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Birstene, in the pareoche of Saint Olla;--the Bischopes lands within the pareoche of Steanehous, viz. the lands of Turnestoune, Cufstoune (or Culstoune), and Howbuster, in the pareoche of Steanhous, and late bischoprick of Orknay ;- the lands and iyle of Enhallow (or Duhallow), in the pareoche of Rowsay, with the teynd scheaves and office of bailliary of the saids lands, unite into the tennendrie of Evie :-E. 951.--the 6 penny land of Steanhous, of auld belonging to the precentor of Orkney, with the quoyes following, viz. Usquoy, Meikle Quoy, Anderswick, and Doniskarth, with the mylne of Steanhous in the pareoche of Steanhous :-E. 101. 198. 2d.--the 224 penny land of Kingslaid (or Kingsland) in Evie, in the pareoche of Evie, with the teynd scheaves and office of balliarie of the samin landis ;--the halffe of the roume and lands of Curquoy, extending to ane 2 penny land ;-14 penny land callit Nairhous, in the pareoche of Evie ;—the 2 penny land of Curquoy under the hous commonly called Ground, with the said house, in the said pareochin ;-8 settines malt mailling extending to ane farding thrid pairt farding land in the toune of Cloustoune, in the pareoche of Steanehous.-E. 24 barrells 8 leispound 10 mark butter, &c. of feu duties.

xxiii. 104.

8 penny land called Weiland ;-the quoy of land callit Laverocke, with the teynd sheaves, in the iyle off Schapinschawe, and the late bischopricke of Orknay :-E. 2 barrells butter, &c.-the 6 penny land of Grund, within the pareoche of Sanctolla :-E. 2 barrelis butter, &c.—a tenement and yaird in the toune of Kirkwall, in that pairt callit the Lavrocke :-E. 5 cappones :--the tenement of land, ludging and houss within the New Warke in Kirkwall called Subdeanes ludging :-E. 53s. 4d.-tua chalmers and laich seller in Kirkwall :-E. 125.--a tenement in Kirkwall in that pairt callit the Midtoune :-E. 400.-3 mark udall land in the toune of Grum. buster, with pairt of the holme of Grumbuster, within the pareoche of Firth :-E. 1 meill 8 merk malt, &c.—3 farding udal land in the toune of Ramsgare, within the pareoche of Harray : E. 1 meill 9 merk malt, &c.--the lands and iylle of North Ronaldischay comprehending 184 penny land called Sailies and Sand, with the towmaills callit Lyme ;–204 penny land, and ane fardin land in Nes, Bowsta, and Sand, with the 2 towmaills called Nowst and Hewand ;-the 18 penny land in Linklett called ane Urisland ;--the skerrie callit Selchskerrie, and the 3 penny udal land called Howar and Horga E. 7 last 12 meills bear on the bear pundler, &c.—the lands of Holland :-E. 4 lasts of bear on the bear pundler, &c.--the lands of Stainsay SE. 1 last of bear on the pundler, of feu duties :--the lands of Orknay South and North pairts thairoff.-E. 13001. 13s. 4d.

xxiii. 125.


Jan. 31. 1654. ISSOBELL GRAHAME, heir of Laurance Grahame of Langskaill son to Laurance Grahame of Callander, her father,-in the 8 penny land of Kingisland of Langskaill in Rowsay with the teynd sheaves, within the ille and pareochin of Rowsay and earldome of Orknay.-E. 3 barrells butter, &c. of feu duty.

xxiii. 185.


Nov. 16. 1655. JAMES MORISONE merchand burges of Kirkwall, heir of William Moriesone merchand in Kirkwall, his father,-in ane tenement of land pertaining to the Chaplanrie of Saint Salvator within the towne of Orknay.--E. 6s. 8d.

xxii. 136.


Nov. 7. 1654. MARGARET AND JEANE SCOLLAYS, heirs portioners of Robert Scollay notar publict, their father,-in a tenement of land in the towne of Kirkwall: E. 12d. of feu duty :-in a tenement of land in the said burgh of Kirkwall.-E. ane pund wax, of fen duty.

xxii. 12. (65)

Nov. 7. 1654. HELLEN SINCLAIR, heir of John Sinclair merchand in Kirkwall, her father,-in a tenement of land in the Midtoun of Kirkwall, Mainland.-E. ...

xxiii. 28.


Nov. 16, 1655. GEORGE SMYTH of Rapnes, heir of Andrew Smyth brother german of Patrik Smyth of Braco, his father,-in ane tenement of land in Kirkwall.-E. 6s. 8d.

xxii. 137.


Nov. 16. 1655. THOMAS MAYNE merchand burges of Kirkwall, heir of William Mayne burges of Kirkwall, his father,-in 2 peaces of ground in Kirkwall.-E. 40d.

xxii. 143.


Jan. 17. 1655. JONET BUTTER dauchter to David Butter, heir portioner of William Irving of Saba, her guidshir on the mother's side in the 44 penny and thrid part merk land of Saba E. 18;m. &c. of feu duty :-mylne of Saba within the parochin of Sanct Androis.-E. 10m. of victuall, of feu duty.

xxii. 59.


Jan. 17. 1655. KATHERIN, MARGARET, ISSOBELL, AND MARJORY SINCLARIS daughters to Magnus Sinclair of Binwick, heirs portioners of the said William Irving, their guidshir,-in the forsaid lands, &c.

xxii. 60.

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Mar. 20. 1655. GEORG BELLENDEN, heir of Robert Bellenden of Midhous, his father,-in the 3 penny land called Midhous in Evie, in the pareoche of Evie as principall :-E. ane barrel of butter, 31. and 1s. in augmentation :--the lands and iyle of Gairsay extending to 12 penny land, within the pareoche of Rendell in warrandice of the 3 pennyland of Midhous -E. ........—the ane penny land callit Garth, within the towne of Garth, and pareochę of Evie, Mayneland :—E. 8 marks butter, &c.--the ane ferdinge and thrie pairt farding udall-land in Hamagar, with halffe of the houses callit Hamagar, within the pareochin of Evie, Mayneland :-E. 2 merks butter, &c.—the ane penny udal land and heretable lands in Ellibuster, with ane merkland-udall in Rendell, in the pareoche of Rendall, Mayne-land.-E. 4 sattines scatt malt, &c. of fen duties.

xxiii. 89. (69)

