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lightning, but only

a few drops of rais At 11 o'clock P.M.

a heavy thunderstorm with heart rain, but only o

short duration, Dry. In the latter part of

the night, towani morning, bears rain; then after little interruption another shower

till 8.30 A.M. At sunset a thunder

storm from the S passed by toward the w.. bringing

us but little rain Weather clear. At

10 P.M. thunder storm with but lis

tle rain. Cloudy. About 9

o'clock P.M.

heavy shower. In the evening beat

lightning in the

S.W.; no rain. At 7 o'clock P.M.

rain of long con

tinuance. In the evening thun

der-storm, but no

rain. No rain. In the evening heat

lightning; no rain. Thunder-storm, but

no rain, in the

evening. Very warm day; in

the evening again

dry. No rain. Very fine moming. In the afternoon heavy thunder clouds passed by with a few drops of rain. About 7 o'clock A.M,

a little dropping: afterward the dark clouds were seat. tered. About 9 o'clock P.M. thunder-storm gathered; only a few

drops of rain, Heat - lightning in

the evening. Heat - lightning in

the evening. In the evening clou

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May dy; heat - light- 15

A hot day. Heatning. After 9

lightning in the o'clock a thunder

evening. storm gathered 16

2.30 P.M. a thunwith a heavy gale,

der - storm from but little rain

N., passing to the about 10 o'clock.

W. "Thunder and Heat - lightning in

lightning, but no the evening

rain. Dry.

Heat - lightning in

the evening. No rain.

From 4 o'clock till At 10 o'clock P.M.||

7 o'clock A.M. a a heavy gale, fol

light rain with inlowed by a tolera

terruption, accomble fall of rain,

panied by a strong lasting till 3

gale. o'clock.

Early in the mornNo rain.

ing a light rain. (Moríki.) – In the June night from the 8th 5

At noon a thunderto 9th, heavy fall

storm gathering; of dew, like rain.

12.30 P.M. a light No observation.

rain; 4 P.M. an

other light rain. 6 2.0 P.M. 104 7 | 2.00 P.M. 109 9 2.30 P.M. 108 10 No obsy'n.

11 | 2,15 P.M. 108 (Kúkawa.) – Rain 12 2.30 P.M. 110 clouds.

13 | 1.45 P.M./1075 (Kalàla, near BilRepeated thunder.

ma.) A little aftA few drops of rain.

er midnight a hea

vy gale arose; 1.45 Not clear.

P.M. a little rain. 14 No obsy'n.

15 2.30 P.M, 110 Warm day, with 2.0 P.M.112 southerly wind. 17 sunrise.

18 sunrise.

2.0 P.M. 109
19 sunrise. | 76.5

sunrise. 79
2.0 P.M. 109
2.30 P.M. 111.5

2.30 P.M. 109
In the evening heat 2.30 P.M. 109
lightning toward

sunset. 101.5 the S. and S.E.

sunrise. 86

Warm day: 3.30 P.M. a tempest, 2.30 P.M. 114 Heavy gale in the with a sand-storm,

night. a few drops of

Very heavy sandrain, more toward

storm early in the the N.E. A heavy

gale. After sun-

2.0 P.M. 109 A heavy gale.
set a heavy thun-|| 30 sunrise. 81
der - storm, but July
without rain.

In the night a thun-

der - storm, with 22 1.0 P.M.111
much lightning, 2.0 P.M. 112
and a heavy gale. 27 2.30 P.M. 108

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26 2.0 P.M. 112.5
27 | 2.0 P.M. 113
28 No obsy'n.
29 sunrise. 82

2.0 P.M.113

2.0 P.M. 112.5 1-3 No obsy'n.



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| 68


Abu Bakr needs to me in Kátsena, hala, interview Alali. A

or Allamáy, Bornu for hospitable treat-

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A'bare, tribe of Músgu, numbers of them captured A’hmed bel Mejúb, Arab traveler, notice of, il. 35.
for slaves, ii. 405.

A'hmedu, Séko (Sheikh), ruler of Másina, his hos-
A'bbega, the freed Marghi lad, iii. 22.

tility toward me, iii, 312, 314, 341.
'Abd-Allah, the learned Tawati i. 318.

Aidó grass, with prickly involucre, i. 412.
e and brother of 'Oth-'Ain Zára, described, i. 91; welcome reception in,
mán, iii. 635; his children, 143, note; notice of on home-journey, iii, 629.
his work, 138.

Air, or A'sben, ethnographical relations of, i. 278;
'Abd el Káder, sultan of Bagirma, ii. 555. | A'ir not Ahir, 276, note. See A'sben.
'Abd el Káder organizes a religious revolution in Airi, the great salt caravan, its gathering, i. 392,
Fúta, iji. 681.

1 396; estimate of its numbers, 452; went former
'Abd el Káderi, sultan of A'gades, i. 320; his in- ly only as far as Kátsena, 467.

vestiture, 336; his letters, 346, his deposition Ajiri village, i. 583.
and his confidence in me, iii. 137.

A karámbay, iron gates of, narrow passage in Ni.
Abíla, mount of Air, i. 306.

ger, iii. 503.
Abu Bakr el Wakshmi, first acquaintance, i. 382; A'la, Alla, Bórnu town and vicinity, ii. 323.

