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Sect. III. Of the Occasion of writing the firft Epiftle to Timothy.


After Paul was released from his bonds in Rome, and Timo. thy had returned to him from Philippi, whither he had sent him, Phil. ii. 19. it is reasonable to suppose, that they went to. gether into Judea to visit the Hebrews, according to the apostle's promise, Heb. xiii. 23. taking Crete in their way. And having exhorted and comforted the brethren in Judea, who were greatly distressed by the tumults which brought on the war with the Ro.

mans, they departed to visit the Colossian and Ephesian churches; - the latter of which merited the apostle's particular attention, on

account of the pains he had been at in planting it, as well as on account of the number and quality of its members. See these things more fully narrated, Pref. tó Titus, fect. 1.

"On his arrival at Ephesus, finding the false teachers- bufy in spreading their errors, he no doubt rebuked them sharply, and



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