Mar. 20. 1655. MR. GEORGE BUCHANAN of Sound, heir of Thomas Buchanan of Sound, his father,-in the 36 pennyland of Sound with the teynd sheaves, within the late bischoprick of Orkney :-E. 19 leisepund off butter, or 48s. for ilk leispund, &c.—tenements, &c. in the Mid-toune of Kirkwall E. 6s. 8d.-the 8 penny land callit Ellwick, with the teynd sheaves :-E. 21. &c.—the home of Ellwick callit Elgar-holme :-E. 125.--the 14 penny land callit How betwixt the Hills, with the teynd sheaves :--E. 3 meills flesh, &c.the myine of Schepinscha callit the myline of Ellwicke, with the astrictit multurs of the lands and isle of Schapinschawe, within the isle of Schapiuschae, and bischoprick of Orknay :-E. 6 meills aitt meill, &c.—the ane penny udall land called Herralds-garth :-E. 9 marks scatt butter, &c.- the halfe penny land of Herraldsgarth of old perteining to Saint Kathreins prebendarie, within the isle of Sanctolla and late bischopricke of Orknay :-E. 2 meills 4 sattines mell, &c.-the teynd sheaves of the 14 penny land of Herroldsgarth :-E. 6 meills malt :-the ane penny land callit Foirland, within the isle of Schapinschae :- barrell butter, &c.--the


Jan. 8. 1656. PATRICK MONTEITH of Eglishay, heir of Robert Monteith of Eglishay, his father,-in the lands and yle of Eglishay extending to ane auchteine penny land with the holme callit Reddieholme; -the office of bailyarie of the said lands, and the teynd sheaves of the same, in the parochin of Rowsay :-E. 6 chalderis beir, and 201. of feu duty the 9 penny land of Work with the 2 Nesses thereof one callit Halknes, the uther callit Cairnes, within the parochin of Sanctollows, Maynland :-E. ane chalder of malt, &c. the 3 penny land of Zairsay lyand as above :-E. halfe of ane barrell of butter, &c.--the 3 penny land of Catiskarth in Rendalls parochin :-E. ane barrell of butter :--the 12 merk land of Fairyle called Bishops part :-E. ane barrell butter, &c. with a golden penny or 30s. Scots for the price thereof the 2 penny land of Nestahall in Gairsnes in Rendall :-E. halfe of ane barrell of butter :the 3 penny land of Evinshay in Rowsay :-E. 6 meills of malt, &c.--the 2 penny lands in Knarstoune in Rowsay belonging to the vicarage of Rowsay, within the parochin of Rowsay :-E. 4 meills of malt and 4 meills flesh, &c.--the ane penny land in Langskaill in Rowsay pertaining of old to the prebendary of Saint Peter, within the samen parochin -E. 5 meills of malt, &c.---the superioritie of that edified manse callit the Sub Deans Manse in Kirkwall:-E. 13s. 4d.-—the superioritie of the housses callit the New Works Chaplanes Chalmers :-E. 41. and 6s. 8d. in augmentation :-tenement of land in Kirkwall called the Manse of the Rector of St. Mary's in Sanday :-E. 6s. 4d.-all united into the tenandry of Egilshay;—the 5 penny land of Wastnes callit Bishops land ;-the 3 penny land callit Bankis in Sorreik ;-the 3 penny land callit Ow in Sorreik ;-the 3 penny land callit Overdaill in Sorreik ;-the one penny land in Brewland in Sorreik;—the 3 penny land in Brendall ;-the 3 penny land in Bigland ;3 penny land in Farrackit ;-the ane penny land in Queylong (or Queyboig), and Queynoma, within the yle of Rowsay :-E. 571. 18s. 6d. -the 24 farding land in Skarth within the parochin of Forth, Maynland:-E. 5 merks of butter, &c.—the halfe penny halfe farthing land in Setiskarth, within the parochin of Rendali. --E. 5 merks butter, &c.

xxii. 155.

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Jan. 8, 1656. ARTHUR ANDERSONE, heir of William Andersone sometyme Gardner to the late bishope off Orknay, his father,-in the Quoy callit Butt-quoy, with the wther Quoy beneath the same callit Quoy-angrie, cottagis and teynd sheaves, within the pareoche of Saint Ollow, Mainland, and bischoprick of Orknay.-E. } bar. relt butter.


xxiii. 170,

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-a peice of west ground in Kirkwall :--E. 6 hens:--the 3 penny land of King's land called Savericke, with the teynds, in the parochin of St. Olla :-E. 1 barrell butter, &c. of fiu duties :---all within the toune of Kirkwall.

xxiii. 190.

Jan. 8. 1656. MARIE, JEANE, AND MARGARET BALLENDENS, heirs portioners of George Bellenden of Midhous, their father-- in the 2 merk udal land in Howa in Utter-Testa (or Tofta);~the 2 merk land in Utter-Testa (or* Tofta) within the pareochin of Evie, Maineland ;-4 merk udal land in Breck in Costa (Tofta?), within the pareoche of Evie ;-—the 6 peny land of Midhous, and halfpenny land of Howa, with the teynd sheaves, in Utter Testa (or Tofta) within the pareoch of Evie, Maynland, with the office of bailliarie of the 6 peny land of Midhous and halfe penny land in Howa :E. 121. Ss. 0; d. of feu duties :--the 6 penny land called Flawis in Evie, within the Mayneland of Orkney.-E. Id. of blench duty.

xxiii. 172.


Feb. 3. 1657. JEDEIN (or GEDEIN) THURSETTER, heir of James Thursettar, of Wasdaill

, his guidser, in the 4 mark udall land being ane peny land called Wasedaill :~E. 8 mark butter, &c.--the 4 merk udal land being ane penny land callit Setter :-E. 8 mark butter, &c.the 3 merk land udal in the toune of Ringescart :-E. O mark butter, &c.--the 3 penny land of King's-land called Thursetter :--E. ! barrell butter, &c. of feu duties:-extending in the haill to 5 pund and 3 merk land with the reinds, within the parochin of Firth, Mayneland.

xxiii. 213.


Nov. 25. 1656. MARGARET, BARBARA, AND ELSPET GORDOUNS, aires portioners of William Gordoun merchand burges of Kirkwall, their father,-in the tenaments of land underwritten, viz. that tenement of land with the yaird, sometyme perteining to Robert Soullie, lyand in the touné of Kirkwall, in that pairt thairoff callit the Laverock, within the schirrifdome of the earldome of Orkney and lordschipe of Zetland:–E. services as effeirs:—that rwinous hous and yaird quhilk was built and plantit upon the peice of weste ground of nyntein foot of breid in the Laverok of Kirkwall :-E. services as effeirs :--that piece of quoy land callit Quoy-angrie extending in lenth to fyftie eight foots of measure, within the pareoche of St. Olla :-E. 1 point French wyne, and ane unce of sufficient toubalco, of feu ferme :

-ne annuelrent of 231. 12d. furth of the lands and heretages pertaining to Johne Midhouse, and speciallie of the said John his tenement of land lyand in the said toune of Kirkwall in that pairt thairoff callit the Burghe beneath Sant Ollowes brige :-E. Id. Blench ferme : that tenement of land and yaird sometyme pertaining to John Gairner in Kirkwall, in that pairt theiroff called the Laverock. R. 4s. of feu duty, &c.

xxiii. 188.



