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P. 4. “ When he the ambitious.” He" should be within brackets, being restored from the quartos.

P. 13. “ Seem to me.” So the quartos. “ Seemes” the folios.

P. 23. « From this time.” So the quartos. “ For" &c. the folios. Note b. after “ exercised” add, “ See, greenly."

P. 25, b. The passage beginning “ This beavy headed,” and ending “ to his own scandal," should be included in brackets, as taken from the quartos.

P. 30, 1. 1. Opposite “ porcupine" insert in the margin “ porpentine" 0. C.

Ib. With traiterous gifts." So the quartos. The folios read hath traiterous gifts,” and omit the parenthesis that follows.

P. 34. " Whirling," quartos, is “ hurling' in the folios.
P. 40. “ God be wi' you” is in” throughout.

P. 49. “So he does indeed" the quartos read; " has" the folios.

NOTES ON HAMLET. P. 6. n. 10. After “commentators," add, “who have laboured the point."

P. 13. n. 30. For “ in the sense,” read “ not in the sense;" and after “author's works," omit “ where."

P. 35. n. 98. Add,“ We however find this to have been the language of the day. J. Heywood says of Mars and Venus :

“ The tel-tale sunne straight to the smith discovers
* Th' adulterate practise of this amorous payre.”

'Britaines Troy. fo. 1609, p. 109." P. 123, n. 30. For the Promptuar. parvulor.” read “two works.”

, P. 128. n. 44. For “ See II H. IV. Falst. &c.” read, “But Mr. Ritson says, the Cornish chough is pronounced by the natives chow; and though the word is not spelt here, as it is in I H. IV. Falst. II. 2. chuff, it may yet, from its association with wealth, be much doubted whether it has, in either instance, any relation to that bird."

AS YOU LIKE IT. TEXT. P. 60. For “ South-sea-off discovery," read, “ South-sea of.


Claudius, King of Denmark.
Hamlet, son to the former, and nephew to the pre-

sent King.
Polonius, Lord Chamberlain.
Horatio, friend to Hamlet.
Laertes, son to Polonius.

{ Courtiers.
Osrick, a courtier.
Another courtier.
A Priest.
Marcellus, l Officers.
Barnardo, S.
Francisco, a soldier.
Reynaldo, servant to Polonius.
A Captain. An Ambassador.
Ghost of Hamlet's father.
Fortinbras, Prince of Norway.
Gertrude, Queen of Denmark, and mother of Hamlet.
Ophelia, daughter of Polonius. .
Lords, Ladies, Officers, Soldiers, Players, Grave-

diggers, Sailors, Messengers, and other Attendants.

SCENE, Elsinore,

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