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Glory be to the Father, etc. is sung after every Psalm, or portion of a Psalm when divided, unless in any Office it be otherwise directed.

At Prime, Terce, Sext, None, and Compline, on all Vigils and Fast-days, and during the whole Seasons of Advent and Lent, the Lord's Prayer is said only as far as the words But deliver us from evil.

When two Holy days fall together, the Office of the greater Holy day is said entire; and the less is commemorated by saying its Collect after the Collect for the day.

Advent Sunday, Christmas-day, Circumcision, Epiphany, Ash-Wednesday, all the days of Holy Week, Easter-day and the Monday and Tuesday following it, the first Sunday after Easter, the Rogation days, Ascension day, Pentecost, with the Monday and Tuesday following, and Trinity Sunday, take precedence of all other Holy days falling at those times.

Whenever anything is read in the proper course of the Office in Oratory or Common Hall, whether the Reading be from the Holy Scriptures or otherwise, the READER goeth from his seat or stall to the Reading-desk, and boweth to the PRESIDENT, in token that he is ready to commence; and the PRESIDENT sayeth one of the Benedictions, for which see page 1; and when the READER ceaseth to read, he saith,—

But [or And] Thou, O Lord, have mercy upon us.

Unless the Reading be from the Prophetical Books of the Old Testament, in which case he saith,

Thus saith the Lord, Be ye turned unto me, and ye shall be saved. and all present answer,

Thanks be to God.
Then the Reader returneth to his own place.


Of all the Feasts that are to be observed in the Church of England

throughout the Year.
All Sundays in the Year.

Monday and Tuesday in Easter-Week.

Monday and Tuesday in Whitsun-Week.
Nov. 30. Saint Andrew the Apostle.
Dec. 21. Saint Thomas the Apostle.
Dec. 25. The Nativity of our Lord JESUS CHRIST.
Dec. 26. Saint Stephen the Martyr.
Dec. 27. Saint John the Evangelist.
Dec. 28. The Holy Innocents.
Jan. 1. The Circumcision of our Lord JESUS CHRIST.
Jan. 6. The Epiphany.
Jan. 25. The Conversion of Saint Paul.
Feb. 2. The Purification of the Blessed Virgin.
Feb. 24. Saint Matthias the Apostle.
Mar. 25. The Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin.
April 25. Saint Mark the Evangelist.
May 1. Saint Philip and Saint James the Apostles.

The Ascension of our Lord JESUS CHRIST.
June 11. Saint Barnabas.
June 24. The Nativity of Saint John Baptist.
June 29. Saint Peter the Apostle.
July 25. Saint James the Apostle.
Aug. 24. Saint Bartholomew the Apostle.
Sep. 21. Saint Matthew the Apostle.
Sep. 29. Saint Michael and all Angels.
Oct. 18. Saint Luke the Evangelist.
Oct. 28, Saint Simon and Saint Jude the Apostles.
Nov. 1. All Saints.


Of the Vigils, Fasts, and Days of Abstinence, to be observed in

the Year.

Saint Andrew.
Saint Thomas.
The Nativity of our LORD.
The Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
The Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin.

The Evens or Pentecost.
Vigils before Saint Matthias.

Saint John Baptist.
Saint Peter.
Saint James.
Saint Bartholomew.
Saint Matthew.
Saint Simon and Saint Jude.

All Saints.
Note, that if any of the Feast-Days fall upon a Monday, then the Vigil

or Fast-Day shall be kept upon the Saturday, and not upon the Sunday next before it.

Days of Fasting, or Abstinence. 1. The Forty Days of Lent.

II. The Ember-Days at the Four Seasons, being the Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday after December 13, the First Sunday in Lent, the Feast of Pentecost, and September 14.

III. The Three Rogation-Days, being the Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, before Holy-Thursday, or the Ascension of our LORD.

IV. All the Fridays in the Year, except Christmas-DAY.


Of the Commemorations.
Dec. 6. Nicolas, Bishop of Myra, Confessor, A.D. 342.

8. Conception of Virgin Mary.
13. Lucy, Virgin and Martyr, Syracuse, A.D. 304.

31. Silvester, Bishop of Rome, Confessor, A.D. 304. Jan. 8. Lucian, Presbyter and Martyr, Antioch, A.D. 312.

13. Hilary, Bishop of Poictiers, Confessor, A.D. 367.
18. Prisca, Virgin and Martyr, Rome, A.D. 275.
20. Fabian, Bishop of Rome, Martyr, A.D. 253.
21. Agnes, Virgin and Martyr, Rome, A.D. 306.