Feb. 3. 1657. ROBERT HALCRO, heir of Edward Halcro of Howtoun, his father,--in 3 penny land callit Houth alias Fleck ;--3 penny udal land their ;-2 penny land in Midland callit Sorpolt ;--2 penny land callit Grundeway ;--ane penny land thair callit Myre ;-ane penny land callit Suorcabreck;~ane penny land callit Mussuquoy; mane penny land callit Fea ;--6 penny land callit Tusbuster, extending in the haill to 20 penny land, within the pareochin of Orpher and bishoprick of Orknay -E. 3 barrells butter, &c.1 mark udal land in the towne of Howtoune, within the parochin of Orpher ;-ane meill malt melling of udal land, in the toune of Ronaldschae, within the iyle of South Ronalsay :-E. 14 settine bear, &c.--ane halffe mark udal land in the toune of Tuskebuster: -E. I mark butter, &c.—ane halfe mark udal land in the toune of Suambuster :-E. half mark and tent pairt mark butter, &c.-ane setting malt meilling of udal land in the toune of Lerquoy, in the parochin of Orpher, within the Mayne land.-E. } mark butter, &c. of feu duty.

xxiii. 214. (83)

Mar. 18. 1657. JAMES MUDIE of Melsetter, heir of Mr. William Mudie of Brecknes, his grandser,-in the yearlie annuelrent of 100 punds furth of the lands of the Bow of Lafnes in the iyile of Sanday; the lands of the Bow of Walls in the said Iyll;the lands of Bremnes and Rassay, and 3 halfpenny land of Osmondwall, in the earldom of Orkney.

xxiii. 215.


Nov. 25. 1656. MARGARET, BARBARA, AND ELSPET GORDOUNES, heirs portioners of William Gordoune merchand burges of Kirk wall, their father,-in a tenement in Kirkwall :-E. 400.-a ruinous hous and yaird in Kirkwall :-E. 2 capones a piece of quoyland called Quoy-angrie within the parochin of St. Olla :-E. ane peynt of French wyne and ane rowie of tubalco :-ane annuelrent of 23 punds 12 penyes furth of lands in Kirkwall ;-a tenement of land in Kirkwall.-E. 4s. and 12d. in augmentation.

xxiii. 216.

* (78)

Dec. 21. 1656. PATRICK COCK, heir of Master Thomas Cock minister at Sanday, his father,-in 14 penny land in the toun of Cowbuster (Howbuster ?) and halff penny land in Fea, in the yle of Sanday, within the Cros-parochin of the samyn:-E. 1 meill 2 settines 18 merks beir upon the beir pundler, &c.—2 penny land in Howbuster :-E. 2 meills 2 settines beir, &c.—1 penny land in Skelbester, in the yle of Sandy and Cros-parochin of the samyne :-E. 1 meill 44 settines beir, &c.-1 penny land in Ordbester (or Brabuster):-E. 10 settines beir, &c.--the toumaill of Gorne, within the yle of Sanday and parochin of Barnes:-E. 11 settins beir:--all being udal land ;--14 penny land in Waxeter :-E. 104 settins beir, &c.-the half of the towmaill of Gorne :-E. 3 settins beir :--the 2 penny land of Whytclait :-E. 2 meills 2 settins beir, &c.—ane towmaill of land in Skegebuster :-E. 3 settines beir :-2 towmailles of land in Setter, within the yle of Sandy and Cros-parochin of the samyn: --E. 5 settines beir :-24 penny land in Cowbuster (Howbuster ?): -E. 2 meills 54 settins beir, &c.-1; penny land in Howbuster: E. 1 meill 2 settins 18 merks beir, &c.--the half penny land in Fea, in Sanday :-E. 4 merks butter, &c.3penny udal-land in Howbuster :-E. 4 meills 2 settines beir, &c.--the half penny land in Howbuster-E. 34 settines beir, &c.-thrie farding land in Hellelow.-E. 5 settines beir, &c. of feu duties.

xxiii. 192.


Dec. 8. 1657. MARJORIE AND JANETT TULLOCHES, heirs portioners James Tulloche burgis of Kirkwall, their father,-in the lands underwrýttin belonging to the præbandaries of St. Kethrin within the cathedrall kirk of Orknay, to witt, in ane halfe penny land in Shapinshae called Skinnercroft ;-tua penny land in Holme; ane peice of land called ane Quoy in Dearnes in the toun of Skeall;ane halfe penny land in Grimbuster in the parochin of Phirth ;ane house in Greinay called Clock, within the parochin of Birza ; ane penny land within the dykes of Birza ;-tua peices of land called Quoys besyd St. Ollowes-kirk, within the lordshipe of Orknay – E. 71. 55. 4d. of feu duty :-a portion of land belonging to the chappell or alterage of St. Nicollas within the cathedrall kirk of Orknay, within the citie of Kirkwall.-E. 6s. 8d. of feu ditty.

xxiv. 222. (85)

Dec. 8. 1657. MAGNUS CRAIGIE, heir of Magnus Craigie of Skeall, his father,—in the halff farding and fourt pairt of ane farding udall land under the house of Southneager in the toune of Wobuster, with the house and quoy of land, within the yle of Rousay ;--the lands, towmalls and hous of Sealquoy, within the said yle.-E. 4 settingis meall, &c. of feu duty.

XXV. 77.


Dec. 8. 1657. AGNES, KATHAREN, JANET, AND BARBARA GUIDELLS, heirs portioners of William Guidaill burges of Kirkwall, their father,--in a tenement in the Laverock of Kirkwall.-E. 2 cappones or 5s. of feu duty.

xxy. 116.


Dec. 21. 1656, STEVIN ANGUSONE, heir of David Angusone sone of Stevin Angusone burges of Kirkwall, his uncle, in the 44 penny land lyand under the hous callit Tofts, and hous callit Fleta : E. 8 meills bear, &c.-ane peny halfe penny land callit Walgarth in Waxnoir for Waxeter) in Sanday :-E. 54 setins beir, &c.—ane penny land in Garth and Lambnes and tuo towmaills there one callit Airne the other Grindilla :--E. 4 setins bear, &c.--tua penny land farthing les in Knaids in Sanday, with hous callit Gorne :-E. 34 setins beir, &c.--tua penny and halfe farthing land in Northdyke in Sandwick callit Fca, in the parochin of Sandwick, Mayneland.-E. 4 setines malt, &c. of feu duty.

xxiv. 126.


Dec. 29. 1657. WILLIAM RICHANE, heir of William Richane portioner of Harbuster (or Houbuster), his father,-in landis in Houbuster, viz. 9 merke land in Skaill in Nethertoun of Howbuster;- merkland called Cutmills within the said toune;mane leispound of butter mailling and landis theirof in Overtoune of Houbuster, lyand in Houbuster Nether and Over within the parochin of Orpher, Maineland.-E. 10 settingis malt, &c. of feu duty.

