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By the same Author, OBSERVATIONS on the ANATOMY, PHYSIOLOGY, and PATHOLOGY of the NERVOUS SYSTEM. In 8vo. with Engravings, price 10s. 6d. boards.



13. HISTORY and METHOD of CURE of the various Species of PALSY. By John Cooke, M.D. F.R.S. and A.S, Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, &c. In 8vo. the Second Edition, price 6s. in boards.

By the same Author,
A TREATISE on APOPLEXY. Price 12s. boards.

A TREATISE on EPILEPSY, by Dr. Cooke, is in the Press, and will be speedily published.

WALLACE ON THE LIVER. 14. RESEARCHES respecting the MEDICAL POWERS of CHLORINE, particularly in DISEASES of the LIVER; with an Account of a New Mode of applying this Agent, by which its InAuence on the System can be secured. By William Wallace, M.R.I.A. Member of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, &c. In 8vo. price 6s. boards.

Printed for Longman, Huist, Rees, Orme, and Brown, London, and J. Cumming, Dublin.

Of whom

may be had, by the same Author, OBSERVATIONS on SULPHUREOUS FUMIGATIONS, as a powerful Remedy in Rheumatism and Diseases of the Skin. Price 35. sewed.

X. Lectures and Examinations on Medicine, Chemistry, &c. Dr. Ramadge, Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, &c. will commence, on the first Monday in February next, his Spring Course of LECTURES on the PRINCIPLES and PRÁCTICE of PHYSIC, MATERIA MEDICA, and CHEMISTRY, with daily Examinations on these Departments of Medical Sciences, as well as ANATOMY and PHYSIOLOGY. Three Courses will be delivered yearly, beginning in February, June, and October, each occupying nearly Four Months.

Gentlemen paying for these Lectures and Examinations, will be allowed to attend, gratis, the Clinical Lectures and extensive Medical Practice at the Infirmary for Diseases of the Chest.

Further Particulars may be known by applying to Dr. RAMADGP, at his House, 21, Ely Place, where the Lectures will be delivered.

XI. New Works published by JOHN ANDERSON, Medical Bookseller,

No. 40, West Smithfield. 1. The QUARTERLY JOURNAL of FOREIGN MEDICINE and SURGERY, and of the Sciences connected with them. Three Vols. 8vo. 21. 33. 6d.

2. The QUARTERLY JOURNAL of FOREIGN and BRITISH MEDICINE and SURGERY, and of the Sciences connected with them, with original Cases and Communications. Vol. IV. being the First of a New Series, 8vo. 183. 60.--to be continued Quarterly, price 4s. 6d. per Number.

3. A TREATISE on the NATURE and TREATMENT of SCROPHULA; describing its Connexion with Diseases of the SPINE, JOINTS, EYES, GLANDS, &c. By E. A. LLOYD, M.R.C.S. &c. Octavo, 9s.

4. A MANUAL of PRACTICAL ANATOMY, for the Use of Students engaged in Dissections. By EDWARD STANLEY, Assistant Surgeon and Demonstrator of Anatomy at St. Bartholomew's Hospital. Second Edition, with Additions and Improvements. 12mo. Os.

5. OUTLINES of MIDWIFERY, developing its Principles and Practice, iatended as a Text Book for Students, and a Book of Reference for Junior Practitioners. By J. T. CONQUEST, M. D. Second Edition, illustrated by Copper-plates, 12mo. 73. 6d.

6. A TOXICOLOGICAL CHART; exhibiting, at one view, the Symptoms, Treatment, and Modes of Detecting the various Poisons, Mineral, Vegetable, and Animal. By William Stowe, M.R.C.S. Fourth Edition. Two Sheets broad folio, Is. 6d. or on a Mill-board, 2s.6d.

7. A MANUAL of TOXICOLOGY; in which the Symptoms, Treatment, and Tests of the various Poisons, Mineral, Vegetable, and Animal, are concisely stated. To which are added, Directions for the Recovery of Persons in a state of Suspended Animation. 18mo, sewed, 1s. 6d.

8. SURE METHODS OF ATTAINING A LONG AND HEALTHFUL LIFE, with the Means of correcting a Bad Constitution. By Lewis CORNARO, 34th edition. Translated from the Italian. 12mo. 2s. 6d. Embellished by a finely engraved Portrait of Cornaro, from a Painting by Titian.

9. LECTURES on the DUTIES and QUALIFICATIONS of a PHYSICIAN, more particularly addressed to Students and Junior Practitioners. By the late John GREGORY, M.D.F.R.S. &c. 12mo. 4s.

