-trees, and Tit, ïïi. 10. A man that is an hereyour olive-trees increafed, the pal- tick, after the first and second adiner-worm devoured them: yet monition, reject: v. 11. Knowing have ye not returned unto me, faith that he that is such, is subverted, the Lord. v. 10. I have sent among and finneth, being condemned of you the pestilence after the manner himself, of Egypt: your young men have I y Prov. xxix, 1. He that being of. Alain with the sword, and have tak ten reproved, hardneth his neck, en away your horses, and I have shall suddenly be deitroyed, and made the stink of your camps to

that without remedy. come up unto your nostrils: yet 'Tit, iii. 10. A inan that is an have ye not returned unto me, faith heretick, after the first and second the Lord. v. 11. I have overthrown admonition, reject. Mat. xviii. 17. some of you, as God overthrew So- And if he shall neglect to hear them, dom and Gomorrah, and ye were tell it unto the church: but if he neas a fire-brand pluckt out of the glect to hear the church, let him be burning : yet

have ye not returned unto thee as an heathen man and a unto me, faith the Lord. Jer. v. 3. publican. O Lord, are not thine eyes upon the a Prov. xxvii. 22. Though thou truth? thou halt Itricken them, but should bray a fool in a mortar athey have not grieved; thou hast mong wheat with a pestil, yet will consumed them, but they have re not his foolishness depart from him. fused to receive correction; they Prov. xxiii. 35. They have Atricken have made their faces harder than me, shalt thou say, and I was not a rock, they have refused to return. fick; they have beaten me, and I

w Rom. i. 26. For this cause God felt it not: when shall I awake? I gave them up unto vile affections: will seek it yet again. for even their women did change b Psa. Ixxviii. 34. When he New the natural use into that which is them, then they fought him: and against nature: v.27. And Ilkewise they returned and enquired early also the men, leaving the natural after God. v.35. And they rememuse of the women, burned in their bred that God was their rock, and lust one toward another, men with the high God their redeemer. V.

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