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ther with their After-treatment; and containing an Account of the Author's successful Case of Amputation at the Hip-joint, &c. &c. With five explanatory Plates. Being a Record of the Opinions and Practice of the Surgical Department of the British Army, at the Termination of the War in Spain, Portugal, and France, in 1814. The Second Edition, considerably enlarged. By G. J. GUTARIE, Surgeon to the Westminster Infirmary for Diseases of the Eye, &c. &c. Octavo, boards, price 16s.

4. A MANUAL of the CLIMATE and DISEASES of TROPICAL COUNTRIES, in which a Practical View of the Statistical Pathology, and of the History and Treatment of the Diseases of those Countries is attempted to be given, calculated chiefly as a Guide to the young Medical Practitioner on his first resorting to those Countries. By Colin CHISHOLM, M.D. F.R.S. &c. &c. Octavo, boards, 9s.

“ This most excellent manual we conscientiously recommend to every one destined for the Torrid Zone."-Vide Medico-Chirurgical Review. :. 5. ARRANGED CATALOGUE of the ARTICLES of FOOD, SEASONINGS, and DRINKS. Fourth Edition, with Notes By GEORGE PEARSON, M.D. F.R.S. Senior Physician to St. George's Hospital, &c. &c. Octavo, price 4s, 6d.

6. A Comprehensive TREATISE upon the SYMPTOMS, CONSEQUENCES, NATURE, and 'TREATMENT of VE NEREAL or SYPHILITIC DISEASES. By F. SWEDIEUR, M. D. Two vols. in one, 8vo, boards, 9s.

“ This is by far the most complete treatise on the venereal disease in the English language, and ought to form a class book for the young prac. titioner on entering on the duties of his profession.”—Medico-Chirurgical Review.

7. JOHN GOTTLIEB WALTER's PLATES of the THORACIC and ABDOMINAL NERVES; reduced from the Original, as published by Order of the Royal Academy of Sciences at Berlin, accompanied by coloured Explanations, and a Description of the Par Vagum, great Sympathetic and Phrenie Nerves. A new Edition, 4to, price 10s. 60.

The original of the above faithfully copied work, is considered one of the most valuable works on anatomy, which we owe to Germany.

8. ESSAYS on the FEMALE ECONOMY.-First, on the periodical Discharge of the Human Female; with new Views of its Nature, Causes, and Influence on Disease: to which are added Directions for its Management in the different Stages of life.Second, On a Species of Abortion, not heretofure described, to which delicale Females in high Life are peculiarly liable; with a Mode of Treatment which has secured a happy Termination of the Pregnancy, where previously repeated Disappointment had been erperienced. By John Power, M.D. Physician-Accoucheur to the Westminster Lying-in Institution, &c. Octavo, boards, 5s, 6d.


MODES of BATHING. With Remarks on Exercise and Diet. By PATRICK MACKENZIE, M. D. Licentiate of the Royal College of Physicians, London, and Assistant Physician to the Fever Institution, &c. Second Edition, containing an Analysis of the most celebrated Waters, 12mo, boards, 5s, hd.

10. A SYNOPSIS of the CHEMICAL DECOMPOSITIONS that take place in the PREPARATIONS of the LON. DON PHARMACOPEIA. This little Work comprises a short and useful dccount of the Decompositions that take place in the London Pharmacopæia, and is especially calculated, from its brevity and correctness, to facilttate the Studies of Medical Gentlemen, previous to their Examination at the Apothecaries' Hall. Price 9d.

II. BURGESS and HILL's Improved MEDICAL CATA. LOGUE for 1823, price Is. 6d. This CATALOGUE of Books in ANATOMY, MEDICINE, SURGERY, MIDWIFERY, MATERIA MEDICA, CHEMISTRY, BOTANY, VETERINARY ART, &c. &c. contains a Table of Contents, methodically arranged, presenting, at one view, a List of Authors who have written upon different Diseases.