22. Vincent, Deacon and Martyr, Spain, A.D. 303. Feb. 3. Blasius, Bishop of Sebaste, Martyr, A.D. 289.

5. Agatha, Virgin and Martyr, Sicily, A.D. 253.

14. Valentine, Martyr, A.D. 271. March 1. David, Archbishop of Menevia, Confessor, A.D. 544.

2. Chad, Bishop of Lichfield, Confessor, A.D. 673.
7. Perpetua, Martyr, Carthage, A.D. 205.
12. Gregory, Bishop of Rome, Doctor, A.D. 600.
18. Edward, King of the West Saxons, Martyr, A.D. 978.

21. Benedict, Abbot of Monte Casino, Confessor, A.D.543. April 3. Richard, Bishop of Chichester, Confessor, A.D. 1261.

4. Ambrose, Bishop of Milan, Doctor, A.D. 397.
19. Alphege, Archbishop of Canterbury, Martyr, A.D.

1012. 23. George, Bishop of Cappadocia, Martyr, A.D. 290. May 3. Invention of the Cross, A.D. 326.

6. S. John, before the Latin Gate, A.D. 75.
19. Dunstan, Archbishop of Canterbury, Confessor,

A.D. 988.
26. Augustin, Archbishop of Canterbury, Apostle of

, England, A.D. 606. 27. Venerable Bede, Presbyter, Doctor, A.D. 735. June 1. Nicomede, Presbyter, Martyr, A.D. 90. 5. Boniface, Archbishop of Mentz, Apostle of Ger

many, Martyr, A.D. 755. 17. ALBAN, PROTOMARTYR OF BRITAIN, A.D. 303. 20. Translation of S. Edward, King of West Saxons,

A.D. 1001. July 2. Visitation of Virgin Mary. 4. Translation of S. Martin, Bishop of Tours, Confessor,

A.D. 397.


July 15. Translation of S. Swithin, Bishop of Winchester,

Confessor, A.D. 863. 20. Margaret, Virgin and Martyr, Antioch, A.D. 278.

S. Mary Magdalene. 26. Anne, Mother of Virgin Mary. Aug. 1. Lammas Day, Thanksgiving for Harvest.

6. Transfiguration of our Lord. 7. Holy Name of Jesus. 10. Lawrence, Deacon and Martyr, Rome, A.D. 258. 28. Augustine, Bishop of Hippo, Confessor and Doctor,

A.D. 430. 29. Beheading of S. John Baptist. Sep. 1. Giles, Abbot of Nismes, Confessor, A.D. 715.

7. Enurchus, Bishop of Orleans, Confessor, A.D. 340. 8. Nativity of Virgin Mary. 14. Holy Cross Day. 17. Lambert, Bishop of Maestricht, Martyr, A.D. 709. 26. Cyprian, Archbishop of Carthage, Martyr, A.D.

258. 30. Jerome, Presbyter, Confessor and Doctor, A.D. 420. Oct. 1. Remigius, Bishop of Rheims, Confessor, A.D. 533.

6. Faith, Virgin and Martyr, Aquitaine, A.D. 290.
9. Denys, Bishop of Paris, Martyr, A.D. 272.
13. Translation of S. Edward, King and Confessor, A.D.

17. Etheldreda, Virgin, Abbess of Ely, A.D. 679.

25. Crispin, Martyr, A.D. 288. Nov. 6. Leonard, Confessor, A.D. 559.

11. Martin, Bishop of Tours, Confessor, A.D. 397.
13. Britius, Bishop of Tours, Confessor, A.D. 444.
15. Machutus, Bishop of Aleth, in Britany, Confessor,

A.D. 564.
17. Hugh, Bishop of Lincoln, A.D. 1200.
20. Edmund, King of East Anglia, Martyr, A.D. 870.
22. Cecilia, Virgin and Martyr, Rome, A.D. 230.
23. Clement, Bishop of Rome, Martyr, A.D. 100.
25. Catherine, Virgin and Martyr, Alexandria, A.D. 305.

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