XXV. 96.


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Feb. 3. 1657. CATHREINE CHALMER, heir of Thomas Chalmer, her father, -in a tenement in Kirkwall :-E. 21s. and ls. in augmentation :


Dec. 29. 1657. OLIVER PAPLAY, heir of Robert Paplay indweller in Kirkwall, his brother,--in ane annualrent of 39 merks furth of the 18 pennye land of the toune and landis of Holland, in the ylle of Stronsay

xxy. 126.


Jul. 16. 1661. THOMAS TALZOUR mercator in Birran in Norroway, hæres Alexandri Tailzour incolæ in Kirkwall, avi,-in 4 mercatis terræ de Stove in Swambister :-E. 2 maills brasii, &c. feudifirma :obulata terrarum in Innertoun de Stromnes :-E. 2 settinis brasii, &c. feudifirma :- tenementis, &c. in Laverock de Kirkwall.-E. debitum servitium.

xxvi. 35.


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Aug. 20. 1661. GULIELMUS STEWART de Maynes, hæres linea Jacobi Stewart de Maynes, fratris germani,-in terris et insula de Burray cum holmes nuncupatis Hunday ac Gloumisholme:-E. 331. 6s. 8d. &c.--terris et insulis de Flottay ac Swinnay cum holmes vocatis Southay et Calff de Flottay cum decimis, in episcopatu Orcadensi et regalitate ejusdem ;-_officio ballivatus dictarum terrarum ;unitis in tenandriam.-E. 201. &c. feudifirmarum. xxvii. 311.


Aug. 27. 1661. PATRICIUS SINCLAIR de Damsay, hæres Hugonis Sinclair de Damsay, patris,-in equali dimidio 34 mercatarum terrarum de Beneysgarth :-E. 3mercæ butiri, &c.- dimidio terrarum de Cumlay et Voy :-E. 1 meill polenti :-2 denariatis terrarum de Weitfuird :-E. I barrell butiri, &c.—3 denariatis terrarum de Cowbister, et 1 obulata terræ de Orakirk :-E. 9 leischpounds et 16 mercæ butiri, &c.-obulata terræ de Ryssay:-E. 9 hordei, &c.-molendino ejusdem :-E. 6 meills farine:- 14 denariata udal terræ de Stoukland, de 9 denariis de Campstoun :-E. 8 mercæ olei, &c. feudifirmarum :denariata lie udall terræ de Nese :-E. --omnibus jacentibus infra parochias de Firth, Sanct Androis, Stova. (St. Olla?), Orphir, Walles, et Stromnes respective, insulam de Maineland et episcopatum Orcadensem.

xxvi. 36.


Feb. 8. 1662. MARGARETA, BARBARETA, ET ELIZABETHA GORDOUNES, hæredes portionariæ Magni Tailzeor mercatoris in Kirkwall, avunculi,- in australi parte tenementi terræ ex antiquo ad præposituram de Orkney pertinentis cum area et horto, in urbe de Kirkwall :~E. 33 asses 4d.-dimidio tenementi terræ ac domus vocatæ lie Innes, in Kirkwall :—E. Id. albæ firmæ :-tenemento ac domo cum duabus partibus hortorum apud littus de Kirkwall :-E. saginatus capo :-tenemento terræ in lie Laverok villæ de Kirkwall :-E. I pondus candida ceræ, cum debito servitio : roume et terris de Waile, extendentibus ad 1 obulum terræ, infra parochiam de Firth :-E. 19d. scat silver, &c.—70 pedibus terræ in longitudine et 43 pedibus in latitudine, in media urbe de Kirkwall.-E. 10 asses, feudifirma.

xxvi. 209.


Feb. 28. 1662. WILLIELMUS SKLAITTER de Burnes, hæres Joannis Sklaitter de Burnes, fratris germani,--in mercata et octava parte mercatæ udal terrarum in lie toun de Redland :-E. 4 mercæ butiri in lie scat, &c.—1 mercata udall terræ in toun de Holland :-E. 2 merce butiri, &c.—lie settein et 8 mercata lie malt mealling udall land in lie toun nuncupata Quytquoy, infra parochiam de Firth, Mayneland.-E. 2 partes mercæ butyri, &c. feudifirmarum. xxvi. 285.


Nov. 12. 1662. HENRICUS SABISTANE, hæres Roberti Sabistane in Scorowall, patris,-in dimidio mercatæ et octava parte mercatæ lie udall land in Sabistane, infra parochiam de Birsay.-E. 24 mercæ lie scat butter, &c. feudifirma.

xxvi. 355.

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Nov. 12. 1662. ANDREAS HARVIE in Skeall, hæres Andreæ Harvie in Sabistane, patris-in 3 denariatis lie udal land in lie toun de Sabistane, infra parochiam de Birsay :-E. 9 obuli scat silver, &c.—dimidio denariatæ lie udal land in town de Sabistane :-E. 14 obolus scat silver, &c.—2 partibus 1 denariatæ de udal land in Sabistane :-E. 2 obuli scat silver, &c.- denariata 2 partibus denariatæ de udall land in lie toun de Sabistane, infra parochiam de Birsay.-E. 5 obuli, scat silver, &c.


3 obulatis ac 3 denariatis terrarum in Marletter (vel Marsetter);-
denariata terræ in Quoyinzie ;—5 denaríatis terrarum vocatis
Quoylith, Osquoy et 3 Quoylirowmes ;-3 denariatis terrarum in
Linkletter et Burwill;- lobulata et 3 denariatis terrarum in
Lythis ;-1 obulata et dimidio obulatæ terrarum in Hairstoun
2 obulatis et i denariata terrarum in Paplay; -obulata terræ in
Surquoy, infra parochiam de Southronaldsay.-E. 1 obulus, albæ

xxvii. 23,


Mar. 13. 1663. ISSOBELLA TAILZEOR, hæres portionaria Magni Tailzeor mercatoris in Kirkwall, fratris,-in australi parte tenementi in urbe de Kirkwall olim pertinentis ad præposituram de Orkney :E. 33 asses 4 obuli, feudifirma :dimidio tenementi in urbe de Kirkwall nuncupati lie Innes :-A. E. 200. N. E. 5s._tenemento et domo cum 2 partibus hortorum adjacentium :-E. I lie capoun, feudifirmee :-tenemento in parte vocata lie Laverok villæ de Kirkwall: -E. 1 pondus candide ceræ, feudifirme :-70 pedibus terræ in longitudine, et 43 pedibus in latitudine in urbe de Kirkwall :E. 10 asses, feudifirmie :--roume et terris de Waile extendentibus ad obulatam terræ infra parochiam de Firth.-E. 19 obuli scat silver, &c. feudifirme.

xxvii. 35.


Dec. 19. 1665. GEORGIUS FLETT sartor in parochia de Orpher, hæres Roberti Flett mercatoris in villa de Kirkwall, patrui,—in horto cum domo in villa de Kirkwall.-E. I lie pound albæ ceræ vel 13s. 4 oboli pro lie pound.

xxviii. 113.