A very coinplete ASSORTMENT of SECOND-HAND Books are constantly on sale. A MEDICAL READING ROOM AND LIBRARY,

55, GREAT WINDMILL STREET, HAYMARKET. Messrs. BURGESS and Hill beg most respectfully to inform Gentlemen of the Profession they have, at their Reading Room, and Medical, Chemical, and Philosophical CIRCULATING LIBRARY, all new Works and Periodical Publications relating to the above Sciences; also the Philosophical Transactions, Journal of Science and the Arts, Repertory of Arts, the Edinburgh, Quarterly, and British Reviews, &c. as soon as published.

Terms:Annual Subscribers in Town to pay, £1. 168.--Half a Year, £1. 18.- A Quarter, 138.-One Month, 6s.

Gentlemen who subscribe to the Library, are admitted to the Reading Room without any additional charge.

** The Periodicul Publications are all contained in BURGESS and HILL's Librury, and may be consulted at their Reading Room, where the Daily Newspapers are also taken for the accommodation of Gentlemen.

Books printed for SHERWOOD, NEELY, and JONES.

GANIC REMAINS, especially of those found in the British
Strata: intended to aid the Student in his Enquiries respecting the
Nature of Fossils, and their Connexion with the Formation of the
Earth. By James PARKINSON, Fellow of the Royal College of
Surgeons, and Member of the Geological Society of London, the

Wernerian Society of Edinburgh, and of the Cæsarian Society of Moscow. Illustrated by numerous Plates.

This work is printed uniform in size with the Outlines of the Geology of England and Wales, by the Rev. W.D. Conybeare, F.R.S. &c. and W. Philips, F.L.S. By the same Author, in one Volume, foolscap, price 6s. boards,

a New Edition of 2. The HOSPITAL PUPIL; or, Observations Addressed to the Parents of Youths intended for the Profession of Medicine or Surgery, on their previous Education, pecuniary Resources, and the Order of their Professional Studies; with Hints to the Young Pupil on the Prosecution of Hospital Studies, on entering into Practice, and on Medical Jurisprudence. In Two large Volumes, 8vo, illustrated with Twenty-seven

Plates, price 11. 128. boards, 3, MEDICAL EXTRACTS, from the most esteemed Writers, on the PRESERVATION of HEALTH, and the MEANS of ATTAINING LONG LIFE; also, on the Removal of Diseases, and the Mode of Regaining Health; including the latest Discoveries in Medical Science, Factitious Gases, Electricity, Galvanism, &c. By a Member of the Royal College of Physicians.

“ The very able Author of Medical Extracts' has rendered an important service to the Profession and mankind in general, by bringing into a more connected point of view, and affording a more clear and satisfactory detail of, the numerous facts and reasonings which form the basis of the present improved state of Medical Science."-Literary Journal. In Two Volumes, 800, illustrated with Plates, price 11.58. bds.

4. A TREATISE on the BLOOD, INFLAMMATION, and GUNSHOT WOUNDS. By John HUNTER. By the same Author, in One large Volume, 8vo, illustrated

with Plates, price 148. boards, 5. A TREATISE on the VENEREAL DISEASE; with an INTRODUCTION and a COMMENTARY, by JOSEPH ADAMS, M. D. Author of “Observations on Morbid Poisons," &c.

6. The PHYSICIAN's VADE-MECUM; being a Compendium of Nosology and Therapeutics, for the Use of Students. By the Rev. Joseph TOWNSEND. Tenth Edition, improved, price 4s.

7. TYROCINIUM MEDICUM; or, a Dissertation on the Duties of Youth Apprenticed to the Medical Profession. By W. CHAMBERLAINE, Member of the Royal College of Surgeons, &c. The Second Edition, price 7s. boards.

8. PLATES of the HEART, illustrative of the Circulation of the Blood, and the Effects of Oxygen Air on the Blood; elegantly printed in Colours. With Descriptions.

With Descriptions. By Dr. THORNTON. Royal folio, price 15s. sewed.

Medical Works recently Published by


1. MEDICO-CHIRURGICAL TRANSACTIONS, published by the Medical and Chirurgical Society of London. Vols. I. to XI. price 101. boards, illustrated with Plates.

