The Wiltshire ArchŠological and Natural History Magazine, Volume 1

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Edward Hungerford Goddard
Wiltshire Archaeological and Natural History Society, 1854 - Natural history
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Includes proceedings of the annual general meetings of the Wiltshire Archaeological and Natural History Society.

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Page 75 - his back. Oh ! in come I, little saucy Jack, "With all my family at my back. Christmas comes but once a year, And when it comes it brings good cheer : Roast beef, plum pudding, and mince pie, Who likes that any better than I ? Christmas ale makes us dance and sing ; Money in
Page 74 - CHRISTMAS, with a long beard. Oh ! here come I old Father Christmas, welcome, or welcome not, I hope old Father Christmas will never be forgot. Make room ! room ! I say ! That I may lead Mince Pie this way. Walk in Mince Pie, and act thy part, And show the gentles thy valiant heart.
Page 200 - is generally used in all places of Italy, their forks being for the most part made of iron or steel, and some of silver, but those are used only by gentlemen. The reason of this their curiosity is, because the Italian cannot by any means endure to have his dish touched by fingers, seeing all men's fingers are not alike
Page 200 - fingers, seeing all men's fingers are not alike clean. Hereupon I myself thought good to imitate the Italian fashion by this forked cutting of meat, not only when I was in Italy, but also in Germany, and oftentimes in England since I came home:
Page 200 - I was in Italy, but also in Germany, and oftentimes in England since I came home: being once quipped for that frequent using of my fork, by a certain learned gentleman, a familiar friend of mine, one Mr. Laurence Whitaker, who in his merry humour doubted not to call me Furcifer, only for using a fork at feeding, but for no other cause.
Page 198 - Her death was doubtful : And, but that great command o'ersways the order, She should in ground unsanctified have lodg'd, Till the last trumpet. For charitable prayers,
Page ix - When any office shall become vacant, or any appointment shall be requisite, the committee shall have power to fill up the same ; such appointments shall remain in force only to the next general meeting, when they shall be either confirmed or annulled.
Page 68 - the higher ; If so, my friends, pray let her take A second turn into the lake ; And rather than your patient lose, Thrice, and again, repeat the dose. No brawling wives, no furious wenches, No fire so hot, but water quenches.
Page 326 - is able and will beare the port charge and countenance of a gentleman he shall for monie have a cote and armes bestowed upon him by heralds (who in the charter of the same do of
Page 200 - for while with their knife, which they hold with one hand, they cut the meat out of the dish, they fasten the fork which they hold in their other hand upon the same dish, so that whatsoever he be that

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