Jan, 20. 1670. JOANNES GROTT de Clerkshous, hæres Malcomi Grott in Sanday, fratris germani,-in 3 denariatis terræ de Newhous alias Howsgar ;-denariata terrarum in Langtas in Overbuster, cum lie towmaills, domibus et toftis ;--towmaill et domibus in Newhous; -towmaill cum domibus et toftis in Overbuster nuncupatis Skaill in Burnes ;-towmaill cum domibus et toftis vocatis Southskaill; --towmaill cum domibus et toftis appellatis Newgar ;-towmaill cum domibus et toftis nuncupatis Skarrie ;--towmaill cum domibus et toftis vocatis Holland in Burnes, cum dimidio quadrantis terræ in Stangasetter ;-towmaill cum toftis nuncupatis Skegabust, infra dictam insulam de Sanday :-E. 21. 13s. 4d. feudifirma: -3 denariatis terris vocatis lie Kirkland Ellesnes jacentibus ut supra.—E. 2m. weight butiri, &c. feudifirmæ.

xxix. 301.


Jan. 20. 1670. JOANNES GROTT de Clerkshous, hæres Joannis Grott de Elsnes in insula de Sanday, patris,-in 3 denariatis terris vocatis lie Kirkland in Ellsnes, infra dictam insulam de Sanday.-E. 2m. weight butiri, &c. feudifirme.

xxix. 302.

xxvii. 84.


Maii 3. 1670. JOANNA ET SIBILA HALCROIS, heredes portionaria Hugonis Halcro de Eodem, fratris germani,-in 9 denariatis terrarum de Holland sub domo de Halcro ;--1 denariata et quadrante terræ in Wray in Holland ;-obulo terræ in Lykquoy ;-obulo terræ in Clett ;-1 lie meillis melling terræ in Gossiger ;-denariata et dimidietate quadrantis terræ in Hoghous;-obulo terræ in Thurriger ;-—denariata terræ in Massitter, cum dimidietate unius lie meills mailling terræ nuncupatæ lie Tippitois croft ;-2 denariatis terrarum in Linkletter ;-obulo terræ in Burwall;—obulo terræ in Windweeke cum molendino de Windweeke ;-obulo terræ in Garray in Sandweeke;-quadrante et 4 settingis mailling terrarum in Slanisgaro (vel Stanisgare) ;-denariata et dimidietate unius quadrantis terræ in Hager in Kirk ;-obulo et dimidietate unius quadrantis terræ in Grimnes ;-quadrante terræ in Hairsland ;-i lie meill, 3 lie settingis et dimidio lie setting mailling terræ ibidem ;-2 mailles mailling terrarum in Quoyes ;-1 lie mailles mailling terræ in Gruthay ;-2 denariatis terrarum in Isbuster cum loco maneriei de Halcro, in insula de Southronaldsay et senescallia de Orknay;—7 denariatis terrarum de Burghe;—3 denariatis terrarum de Pow et Garsane ;-1 denariata terræ in Scabra ;--denariata et dimidiate terræ in Cotquoy (vel Colquoy) et Nudquoy (vel Midquoy);-quadrante et dimidietate unius quadrantis terræ vocatæ Lybister in Wosbuster ;-quadrante terræ in Stennesgare, in insula de Rowsay et senescallia prædicta :-E. 21 lie leishpounds 15 merks et 3 quarteriæ merk soat olei, &c. feudifirmæ :-6 denariatis terrarum de Barsweeke cum insulis Pentland Skerries minoribus et majoribus nuncupatis ;-5 denariatis terrarum de Thurriger ; ---3 obulis terræ in Holland ;--obulo terræ in Surquoy ;-obulo terræ in Ramsquoy, cum decimis et decimis garbalibus terrarum et insularum præscriptarum ;-obulo terræ vocatæ Lochmailling, cum particata terræ in Sandweeke nuncupata lie Raide Kirkland ;quadrante et dimidietate quadrantis terræ vocatæ Browland in Stowes (St. Ollows ?);— quadrante et dimidio quadrantis terræ in Hoxa, in insula de Southranaldsay et senescallia prædicta:–E. 331. 10s. feudifirma :-terris et insula de Enhallow cum decimis garba


Dec. 2. 1662. WILLIELMUS STEWART, hæres Magistri Jacobi Stewart filii legitimi natu maximi Magistri Walteri Stewart ministri verbi Dei apud ecclesias insularum de Southronnaldsay et Burray in Orkney, fratris-in 2 obulatis dimidio obulatæ ac 3 lie quarteriis denariatæ de udall lands in lie toune de Kirk ;-quarta parte denariatæ de udall land in Skowse (vel Stowse) ;-denariata de udall land in Quycuise ;—denariata et quarta parte denariatæ de udall land in Southwydwall ;-dimidia denariatæ de udall land in Northwydwall;-denariata et dimidia denariata de udall land in Quyinzie et Marsetter ;-5 lie settings lie malt mealing de udall land in Torland ;-obulata 3 denariis ac tertia parte denarii de udall land in lie towne de Clett ;-quarta parte denariatæ udall land in lie towne de Sandwick :-E. 5 leispunds, &c. skat oil, &c. feudifirmæ :

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libus, infra parochiam de Rowsay et senescalliam prædictam :-E. 31. feudifirmæ :--5 denariatis terrarum in Wasnes in insula de Rowsay et senescallia prædicta.-E. 121. feudifirma. Xxx. 60.


Maii 4. 1670. MAGNUS PAPLAY de ............, hæres Patricii Paplay, fratris germani,-in 2 partibus unius quadrantis lie Udall-land in Skaw, in parochia de Deirnes in continente lie Mayne land.-E. 14 merk lie scatt butiri, &c. feudi firme.

XXX. 75.

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Maji 4. 1670. MÀGNUS PAPLAY, hæres Joannis Paplay de ............, fratris germani,-in denariata lie udall terræ in Sty in Sands, in parochia de Deirnes in continente lie Mayneland.-E. 8 men ks scatt butiri, &c. feudifirme.

XXX, 76. (104)

Maii 7. 1670. JOANNES CROMERTIE de Skaa, hæres Magni Cromertie de Skaa, patris,-in denariata cum dimidio unius quadrantis et tertia parte quadrantis terræ in Skaa, cum lie quoyes pertinentibus iisdem, extendentibus ad 3 lie

meill malt mealling ;-terris ibidem Quoyanania lie quoyes de Crosday, cum terris de Howie, in parochia de Deirnes et continente lie Maynland.-E. 9; merks scatt buttiri, &c.

