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ing worship. Gabriel drawing forth his bands of night. watch to walk the round of Paradise, appoints two strong angels to Adam's bower, least the evil spirit should be there doing some narm to Adam or Eve Neeping; there they find him at the ear of Eve, tempting her in a dream, and bring him, though unwilling, to Gabriel; by whom questioned, he scornfully answers, prepares resistance, but hindered by a sign from heaven, fies out of Paradise,

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M ORNING approach't, Eve relates to Adam her

IV troublesome dream; he likes it not, yet comfants ber; they come forth to their day labours : their morning hymn at the Door of their bower. God to render man inexcusable fends Raphael to admonith him of his obedience, of his free estate, of his enemy near at hand; who he is, and why his enemy, and whatever elfe may avail Adam to know. Raphael comes down to Paradise, his appearance describ'd, his coming discern'd by Adam afar off fitting at the door of his bower ; he goes out to meet him, brings him to his lodge, entertains him with the choiceft fruits of Paradife got together by Eve; their discourse at table : Raphael performs his message, minds Adam of his state and of his enemy; relates at Adam's request who that enemy is, and how he came to be so, beginning from his first revolt in heaven, and the occafion thereof; how he drew his legions after him to the parts of the north, and there invited them to rebel with him, perswading all but only Abdiel a seraph, who in argument difswades and opposes him, then forsakes him.


D APHAEL continues to relate how Michael and

Gabriel were fent forth to battel against Satan and his angels. The first fight describ’d : Satan and his powers retire under night : he calls a council, invents devilish engines, which in the second day's fight put Michael and his angels to some disorder ; but they at length pulling up mountains overwhelm'd both the force and machines of Satan : yet the tumult not so ending, God on the third day sends Messiah his fon, for whom he had reserv'd the glory of that victory : he in the pow. er of his father coming to the place, and causing all its legions to stand still on either fide, with his chariot and thunder driving into the midst of his enemies, pursues them unable to resist towards the wall of heaven; which opening, they leap down with horrour and confufion into the place of punishment prepar'd for them in the deep: Messiah returns with triumph to his father.

THE ARGUMENT OF THE SEAVENTH BOOK. D APHAEL at the request of Adam relates how and Jul wherefore this world was first created ; that God after the expelling of Satan and his angels out of hea- . ven, declared his pleasure to create another world and other creatures to dwell therein ; fends his son with glory and attendance of angels to perform the work of creation in six days: the angels celebrate with hymns

the performance thereof, and his reascension into hea


THE ARGUMENT OF THE LIGHT BOOK. A Dam inquires concerning celestial motions, is A doubfully answer'd, and exhorted to search ra. ther things more worthy of knowledge : Adam affents, and still defirous to detain Raphael, relates to him what he remember'd since his own creation, his placing in Paradise, his talk with God concerning solitude and fit fociety, his first meeting and nuptials with Eve, his discourse with the angel thereupon; who after admonitions repeated departs.

THE ARGUMENT OF THE NINTH BOOK. CATAN having compaft the earth, with meditated

guile returns as a mift by night into Paradise, enters into the serpent Neeping. Adam and Eve in the morning go forth to their labours, which Eve proposes to divide in several places, each labouring apart : Adam consents not, alledging the danger, left that enemy, of whom they were forewarn'd, should attempt her found alone : Eve loath to be thought not circumspect or firm enough, urges her going apart, the rather desirous to make trial of her strength ; Adam at last yields: the serpent finds her alone ; his subtle approach, first gazing, then speaking, with much fattery extolling Eve above all other creatures. Eve wondring to hear the ferpent speak, asks how he attain'd to human speech and such understanding not till now ; the ferpent answers, that by tasting of a certain tree in the garden he attain’d both to speech and reason, till then void both : Eve requires him to bring her to that tree, ar finds it to be the tree of knowledge forbidden : th ferpent now grown bolder, with many wiles and argu ments induces her at length to eat; the pleas'd wit the taste deliberates a while whether to impart thered to Adam or not, at last brings him of the fruit, relate what perswaded her to eat thereof : Adam at first a maz’d, but perceiving her loft, resolves through vehe mence of love to perish with her; and extenuating th trespass, eats also of the fruit : the effects thereof H them both; they seek to cover their nakedness; ther fall to variance and accusation of one another.


A N's transgression known, the guardian angels IV forsake Paradise, and return up to heaven to approve their vigilance, and are approv'd, God declaring that the entrance of Satan could not be by them prevented. He sends his Son to judge the transgreffors, who descends and gives fentence accordingly ; then in pity cloaths them both, and reafcends. Sin and Death fitting till then at the gates of hell, by wondrous fympathie feeling the success of Satan in this new world, and the sin by man there committed, refolv'd to fit no longer confin'd in hell, but to follow Satan their fire up to the place of man : to make the way easier from hell to this world to and fro, they pave a broad highway or bridge over Chaos, according to the track that Satan first made ; then preparing for earth, they meet him proud of his success returning to hell; their mu.

tual gratulation. Satan arrives at Pandaemonium, in full afsembly relates with boasting his success against man; instead of applause is entertain'd with a general hiss by all his audience, transform'd with himself also suddenly into serpents, according to his doom given in Paradise ; then deluded with a fhew of the forbidden tree springing up before them, they greedily reaching to take of the fruit, chew dust and bitter alhes. The proceedings of Sin and Death ; God foretells the final vi&ory of his Son over them, and the renewing of all things; but for the present commands his angels to make several alterations in the heavens and elements.' Adam more and more perceiving his fallen condition heavily bewailes, rejects the condolement of Eve; the perfifts and at length appeases him : then to evade the curse likely to fall on their ofspring, proposes to Adam violent ways which he approves not, but conceiving better hope, puts her in mind of the late promise made them, that her feed should be reveng'd on the serpent, and exhorts her with him to seek peace of the offended Deity, by repentance and supplication.

THE ARGUMENT OF THE ELEVENTH BOOK. THE Son of God presents to his Father the prayers

1 of our first parents now repenting, and intercedes for them: God accepts them, but declares that they muft no longer abide in Paradise ; fends Michael with a band of cherubim to dispossess them ; but first to reveal to Adam future things : Michael's coming down. Adam Mhews to Eve certain ominous signs; he discerns Michael's approach, goes out to meet him : the angel denounces their departure, Eve's lamentation. Adam

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