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his departure was come. In short, he was in as much despon. dency after his first answer, as before it.

Upon the whole, the arguments to prove that Paul wrote his second epistle to Timothy, during the confinement recorded in the Acts, being of so little moment, in comparison of the facts and circumstances which shew that it was written during a subsequent confinement, I agree in opinion with those who hold, that the apostle was twice imprisoned at Rome; once, when he was brought thither from Judea to prosecute his appeal ; and a second time, when he came to Rome from Crete, in the end of the year 65; while Nero was persecuting the Christians; (See Pref. to Titus, Sect. 1. last paragr.) and that having made his first defence early in the year 66, he wrote his second to Timothy in the beginning of the summer of that year, as may be conjectured from his defiring Timothy to come to him before winter.

I have taken this pains in refuting the opinion of the learned men first mentioned, concerning the time of writing the second to Timothy, because on that opinion Lardner hath founded another notion still more improbable, but which, after what hath been said, needs no particular confutation ; namely, that what is called the apostle's second epistle to Timothy, was written before the one which is placed first in the Canon, and which is generally believed to have been the first written.

Sect. II. Of the Place where Timothy was, when the Apofike

wrote his second Letter to him.

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