XXX. 76.

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-5 mercatis terrarum de Urco (vel Orco) :-E. 3s. in scatt, &c. -6 mercatis terrarum in Gruksettir (vel Crooksetter) :-E. 4s. in scatt, &c.—2 mercatis terrarum in Toft :-E. 2s. 2d. in scatt, &c.—6 mercatis terrarum in Burgh :-E. 6s. 6d. in scatt, &c.—20 mercatis terrarum in Firth (vel Forth) :-E. 17s. 4d. in scatt, &c.-3 mercatis terrarum in Midgerth :-E. 3s. 3d. in scatt, &c.—5 mercatis terrarum in Sumasettir Urat (vel Bratt) :E. 6s. 2d. in scatt, &c.-4 mercatis terrarum in Stenswall :-E. .........-1 mercata terrarum in insula de Soutfray (vel Samphray) :—E. Oil. in scatt, &c.—1 mercata terrarum in Magirth (vel Niagerth) :-E. 9d. in scatt, &c.--8 mercatis terrarum in Laro (vel Laxo):--E. 10s. in scatt :-4 mercatis terrarum in Lee :E, 4 mercæ butiri, &c.—2 mercatis terrarum in Brunagairth :-E. 2 mercæ butiri, &c.-1 mercata terrarum in Clovagairth :-E. tertia pars mercæ butiri, &c.—5 mercatis terrarum in Voe:-E. 5 merce butiri, &c.--2 mercatis terrarum in Grobsnes :-E. 2 merce butiri, &c.-3 mercatis terrarum in Habinsettir :-E. 3 mercæ butiri, &c.—12 mercatis terrarum in Tegen:–E. 11. &c.quæ omnes jacent in senescallatu prædicto et parochia Deltinensi; insulis Papa majore et minore, quæ computatæ sunt ad 257 mercatas terrarum :-E. 81. 16 mensuræ olei, &c.—3 mercatis terrarum in Quensettir :-E. 8d. in scatt, &c.—-3 mercatis terrarum in Garden, in parochia Aithstinensi et senescallatu prædicto :-E. 4 mercæ butiri, &c.--24 mercatis terrarum in Ullasettir (vel Litlesettir) :-E. 22d. in scatt, &c.--2 mercatis terrarum in Howland : -E. 18d. in scalt, &c.—4 mercatis terrarum in Sound :-E. 4d. in scatt, &c.—3% mercatis terrarum in Howll inferiore :-E. 22d. in scatt, &c.—14 mercata terrarum in Sandweick :-E. ......... -2 mercatis terrarum in Croman (Grymon):-E. 18d. in scatt, &c.—8 mercatis terrarum in Graveland :-E. 4 mercæ bra tiri, &c.--3 mercatis terrarum in Bowasettir :-E. 2 merce butiri, &c.—4 mercatis terrarum in Ulstay :-E. 2s. in scatt, &c.-dimidio mercatæ terrarum in Setter in insula de Zeall :-E. 4d. in scatt, &c.—14 mercata terrarum in insula de Haskosay, infra senescallatum prædictum —E. 1 merca butiri, &c.—(terræ sequentes in clausula de Valent tantum ; ) - ... mercata terrarum in Touch et in Vassasettir :~E. tertia pars mercæ butiri, &c. .... mercatis terrarum in Southkirkabuster :-E. 4 mercæ butiri, &c.-.... mercatis terrarum in Northseattir :-E. 4 mercæ butiri, &c.-.... mercatis terrarum in Lumbesta :-E. 1 merca butiri, &c.-.... mercatis terrarum in Volesta :-E. 4 mercæ butiri, &c.-.... mercatis terrarum in Guther :-E. 3 mercæ butiri, &c. mercatis terrarum in Northkirkbister :-E. 1 merca butiri, &c.—-.... mercatis terrarum in Westirhouse de Gloop :-E. dimidium merce butiri, &c.

mercatis terrarum in Estirhouse de Gloupp :-E. 3 mercæ butiri, &c. feudifirmarum : -omnibus prædictis terris in insulis de Zell et Haskassay et in senescallatu prædicto.

Xxxi. 136.

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Jul. 1. 1673. PATRÍCIUS SUTHERLAND filius natu maximus Alexandri Sutherland in St. Margaretis Hope, hæres Henrici Sutherland de Blansetttir, avi,-in 9 settinges malt mailling, in villa de Blansettir in parochia de St. Peeter's paroche, infra insulam de South Ronnalesay ;-3 mailles mailling de Uthell et hæreditariis terris, viz. dimidio mailles mailling in villa de Clettis, et terris et acris in dicta parochia et insula ;— dimidio meillis meilling de Udall et hæ. reditariis terris in villa et terris de Blansetter, in boreali parochia dictæ insulæ ;-8 settings meal mealling de udall land in villa de Clettes, in dicta parochia de St. Peiters paroche ;-8 settings malt mailling de udall land in dicta villa de Cletts ;-3 partibus rigæ terræ dictarum terrarum de Clettis, in insula et parochia prædictis ; -dimidio meallis mailling udall land in Blansetter ; dimidio mailles mailling de udall land, jacentibus ut supra.-E. 3 leishpounds 4 merks oil, &c. feudifirma.

xxxi. 514.



Sep. 10. 1672. BARBARA ET MARGARETA MOWATIS, hæredes portionariæ Jacobi Mowatt de Ollaberrie, fratris germani,—in 30 mercatis terrarum in Ollaberrie ;—7 mercatis terrarum ibidem pro indiviso ;-18 mercatis terrarum in Uphouse ;–18 mercatis terrarum in Corrabrick ;—8 mercatis terrarum in Nerwich ;8. mercatis terrarum in Collog ;-6 mercatis terrarum in Kingaland ;-9 mercatis terrarum a meridionali parte torrentis ibidem ; -3 mercatis terrarum in Cova, cum insulis Roe, Lambe et Stowerholme :-E. 61. &c.—8 mercatis terrarum in Eastwick:

