The Historical Works of Sir James Balfour, Volume 1

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Page xxiv - ... of Scotland, in which Balfour appears to have taken part, as we find among his manuscripts the following ; " The true present state of the principality of Scotland, with the means how the same may be most conveniently increased and augmented ; with which is...
Page 87 - Robert and hes crocne to the last of ther bloodes and fortunes ; wpone the sealling of the said indenture, they solemly toke the Sacrament at St Maries altar, in the said abbey-churche.
Page xi - I.nmbarnie, was a minister of the gospel, a man, says Sibbald, not more respected for the dignity of his appearance than for the wisdom and piety of his life. Michael Balfour of Randcrston, the third son, was eminently distinguished for his experience and skill in agricultural matters.
Page 386 - Queine, more rashlie than wyslie, some few dayes before had commendit in the Kinges heiringe, with too many epithetts of a proper and gallant man. The ressons of these surmisses proceidit from proclamatione of the Kinges the 18 of Marche following, inhibitting the younge Earle of Murray to persew the Earle of Huntley for his fathers slaughter, in respecte he being wardit in the castell of Blacknesse for the same murther, was willing to abyde his tryell ; averring that he had done nothing, bot by...
Page xv - George, and Sir John Barroughe, Garter, Clarentius, and Norroy, Kings of Arms ; William Penson, Lancaster; Sir Henry St George, Richmond, etc. According to the laudable custome of nations, not to conceill that honour which is due to verteu and learning, We doe testifie and beare record, that James Balfour, Esq.
Page xiv - Archbishop of St Andrews, had carried down both the ecclesiastical and civil history of Scotland, from the introduction of Christianity until the death of James VI. ; while the history of the Scotish Church had been detailed by David Calderwood, from the epoch of the Reformation, to the year 1625.
Page 230 - England ; being betrayed wnder the color of amitey and frindshipe, notwithstanding of the peace betuix the kingdomes. 1512. This zeire, 1512, K. Henrey the 8, of England, denuncis warre to the Frenche King ; and the King of France, by his ambassador, seues for aide at K. James handes.
Page 347 - Regent made ane speiche to the estaits of the realme ther present, daring wich the King looked vpe, and espayed a hole in rouffe of the housse, by the laicke of some sklaitts, and after the Regent had endit his harrang, (he said,) I think ther is ane hole in this parliament.
Page xxxiv - Eduard, the eldst sone of K. Mai. 3d, Prince of Scotland, in a conflicte against the Northumbrians, being mortally wounded, 17 kal. of December (15th Nov.) the 3d day after hes father K. Mai. death, in A. 1093, departed this lyfle, at Eduardsdyke, in Jedwood forrest, and wes interred in the Trinitey Churche of Dunfermlin, befor the altar of the Holy-Crosse.

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