10. NOSOLOGY; or, a Methodical Arrangement of Diseases into Classes, Orders, Genera, and Species, accurately defined. By the late WILLIAM Cullen, M.D. &c. In a neat Pocket Vol. 2:. A MEDICAL CIRCULATING LIBRARY and READING


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Patentee & Manufacturer of Allahinto PENTUN bebjegli



Nato NEET Stayeds sit to seizen
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" , U'!!vt Advertisement.] No disease is more likely to stimolate man's ingenuity-than a painful hernia; and we might say that no disease has ever given rise to so many new inventions, many of which are, undoubtedly, adapted to individual cases and the inventor carries it to his death-bed, where it must sink into obscurity. Whether this species of human misery is more prevalent now, than in former times, is not for us to determine, buta certain it is that some considerable improvements have lately been introduced, and many well attested prbofs of their efficacy have been established: we have selected those which appear

to us best calculated to perform a cure, or to alleviate the sufferings of those who labour under that dreadful malady.

The Common Truss will effectually secure a hernia of long standing, when all other trusses have failed, but there are few patients who can endure a sufficient pressure with a common truss, to secure a bad hernia. ad.cub9999 OVE! 0 civil_7.J11

The advantage of Coles's Patent over the Common Truss, (see fig. 2) consists in the introduction of two spiral springs between the truss and the pad, which effects a yielding pressure, and admits of a self-adjusting movement. However desirable these improvements may be in ordinary cases, the Patenter has himself

an hernia, and fortable or secure, therefore, in all cases ineffectual, apply the Bandages, fig. 1 or 3,

the pads of 3 russia bent to fit the os pubis, and apply them close to the penis as possible the pads having, likewise, a spiral spring attached thereto which pads are brought to the opposite hip to the complaint, the girdle being screwed to the spiral spring at one end, passes through of tightness, 117 11:9 od 907 gennaise

The size round the body, and particulars of the case, only need be mentioned) as the thigh straps are generally half the length of the girdle.



Fig. 4 is a Spring Truss, which may be applied in recent cases: the pad has but one spiral spring which effects a yielding pressure and a rotatory motion, the extremne point of the pad, by means of the spiral spring, effects a resistance to the hernia, or, in other words, a disposition to keep in its place.

Fig. 5 is a Spring Truss proper for recent cases, the back cushion having two spiral springs, to which the springs of the truss are fas. tened by a screw, the pads scarcely appear to have any connexion with the truss, which is capable of being adjusted, enlarged, or diminished.

Fig. 6 is a Half Truss for umbilical hernia, the front pad of which may, in female cases, be screwed to the bust of the stays, the brass screw-head will receive the other part of the truss outside tbe stays. The Half Truss in all cases, with a cushion in the centre of the back, is preferable to an opposite-sided Truss, or a Hoop Truss going round the body, particularly the Umbilical Truss. Terms of the above Instruments will ensure confidence.

We look forward with confidence that at no very distant period we sball see one of the first Rupture Societies in the world establisbed upou the above principle,

Addenda to the Bibliographical Record, continued from p. 190.

25. A practical Essay on Diseases and Injuries of the bladder, (being that to which the Royal College of Surgeons adjudged the Jacksonian Prize for the Year 1821) Cancer, and Stone, Retention and Incontinence of Urine, &c. &c. By ROBERT BINOHAM, Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons, Author of an Essay on Stricture, &c. and Lecturer on the Theory and Practice of Surgery. Octavo, pp. 467, one plate, 143. boards. London, November 1822. ,,

26. Innes's Description of the Human Muscles ; a new edition, illustrated with 18 engravings by Lizars ;-12mo, 1822.

27. A Lecture, in which the Nature and Properties of Oxalic Acid are contrasted with Epsom Salts, &c. By ROBERT VENABLES, M.B. of Trinity College, Dublin. Octavo, sewed, pp. 56. Callow and Wilson. London, November 1822.

17 The above works come after the Record was closed. They will be entered in the next Bibliography.

LITERARY NOTICES. Mr. Highley has just published a new Edition of Mr. Lewis's Anatomico-Chirurgical Views of the Male and Female Pelvis.

The object of this work is to illustrate the Anatomy of the Pelvis, and of the Pelvic Viscera, of the Perineal Muscles, and the Gene. rative Organs in both Sexes, for the instruction and guidance of Students, and of those who practise Surgery and Midwifery.

Dr. J. G. Smith, Author of the “Principles of Forensic Medicine, &c." will resume bis Lectures in Spring; when it is his intention to embrace the whole department of PolITICAL MEDICINE. Particulars will be announced hereafter.

INSTRUMENT For passing a Ligature round a deep-seated Artery,



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It is well known to the Surgical profession that the most difficult part of an operation for Aneurism is the passing of the ligature round the Artery, if deep-seated, and the extrication of the thread from the eye of the Needle after it is passed round the Artery. The following Instrument, the principle of which was suggested to Mr. Weiss by Mr. Kirby, an eminent Surgeon in Dublin, will be found, it is hoped, to obviate the above-mentioned difficulties. It has already been used with success in Subclavian Aneurism by an eminent Hospital Surgeon of London, and is generally approved of by the Surgical profession.

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