-E. 4s. 4d. &c.-6 mercatis terrarum in Hewgon (vel Hengen) :-E. 6 merce butiri in lie scatt, &c.—7 mercatis terrarum in Quefirth :-E. 64 mercæ butiri, &c.—6 mercatis terrarum in Kirksetter (vel Cruiksettir) :-E. 24 merce butiri, &c.-5 mercatis terrarum in Oxnasettir :-E. 24 mercæ butiri, &c.—1 mercata terrarum in Cola lafirth (vel Cellafirth) :-E. 16d. in scatt, &c.—6 mercatis terrarum in Kowsetter :-E, 4s. 2d. in scatt, &c.—3 mercatis terraruin in Howland :-E. .........14 mercata terrarum in Calscay (vel Calstay) :-E. 16d. in scatt, et 9d. in lie wattle :-3 mercatis terrarum in insula de Vea (vel Vrea) cum insula ipsa ibidem, computata ad 2 mercatas terrarum :-E. 3$. 4d. in scatt, &c.1 mercata terrarum in Howle :-E. ..........—3 mercatis terrarum in Isbister ;-3 mercatis et 2 uris terrarum in Brabuster ;-mercata terrarum in Beingirth :-E. 6s. in scatt, &c.—4 mercatis terrarum in Sumnasettir :-E. .....-12 mercatis terrarum in Lyan :-E. 12 mercæ butiri, &c.—17 mercatis terrarum in Oasthugoland :-E. 13s. 10d. in scatt, &c.—3 mercatis terrarum in Turvassetter :-E. 7s.6d. in scatt, &c.-dimidio 1 mercatæ terraruin in Burgan ;-dimidio ) mercatæ terrarum in Clodasettir: -E. 16d. in scatt, &c.—18 mercatis terrarum de Lunziesettir : -E. 11. 2s. &c.—4 mercatis terrarum in Bagrosett (vel Hagrasettir) :-E. 10s. 8d. &c.-18 mercatis terrarum in Sowlin (vel Sulam) :-E. Il. 7s. &c.—8 mercatis terrarum in Isbrughe :-£. 25s. &c.—6 mercatis terrarum in Niboa (vel Nibon)E. 8s. &c.8 mercatis terrarum in Cunziesettir (vel Lunziesettir) :-E. 9s. &c.—12 mercatis terrarum in Emsfirth :-E. 195. pro scatt, &c. -8 mercatis terrarum in Hanmer :-E. 9s. in scatt, &c. 7 mercatis terrarum in Orbister :-E. 6s. 8d. in scatt, &c.—. 12 mercatis terrarum in Sandweik :-E. 24s. in scatt, &c.14 mercata terrarum in Stavabrech :-E. 2s. 8d. in scatt, &c.13 mercatis terrarum in Tangweick :-E. 13s. in scatt, &c.32 mercatis terrarum in Breckin (vel Knockon) :-E. Il. 12s. in scatt, &c.-dimidio l mercatæ terrarum in Garderhouse :-E. 10s. in scatt, &c.-11 mercatis terrarum in Frangord :-E. 11s. 4d. in scatt, &c.—7 mercatis terrarum in Stowe (vel Stone) : -E. 7s. in scatt, &c.—3 mercatis terrarum in Avensgairth :-E. 6s. in scatt, &c.-l mercata terrarum in Murraine :-E. 2s. in scatt, &c. –40 mercatis terrarum in Hamnave (vel Hamnetis) :-E. 1 lispound butiri, &c.-14 mercata terrarum in Oiran (vel Ocran) :E. 2s. 41. &c.-12 mercatis terrarum in Assisiter ;-mercata tetrarum in Heller (vel Helyare) ibidem ;-18 mercatis terrarum in Urafirth :-E. 1 lispound butiri, &c.—omnibus jacentibus infra senescallatum Orcadensem, Zetlandia, et in parochia Northmaviensi;

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Jun. 23. 1674. BARBARA ET MARGARETA GARIOCHES, hæredes portionaria Magni Garioch in Thurriger in insula de Southronaldsay, patris,-in dimidietate denariatæ lie udall terræ in Thurriger ;4 settings malt mailling udall terræ ibidem et Tarland, in insula de Ronoldsay australi.-E. 14 mercæ olei, &c.

xxxii. 23.

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Jun. 23. 1674. MALCOLMUS GROTT, hæres Donaldi Grott filii Joannis Grott Findlasone, fratris germani,--in dimidietate denariatæ terræ de Gossagarth in Turrigo pro principali, in insula Ronaldsæ australis, et in parochia australi ejusden :-E. 12 mercæ olei, feudifirma :dimidio lie barrell butiri mailing in Tofta, in parochia de Evie, Mayneland de Orknay, in warrandice.-E. 1040. &c. feudifirmæ.

xxxii. 24.

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Jun. 23. 1674. MALCOLMUS GROTT, hæres Joannis Grott Findlasone portionarii de Dungasbie, patris,-in dimidietate denariatæ lie udall terræ de Lykquoy cum decimis ;-E. 3 meilles polenti, &c.-dimi


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Feb. 25. 1679. ROBERTUS STEWART de Newwark, hæres Colonelli Joannis Stewart de Newwark, patris,-in 24 denariatis terrarum de Morsetter (vel Worsetter);--6 denariatis et quadrante terrarum lie udall land vocatis Scatland of Nibuster ;-denariata et towmaill in Southerbie vocata Crebb, et lie .quoy udall terræ vocato Stow. setter ;-una lie towmaill de udall terræ et toftis de South ;- lie towmaill de udall terræ at the Dyke syde of Stove ;-14 denariata terræ in Quytcleat;— denariata terræ lie udall land vocata Conqueist land ;-4 denariatis terrarum vocatis Kirklands in Burnes ;-terris de Gerth ;-terris de Lammanes in lie towmaill de udall land in Skeyibuster (vel Skegebuster);18 denariatis terrarum de Brugh in insula de Sanday E. 1 lie byrrell 13 leispondis et 20 merks butiri, &c.- 6 denariatis terrarum de Air antiqui extentus;-6 denariatis terrarum et insulæ de Conbusha ;-3 denariatis vocatis Meall alias Newwark, cum decimis dictarum terrarum de Air, Conbusha et Newwark, in parochia de Dearnes.-E. 501. feudifirmæ.

xxxiv. 150,


Feb. 23. 1675. RÓBERTUS MIRRIEMAN, hæres Andrea Mirrieman in Isbuster, patris,-in una lie farthing udall terræ in Isbuster in parochia de Birsey.-E. 2 mercæ scat butiri, &c. feudifirme.

xxxii. 166.


Feb. 23. 1675. EDWARDUS POTINGER, hæres Jacobi Potinger in Mirland, avi,in 5 lie settings polentæ mealling udall terræ, in urbe de Skaa in parochia de Deirnes.-E. 3 settings polenti, &c. feudifirme.

xxxii. 172.


Jul. 27. 1675. EDWARDUS SHAWES (vel FLAWES), hæres Joannis Shawes (vel Flawes) in Flaes, patris,-in 4 lie settings meiling terræ vocatis udall land in villa nuncupata Holland ;-- I lie farding udall terræ in villa de Newray, in insula de Southronaldshay.-E. 10 merca scat olei, &c. feudifirma.

xxxii. 274.


Sep. 30. 1679. JOANNES MOWBRAY, hæres Mathei Moubray nuper unius balivorum de Kirkwall, patris,-in 2 denariatis terrarum de Nistahow in parochia de Rendall et senescallatu de Orkney pro principali :-Ě. 8 lie settings 16 merks polenti, &c.—5 mercatis lie udall terrarum de Skarth in parochia de Firth, in warrantum dictarum terrarum de Nestahow.-E. 10 lie merks butiri, &c. feudifirmæ.