Also, Volume XII. Part I. price 99. boards. 2. LECTURES on the ELEMENTS of BOTANY. Containing the Descriptive Anatomy of those Organg, on which the Growth and Preservation of the Vegetable depend. By ANTHONY Todd THOMSON, F.L.S. &c. In 8vo. price 1l. 8s. ards, illustrated with Plates and numerous Wood Cuts, Volume I.

3. The SURGICAL and PHYSIOLOGICAL WORKS of John AbernetHY, F. R. S. &c. Surgical Works, in 2 Vols. 8vo. 1l. 7s. boards, consisting of


Part II.-On DISEASES resembling SYPHILIS, and on DISEASES of the URETHRA, 6s.



PHYSIOLOGICAL LECTURES, addressed to the College of Surgeons, complete in 1 Vol. price 18s, boards.

Or separately, as follows: An INQUIRY into the PROBABILITY and RATIONALI. TY of Mr. HUNTER'S THEORY of LIFE, 4s. 6d.

An INTRODUCTORY LECTURE for the Year 1815, exhibiting some of Mr. HUNTER'S OPINIONS respecting DISEASES, 2s.

The HUNTERIAN ORATION for the Year 1819, 23. 6d.


4. PATHOLOGICAL and SURGICAL OBSERVATIONS on DISEASES of the JOINTS. By B. C. Brodie, F.R.S. In One Vol. 8vo. illustrated by Plates. Second Edition with Altecations and Additions.



5. A TREATISE on the DISEASES of the URETHRA, VESICA, URINARIA, PROSTATE, and RECTUM. By CHARLES Bell, F.R.S. With Criticisms of the Editors of the Foreign Editions, and the Opinions of Foreign Authors on these Diseases. By John Shaw, Surgeon, Demonstrator of Anatomy in the School of Great Windmill Street. In 8vo. price 13s. 6d. the Third Edition.

6. OBSERVATIONS on those DISEASES of FEMALES, which are ATTENDED by DISCHARGES. BY CHARLES MANSFIELD CLARKE, Member of the Royal College of Surgeons ; and Lecturer on Midwifery in London. In royal 8vo. illustrated with Plates, Part the Second, 15s. boards.

Also, A New Edition of Part I. of the above Work-On Mucous Dis.

In Royal Octavo, with Plates, 16. ls. boards. 7. CASES of TIC DOULOUREUX, successfully Treated. By BENJAMIN HUTCHINSON, Member of the Royal College of Surgeons of London, &c. In 8vo. price 7s. 6d. boards, the Second Editios, enlarged, with a Plate, shewing the Distribution of the Nerves.

This Edition is illustrated with additional Examples of the suc. cess attending the Author's Mode of managing the Disease.

8. The LONDON DISPENSATORY; a practical Synopsis of Materia Medica, Pharmacy, and Therapeutics: illustrated with mairy useful Tables and Copper-plates of Pharmaceutical Apparatus. By Anthony Todd THOMSON, F.L.S. In one large vol. 8vo. (revised and altered according to the last Edition of the London and Edine burgh Pharmacopeias.) Third Edition.

9. The PRINCIPLES of MIDWIFERY. By Jonx Burns, C.M. Regius Professor of Surgery, in the University of Glasgow, &c. &c. The Fifth Edition. In 8vo. price 15s. boards.

10. An ESSAY on the CHEMICAL HISTORY and MEDICAL TREATMENT of CALCULOUS DISORDERS. By ALEXANDER MARCET, M.D. F.R.S. Second Edition. Royal Octavo, with Plates, price 18s. boards.

11. A TREATISE on the HYDROCEPHALUS ACUTUS, or Inflammatory Water in the Head. By LEOPOLD ANTHONY Golis, Physician and Director of the Institute for the Sick Children of the Poor at Vienna. Translated from the German, by ROBERT Goochi, M.D. In 8vo. 8s. boards.

12. An INQUIRY into the ACTION of MERCURY on the LIVING BODY. By Joseph Swan, Member of the Royal College of Surgeons, and Surgeon to the Lincoln County Hospital. In 8vo. price 1s. 6d.

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