Alairúk village, ii. 246.
A'bú el Hassan, governor of Támkala, interview Aláli-A'dia valley of Kánem, ii. 303.

with, iii. 539 : his character and position, 541. Alamáy, or Allamáy, Bornu town, i. 551, iii. 586.
A’bú-Gher, village of Bagirmi, market, ii. 515, 666. Alamáibe, or Allamáibe, village, hospitable treat-
A'damáwa, country of, a Mohammedan kingdomment at, iii. 585.
ingrafted upon a mixed stock of pagan tribes, Aláso, or Alássa, town of Baghena and its vicinity,
ii. 127, 189; character of, 191; a country for iii. 699, 708.
colonies, 159; different character of settlements, Aláune, Bórnu town, i.
191; itineraries passing through the districts of, Alawo, town of, ii, 99.
i. 626.

Aliyu, sultan of Sokoto, first meeting with, iii.
Adansonia digitata, the most common tree through 105; his character, 117; sets out on an expedi-

the whole breadth of Central Africa, i. 531, ii. tion against the Góberáwa, 109; his proceedings,
93; in Baghena, iii. 703; colossal specimens, i. 122-124; returns to Wurnó, 136; interview with,
531, ii. 112; different variety, iii. 66; peculiar 558; his justice, 563; farewell interview with,
domain, i. 449; the constant companion of hu- 565.
man society, 451, ii. 221; on the Niger, iii. 524 Alkuttabu, chief of the Awelímmid, iii. 319, pas-

527; use of the leaves of, for vegetable soup, i. sim.
433, ii. 57, 110, iii. 39, passim; use of the fruit A'man Semmedné valley, sculpture and stone cir-
for imparting an acid taste, ii. 10.

cles at, i. 181.
A'dar, governors of, iii, 636; country of, and towns, Ammas, "the islands and swampy grounds in the
i. 699; limits of, iii. 121.

Niger," iii. 474.
Adar, well and hamlet in Aussa, iii. 695.

A'nay town, in the valley of Kawár, iii. 619.
A'dar-andúrren, “the little creek," usual ferry on Angála, see Ngála.
the Niger, iii. 500.

Anikimma, Tebu town, iii. 619.
A'dar-n-háut island and its inhabitants, iii. 463. Aníslimen, Merábetin or Tolba, peaceable tribes of
A'derár, country of the Awelímmid, list of wells the Kél-owi, i. 265 (compare 264, n.); of the
and pasture-grounds of, iii. 472, note.

Awelímmiden, iii. 722; of the I'regenáten, 723;
A'derér, district described, and Moorish tribes in, See Merábetin.
iii. 714.

A’nnur, chief of Tintéllust, sends us an escort, i.
A'dishén, the Músgu prince, conduct of, toward his 267; interview with him, 293; his character,

female slaves, ii. 347; his reception by the viz- 293, 425; parting with, 425; visit him at his es-
ier, 359.

tate, 437.
A'fadé, town and district, ii. 436, 571.

A'nnur karamí, a relation of the former, i. 220;
A'fagé, town, ii, 338.
Afalésselez, character of, arrival at the well, i. 223. Ant-hills of immense size, ii. 499; indicating the
African warfare, interesting incident in, iii, 462; neighborhood of a river, 163.
cruelty of, ii. 394.

Antilope, different species, Búbalis, i. 225, iii. 611;
Afulle district and its inhabitants, iii, 709.

A. Addix, i. 576; A. Leucoryx, 403; bucklers
A'gades and its inhabitants described, i. 317-360; made from its skin, 404; its meat, 408; A.
its history, 361; period of foundation, iii. 664:1 Oryx, ii. 495, iii. 29; A. Soemmeringii, i. 576, ii.
its ancient gold trade, i. 367; prices in market, 475; other species, 65.
375; identity of its language with that of Tim-Ants, serious attack of black, ii. 524; battle be-
búktu, 334 (compare iii. 670); Ground-plan of, tween red and white, 524; winged, 230; whito
372; dungeon, 336; great mosque and tower, on the Niger, iii. 438, note, 528; northern limit
355; investiture of the sultan, 336; audience of, i. 416, iii, 606; abundance of ants in Kátsena,

hall, 320.
A'gata, village and mount, i. 305.

Arab or Moorish tribes of the western part of the
Agérijít, village and well, iii. 703.

desert, list of, iii. 711.
Aghadir Dóme, village and inhabitants, iii, 719. Arabs, native Arabs, or Shúwa, of Bórnu, and
Agháfi, ancient town of Kánem, ii. 306, 629, seq. neighboring countries, ii. 88; early settlements
A'ghelé district on the Niger, iii. 495.

in Kánem, ii. 652; chiefs of, 638; their inter-
Aghó, formerly large town of Kánem, ii. 294, 629. course with the Fúlbe, iii. 254.
Ahmed Bábá, notice of his work, iii. 146; his char- Arama, see Rumá.
acter, 282, 668.

|Arborescent Euphorbiaceæ, ii. 429.

cter of, arrival at the well. i 292 l his lodgings at A'gades, 8301 the former, i. 220;


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