Xxxv. 103. (124)

Jan. 24. 1680. ANDREAS YOUNG de Castalyairds, hæres Gulielmi Young de Castalyairds, patris,-in terris de Seater vocatis Quoyland :-E. I lie barrell butyri, &c.—3 denariatis terrarum de Holland cum domo vocata Curdow :-E. 1 lie barrell butyri, &c.—14 denariata terræ vocata Instabillie nuncupata Kingsland :-E. lie barrell butyri, &c.-denariata terræ de Orquill: E. dimidium lie barrell butyri :-3 denariatis terrarum de Caldell :-E. I lie barrell butiri, &c.-decimis garbalibus prædictarum terrarum :-E. 8 lie settings polenta, &c. feudifirmæ :-omnibus in parochia de Sanct Olla et senescallatu de Orkney.

Xxxv. 121.


Dec. 28. 1675. WALTERUS FORSYTH filius unigenitus Gulielmi Forsyth, procreatus inter eum et Liliam Groat filiam Laurentii Groat, hæres portionaris Gulielmi Groat in Scalloway, fratris avi ex parte matris;-ISSOBELLA GROAT soror dictæ Liliæ, hæres portionaria dicti Gulielmi Ģroat, patrui,-in tenementis agrorii cum 60 pedibus horti in villa de Scalloway-Bankis, in parochia Tinguallis, Zetlandis, in senescallatu de Orkney et Zetland.-E. 24 asses, feudifirma.

xxxiii. 123.


Jun. 30. 1676. WILLIELMUS CROMARTIE in Quoyes, hæres Willielmi Cromartie ibidem, patris,-in udall land in Quoyes.-E. 4 settings hordei, feudifirme.

xxxiii. 28.


Jan. 30. 1677. JONETA TUATT, hæres Joannis Tuatt tectoris in Kirkwall, patris,in 4 mercatis lie udall terrarum in Tuatt :-E. 2 leisponds and 4 mercæ butyri, &c.-una meills mealling in Tuatt, in dicta villa de Tuatt et parochia de Birsay in continente :-E. 154 merce butiri, &c.--I mercata terræ vocata Henkquoy in villa de Marwick E. .........-dimidio mercatæ terræ sub domo de Dallabreck cum domibus de Dallabreck, in dicta villa de Marwick et parochia de Birsay.-E. I merca butiri, &c. feudifirmarum.

xxxiii. 103.


Jan. 24. 1680. JACOBUS BAICKIE de Tankernes, hæres Arthuri Baickie de Tankernes, patris,-in quadrante et tertia parte quadrantis terræ in villa de Grimbuster ;-) mercata terræ ibidem :-E. 15 lie merks butyri, &c.-3 lie meills malt mailling ibidem, omnibus in parochia de Firth ;-dimidio denariatæ terræ in villa de Grimistoun;-2 quadrantibus terrarum ibidem ;-5 mercatis terrarum ibidem, omnibus in parochia de Harray :-E. 18 lie merks butiri, &c. - quarta parte quadrantis de lie udall land in villa de Ysbuster; quadrante terræ ibidem ;-14 denariata vel 3 quarters quadrantis ibidem, in villa de Ysbuster et parochia de Birsay ;-14 quadrante lie udall terræ in villa et parochia prædictis :-E. 19 lie merks butiri, &c. firme :-2 cowsworthes udall terræ in villa de Grimbuster et parochia de Firth sub reversione 481.-E. Xxxv. 148.


Jan. 30. 1677. JACOBUS TUATT filius unigenitus Alexandri Tuatt, hæres Thomæ Tuatt in Tuatt, avi,-in una lie meill malt mealling lie udall terræ, in villa de Twatt in parochia de Birsay, in continente. -E. 154 mercæ butiri, feudifirmæ.

xxxiii. 106.


Jan. 30. 1677. MARGARETA ET MARIOTA TUATTS, hæredes portionarie Edwardi Tuatt, patris,-in 74 settings mealling de udall land, in villa de Tuatt in parochia de Birsay in continente.-E. 154 merce butiri, feudifirma.

xxxiii. 108.


Jul. 6. 1680. MARGARETA ET AGNETA M'CLELANS, hæredes portionariæ Mariæ Ballenden sponsæ Davidis M-Clellane de Woodwick, matris,—in tertia parte 2 mercatarum udall terrarum in Howa in Utter Costa ;-2 mercatarum terrarum in Breck ;4 mercatarum udal terrarum in Breck in Costa :-E. 59 mercæ butyri, &c.-tertia parte 6 denariatarum terrarum de Midhouse, et dimidii denariatæ terræ de Howa cum decimis garbalibus ;-tertia parte 6 denariatarum terrarum de Flawis in Evie, omnibus in parochia de Evie, in continente.-E. 41. 8s. 10 d. feudifirma.

xxxv. 239. (127)

Maii 19. 1681. RÓBERTUS SCOLLAY junior, hæres Jacobi Scollay filii natu maximi Roberti Scollay de Hunto, fratris immediate senioris,-in 64 denariatis terris de Hunto :-E. I last hordei, &c.-54 denariatis terræ de Sangar in insula de Stronsay.-E. I last 18 mealls hordei, &c. feudi firmarum.

Xxxvi. 12. (128)

Sep. 10. 1682. THOMAS CLERK sartor in Leuchars in vicecomitatu de Fyfe, hæres Jacobi Clerk de Weyland, fratris,-in dimidio lie roume et terrarum de How, in insula de Sanday -E. 18 meills hordei, &c. - dimidio villæ et terrarum de Weyland cum decimis garbalibus, in parochia de Saint Olla, in continente et episcopatu Orcadensi.-E. dimidium lie barrell butiri.

Xxxvii. 88.

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Sep. 3. 1678, EDWARDUS POLSONE in parochia de Stepney in comitatu de Midlesex in Anglia, hæres Hutchesonis Polsone nautæ in Southronaldsay in Orkney, patris,-in dimidio denariatæ et lie setting, et dimidio unius lie setting malt mealling de udall terræ in villa de Papla ;-quinta parte dimidiæ i denariatæ et 2 lie seatings malt mealing udall terræ in dicta villa ;-l obulo terræ in villa de Aickers, in insula de Southronaldsay in boreali parochia ejusdem, tunc comitatu nunc vero senescallatu Orcadensi :-E. 21 merce seat oylle, &c.-3 lie meills mealling de udall land in dicta villa de Ackers. E. 9 mercæ scat oylle, &c. feudifirmæ.

xxxiv, 97. (121)

Sep. 3. 1678. HÙGÓ BERSTAN, hæres Joannis Berstan in Clettis, patris,-in obulo, dimidio obuli et tertia parte obuli terræ lie udall land in Cleţtis, cum 2 seattings lie malt mealing udall land in North Ackers, in boreali parochia insulæ de Southronaldsay.--E. 12 mercatæ scat oyle, &c. feudifirma.

xxxiv. 105.


Sep. 12. 1682. MAGNUS EWINSON in Northwhytefurd, hæres Alexandri Ewinsone ibidem, patris,-in lie farding udall land in Halla, in parochia de Deirneis in continente.-E. 2 merks scatt buttar, &c. feudifirme.

Xxxvii. 58.

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